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"Ahhmm" Shilpa moaned as Armaan smooched her lips for the umpteenth time...
Finally getting out of breath they pulled apart
"Armaan my lips have swollen so bad...all because of you...this is the 25th kiss u r giving me" Shilpa touched her lips

"26th" Armaan corrected "To mai kya karu...tu aage badne hi nahi de mai wapas wahin aa ja raha hun( You r not letting me go beyond kissing...toh I return to the same place)"
"1 more week ...n I am yours" Shilpa moved her index finger on his face.
"Don't tempt me...Shilpu" Armaan closed his eyes making Shilpa giggle.
"You just wait and won't be able to move even a muscle after my birthday night" he sucked her cheek covering it with all his saliva.
"Eww Armaan" Shilpa made a face and to irritate her further he sucked her other cheek too.
She  started feeling ticklish "Armaan"
"This is just a teaser" Armaan whispered huskily making Shilpa a little nervous.


"Motu tell Kunal to come at CCD at 5" Armaan said combing his hair...
"We will give him a surprise" he winked
"Are you sure?"
"110%" he smiled

"Hey Shilpa...sorry I was caught in traffic" Kunal smiled taking a seat opposite to hers.
They were talking casually when Armaan came from behind and hugged Shilpa "Surprise...I had a meeting here"
Shilpa managed to widen her mouth in mock surprise and  hugged him tight.

Kunal was just staring at the two...finally he interrupted. .."Shilpa "
"Oh Kunal ...sorry... this is my husband Armaan" Shilpa introduced with a smile.
Armaan passed a smile but it wasn't returned.
"You are married" Kunal was not able to digest. For few minutes he just kept staring.
But next moment he stood up in anguish "Shilpa how could you?"
"How could I what"
"Do you have a character or not " Kunal fumed
"Excuse me ..."Armaan intervened with clinched jaws "Who the hell are you to talk like this to my wife"
"This is none of your business" Kunal said  in a loud voice
"Everything related to her is my business" Armaan roared in an equally loud tone making Kunal take a step back.

"Ahan she is cheating on you behind your back...and" Kunal was cut in between with a slap that Armaan threw at him in anger.
"How dare you " He pulled him by his collar with rage building in his eyes.
He pushed him fiercely gaining everybody's attention in the cafe.
The waiters came to call a truce but Armaan had gone all aggressive. He hit Kunal in the nose making it bleed.
Shilpa got scared and started pulling Armaan "Let it go Armaan...pls"
Finally Armaan was  standing with Shilpa glaring at Kunal.
"By knowing that she is not interested in you. perpetually send her that a good character" Armaan barked "and she didn't give any false hopes to anyone"
He again moved forward to hit him when Shilpa came in between
"Armaan let's go" she said cupping his face seeing Kunal standing with his head hung low.

After reaching home

Shilpa came with the dettol "kitne zor ka nakhoon maar diya" . She blowed on Armaan's wrist and applied the dettol.
"Baap re Armaan ..tu aur tera gussa" She  reprimanded.
"Koi tujhe kuch kahe...I can't tolerate it ..u know that" Armaan at once spoke making Shilpa smile "Pata me Ayaan ka  dant tod diya tha ..just because he pushed me" . She moved forward and kissed tight on his right cheek.
Armaan smiled and forwarded his left cheek too. "Tu na sudharna" Shilpa chuckled.


"10 9 8   7 6 5   4 3 2   1" With that Armaan pounced on the body next to him but got shocked to find a pile of pillows instead of his wife.
"Shilpa...this is not promised" Yes it was finally the night Armaan was desperately waiting for...his birthday.

He started scanning the whole room when the washroom door got opened and there Shilpa stood in a red lingerie looking like a seductress.

Armaan stood rooted at his place with an open mouth...his eyes forgot to blink.
Shilpa walked towards him and closed his mouth with her index finger whispering "Happy Birthday".
The dear husband came to reality when he felt a bite on his lips and next second the passion unleashed.
"AaanAan...Control your demons Mr. Malik " Shilpa came out of the kiss leaving the her husband frustrated.
"Arre cake toh cut kar lo" Shilpa said looking at Armaan who was looking pissed off. He knew she is doing it on purpose...just to torture him. He was plotting all the revenge plans which he will put in action tonight...Beware wifey!!!!

Shilpa pushed the trolley containing cake and chocolates into the room.
She signalled Armaan to come and do the honours. But seemed like Mr Husband was least interested. "Tu yaad rakhiyo chodne wala nahi hun tujhe mai" He peeved taking the knife from her hand.
"Ummm" Shilpa moaned relishing the chocolate cake "You were supposed to feed me first " Armaan taunted bringing her half eaten cake to his mouth "Hmm nice".
"Bas ho gaya" Armaan asked but next moment his phone started ringing.
"Leave can wait" Armaan stopped Shilpa from picking up the phone but it was too late. "Hello...haan de rahi hun" She passed the phone to Armaan who whispering "Mai nai le raha bolo so gaya".
"Aise kaise Rahul-Muski ka phone hai"

"Ahh thank u" Armaan thanked and was ready to end the call when Shilpa took it "Haan Muski"

After 5 minutes Armaan was settled in bed staring intently at his wife who was still engrossed on phone. His eyes were turning darker every second. ...he finally got up from the  bed like a predator and picked her up in a cave man style.
"Kya kar raha hai..."
"Batata hun" Armaan said throwing her on the bed. .and next moment started opening his shirt buttons making her gulp..."I am sorry...aaram se aaram se" Shilpa knew she was in danger.
After throwing the shirt ...he literally pounced on her.

After having their morning session...the couple was relaxing.
Armaan was on top of Shilpa with his head on her chest. She was caressing his hair "Mai tujhe kitna sharif samajhti thi"
"Mai sharif hun"
"Dikha" Shilpa taunted

"Armaan what if I get pregnant. ...I am not ready yet " she suddenly shrieked
"Arre I will get you a pill don't worry" Armaan said lazily
"Bandar I will sue you if I get pregnant" Shilpa and her threats.
"Go ahead sweety...I just want to see what punishment they will reward me with" He winked and bit her neck.
"Don't leave marks...I have to go to office also" she whined
"Ok point noted from now on I will give them where no one can see" he said making her smile "You are such a devil"
"Your personal best friend" Armaan smiled and hit his forehead lightly against hers "Always best friend" Shilpa acknowledged with a dimpled smile.

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