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Part 39 : ArSh FF ~ SIRF TUM ~ (SEASON 2)


4 hours later...

"Pata nai main is duniya mein aayi hi kyun...?? Na koi manzil hai mere paas aur na hi koi choice... Kisi ne kuch nai kaha infact vo sahi hai... Meri hi kismat kharab hai... Aur kahin vohi kismat Armaan ko takleef na de" a vulnarable Shilpa looked at the space blankly "Kyun meri kismat aisi hai... Kyun??" she asked herself while crying "Vo to nai pata Shilpa par... Kisi k aane se pehle tu ghar chod de... Varna jaa nai paaygi tu" her mind suggested her who nodding in YES stood up from bed while clearing her tears... Wdout saying anything she went inside the Wardrobe and started taking out her clothes, bag was already lying on bed opened "Shilpa ye sab chize to Armaan k diye hue hai... Kuch b mat le... Varna log tujhe chor b keh sakte hai" as her mind said this she became helpless which made her slumped on floor while crying... Actually the thing is after getting ready Armaan came downstairs only to find her in some deep thoughts standing on the entrance so wdout letting her know he directly held her wrist who got startled and took her towards the Car... In whole way he was trying to irritate her who was cursing Surbhi mentally

"Is Surbhi ki to main band bajaaungi... Kaha tha mujhe Armaan se dur rakkhegi but nai ye to mujhe unke aur karib bhej rahi hai... Arrrgghhh Surbhi I will kill u" she cursed her mentally when

"So kab jaa rahi ho tum Dehradun...??" he asked in normal tone while driving

"Main jab jaungi aapko bata dungi... To aapko fikar karne ki jarurat nai hai" wd an arrogant voice she replied making him smile

"Par plzz thoda jaldi karna... Vo kya haina mujhe Party rakhni hai... Bahoot saalo baad bachelor banunga" as he said calmly it made her fumed for inside "Next week tak chali jaogi na...??" he looked at her who was hurt by his words

"Haa... Khush" hiding her pain she looked at him normally

"Bahooot" emphasizzing the word he smiled "Main to kehta hun aaj hi chali jao... Ghar mein kisi ko pata b nai chalega" he said calmly concentrating on road but his words made her shattered so wdout saying anything she looked out of the window cursing her fate while not hearing any answer from her he smiled knowing he have hurted her but may be hearing this she will stop... After this scene there was silence in the Car yeah sometimes he tried to irritate her but she was quiet then they reached at Venue where Avni-Raj's Reception was going on she immediately moved out from the Car and kept herself busy wd Surbhi & Aditi. Where as reaching there he met Avni-Raj wishing them... Party was going wd full swing everyone was busy in chatting & enjoying there was a couple dance program where all the couples should dance Seeing this Shilpa walked from there fearing they will insist ArSh for dance... Armaan was busy wd Surbhi

"Mr Khan ye Reception dekh k mujhe... Aapki Reception dekhne ka mann kar raha hai... Vo kya haina main nai thi aapke Reception pe" she said sadly making him to look at her

"Acha haa Reception b to bhula hun..." he thought "Tum kya gayab thi mere Reception se b main khud b to gayab tha.." he said calmly making her giggle

"Acha aap Shilpa ko dance k liye puchenge??" she asked teasingly to which he looked around for Shilpa

"Pata chala dance puchne gaya aur isne haa b kar diya par bich dance mein dhakka vakka de diya to... Ho gaya dance" he thought and at the end shook his head

"Mr Khan boliyee naa" she insisted making him looked at her

"Puchne k liye Shilpa dikhni b chahiyee..." he replied calmly making her giggle "Acha tum ruko main aata hun ek call kar k" he excused to which she nodded wd a smile and he went from there

"Mr Khan ko dekhne se lagta hai... Ki sab thik ho gaya Shilpa aur inke bich... Thank god... Hope dono hamesha khush rahe... Aur thankfully maine kabhi Mr Khan ko roka nai... Varna ye din kabhi nai aata" she thought smilingly staring at Armaan who went out for some call where as Shilpa was standing at corner side near a pillar

"Kuch samajh mein nai aa raha... Ki kya faisla lun... Unhe chod k jaaun... Yaa nai.. Par vo b to yehi chahte hai ki main chali jaaun" she was thinking deeply still crossing her arms while watching out of the window when she heard some voices behind pillar she was about to go from there when she heard Armaan's name which made her stopped

"Armaan k life mein kab tak chalega aisa Radha...??"one of a lady asked to Radha

"Pata nai... Shilpa to bahoot achi hai... Par shayad uski kismat mein nai likha hai bacche ka sukh..." as she said Shilpa became numb

"Toh Armaan ki dusri shaadi kyun nai kara dete... At least khush to rahega vo" another lady suggested making Shilpa's heart break when Aditi came behind Shilpa to call her but hearing this she stopped

"Haa main b vohi bolungi... Kya pata Shilpa mein hi koi problem ho... Saath mein dikhte b to nai dono zyada" first lady agreed

"Nai nai... Armaan to Shilpa se bahoot pyaar karta hai... Aur kare b kyun nai Shilpa hai hi aisi bahoot pyaar karti hai vo usse... Bahoot acchi biwi hai vo... Aur aaj nai to kal bhagwaan de hi dega usse khushi... Vo bahoot pyaari hai" Radha took her side but she was late Shilpa was already hurt and didn't have any strength to hear more so she turned to go only to stop by Aditi

"Shilpa tu inki baat ko..." Aditi tried to console her but she stopped

"Main thik hun Aditi... Plzz mujhe akela chod de" saying this blankly she ran from there leaving a worried Aditi behind her

"Shilpa..." Aditi mumbled worriedly

Tujhe yaad kar liya hai

O tujhe yaad kar liya hai

Aayat ki tarah


"Ye ladki hai kahan...??" Armaan whispered looking for his Wife all around in Party Hall "Pata chala... Bhaag gayi mujhe chod k" he shook his head walking towards corner side when he bumped wd someone "Sor..." but his sentence left incomplete as he saw his Wife whose eyes looked moist "Tum kahan thi... Main tumhe kabse..." but seeing her face he stopped as a tear landed from her cheek seeing him They all were right she can't make him happy "Kya hua Shilpa??" he asked worriedly keeping his hands on her shoulder who controlled hard not to break infront of him

"Kkkuch nai.." controlling herself she replied removing his hand slowly which deffinatly made him worried

"Shilpa... Tell me..." he cupped her face worriedly removing his hands she ran from there leaving him shocked "Isse kya huaa ab..." mumbling confysedly he moved to ran behind her when he heard Aditi's voice

"Shilpa..." Aditi came there worriedly but seeing Armaan she stopped

"Kya huaa?? Aditi sab thik to hai?? Shilpa aise kyun bhaag k gayi??" he asked immediately as she stopped infront of him

"Ye baat na tum apne khandaan se pucho... Jisse dekho usse blame karta hai... Jab ki galti tumhaari hoti hai" saying this angrily Aditi went from there leaving him confused where as reaching outside Shilpa tried to cotroll herself

"Nai Shilpa tu aise weak nai pad sakti" she composed herself when

"Shilpa tu thik to hai??" Aditi's question made her look back

"Haa main thik hun... Bas thoda sar dukh raha hai" she replied slowly giving a small smile

"Kise bewkoof bana rahi hai... Mujhe teri best friend ko... Dekho jin logo ko kuch kaam nai hota vohi ye sab bolte hai aur..." Aditi said angrily when Shilpa stopped her

"Main thik hun... Tu chod unki baato ko... Mera na sar dukh raha hai" she didnt want to discuss about that so she pretended which Aditi also guessed so she let it go when they saw Ananya moving out wd Dada & Dadi

"Maa agar aap dono chale jaaynge... To yahan kaise" Ananya asked in serious tone

"Aree Puttar tu sambhal lena... Mere kamar mein dard hai to main to ghar jaana chahti hun" Dadi said tiredly

"Aur mujhe to iske saath jaana hi padega" Dadaji said smilingly making them smile

"Kya huaa Maa??" Aditi asked as they stood beside them

"Aree Bahu Maa Papa ko ghar jaana hai to vo log thak gaye hai..." as Ananya said this Shilpa thought she will go wd them

"Maa main jaati hun Dadaji aur Dadiji k saath... Vo kya haina mera b sar dukh raha hai" Shilpa said slowly making them looked at her

"Par beta..." Ananya looked at her worriedly

"Maa plzz" Shilpa insisted to which they left no choice and they agreed... So now Shilpa came back wd his Grand Parent's in Malik Mansion deciding to leave his house today onwards... After making his Grand Parents to rest in their Room she came in her Room for packing

"Vaise b Armaan b to yehi chahte thae ki main ghar chod dun... To thik hai jaa rahi hun main" mumbling softly she stood "Main sirf vohi chize le jaungi jo sirf meri hai" wiping her tears she looked at her Wardrobe



"Heyy Dadu... Heyy Dadi" knocking on his geand parents room Armaan called to which they looked at him surprisingly

"Aree Armaan tu?? Reception se yahan??" Dadi asked frowningly as he walked inside

"Haa aap dono k bina bore ho raha tha" he replied normally sitting beside his Dadu on bed

"Hum dono k bina... Yaa fir Shilpa k bina" his Dadi teased to which he rolled his eyes

"Naahh... Thak gaya hun is liye" he replied tiredly

"Acha thik hai... Jaa fir aaraam karle" his Dadu said lovingly caressing his hairs who smiled and rested his head on Dadi's lap... So spending sometime wd his Grand Parent's he wished them and immediately ran upstairs towards their Room calming himself He only knows how he was controlling himself in whole Party after Shilpa's departure but when he saw Aditi he asked directly that where is Shilpa?? To which she angrily replied she went home wd his grand parents... Aditi's ager was clear indication that something big has happened but wdout saying anything he also came back home

ArSh's Room

Main jo jee raha hoon

Wajah tum ho

Wajah tum ho...

"I hope ye kuch galat na kare... Pata nai kya huaa hoga isse jo aise chali aayi" thinking this he opened his Room's door and enter there he was about to call her name when he saw her bag on bed wd half clothes inside the bag while half was laying outside... His heartbeat increased "No no no..." shaking his head he ran to search her when he entered in Wardrobe but finding her standing infront of her Wardrobe he stopped... His anger increased seeing her who looked at him as she felt someone entered but today there was no fear in her who ignored him and started taking out her clothes angrily "Kkya kar rahi ho tum??" hiding his fear he asked in calm tone while walking towards her who ignored his question "Shilpa main tumse kuch puch raha hun??" making her looked at him by her elbow he asked angrily

"Dikh nai raha aapko... Apna bag pack kar rahi hun... Ghar chodne k liye" repliying this angrily she pulled her hand back making him to calm himself

"See Shilpa... Kya bachpana hai ye... Chalo chodo" he said in calm tone to which she looked at him

"Chod hi to rahi hun... Aapko" saying this calmly she again started taking out her clothes which made him hell angry

"ENOUGH...!!" he yelled pulling her closer to him "Tumhe ek baar kehne se nai samajhti na...??" he glared tightening his hold on her waist who tried to free herself "Tumhe sach to kabhi dikhta hi nai... Specially agar vo main bataun to bilkul nai... But haa agar vohi sach koi aur bole to tumhe sach samajhta hai... Haina??" he pierced his teeth glaring her who pushed him

"Haa kyun ki mujhe aape trust nai... Aur for god sake mujhe jaane de Armaan..." looking at him she said angrily "Ab aur bardaast nai kar sakti main ye jhuta rishta.. Sirf duniya ko dikhaane k liye.. Main aapke saath nai ho sakti Armaan... Thak gayi hun main sab kuch sambhaalte sambhaalte" her voice turned soft but her words made him hurt "Kyun har baar main hi sab kuch karun... Kyun har baar main hi expect karun ki sab thik hoga... Sirf is basis pe main ye rishta nai nibha sakti ki main aapse pyaar karti hun" tears started making out from her eyes "Thak gayi hun... Main" she started crying making him hurt

"Fine jao... Jahan jaana hai jao" his voice was calm but there was tears on his eyes making her to looked at him "Jao..." as he said this she moved to go when he pulled her closer by her shoulders angrily "TUMHE EK BAAT NAI SAMAJHTI..." he glared "Yahan main chikh chikh k keh chuka... Ki main tumhare bina marr jaunga... Nai reh sakta fir b tumhe nai samajhta na.." he dig his nails angrily making her scared who stared his hurtfull face

"Arma..." but before she could say he cutted her

Main jo jee raha hoon

Wajah tum ho

Wajah tum ho...

"Kya tum dekh nai sakti jo sab dekh sakte hai..." he asked softly pulling her more closer almost their faces inch apart "Maine tumse zyada bewkoof ladki aaj tak nai dekhi... Jisse itni si baat nai samajh rahi ki agar koi ye kahe ki... I can't live wdout u... Uska matlab to yehi hoga na... Ki jab koi tumhare bina reh nai sakta jee nai sakta vo pyaar hai" as he said this her hands stopped which were kept on his chest for freeing herself "Mujhe express karna nai aata Shilpa... Main nai jaanta kaise kisiko ye batayen apni feelings k baare mein... Par main itna jaanta hun.. I don't want to loose u" he whispered softly wd moist eyes making her speechless "Mere khayaal se zindagi jeene k liye saath zaruri hai... Aur agar pyaar ho to vo aur b zaruri hai... Par pyaar thodi bataya jaata hai... Vo to mehsoos karte haina... Usse thodi hum keh kar nibhaate hai... Usse to dikha k nibhaate haina" his innocent confession made her weak and seeing her silent he hugged her tightly "Agar mera tumhare bina nai jeena pyaar hai then yes I Love U... Agar main tumhare siwa kisi aur ko nai dekh sakta is call Love then yes I Love U..." he confessed hugging her more tightly wd moist eyes making her stiff tears were making out from her eyes... How she waited for this time she only knows How she craved for his confession she only can understand "Plzz Shilpa mujhe chod kar mat jao... Main nai reh paaunga tumhare bina" he almost pleaded hiding his face on her neck while caressing her back up & down making her heartbeat increased...

She is confused what to do?? To accept or not?? Her hands stopped to hug him when "Plzzz" his request made her hands automatically rest on his back while closing her eyes

"I Love u Armaan..." she confessed hugging him tightly Will she accept him?? Or she is just doing this to make him away from her?? Or she just did to feel him last time?? Let's see what will happen in Future...

"Not so long ago I was alone and lost, and then you came along and I was home. Thank you for finding me."
TO BE CONTINUED... ;) Shipping wd all the hurdles around! ArSh consummated again! And this changed everything! With Ansh & Kiya bidding adieu! And with a major change in Akdu Armaan? :o :v Could the real love have the power to handle a broken Shilpa? Wait for the Coming parts! ;) n COMMENTS B|

#Shri_n_Aju ;) :v


Aww... :* finally Armaan confessed his feelings to Shilpa! but would this bring a change in their married life?! For learning more! STAY TUNED!! :D

"Armaan... Tum sunn rahe ho na main kya keh rahi hun..." An irritated Ananya said to her stubborn son who is getting ready to leave for Sanjeevani

"Mom main subhe se to sunn raha hun... Aap bas bolo" he said in calm tone tying his shoe laces

"Acha.. Bolun jaise tum sunn hi loge" she said angrily standing in front of him who was calmly sitting on Couch "Armaan main chahti hun tum aaj Shilpa ko lene jao... Jaante hona parso puja hai uska rehna zaruri hai" she said strictly to which he rolled his eyes

"See Mom mere paas aur b kaam rehte hai... To main nai jaaunga" he directly refused

"Kyun nai jaaoge Patni hai vo tumhari... Aur vaise b maine Padma ko bol diya hai ki tum aa rahe ho usse lene" she said calmly

"See I don't know about anyone" saying this calmly he stood up "Aaj mujhe bahoot kaam hai .. Aur kal b rahega... To aaj main ghar nai aaunga... Direct kal shaam ko aaunga... Agar time raha to aapki laadli Bahu ko le aaunga... Kyun ki mujhe aaj shaam ko Panchgani jaana hai kaamse... So plzz mujhse kuch na hi kahe to acha hai..." he said in calm tone picking his Wallet & Phone wd Car keys making her angry...

"Shilpa beta Ananya ne bataya ki Armaan aaj nai aa paayga tumhe lene" Padma said slowly making Shilpa to stop who was packing her stuffs

"To kya huaa Maa... Ye to acchi baat hai.. Infact mujhe aur time mil gaya aap logo k saath time spend karne ka" ignoring that hurt feeling she said in happy tone making her mother smile
Armaan got his 'old memory' things ;)

ArSh in Manali <3

Back to Bhopal B|



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