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Part 40 : ArSh FF ~ SIRF TUM ~ (SEASON 2)

Synopsis of Part 39

"Tell me you truly love me before I give you my heart to hold. I don't want you to turn me around and stab me in the heart I once had."

"You've gotta dance like there's nobody watching, Love like you'll never be hurt,Sing like there's nobody listening ,And live like it's heaven on earth. Heaven ka toh we donnoLOL but Literally Armaan cud have gone to hell!
Turning wd the Passion ArSh had explored each other wd pure love...Blushingbut still Shilpa sacred of her faith and her insecurities her non compos mentis messed up the relationship ArSh had build up after their copulation...Armaan getting all furious on her so called built up wall between them... lately when she blurted out all her miseries to him! concluding her realtion wd Ansh and clearing his misunderstanding... be it departure of Kiya and all she had sorted all his problems!
And the journey had just begun!!!WinkWith all the hustles bustles Armaan has to do it! And the time he felt she'll leave him forever! He confessed!Embarrassed now, Let's read would Shlpa leave him? or, not?Wink

"Love changes everything. It changes what you feel and what you do. What would you say to me if I told you... I love you?"
 Part 40 : 



"But the second she opened her eyes and looked at me, I knew. She was either going to be the death of me . . . or she was going to be the one who finally brought me back to life. "
Same night
Kyun itno
Mein tujhko hi
Chunti hoon
Har pal...

"Tu kitna b bhaag le... Kitna b kosle... Kitna b darle... Aakhir jhukna to tujhe Armaan k saamne hi hai... Har baar... Baar baar alag tarike se alag sides se tujhe Armaan se pyaar ho hi jaata hai..." her heart said happily coz today Shilpa's heart had won over her mind "Main abhi b kehti hun backout karle.. Varna aage mauka nai hoga tere paas" her mind warned her who tightened her hold on his back indicating she can't live wiout him and from now onwards she will not leave him Yeah somewhere she is fearing but his hold on her waist made her forget everything...They both were still standing in same position since they confessed there was no words exchanged b/w them only the heartbeat of their hearts can be heard... Getting tiered she slowly nervously parted from the hug making him to open his eyes slowly Keeping her hands on his chest she faced him whose hands were still resting on her waist... She looked down feeling shy where as he looked away from her nervously they both didn't expected their confession Armaan didn't had idea that seeing her going he will confess which he himself didn't knew?? Where as Shilpa never ever had imagined that he will confess??
"Aamm... Vo..." removing his hands he looked here & there nervously Ok! confession was done now what??

Kyun tere hi
Khwaab ab
Bunti har pal...

"Ab Shilpa... Yehi chahti thi... Na??" her heart questioned making her to look down nervously playing wd her fingers What is happening to them they both didn't knew but something is changingWink
"Ab b jaaogi..??" his sudden slow question made her look up at him who was staring at her hopefully to which she nodded in YES slowly making him narrow his bows "What?? Itna sab hone k baad b tumhe jaana hai... Shilpa this is enough haa... For my patience level.. I mean hadd hai tumhe..." his all nervousness went into gutter as she nodded to go who was hiding her smile looking him back to strict mode again "Samajh mein nai aata..." he was saying sternly when she chuckled making him stopped
"Offo!! Armaan..." she shook her head to which he looked at her confusedly "Main bahar jaane ki baat kar rahi thi... Bag wapas laane k liye" she said hiding her smile which made him smiled too...
"Haa to fir jaao na... Kisne roka hai" saying this calmly he crossed his arms making her to shook her head and she went out from there to bring her clothes & bag back where as seeing her out he smiled "Kya ho gaya tujhe Armaan... Tu itna nervous kabse ho gaya" moving his hand on his hairs he asked himself mentally

Kyun itno mein tujhko hi
Chunti hoon har pal
Tere hi khwaab ab bunti
Har pal...

"Kitna ajeeb sa lag raha hai... As if kal hi shaadi hui hai hamari... Par ab kaisi hogi hamari life...??" her heart questioned as she started collecting her clothes which were scattered on bed
"Toh tum nai jaa rahi ho..?" he asked again calmly standing behind her leaning his back against the wardrobe door
"Agar aap chahte hai to main chali jaaun...??" getting annoyed she replied in calm tone looking back at him who smiled
"Main to kehta hun chali hi jaao... Faaltu mein tumhe ye sab unpack karna padega..." saying this normally he thought to tease her who shook her head
"Thik hai main chali jaati hun... Kyun ki mujhe koi problem nai hai jaane mein... Par fir mat rokna..." wdout looking at him she said normally folding the clothes
"Main kyun rokunga... Mujhe farq nai padta tum raho yaa jao" pretending coolly he walked towards her
"Haa vo to dikh hi raha tha thodi daer pehle" still not looking back at him she taunted normally making him smile This lady knows how to defeat him in everything
"Acha jo b ho... Ye sab chodo mujhe bhuk lagi hai... Chalo kuch banake do" standing behind her he almost ordered making her startled
"Kyun aap khana kha k nai aaye??" looking back at him she asked frowningly
"Nai.. Sirf tumhari wajah se... Tumhe dhundhne k chakkar mein vahan se chala aaya.." as he said strictly made her smile "So ye tumhari zimedaari hai ki tum..." before he could complete his sentence she crossed her hands
"Kyun maine kaha tha.. Mere peeche aane ko.. Aap khud aaye to ye aapki galti" saying this she took her clothes and went inside wardrobe making him angry
"What do u mean meri galti??" he asked loudly still standing outside which made her giggle and not hearing anything from her he followed inside the wardrobe while taking her bag wd himself "Tumhari wajah se... Ye huaa... Tum ro rahi thi is liye main peeche aaya..." he said calmly keeping her bag on side while she was keeping her clothes properly wd a smile "Aur uper se agar Aditi nai sunnati to main kabhi nai aata..." as he said arrogantly she stopped her work It means he only came to stop her just becoz Aditi said?? She thought and keeping the clothes back in wardrobe she looked back at him
"To matlab aap sirf Aditi k kehne pe yaha aaye hai...??" as she asked hurtfully made him realise what he said few minutes ago which he regretted
"Nai vo.. Matlab.." he tried to clear when she raised her hand stopping him
"Rehne dijiye Armaan..." saying this slowly while hiding that hurt feeling she moved out from wardrobe room followed by him
"See Shilpa mera vo matlab nai tha..." gripping her wrist he stopped her who looked at him angrily
"To kya matlab tha aapka..??" pulling her hand back she looked at him while crossing her arms
"Nai.. Vo.. Actually main to bas yuhin keh raha tha.." seeing him hesitate a smile reached her lips "But main sachmein tumhe khud dhundhne aaya tha.. Aditi se to bas pucha ki tum kahan ho... Varna main khud aaya tha" he explained as if she will leave him but instead it made her smile heartily gone her anger gone her hurt feeling just coz of his face "U know sab kuch kitna ajeeb.. I mean it just..." but before he could finish his sentence she hugged him slowly keeping her head on his chest almost making him stop

Tune mujhe
Jeene ka hunar diya
Khamoshi se
Shene ka sabar diya...

"Samajhti hun Armaan... Ki thoda new hai.. Haina??" still hugging him she whispered in understanding tone making him smile who hugged her back Feeling lucky to have her who is very understanding
"New nai hai.. Bas aadat ho gayi hai tumpe chillane ki... Tumse ladne aur argument karne ki" he said in normal tone making her giggle while parting from the hug
"Mujhe b..." she nodded controlling her giggle making him chuckled
"Thank u..." he said smilingly and out of blue took her in a hug making her shock for seconds but immediately she responded smilingly He is so thankful to god that he got her in his life wdout wishing for her he gotted a biggest thing in his life... From now onwards he will not let her go from his life Never "Par iska matlab ye bilkul nai ki main tumpe chillana band kar dunga... Agar tum galti karogi to yaad rakhna mujhse bura koi nai hoga" parting from the hug he warned clearly who crossed her hands
"I know.." she said normally making him smile "Par agar meri koi galti nai hogi... Tab aap yaad rakhna ki mujhse bura koi nai hoga" she also warned wd attitude making him chuckled
"Vo to 100% mein se sirf 99.99% hoga fir" as he said this her mouth dropped
"Armaan..." she looked at him angrily
"Jo sach tha maine vo bola..." saying this calmly he sat on couch for removing his shoes "Vo kya haina kabhi b kuch b karti ho... Kuch b sochti ho to ye to sach tha.." he said in calm tone untying his shoe laces
"Jee nai.. Main hamesha soch samajh kar kuch b karti hun" she said calmly standing infront of him
"Yaa right... Kise bewkoof bana rahi ho... Dekha tha maine Party..." he said in taunting way to which she looked at him unintrestingly when he stopped remembering about Party "Aur by the way..." jerking her by her wrist he made her sat beside him almost making her scared
"Armaan kya hai ye..??" she asked confusedly while rubbing her wrist which he has gripped few seconds ago while he moved closer to her
"No first tell me... Tum ro kyun rahi thi Party mein...??" his question made her stopped for seconds "Tell me Shilpa why you were crying??" he again asked but this time softly to which she gulped

Tu hi bharosa
Zindagi ka
Tu hai mera

"Kya bataygi tu ab isse... Yehi ki.. Tujhe pata nai kya kya bol rahe the Party mein aur iski dusri shaadi ki baat kar rahe thae... Tu to rehne hi de... Huh I already told u ye rishte naate tere liye nai bane hai"a her mind mocked at her who looked down on floor "Shilpa sach bata de... Haa tough hai par ab kuch mat chupa honesty dikha plzzz..." her heart requested but seeing her still silent Armaan shook his head
"Rehne do... Tum nai bata paaogi..." as he said calmly made her looked up at him
"Nai Armaan vo..." she said softly when he cutted her
"Its ok Shilpa... Tumhe jab thik lage tab batana... Vaise vo din mujhe to nai lagta kabhi aayga... But fir b kabhi try karna" saying this normally he looked away from her who felt guilty
"Shilpa bol kyun nai deti..." her heart yelled at her "Haa ye bolegi aur ye maan lega... Come on Shilpa ye kaise yakeen karega ki iske relatives ne tujhe kuch kaha..." her mind mocked at her who got confused "Par Armaan tujhpe yakeen karenge..." her heart said "Naah beta... Vo direct samjhega ki tu uske khandaan ki chugali kar rahi hai" her mind said coolly which made her hell confused when taking a sigh he looked at her only to find her face lost
"Don't tell me ye firse sochne laggii..." he thought scaredly staring at her "Shilpa... Shilpaa..." he called softly but when she didn't paid any attention he immediately pulled her closer by her hand making her startled Their faces were inch a part "Kya sochne lag jaati ho baar baar... See maine kaha na its ok.. To baad mein batana jab sahi lage..." cupping her face he said softly making her stare him "But uspe itna dimaag pe zor dene ki jarurat nai hai" then he scolded her who forgot everything
"Kuch khaas nai Armaan bas vo.. Vo... Kisine.." she immediately started slowly while looking down making him stare her
"Kisine??" he narrowed his eyes
"Aapki dd... Dusri shaadi karwaane k liye bola..." as she blurted out his expression changed into angry one
"What??" he asked shockingly to which she nodded slowly still looking down "Kisne??" he asked angrily which made her scared coz of his anger
"Mmain nai jaanti... Bas maine sunna.." she doesn't want any fuss so she lied which made him to calm himself seeing her silent She didn't said to increase his anger or create any fuss she told coz now she doesn't want any issue b/w them also he always blamed she didn't told him any truth and always lied so that is why she gave this half info
"Gossshhh... Shilpa... Tum kisi k b baat ko seriously mat liya karo yaar... Un logo k paas koi kaam nai hota isi liye ye bakwaas karte hai" taking her hand in his he said calmly making her stare him quietly "Aur kehne mein kya... Main thodi karne wala kisi se shaadi... Coz yahan ek to sambhal nai rahi dusri karunga" as he said this she smiled lightly
"Vaise agar aap karenge b... To b mujhe farq nai padta" hiding her smile she said just to see his expressions which was normal
"I know..." he nodded calmly making her frown that why he didn't reacted on this?? "Jab tum mujhe Kiya ko dene ka faisla le sakti ho to ye to normal hoga tumhare liye" he thought looking at her hand which was on his hold "But tell me vo log aisa keh kyun rahi thi...??" he asked doubtfully making her to bit her lower lip
"Vo sab chodiye Armaan... Aapko bhuk nai lagi??" she immediately changed the topic
"Don't change the topic Shilpa... Tell me kya sunaa tumne??" he directly asked in warning tone to which she gulped at her failed plan... But before his accident it always worked she always made his mind divert at that times but right now the thing is different Armaan is different
"Kuch khaas nai... Maine sirf yehi sunnaa" rising up she replied normally showing her back making him to stood up
"Aur tumne ghar chodne ka faisla kiya.. How stupid" making her looked at him he scolded
"Excuse me Armaan!! Mere self respect pe baat aayi thi..." looking at him she said stubbornly
"Yaa right... Self respect... Shilpa tumhara dimaag kharaab hai itni si baat pe koi ghar chodta hai" he stepped ahead angrily pointing at her who got more angry
"Itni si baat Armaan... Ye bahoot badi baat hai... Agar koi aapko kahe ki Shilpa ki dusri shaadi karaani chahiye kyun ki Armaan usse khush nai rakh paa raha hai tab aap kya karege..." getting angry she said angrily unaware of that she blurted out the reason also which he immediately catched
"To main directly unke muh pe keh k aaunga... Ki stop interfering in my life..." he immediately answered stepping ahead while she stepped back "Its my life... Aur hamari life mein bolne ka haq sirf hume hai kisi aur ko nai... Aur aisa to nai ho sakta ki main bahar proove karta firun ki main tumhe khush rakh sakta hun ki nai... Kyun ki proove to sirf tumko karna haina... That's it.. Iske liye main khud ghar nai chodunga" he indirectly gave the answer to her insecurity also indicating her to let go outsider's words

Mujhe jeena sikha diya
Marna sikha diya
Teri wafaaon ne
Insa bana diya...

"Kehna aasan hai..." as she said slowly he rolled his eyes while stepping ahead calmly which made her to stepped back which lead her back of knees got disbalance resulting her to fall while holding his blazer which made him fall wd her "Aaww..." she whinced as they both landed on bed wd him above her who have gripped his blazer from front... They both stared at each other lostly her heart was beating at its fullest speed feeling him closer "Vo..." she didn't knew what to say when he cutted her

"Accept it... Tumse kuch nai ho sakta" as he said smilingly she chuckled staring up at him who tucked her hairs aside from her face making her blush "See maiu dusro ka nai jaanta... But meri life mein tumhare siwa koi nai hai aur na hogii aage... Aur shayad na thi b" he said softly staring at her who smiled
"Par mere to hai..." as she said slowly he narrowed his eyes "Allu Arjun... Mahesh Babu..." she said nonchalantly making him shook his head
"Shilpaa..." he dragged her name but as he saw her face he smiled and wdin a second they both chuckled making him lay beside her smilingly staring up at the cieling to which she turned her position looking at him wd a satisfying smile she never expected this day "Shilpa itni choti choti baato ko apne uper mat liya karo... U know log sirf baate banane k liye karte hai... Unko thodi pata ki hamare bich kya chal raha hai... If hamare bich sab thik b hota na to b vo baate banate..." he was saying this calmly still staring up where as she is only watching his face while keeping her cheek on her entwined hands
"Kya maine galat kiya is rishte ko dobaara accept karke...??" she asked this question mentally "Ab tujhe aisa kyun lag raha hai??" her mind asked angrily "Pata nai ek ajeeb sa darr lag raha hai... Ki kahin Armaan ko firse na khodun.. Yaa fir Armaan mujhe samajh paayenge ki nai??" she thought confusedly staring at him "Aa gayi na line pe... Dekh Shilpa tu sahi soch rahi hai... Is Armaan k saath rehne mein tera koi future nai hai... Na ye tujhe samjhega na ye tujhe kabhi support dega... Sirf chaar din ka pyaar hoga dekhna iska... Fir apne kaam mein busy hoga ye tujhe puchega b nai... Aur tu iska ghar sambhaalna... Mujhe to ye b lagta hai ki isne sirf apne family k liye roka hai tujhe..." as her mind said this she closed her eyes tightly as if fearing imagining that scene "Nai Shilpa aisa kuch nai hai... He loves u kaha tha na inhone" her heart said to her "Wrong vo b sure nai tha ye... Ye pyaar vyaar na kehne mein hi acha lagta hai... I luv muh se kehna bahoot easy hai vo to koi b keh sakta hai... But dilse nibhana bahoot badi baat hai" her mind said smartly "Haa... Par jo baar baar kahe I love u zaruri nai vohi saccha pyaar ho... Kisse pata dilse kaha ho yaa impress karne k liye... Pyaar to vo haina jo bina kahe nibhaya jaaye... Jaisa ki Armaan ne kaha tha..." her heart put some sense inside her brain who closed her eyes more tightly getting confused also her one hand fisted the bedsheet tightly "Exactly beta... Tune hi kaha na impress karne k liye... To ye b to ho sakta hai ye impress karna chahta ho" her mind argued making her more confuse thinking that she took a right decision or not... Where as not hearing anything from her he turned his face at her confusedly only to find her eyes closed tightly
"Tum fir soch rahi ho na vo sab...??" his sudden scolding question made her eyes snapped open "Shilpa kya hai ye..." getting angry he sat up following by her "Matlab tumhe ek baar kehne se samajh nai aata na.." he scolded as she faced him
"Offo! Armaan... Maine kuch kaha jo aap bina soche samjhe bol rahe hai main soch rahi hun" she intrupted him wid her cute anger
"Yaa right... To fir kya soch rahi thi clearly bataogi" he asked sternly pointing at her who smiled
"Main har chiz aapko batana zaruri nai samajhti" saying this in fake anger she crossed her arms looking away from him who smiled
"Har chiz nai tum mujhe koi b chiz batana jaruri nai samajhti..." he taunted calmly removing his blazer making her to hide her smile
"Acha aisi kaunsi chiz hai jo aapko nai bataayi??" she asked in fake serious tone making him raised his bows
"Ye kaho kaunsi aisi chiz jo bataayi..??" he corrected calmly staring at her who rolled her eyes
"To kal raat kya gaana gaa rahi thi main" she looked at him angrily
"Kal raat??" he gave a fake questioning look making her angry
"Armaan aap na... Rehne hi do.. Main jaa rahi hun" saying this angrily she stood to go when he gripped her wrist and abruptly made her sat unintentionally on his lap... Her hands landed on his shoulder while facing him closely where as his hands were resting on her waist holding her firmly
"Bahoot ho gaya..." as he whispered calmly made her looked at him confusedly "Tumhe nai lagta... Ab direct baat karni chahiyee..." he said softly tucking her hairs behind her shoulder making her heartbeat skipped
"Dire..." she opened her mouth to say when he pulled her more closer stopping her from saying
"Main bolta hun... See Shilpa kal raat k liye I am sorryy" he apologised slowly while taking her both hands in his grip making her stare him "But I was pissed off... That u r going to leave me... Most important u didn't bothered to inform me... Mana ki hamare bich problems hai... Infact bahoot hai... But tumhe nai lagta ki tumhe mujhse sab kuch share karna chahiyee..." he was saying softly staring down on her fingers which he was playing
"I am sorry Armaan... Par mujhe... Darr lagta hai..." she said slowly watching their fingers
"Pehle to nai lagta tha... Fir ab kyun Shilpa...??" he asked firmly making her to look up at him
"Pata nai...??" she shook her head making him to take a sigh
"Pata nai kya matlab hai Shilpa... Isse to mujhe darr lagna chahiyee ki tum kabhi b jaa sakti ho..." he said in serious tone making her angry coz already she is confused over this and here he is saying the same thing
"Armaan plzzz... Mujhe is baare mein aur baat nai karni... Mujhe share nai karna to nai karna difficult hai mere liye" saying this angry she pulled her hand back making him to calm himself
"No Armaan... Don't loose ur temper... Just calm down kyun ki agar iswaqt kuch bola na to ye pagal kuch b kar sakti hai" he calmed himself mentally and again took her hand who didn't looked at him "Shilpa thik hai bhul jao jo hua... But kya tum plzz bas ek commitment de sakti ho... Ki tum mujhe chodkar nai jaaogi..." as he said this calmly she looked at him "See I know... Meri us Kiya wali galti ki wajah se ye sab huaa hamare bich... Varna aaj hum normal hote jaise pehle thae... But ab mujhe lagta hai Kiya ka aana thik tha ek point pe... Vo isliye ki mujhe hamare bich ka rishta samjha Shilpa tumhari feelings samjhi meri feelings samjhi... Infact aur b bahoot kuch huaa... But dusre hi point pe nai hona chahiyee tha kyun ki... Iski wajah se tumme bahoot bada change aaya... And not to forget maine tumpe haath uthaya which I still feel guilty..." he said softly looking at her deeply who instantly felt guilty seeing him struggling Ansh was right she will herself make distance if she don't try to handle "Tabhi main..." but before he could complete his sentence she put her palm on his lips stopping him whose heartbeat increased

Jeena sikha diya
Marna sikha diya
Teri wafaaon ne
Insa bana diya...

"I am sorry Armaan... Maine gusse mein bahoot kuch bol diya... Maine kal raat jo kaha vohi sach hai... Thodi si problem hoti hai mujhe share karne mein main kuch nai kar sakti..." she apologised wd moist eyes staring him who watched her face calmly still her palm was on his mouth "Commitment ka nai pata but I will try my best ki jab tak mere bas mein rahega... Main aapke saath rahungi" she said softly lowering her lashes which made him to entwined her hand wd his which was put on his mouth
"Jab tak bas ka nai pata... But jab tak main hoon tab tak rahogi... Ye promise karo..." staring at her he asked softly to which she nodded in YES innocently making him smile "Thank u..." he whispered softly while kissing her cheek almost making her blush "Main samajhta hun tumhari problem bas.. Thoda sa khul k aao... Kyun ki mujhe tumhe samajhna hai Shilpa" as he said she hugged him tightly nodding in YES making him to engulf her more when his cell rang making them part "KV...??" he frowned seeing KV's number flashing Shilpa watched his face while sitting a little away from him "Haa KV bol??" he asked normally as KV received the call "Kyaa?? Manali??" he asked shockingly Shilpa heard only one sided conversation"Pagal hai tu.. Is Winter mein tu Manali mein shaadi karega... Ye zarur us Shivanya ka idea hoga??" he asked in serious tone making Shilpa giggle at his expression who looked at her questioningly "Nai main nai aaunga.. Mujhe freeze hone ka shauk nai hai.. To main to bilkul nai aaunga" he clearly rejected and seeing him talking Shilpa thought to change in some comfortable clothes so she stood to go when he gripped her wrist and jerked her back almost making her lay on him who is still talking on phone where as she looked at him confusedly "Soryyy... Na main aaunga aur na hi Dev..." he was talking but his eyes were fixed on hers who was trying to free her hand from his hold
"Armaan... Haath chodiyee.." she said angrily trying to free her hand to which he eyed her to be quiet which made her more angry so she tried her best to free her wrist... But wd an instant he made her turn and made her sat in front of him almost touching her back wd his chest
"Acha sunaa main tujhse baad mein baat karta hun.. Fir batata hun haa..." saying this calmly he hung up the phone and threw that on bed "Do minute shaant to nai baithne ko hota na... Tumse??" he asked sternly hugging her from behind who looked back at him knowing very well he is calm
"Aapne mera haath kyun pakda tha..??" she asked wd pouted anger making him to shook his head
"Aise hi meri marzi... Meri Biwi... Aur tum jaa kahan rahi thi...??" he asked normally hugging her more tightly who looked ahead hiding her smile and tried to remove his hand which was on her waist almost locking her
"Armaan mujhe change karne jaana tha... Ab chodiyee" she said annoyingly removing his hands who removed also smilingly... She stood up and looked at him who was staring at her calmly while crossing his hands wd a satisfying smile on his face whose back was touching the bed post "Kya...??" she frowned seeing him staring at her intently to which he looked at her smilingly "Armaan kya??" she got confused by his gaze also there was slight blush on her cheeks which made him chuckled "Offo!! Main jaa rahi hun..." not getting any response she turned to go annoyingly making him smile at her face... She immediately went inside wardrobe room to change where as taking a sigh he laid on bed


"Kabhi nai socha tha ki ek hi pal mein sab change ho jaayga... Mera ek confession mere life mein peace le aayga... Aaj Shilpa ko jaate dekh pata nai kaise vo keh diya jo khudse b nai kaha kabhi..." keeping his hands under his head he looked at the cieling thinking deeply "I hope ab main tumhe samajh sakun aur tumhari saari insecurities durr kar sakun... I know thoda difficult hai ye rishte nibhaana mere liye... But I will try my best Shilpa... Bas tum mujhe nai chodna" his mind was rewinding the scenes which he spent wd her suddenly he chuckled remembering her annoyed face few minutes ago... He was staring her coz he was trying to capture every emotion of her in his heart... Feeling himself fortunate he was trying to adore her lovely face on which he just want to see happiness he didn't wanted to loose her... Wants to solve her puzzling nature he have many questions inside his brain which he wanted to ask her but this is not the right time when the time will come he will definitely ask that questions... Thinking about her he closed his eyes only to feel contented when she came out from washroom after changing in her night clothes Pink sleeveless kurti wd white payjama

Bandhne lage hai
Rishto k dhaage
Tere mere darmiyaan...

"Haww... So gayye.." she looked at him surprisingly finding him sleeping "Ab...??" she mumbled smilingly moving towards bed but finding him sleeping she shook her head and started collecting his things which he threw here & there "Logo k Pati bigad k sudharte hai... But mera sudhra huaa Pati aaj bigad gaya..." she thought while keeping his shoes in shoe racket when her eyes landed on his blazer which was hanging down from bed "Ise kaise nikalun...??" she thought confusedly looking at the blazer which have kept under his shoulder while its half part is hanging down so carefully she tried to pull the blazer almost leaning her half body on him she was trying to pull when he changed her position and her hand got disbalanced resulting her to fall on him who got startled
"Aaawww..." they both whinnied as their head hit wd each others head
"Sorrryyy... Sorrryy" she apologized while rubbing her head and immediately sat beside him who was rubbing his forehead
"Shilpa kya hai ye... Yahan to Breezer b nai hai.. Fir??" he asked calmly still rubbing his forehead and sat properly "Tum to mere sarr k peeche hi pad gayi ho..." as he said this she giggled making him to glare her
"Acha Sorryyy..." she apologized cutely but there was smile on her face
"Haa pehle maaro... Fir sorryy sorryy kehkar Bracelet bhul jao.." he said sarcastically directly refering about their first meeting making her smile shyly
"But is baar to koi Bracelet nai bhuli main..." she said normally looking at him who wdout saying anything looked at her and showed her Bracelet wd winning smile "Hawww ye kab giri...??" she took that shockingly to which he shook his head
"Tum jaan bujhkar to nai karti na ye sab...??" he asked calmly making her to gave him angry look but suddenly his word hit her the same word which he used after their wedding day in washroom "I knew it.. Tum jaan bujhkar hi karti ho" his voice made her come out from that day
"Haa zarur mere paas to kuch kaam hi nai hai.. Haina" she said angrily
"Ek hi to kaam hai.. Dusro k sarr pe attack karne ka... See mera sarr tod diya... Aaww" he said in fake painfull tone while rubbing his forehead making her guilty
"Sorryyy... Main to bas blazer utha rahi thi jo aapke head k neeche tha... But balance bigad gaya aur main gir gayi" she explain moving to touch his forehead while sitting on her knees
"Vo b mere uper..." he completed her calmly to which she mummbled sorryy keeping her hands on his trying to see his forehead who smiled at her care
"I don't think so ki lagi... Aaahhh" she was saying this slowly when he pulled her on his lap by her waist which made her scared "Armaan... Aise koi..." she looked at him angrily while hitting his chest lightly by her fists which were put on his chest
"Tum chance maar rahi thi na..." as he said wd a calm look made her mouth dropped
"Aisa kuch nai hai... Main bas blazer khich rahi thi.. Aap turn hue aur main gir gayi... Chance vance plzzz" she said wid her attitude voice making him chuckled
"Acha vo sab chodo tumhe nind nai aa rahi hai...??" he asked calmly to which moving away from him she nodded in YES "Par mujhe aa rahi hai... Chalo sote hai..." he said cutely and gripping her wrist he laid on bed while taking her wd him
"Armaan par mujhe nind nai aa rahi hai..." she said slowly keeping the blanket away from her which he had pulled on them
"Aa jaaygi.. Tum ek baar sone ki koshish to karo..." he said tiredly pulling the blanket back on her and kept her hand on his waist almost hugging her who giggled
"I think aapko bahoot tez nind aa rahi hai" she said smilingly looking at his face
"Ab tumhe itna daud daud k dhudne pe... Insaan thak to jaayga" he said calmly still wd closed eyes making her giggle
"Par maine thodi bola tha ki mujhe dhundho" she said smilingly turning her position at him who opened his eyes
"Agar nai dhundta tum to Dehradun k liye nikal chuki hoti" he taunted smilingly while pulling her in a hug who looked up at him smilingly and wdout saying anything snuggle closer to him "Gud night..." kissing her head lovingly he closed his eyes engulfing her into him... Widin a minute he went into peaceful sleep where as sleep was far away from her eyes

Thode sukoon me
Rehne lagi hain
Ye meri bechainiyaan...

"Kitna ajeeb lag raha hai wapas aapki bahon mein aa kar... Matlab kuch achi feeling aa rahi hai... Ek saal se zyada tym ho gaya aur aaj jaakar hum pehle ki tarah hue..." her heart was saying this while Shilpa's eyes were fixed on his sleeping face "Sab kuch pehle jaisa to nai hai... Par bura b nai hai... Samajhti hun main aapko Armaan sab kuch bhulne k baad firse zindagi ko second chance dena sab handle karna... Apni is confusing wife ko zabardasti apne paas rakhna ye sab usi pyaar ka hissa tha... Ab samaajh meij aa raha hai aapke saare warnings aapke saare dard... Vo dard jo aapne tab feel kiya hoga jab maine kaha hoga main mar jaungi..." she thought looking at him intently while caressing his face lovingly as if tracing him "Acha huaa aap mujhpar hukum chalate hai... Varna main to kab ka is pyaar ko chod kar chali gayi hoti aur kahin pe regret karti... Aap bahoot acche hai Armaan... Bas ek main hi pagal hun jo hamesha confuse rehti hun" thinking this she laid straight looking up

"Pata nai saare acche log mujhe hi kyun milte hai... Jinhe main khud hi durr kar deti hun.. Chahe vo Ansh ho yaa Armaan dono ne hi mujhe zindagi sikhaayi hai... Jab Ansh k saath thi usne mujhe ek acche dost aur protector ki tarah duniya se rubraru karvaya most important khudse rubaru karvaya Honesty kya hoti hai ye bataayi... Aur jab Armaan k saayh thi unhone mujhe pyaar aur duniya dikhaayi... Rishte nibhaane sikhaye bina kisi condition k... Aur fir Mr Akdu Armaan ne mujhe bahoot dard diya uske baad b support bane rahe hai... Aur aaj pyaar kitna ajeeb sa hai ye sab" she was thinking when she felt his hand on her waist who looked at him "I hope sab thik rahe aage Armaan... Kyun ki mera khudpe se bharosa uth gaya hai kabhi bhi kuch bhi karti hun.. Aur nai chahti ki mere kuch galtiyo ki wajah se aap mujhae durr raho..." she thought hugging hum tightly almost hearing his hearbeat "I'll try my best to give second chance to our marriage Armaan" thinking this she closed her eyes only went into deep slumber after this Tiring Confusing Sad Happy Love Day

Next Morning
ArSh's Room

"Aise yahan vahan ghumne se kuch nai hoga Shilpa .. Koi idea nai milega..." a sad Surbhi said sadly keeping her chin on her hand and looked up at Shilpa who is moving tro & fro worriedly while Surbhi is sitting sadly on couch
"Nai Surbhi ruko... Main kuch sochti hun" Shilpa said wid a her cute anger
"Rehne do Shilpa... Meri life to aise hi chalegi"she said wd cute sad face looking up at Shilpa who stopped and looked at her wd a smile "Kya??" she raised her bows as she saw Shilpa grinning
"Surbhi..." she chirriped making Surbhi startled "I have a plan..." she looked at her excietedly making Surbhi smile widely
"Kyaaa??" Surbhi asked happily to which Shilpa sat beside her
"See... Maine na aksar ye dekha hai... Ki agar kisi ko kisi ka dhyaan kheechna hota hai... To vo karna chahiyee jo saamne wale ko pasand nai hai..." as she said smartly Surbhi nodded wd wide smile "So tell me Rehaan ko kya nai pasand?? Tumhare liye" she asked excietedly
"Ok... Rehaan ko pasand nai ki main India mein rehkar western kapde means one piece pehnu... Rehaan ko pasand nai main Parties mein jaaun matlab club waale... Usse pasand nai main apne bold selfies Instragram pe daalun... Usse pasand nai ki main yahan vahan zyada ghumun apne male dost k saath" Surbhi replied thoughtfully making Shilpa to nod in YES smartly
"Haa to fir thik hai... Tum in sabka ulta karo... Matlab Western ki jagah Traditional aur Parties mein mat jao Darga chalo... Baalike..." stooding up she suggested like a teacher to which she nodded but giggled at her word 'Baalike' "Selfies daalo but ek dam sharifo waali... So that vo dekhte hi tumpe flat ho jaaye... Toh fir shuru ho jaao" she said excietedly
"Aww... Shilpa luv u..." stooding up she hugged her tightly making her giggle Actually the thing is since morning Surbhi is worried coz of Rehaan... Yes she is going to Bhopal tomorrow and wants to spend her time wd Rehaan but he seems busy so she thought to talk wid Shilpa... In early morning she went to knock on ArSh's Room but as she raised her hand Armaan opened the door making her startled... He asked why she is here?? To which she replied she want to meet Shilpa urgently wdout saying anything Armaan went out Surbhi guessed he went for jog coz she saw his clothes... So shaking her head she entered in Room only to left surprised seeing Shilpa sleeping which made her giggle so widout disturbing her she went out thinking to talk later... In a hour later she again came and find her getting ready then she narrated her problem to Shilpa who heared carefully and now they started thinking for a plan
"So chalo ab tumhe ready karte hai..." Parting from hug Shilpa said smilingly to which Surbhi nodded wd a smile
"But Shilpa kya aisa nai ho sakta... Ki hum Mr Khan se help le sakte hai.. Vo b to kaafi romantic hai" she said smilingly to which Shilpa started laughing making her frown where as Armaan entered at same time when Surbhi said that but seeing Shilpa laughing he stopped at the entrance "Kya huaa Shilpa??" she asked frowningly to which Shilpa controlled her laughing
"Kuch nai... Vo kya haina... Tumne baat hi aisi boli ki hassi aa gayi" as she said this smilingly made Armaan to put his hands inside his pant's pocket watching her... Where as Surbhi understood what she meant and giggled they both cannot see Armaan coz he was facing their back
"But fir b Shilpa I think Mr Khan help kar sakte hai... Vo dikhne mein Sadu hai but bahoot romantic hai vo bhul gayi" Surbhi said wd a giggle making him raised his bows at her word 'Sadu'

Bandhne lagi hai
Rishto k dhaage
Tere mere darmiyaan...

"Kya Surbhi tum b... Kuch b bolti ho... Armaan aur romantic no ways.. Unhe to romance ka R b pata nai hoga... Haa pehle ki baat alag thi but now this Sadu Akdu Malik is changed..." as she started maked Surbhi giggle while Armaan crossed his arms hearing Sadu Akdu Malik "Maine aaj tak unke jaisa boring aur unromantic person to dekha hi nai hai..." she shook her head unbelievingly while stepping back which made Surbhi to turn at her but as she saw Armaan behind Shilpa her eyes widened seeing him
"Nai Shilpa... Kya tum b mazaak kar rahi ho... Mr Khan ko sab kuch aata hai" Surbhi tried to hint her while gesturing her to look back
"Surbhi... Main wife hoon to main jaanti hun unko... Unhe sab kuch nai aata... Like unhe cooking nai aati... Unhe ladkiyo se baat kaise karte hai vo nai aata... Unhe..." she started calculating by her fingers making Surbhi to bit her nails fearly
"Aree nai Shilp..." she tried to say when Shilpa stopped her
"Wait let me finish... Haa unhe to thik se hasna b nai aata... Sadu... Aur tum romance ki baat kar rahi ho... Zyada se zyada vo ye kahenge" Shilpa compained unknown to her that she was putting herself in danger "Ki Surbhi so what tum jaa rahi ho.. Kaam kaam hai.. Pyaar k liye to puri zindagi padi hai..." she mimicked him which made Surbhi giggled while putting her hands on her mouth "Unse acha yaa to tum koi Shah Rukh Khan yaa Salmaan khan ki koi romantic movie dekhlo..." she suggested nonchantingly "Romance har kisi k bas ki baat nai hoti... Aree Romance sikhna hi hai to... Mere Allu..." she said wd dreaming smile but was cutted by someone
"Allu Arjun se sikho... Haina" completeing her sentence he entered in Room almost making Shilpa freezed where as Surbhi broke wd fists of laughter "Haa to kya keh rahi thi.. Tum" tapping on her shoulder he asked calmly
"Vo... Kkkuch nai.. Main to bas.. Vo haa.. Kuch b to nai... Main coffee laati hun..." she fumbled while stepping back where as Surbhi is still laughing seeing her scared face
"Koi zarurat nai hai..." saying this he gripped her wrist as he saw she was stepping back "Haa to kya keh rahi thi tum??" he asked calmly pulling her closer almost banging her wd him which made her hell embarressed infront of Surbhi
"Armaan haath chodiyee..." she tried to free her hand
"No..." a straight answer from him which maked her stunned while Surbhi giggled "Surbhi tum bahar jaaogi..." looking at Surbhi he said polietly
"Sure..." Surbhi nodded wd a smile
"Surbhi.. Tumhe yaad haina hume bahar jaana hai... To chalo chalte hai" a poor Shilpa requested wd her eyes making Surbhi giggle
"Kahin nai jaogi tum.. Pehle batao kya keh rahi thi" jerking her lightly towards him he asked calmly
"Pehle mera haath chodiyee" getting confident she looked at him who nodded in NO "Armaan haath chodiyee" she again tried to free her hand "Offo..! Haa kaha Sadu Akdu... Jo aap hai" getting frustrated she said confidently staring up at him who raised his bows where as Surbhi laughed at her this confident
"Surbhi tum do minute k liye bahar jaaogi..." ignoring her he looked at Surbhi who looked at Shilpa who nodded in NO "Plzz... Surbhi" first time in history Armaan Malik requested Surbhi Farooqui which deffinately made her stunned
"Allah miyaa... Kahin main sapna to nai dekh rahi" Surbhi asked dazely making Armaan smile where as Shilpa was still trying to free her hand
"Armaan Maa... Dekho Maa bula rahi hai" when she got tired she said cutely to which he looked at her
"I don't care..." he said calmly still not leaving her wrist
"Nai Armaan sachmein Maa aane waali hai... Haina Surbhi" she tried to sound in serious and looked at Surbhi who nodded in YES making him smile
"Toh aane do..." he said calmly staring back at Shilpa who gulped when Ananya entered in Room
"Shilpa..." as she called Shilpa became startled while Surbhi burst wd laughing and Armaan looked at his Mom calmly as if it didnt bother him "Aur Armaan tumne uska haath kyun pakda huaa hai...??" she asked confusedly seeing him holding her wrist tightly which made ArSh to looked down at their hands then at each other where as surbhi is still giggling she never enjoyed ArSh scene this much as now... Ananya ignored coz she knew they must be doing some fun or something
"Aise hi aap batao.. Aapko kya kaam tha??" ignoring her question he asked normally still not leaving her wrist who looked up at him shockingly that he didn't care his Mom is standing here and he still has gripped her hand Don't know Ananya will took it wrong or not??
"Haa.. Tum aaj free ho..??" Ananya asked normally to which he raised his bows guessing she might be on her ordering terms
"Nai... Busy hun kyun??" he answered calmly leaving her hand who took a sigh as she found a relief on her wrist which became red coz of his grip
"Main aati hun" saying this hurriedly Shilpa ran from there
"Main b..." Surbhi also followed her smilingly
"In dono ko kya huaa??" Ananya asked confusedly to which he shrugged his shoulder "Acha haa tum to busy ho..." she looked at him wd fake sad face making him smile
"Girls are so dramatic" as he joked get a smack in return on his shoulder "To kya bolun... Saaf saaf bolo na baat kya hai" he asked annoyingly making her smile
"Nai main chahti thi ki tum... Shakshi (Ananya's sister) ki kuch chize usse dete jaao... Raaste mein to aata hai Sanjeevani k" she said polietly moving towards him who tolled his eyes "Chale jaao na..." she requested
"Thik hai... Aap sab ready karke car mein rakhwa do main jaate time de dunga..." he said calmly while sitting on bed making Ananya smile
"Mere acha bet..." but before she could complete her sentence she stood
"Beta veta bola to nai jaaunga..." he pointed
"Acha thik hai... Bas khush..." she shook her head
"Bahoot..." emphasizing the word he moved towards washroom making her smile
"Jaldi ready hokar neeche aao... Main breakfast lagati hun" she said smilingly
"Haa haa ab to pyaar dikhaoge hi..." he said loudly making her giggle
"Kya karun tum ho hi itne pyaare..." she teased

"Argghhh Mom plzz..." saying this annoyingly he shut the door of the washroom making Ananya smiled... While downstairs Shilpa was beating Surbhi wd a cusion
"Aree Shilpa... Main to bas darr gayi thi.. Mr Khan ko dekh k" she said while defending herself
"Tumse badi... Dal badlu dost aaj tak nai dekhi maine.." a grumpy Sgilpa hit her wd a cusion making Surbhi giggled while laying on sofa
"Acha sorryy... Wrist dikhao" saying this smilingly she took her wrist to see the red marks Shilpa sat beside her wid pouted lips "Hawww... Kitna red ho gaya... Heartless Mr Khan" she teased to which Shilpa pulled her hand back wid grumpy look
"I hate u..." Shilpa said wd pouted lips making her giggle when Aditi came there
"Oye kya huaa.. Aise kyun baithe ho dono??" she asked normally to which Shilpa shook her head in NO
"Aree kuch nai... Bas hum dono plan kar rahe thae ki kaise main apna ye last day Mumbai mein spend karun wd Rehaan..." Surbhi said coolly making Aditi smile
"Aur vo busy hoga.." Aditi said smilingly to which she nodded in YES when Armaan decended from stairs fully ready for work
"Surbhi... Aaj ready rehna Rehaan aayga tumhe lene" he said normally checking his wrist watch but hearing this three of them stood
"But aaj to usse kaam hoga.." Surbhi asked confusedly
"Maine usse leave diya hai aaj... Dus baje tak aayga vo..." he replied normally checking his phone
"Yeeyyyee Mr Khan.. Luv u" saying this happily Surbhi ran towards him who smiled where as Aditi & Shilpa giggled
"Haa thik hai bye..." saying this he turned to go when
"By god breakfast..??" Aditi's voice stopped him
"Baad mein karunga bye..." busy on his phone he said and moved out from there leaving Shilpa to shook her head thinking he is never going to change
"Dekha Shilpa Mr Khan ko.. Faaltu mein tum unko sunaati rehti ho... Kaise sab ek chutki mein thik kar diya..." Surbhi said wd a grin to which Shilpa showed her fake anger
"As if I care..." saying this she went from there
"By god!! Kis chiz ki baat kar rahe thae tum log" Aditi's question made Surbhi giggle
"Aao batati hun..." Surbhi said excietedly while making them sat on sofa and she narrated the whole incident which made Aditi laughed
Night time
"Sab packing ho gayi tumhari??" Shilpa asked normally while keeping the juice on table
"Haa ho gayi... Bas vo wrist eatch nai mil rahi meri... Jo Rehaan ne di thi..." Surbhi said worriedly looking here & there for watch
"Don't worry yehin kahin hoga... Dhundho dhyaan se" saying this smilingly she too started looking fot her watch "Last time kahan rakkhi thi...??" she asked slowly to which Surbhi thought for some time
"Haa... Yaad aaya last time tumhare Room mein rakkhi thi..." Surbhi said thoughtfully
"Acha to ruko... Main lekar aati hun" saying this smilingly she moved out from Guest Room where Surbhi was staying

ArSh's Room

Thode sukoon me
Rehne lagi hai
Ye meri bechainiyaan...

"Gosshhh!! Thak gaya yaar..." a tired Armaan removed his shoes and keeping properly on shoe racket he moved inside washroom to wash his face not before removing his watch... Splashing some water on his face he felt fresh and searched towel for rubbing his face
"Offo!! Kahan rakh diya..." a worried Shilpa searched the watch on dressing table and looked inside the wardrobe "May be washroom mein rakkhi ho..." she mumbled confusedly as she didn't found the watch in wardrobe and wdout looking ahead she went inside washroom only to bumped wd Armaan "Ouch...!!" she whinced as her feet slipped but before she could land on floor Armaan's muscular arms held her by her waist... She was surprised to see him here coz he told he will come late
"Such a dumb u r... Aise koi bina dekhe chalta hai..." he scolded as he leaved her who looked down on side
"Aree ye to yahan hai..." ignoring him she looked on the basin where she found Surbhi's watch
"Main yahan tumse baat kar raha hun.. Aur tumhe watch ki padi hai" he asked calmly looking at her who picked that watch
"Nai Armaan... Ye watch bahoot important hai... Surbhi ki hai is liye..." she replied smilingly staring up at him who shook his head and immediately snatched that watch making her shocked
"I don't care jab main saamne hun to sirf main dikhun aur koi nai... " keeping the watch behind his back he said stubbornly making her amazed
"Armaan... Vo watch Surbhi ki hai tut jaaygi" she warnned moving to take that watch from his hand who stepped back
"No... Pehle subhe k liye sorryy bolo... Ki tumne mujhe Akdu Sadu kaha" he almost ordered her while hiding the watch behind his back
"Kyun?? Jo sach hai vo sach... Infact aapko mujhse sorry kehna chahiyee... Aapki wajah se mera wrist pain kar raha hai" wdout fear she said trying to take that watch from his grip who felt guilty hearing this but didn't showed
"Nai pehle tum sorry bolo tabhi tumhe watch milegi..." saying this stubbornly he stepped back
"Toh aap nai denge...??" she asked calmly to which he nodded in YES "Pakka nai denge...??" she again asked pointing her finger at him who nodded in YES calmly "To fir main..." she looked here & there for something making him chuckled coz something simillar clicked inside his brain Yes their very first day after their marriage... How scared she was at that time he remembered her face specially her banging the door for help "Haa main..." she finally got something to blackmail him that is a water to throw on him but before she could say that "Huh!!" her breath hitched as he banged her wd his chest suddenly... His hands were locking behind her back not before keeping the watch on basin
"Kya??" he asked wd a smile seeing her puzzled look whose hands were resting on his chest "Aaj b chillaaogi... Koi haii... Plzz open the door... Plzzz open the door..." as he said this she looked at him questionally "Yaad nai yaad dilata hu ruko..." answering her unasked question he pulled her more closer who was turning red now "Remember our first day after marriage..." as he said smilingly she looked at him then suddenly that day hit her head


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