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Part 41 : ArSh FF ~ SIRF TUM ~ (SEASON 2)



"Where there is love there is life."


Tu hi bharosa
Zindagi ka
Tu hai
Mera hausla...

"Tch! Kahan rakh diya" she muttered angrily while searching everywhere "Shayad dresser pe" she spoke confusedly and moved towards there "Yahan pe b nai hai" she spoke confusedly "Pata nai ye sab chize sirf ladkiyo ko hi kyun pehna padta hai" she cursed while taking a breath "Yaad aaya vo to bathroom mein rakha tha.. Haa" she thought and moved towards bathroom She slowly opened the door which by mistakenly closed making the door locked she walk towards bathroom mirror where a basin & table was attached she was looking for her Wedding chain which was kept on the table she moved infront of the table and picked that wedding chain... Was about to turn when she heard a whistle her feet stopped wd thudding heart looking at the mirror Her eyes became wide immediately as she saw something which made her eyes shut shouting "Aahhh..." to which Armaan who was relaxing in bathtub woke up immediately and removing his earphones looked at her who was standing in navy blue & red saree while closing her eyes by her hands
"Tum..??" he shouted shockingly and was about to stood up when
"Plz uthiye mat" she requested still wid closed eyes to which Armaan looked down realizing at what condition he is right now and then at her
"Tum.. Tum yahan kya kar rahi ho??" he asked angrily still sitting in bathtub
"Main.. Vo... Mang... Main vo" she stammered still wd eyes closed
"Whatever pass the towel" he shouted to which she frightened
"Maiin.. Vo kaise" she spoke fearly trying to move when
"Naii.. Nai Angelina Jolie aaygi dene" he spoke sarcastically to which she gulped "Ek to bina bataye andar aati ho... Tum knock nai kar sakti thi" he shouted while rubbing his face wd his hands
"Aur aap door lock nai kr sakte thae" she shouted back trying to search the towel wd her closed eyes making him realise Yes! its his fault
"Ook fine my fault... Ab main tumhe guide karta hu" he spoke calmly
"Jiii" she asked in shock
"Haaa vo.." he stopped thinking she is taking him wrong "I mean main guide karta hu.. Tum thoda left jaaogi to tumhe towel milega" he guided to which she nodded and followed quietly "Haa.. Vahi hai" he spoke calmly looking at her who grab the towel "Haa... Turn n come forward in right" he instructed to which she followed stopping infront of him "And turned to that side" he pointed while taking the towel from her hands to which she turned obeying his instructions
"Ab tum mud sakkti ho" he whispered in her ears from behind making her startled who opened her eyes and wd an instant ran towards the door wdout looking back at him "Aree tum yahan aayi kyun thi??" he asked calmly while standing behind her who she stopped wd thudding heart
"Nai... Vo main" she stammered while turning almost looking down on floor
"Ammm.. It's ok and sorry main agese dyaan dunga" he apologised trying to made her look at him but it was waste
"It's ok main niche jaati hu" she said immediately while clutching her end of the saree fearly
"Vaise tum jaan bujhkar aayi thi na??" he asked just to make her look at him while hiding his smile seeing her nervousness
"Nai bilkul nai" she immediately looked at him who smiled at his victory to which she noticed that he was standing only in his towel which made her immediately turned to go.. She tried to opened the door which was locked she tried many times while holding the door's knob but it was not moving... She was still holding the knob when a hand came from behind upon her hand who noticed he was standing right behind her too close which she took in wrong way and getting scared she started banging the door
"Koi... Haii plz plz open the door" she shouted almost in cry while banging the door which made him hell confused Is she mad or what?? He thought
"Ruko.. Main help karta hu" he spoke politely trying to stop her
"Plzzz open the door" she shouted again ignoring him and this is enough for Armaan's patience level so he turned her around by her shoulders instantly
"Ab bas chup-chap khadi raho yehin" he spoke angrily while banging her against the door who got scared seeing his anger where as her both hands landed on his bare chest making her wedding chain fell from her hand she looked at him who he looked at her calmly while his left was on door's knob she can feel his thudding heartbeat "Isse left mein nai right mein ghumaate hai..." he whispered slowly in her ear who closed her eyes feeling this closeness of them his one hand was on other side of her while other was on door's knob almost brushing her waist which made her shivered by his touch her hands were resting on his chest fisted which made him to noticed her condition "Jaao jahan jana hai" he spoke calmly making her to look at him who was standing few meters away from her wd his crossed hands on his chest staring at her wd a grin and indicated her to go through by his eyes which made her to ran immediately from there "Areee.. Ye to leti jao" his voice stopped her in her tracks who turned & found her wedding chain in his hands


Mujhe jeena sikha diya
Marna sikha diya
Teri wafaaon ne
Insa bana diya...

"Kuch yaad aaya..." his teasing voice made her beetroot that she looked down smilingly
"Armaan..." she blushed pushing him lightly making him smile
"Wow!! Tum to blush b karti ho..." he said in amusing tone which made her crimson red while pushing him lightly wd her fist
"Aisa kuch nai hai... Vo to bas" hiding all her shy feeling she tried to push him who gripped her wrist stopping her
"Sorryy... For this.." he apologised slowly looking at her wrist which made her stared him her wrist was still red by his strong grip in morning "But its not my fault tumne hi majboor kiya karne k liyee..." he tucked her hairs side on her shoulder making her smile "Aur..." moving his face closer to her who looked down shyly he leaned his face closer to her cheek almost making her weak who closed her eyes now thinking he is going to kiss her "Mujhe bahoot bhuk lagi hai..." he whispered on her ear smilingly making her eyes to snapped opened "Plzz... Maine subhe se kuch nai khaya..." saying this he stepped back leaving her who shook her head knowing about his nature
"To aap neeche aao... Bye" saying this normally she picked that watch and moved out from there disappointingly leaving a smiling Armaan there
"I think I love her??" he asked this question smilingly "U already love her..." his heart answer while he moved out from the washroom... There was zero romance b/w them but there was 100% love b/w them who were slow for romance actually it was from Armaan's side only coz Shilpa is clear from her side but somewhere that insecurity to loose him was still there... Lets see how their romance progress increase


Three weeks later...
1 'O' clock

Jeena sikha diya
Marna sikha diya
Teri wafaaon ne
Insa bana diya...

"Damm... Shilpa phone kyun nai utha rahi ho..." an irritated Armaan threw his phone on bed "Pichle ek hafte se thik se baat nai hui... Aur aaj raat b sirf thoda sa... Coz I was sleepy... But abhi to phone uthalo..." mumbling frustratingly he sat on bed "I am missing u yaar... Ab to uthao" rubbing his face he held his head when his cell rang "Shilpa..." he immediately stood smilingly and started searching his phone "Isiliye kehte hai... Ki koi b chiz yahan vahan nai phekte... Kabhi kabhal biwi ki b sunni chahiyee..."cursing himself he searched his phone "God... Kahan hai??" he yelled angrily when his cell's ring stopped "Nooo..." he shook his head worriedly when his eyes landed on his phone which was half peeping out from the pillow "Lo isse kahan kahan dhundh raha tha... Aur ye yahan hai..." mumbling this he picked his phone and saw the number it was from Arjun "Kya yaar..." he slumped on bed tiredly "Shilpa phone uthao na... I know gussa hogi ki B'day bhul gaya tumhara... Kitna bada idiot hun main... Jo dusri baar apni wife ka b'day bhul gaya... Usne to phone b kiya tha... Idiot me..." he cursed himself mentally and closed his eyes remembering her last year's b'day how he hurted her that time and today he increased that hurt again... Yes Mr Husband is missing his Mrs Wife also he forgot her b'day second time Bingo!! He can't talk to her coz she went to her Parent's House two weeks five days ago... Its been three weeks after that day which was the last time where they talked properly Next day only Surbhi went to Bhopal which was very upsetting for Shilpa he can never forgot Surbhi & Shilpa's departure which was very torturing for him... They both were constantly talking and discussing he was just watching the two calmly they both were behaving as if they are parting for forever so at last getting fade up he directly told Surbhi to move out from Room which brought a banter b/w Surbhi & Armaan so Shilpa stopped them announcing about flight... So wdout saying anything he moved out ordering Surbhi to come fast and giving last hug to Shilpa Surbhi met wd everyone then left the place... Armaan took her from there they were sitting quietly in car when Armaan asked her to say something coz she was looking sad
"Come on Surbhi aisa to nai ki tum Shilpa se mil nai paaogi... Bhopal to vo aaygi hi" Armaan tried to cheer her who was looking sad
"Par Mr Khan do mahine baad to main New York chali jaaungi.. Aur aap pata nai kab aaoge" she said sadly making him smile while driving
"Don't worry main jaldhi Bhopal aaunga Shilpa ko lekar" he said calmly making her smile widely
"I luv u Mr Khan..." she said happily making him chuckled
"So kal ka day kaisa tha Rehaan k saath" he asked teasingly to which she giggled
"Main nai batungi... Pehle aap batao aap Shilpa ko date pe kab le jaaoge..." she said wd a teasing smile
"Jab meri marzi hogi tab" his reply was calm one
"Allah miya... What's wrong wd u Mr Khan... Jab Shilpa aapko chod k chali jaaygi tab jaaoge..." she said angrily making him chuckled coz of her sentence "Haa hasiyee jab chod k jaaygi tab pata chalega... Vaise shayad aapko pata nai uska already mood hai chodne ka aapko" as she said this his smile faded
"What??" he looked at her shockingly How can she?? Two days before they sorted it out didn't they? and she wants to go now also?? Why?? He thought
"Haa... Kyun ki usse thoda space chahiyee aapse... Usne mujhe Udaipur mein request ki thi ki main usse aapse dur rakkhu..." as she informed he became stunned stopping the car
"Kab??" he asked disbelievingly
"Yaad hai jis din maine aapko hum dono k videos bheje thae tab... Aap Bhopal mein thae... Usi din jab vo aapka call recieve nai kar rahi thi tab maine usse pucha tha.. Aur usne mujhe bataya tha ki usse thoda time chahiyee... Space chahiyee aapse" her words were like rockets to him
"Par par... Armaan vo tab ki baat thi... Haa uswaqt vo vaisi lag b rahi thi... But ab to sab thik hai fir kya problem .. Surbhi ko thodi pata tum dono k bich sab thik hai ab" his mind put sense in him who took a sigh and started the car again "Tab tumne kya kiya??" he asked calmly concentrating on road
"Maine usse promise to kar diya tha... But main janti thi ki vo jitna aapse durr rahegi utna hi vo aapse aur durr hogi... So maine vaisa kuch nai kiya infact main to usse aapke karib bhejti rahi" she said slowly making him smile
"Soo sweet..." he pulled her cheek sweetly who smiled "Kyun ki agar tum aisa kuch karti main to tumhe direct NY transfer kar deta" he looked at her coolly making her to roll her eyes
"Main aapse darti nai hun.. Vo to maine sab Shilpa k liye kiya..." she said wd attitude making him smile "Aur aap plzz zara apne busy schedule se thoda uske liye time nikaaliye.. Varna jab vo durr jaaygi na to puchegi b nai.. Itna to main usse samajh gayi hun" crossing her arms she warned him who shook his head smilingly
"Sochunga..." saying coolly he concentrated on road making her to curse him
"Bechari Shilpa ka to future gaya inke saath" she thought worriedly where as Armaan was still thinking about her words Did Shilpa actually requested to Surbhi to make her away from him?? She wanted space?? Why?? These all questions were ringing inside his brain... Reaching Airport he dropped Surbhi there where Ayaan & Rehaan were waiting for them so sending her off he went for Sanjeevani... Busy in his cases he got time for himself at 11 night pm so he called Shilpa and ordered her not to wait for him he will come late Poor Shilpa getting disappointted she slept and when he came back in midnight he directly went in deep sleep coz of tiredness... Next morning Shilpa was thinking about them while he was inside the washroom at that time

Tere khayalo
Me ho gayi gum
Ye meri tanhaaiyaan...

"Kal mujhe Maa Papa k ghar jaana hai... Aur Armaan k paas to time hi nai hai mere saath spend karne k liye..." keeping her head on her hand she started thinking while playing wd the coffee spoon which was put on table while she was sitting on arm chair "To kya zaruri hai sab kaam Armaan kare... Tu b kuch kar sakti hai..." her heart scolded her "Shilpa pehle tu mujhe ye bata jabse tum dono k bich sab thik huaa hai... Kya ek din b yeh ladka tere saath aaram se baith k baat kiya hoga... Kya ek baar b isne apne saari galtiyo k liye maafi maangi tujhse... Kya ek baar b is badtameez Armaan ne tujhse pucha ki kya kya feel kiya tune un sab dauraan..." her mind asked angrily which made her sad "Shilpa time nai hai unke paas tu to dekh hi rahi hai... Khane tak ka tym nai hota inke paas late night aate hai.. Aur thak k so jaate hai... To kaise tu expect kar sakti hai sab kuch... Kuch to sense use kar" her heart said angrily too which made her to held her head worriedly when Armaan came out from washroom almost ready for work "Kaash Surbhi hoti kuch to timepass karte hum" she thought still holding her head when Armaan's eyes landed on her
"Shilpa kya huaa??" he asked concernedly tapping her shoulder who looked up at him slowly "Kya hua... Sar dukh raha hai??" he asked worriedly looking at her who nodded in NO and stood
"Nai bas aise hi Armaan..." she replied slowly looking away from him who guessed something is bothering her "Main break fast laati hun" saying this slowly she turned to go when he stopped her by her wrist and pulled her closer
"Kya huaa??" he asked calmly caging her in his arms to which she nodded in NO "Shilpaa..." he dragged her name which made her smile coz it was his way of asking something from her
"Kuch nai bas... Main Surbhi ko miss kar rahi thi" she lied wd a smile making him to stare her doubtfully
"Sachmein??" he asked for confirmation
"Sachmein Armaan... U know vo mere saath pura time rehti thi to aadat pad gayi thi uske saath time spend karne ki" she said slowly looking away from him who smiled
"I don't think so ye reason hai... Kyun ki din raat to tum dono baate karte hoge... Fir kaise??" he asked calmly staring at her who gulped
"Bata de isko ki tujhe iska time chahiyee..." her mind said to her "Tu kyun inki problems badhana chahti hai... Jab Armaan free honge tab hi bolna rehne de" her heart said to her who thought to follow this "Par jab tak tu isse kuch share nai karegi.. Haq nai jataygi tab tak ye tujhe samjhega kaise pagal" her mind scolded her "Nai Armaan sachmein... Bas yehin soch rahi thi" and following her heart she lied to him who was not at all satisfied by her answers but knowing well her nature he let it go "Tu na pyaar aur bharose k kaabil hi nai hai... Baad mein isko mat kosna... Kyun ki ye to tujhe samajhna chahta hai par tu khud isse durr kar rahi hai..." her mind said angrily to her who looked down
"See Shilpa itni choti si baat pe itna nai sochte..." cupping her face he said softly to which she nodded in YES and hugged him who became shock for seconds coz he knew something is bothering her "Shilpa... Koi b baat ho tum mujhse share kar sakti ho" caressing her hairs lovingly he said which made her hugged him more tightly while nodding in YES
"Main breakfast laati hun.." breaking the hug she said slowly
"Nai mujhe late ho raha hai... " saying this he wore his shoes
"Par Armaan..." she tried to say when he stood calmly
"Shilpa bye.. " Saying this he gave a side hug to her and went from there leaving her sad
"Aaj fir bina khaaye gaye..." she mumbled worriedly while looking down on floor "Aur tu keh rahi thi ki inhe bata dun.. Inke paas khud k liye time nai hai to tere liye kaise nikaalenge" her heart said to her mind when suddenly she was pulled in his arms "Armaan..." she looked at him surprisingly making him smile who wdout saying anything give a lingering kiss to her cheek almost making her stunned
"Bye..." winking at her he took a file for which he came back and went from there leaving her blushing
"Tu b na Shilpa bilkul pagal hai... Bahoot zyada expect karti hai" her heart scolded her who touched her cheek blushingly "Haa sahi kaha.. Kyun hamesha main ye sochun ki Armaan hi mere liye kuch karen... Kar to main b sakti hun..." she said to herself while sitting on bed "Kal to main vaise b chali jaaungi... I know Armaan ko to yaad b nai hoga... Pata nai jab pata chalega to kaise react karenge..." she said wd a cute smile "Haa par jaane se pehle main kuch zarur kar sakti hun hamare liye... Zaruri thodi ki har kaam ladka hi kare..." she said to herself smilingly "Vaise b ek baar Armaan ne hi kaha tha ki unko aisi ladki chahiyee thi jo unke liye saare tarike use kare unhe khush rakhne k liye..." she thought remembering that day Rose day


"See ab to tum mujhe galti b maanne lagi ho" he spoke innocently but she was still in her hurt mode "Ok Armaan Malik ye zyada ho gaya" he smacked himself mentally and took her hand in his "Mazak tha... Chalo baitho" he made her sit again while sitting beside her still holding her hands "Tumhe pata hai main in sab days ko nai manta" he informed softly to which she looked at him "Mere liye to pyaar ki shuruaat jahan se hai vohi kehdo... But kabhi kabhi kisi ki yaadon mein hamesa rehne k liye sab ye karte hai" he spoke softly while she was staring at his face "Tumhe pata hai... Mujhe ek aisi ladki chahiye thi... Jo meri Wife nai Girlfrnd ban k rahe... Jo mere liye vo saare tarike use kare jisse main khush rahu... Jo mujhe space de... Jo mujhe is kadar pagal karde ki mujhe uske siwa koi nai chahiye... Jo sirf meri ho... Chahe uske liye mujhe puri zindagi kyun na wait karna pade to b karunga" he spoke softly while playing wd her fingers looking at it and she was just staring at him lostly "Uski aankhe badi badi honi chahiye... Jinme main itna kho jaun ki bhul jaun kahan hun main" he looked at her face and moved closer to it "Uske lips itne attractive ho ki mujhe sirf use hi kiss karne ka mann ho" he whispered slowly staring at her lips where as her heart was beating fast "Uske baal lambe ho... Uski naak cute si ho... Uske gaal chubby cheeks ho... Aur uski height weight sab kuch perfect ho.." as he finished his description in short he defined her staring at her closed eyes a smirked came on his face and he moved back "Bas itna hi..." his voice made her open her eyes and she looked down smacking herself mentally for thinking about a kiss


"I luv u Armaan..." she smiled remembering that day "Kash sab kuch pehle jaisa ho jaaye... Par koi nai is baar main sab kuch thik karungi dekh lena... So aaj main hamara date plan karungi vo b ghar pe... Vaise b aaj Armaan jaldi aaynge unhone kaha tha..." she said excitedly "Par Armaan ko surprise kaise dun.." she started thinking and got a plan to surprise him... In night she made all preparations on their balcony wid candles baloons roses.. Table wid two chairs and his favourite foods no one questioned her that why she didn't ate anything or why she made again food for Armaan after everyone ate coz everyone knows in house that Armaan only eat warm foods so they didn't thought about it much... Wearing a black wd pink border saari she started waiting for him who didn't picked her calls also coz of busy in his Hospital cases Yes he was about to come early when an emergency case arrived so he had to stop there... Waiting for him she slept on balcony only on that chair her head was kept on her hands which was put on table Armaan didn't had any idea about it or else he would have come early... It was midnight when he entered in their Room almost exhausted but not finding her in Room he searched her only to find her in balcony but what left him stunned was the surprise which she made for him
"Oh Shit Armaan..." he cursed himself mentally while approaching towards her "Armaan kab samjhega tu... Kitna wait kiya hoga isne tera... Idiot... Bina khaye soyi hogi ye..." he muttered under his breath stopping infront of her and carefully observed the preparation which she made for them a smile reached his face as he saw everything... She did for him?? Why she is soo perfect?? "Armaan yaar bahoot ho gaya... Thoda to time tujhe Shilpa ko dena chahiyee... Yaa tu busy hai but kuch to time nikal sakta hai... Shilpa k liye" his mind said to him who nodded and started waking Shilpa for food but she didn't woke so carefully lifting her up in his arms he took her inside the bedroom... Making her lay on bed he layed beside her who snuggle more closer to him making him smile so hugging her he slept tiredly wdout eating anything... It was early morning when his pager rang making him woke up it was an emergency so he had to leave but before going he kept a note beside her hand and getting ready he went for Hospital unknown to that his wife is going to her Parent's House today for weeks... Shilpa's eyes opened when the sun's light fell on her face who looked around for him but he was nowhere to seen getting sad she thought to sleep but then her eyes landed on that pink note made her smile
"Sorrryyy for last night... But kaam tha nai aa paaya.. Soorryy tumhe itna wait karna pada... Aur sorryy abhi ek emergency case k liye jaana padega.. To yaad se breakfast kar lena... Aur agar mujhe time raha to main kar lunga so don't worryy... Main shaam tak aaunga... Also I liked the surprise... Thank u... Tumhara Armaan" as she reads this her smiled turned into a chuckle but then it clicked that she didn't informed about her going to her Parent's House so picking her phone she was about to text him when she stopped
"Pata nai time b hoga padhne k liye ki nai..." she said slowly so ignoring that she got ready and packed her stuffs... In afternoon Virat came to pick her who didn't wanted to go now but somehow went leaving a note on their washroom's door... Later at night Armaan came early but got to know about Shilpa's departure which made him shocked he didn't reacted infront of his Dadi who informed this but he kept quiet on dinner somewhere his heart & body wants to see her... After dinner he entered in their Room which now looked empty so wd half heart he took the clothes for change when he stopped at washroom door finding a yellow note attached to it

Ab rooh meri
Karne lagi hai
Teri nigehbaniyaan...

"Sorryy Armaan... Jaana padega I know aapko yaad nai hoga ki mujhe apne Parent's k ghar jaana hai tabhi to maine kal vo dinner plan ki thi but aap late aaye... So bata nai paayi to plzz gussa mat hona... Aur aapki sabhi chize sahi jagah rakkhi hai... Bye" as he read it a smile reached his lips mumbling Bewkoof so forgetting all his anger or sadness he took a cool shower for relaxing... And immediately went into sleep two three days just pass wd his busy schedule work here Shilpa was waiting for his call... Coz whenever she calls he didn't picked coz of busy in surgeries but at night time she always waits for his calls One week passed then his call came at night which she immediately picked but what made her sad was he only called for his things... Then he regularly started calling excusing for his things which she understood at that time they only talked on random things for few minutes... Two days passed his call didn't came and when she tried he was busy so she gave up busying herself wd her family...

Two days later his call arrived at 2 'O' clock of night she was sleeping but the vibration of her cell made her awoken
"Hello..." she said in sleepy tone
"I am missing u Shilpa..." his slow calm voice made her eyes open fully where as still laying on bed he was staring up at the cieling calmly "Seriously Shilpa tum kab aaogi??" he asked in slow voice making her smile lightly who sat up slowly and took the pillow on her lap
"Kyun aaj b kuch chahiyee...?? Yaa fir kuch mil nai raha??" she indirectly taunted making him smile
"Haa mujhe meri wife chahiyee jo mil nai rahi..." as he said smilingly made her to look down shyly first time after she came here he talked like this which was making her glad
"Tab aapne mujhe kyun call kiya aapko to Police ko call karna chahiyee tha..." she said in fake serious tone making him chuckled
"U know Police mein complain karta to budget zyada hota na... So socha tumhe kardun" he played along making her to hide her giggle
"Sorryyy mere paas itna time nai hai ki main aapki wife ko dhundhun... Ek to aapne itni raat ko phone kiya meri neende kharab ki... Aur uper se aapki wife ko b main dhundun" she said in fake angry tone making him smile who sat up on bed
"Its not my fault ki mera kaam ek baje raat ko khatam huaa..." he spoke calmly leaning his back against the bed post while she smiled "Aur vo sab chodo.. Tum mujhe batao tum kab aa rahi ho??" he asked in serious voice
"Abi mera mood nai hai... Sorryy vo kya haina main apne family se bahoot time baad mili to... Abi to nai aana" she directly said in her fake serious tone making him disappoint
"Shilpa plzzz..." he whinnied almost pleading making her giggle How she waited for his this tone she only knows
"Sorrryyy" she said wd a attitude making him to shook his head
"Fine fir raho... Mujhe kya" he said in normal tone making her smile
"Buddhu ek baar request karke to dekhte... Armaan kab samjhoge mere dil ki dhadkan" her heart said sadly looking at her hands
"Shilpa bolo na kab aaogi..." as if he heard her heart's voice that he requested making her amused
"Next week k end mein..." as she said slowly made him smile
"Next week kyun??" he frowned
"Aise hi... Bas... Mujhe meri family k saath time spend karna hai" she said cutely making him to take a sigh defeating himself infront of her
"Thik hai... Acha ye batao kya kya kiya tumne...??" laying back on bed he asked normally
"Kuch khaas nai... Bas bahoot saara time spend kiya apni family k saath... Apni puraani favourite spots pe gayi thi..." she started while laying back on bed making him smile
"Reallyy?? Tumne kabhi mujhe to nai dikhaye apne favourite spots" he asked calmly making her smile
"Aapne kabhi pucha nai to maine b nai bataya..." she replied carefully making him smile also guilty
"Hmm..." he managed to hummed only but it made her sad that he didn't said much
"Aapne kya kiya??" ignoring that she asked normally
"Kaam... Kaam... Kaam" he replied tiredly making her giggled and they both started talking till their eyes got heavy making them slept wd their phones on... Next day was busy day for him whose work increased more making him to forget about everything even that next day is Shilpa's b'day... It was 12 at night when she looked at her phone waiting for his call her b'day has started but still no call from him... Her family wished her friends wished even Aditi-Dev Aaysha Shagun Surbhi called but still no sign from Mr Husband getting disappointted she slept... Her whole day went wd her family happily as if she didn't got married to anyone as if she is still their daughter her day went wd lots of fun which made her forget about him who was unaware about this day... He was fully engrossed in his work and at 11:45 he came back home landing directly on bed coz of tiredness at that time Shilpa put her all negativity aside and called him who picked tiredly almost in sleepy mode
"Helloo..." she can hear his sleepy tone
"Aap so rahe thae??" she asked slowly
"Hmmm..." he replied still wd eyes closed and she gotted he is very tired
"Acha thik hai... Aap so jaao" saying this sadly she kept her back against the bed post
"Mmain kal baat karun... Mujhe nind aa rahi hai Shilpa..." he said sleepily making her sad and wdout saying anything she hung up the phone

Tere khayaalo me
Ho gayi gum
Ye meri tanhaaiyaan...

"Tu kuch zyada hi expect karne lagi thi Shilpa..." she consoled herself while pulling her knees closer to her chest "Maine tujhse pehle hi kaha tha... Ki tu bahoot badi galti karegi isko dobaara chance dekar dekh tera b'day bhul gaya last year b aisa hi kuch kiya tha... But uswaqt to usne aakar tujhe wish b kiya tha but is baar to tera b'day b gaya aur usko ehsaas b nai hai is baat ka tujhe kaisa lag raha hoga... Ki tu kitni umeedo se uska wait kar rahi hai... Ek I luv u tak nai kehta tujhe ye kaisa pyaar hai iska Shilpa ki isse kadar b nai teri" her mind said to her who was sniffing trying to control her fresh tears "Abhi b waqt hai... Tere paas jaa sakti hai Dehradun kyun apni zindagi sirf ek insaan ki wajah se rok rahi hai... Yaad nai tune bahoot pehle decision liya tha... Ki chahe kuch b ho jaaye tu apne Husband ko chod degi... To ab apne waade se kyun mukar rahi hai... Come on kab tak apni zindagi yun ghut ghut k guzaaregi... Expectation tu karti rahegi aur isse ehsaas b nai hoga dekh lena" her mind suggested her who started hiccuping "Nai Shilpa tu itni bewkoof kaise ho sakti hai... Tu acche se jaanti hai ki Armaan busy honge tabhi... Aur kya ho gaya b'day bhul gaye to kaunsa tune is dharti pe aakar kuch accha kiya hai... So stop blaming Armaan" her heart said politely making her sniffed "To yehi kyun kare sab kuch..." her mind said to her who closed her ears tearfully... Where as here Armaan turned his position for comfortable sleep when his eyes flew opened realising what he did few minutes ago

"Oh shit Shilpa" he immediately sat up worriedly and started searching his phone which he found near his leg "Mil gayi..." he took a sigh picking the phone from under the blanket and dailled her number but she didn't picked so getting annoyed he kept the phone on bed... And moved out for a walk to calm himself he was walking in backyard when he saw Aditi walking there which made him frown so he walked towards her and asked why she is still awake?? To which she replied she is waiting for Dev & Anant who went for ice-cream
"To tum kyun nai gayi??" he asked normally while walking wd her who smiled
"Nai mera mood nai tha... But tum batao... Tum kyun nai soye abi tak...?? Jab aaye thae to bahoot thake hue lag rahe thae??" Aditi asked concernedly making him took a sigh
"Aise hi nind nai aa rahi thi" he replied calmly walking wd her The wind was chilly making the atmosphere a little cool
"Oohhh... Main to ye b nai keh sakti ki Shilpa ko miss kar rahe ho... Kyun ki tumhe to farq b nai padta" she said carefully making him stop
"Tum logo ko aisa kyun lagta hai ki mujhe farq nai padta...??" he asked confusedly making her to look at him
"Toh matlab tumhe farq padta hai...??" Aditi asked smilingly
"Ofcourse! Wife hai meri farq kyun nai padega... Aur bata deta hun ki Yes mujhe nind nai aa rahi thi kyun ki main Shilpa ko miss kar raha hun..." he said honestly making her to blinked her eyes twice
"By god kahin main sapna to nai dekh rahi" she asked in disbelief making him to smack her head lightly wd a smile "Sirf miss hi kar rahe ho ki aur kuch b??" she asked teasingly making him smile
"Bahoot kuch" he replied coolly making her giggle
"By god ye to chamatkar ho gaya... Mera Devar sudhar gaya" she said in dramatic way making chuckled
"Ho gaya..." he looked at her who nodded in YES and they both again started walking slowly when something hit his head "Acha haa Aditi... Us din Avni k Reception pe tum mujhpar kyun gussa kar rahi thi??" he asked normally coz after that scene Aditi didn't talked wd him for two days
"Haa uske liye sorryy maine tumpe gussa kiya jab ki tumhari galti nai thi but tumne hi un Aunties ko mauka diya ki vo Shilpa pe point kare" she said slowly making him stop hearing point word on Shilpa
"Shilpa pe point??" he frowned looking at her coz Shilpa told him that they were talking about His second marriage she didn't informed that they were pointing on her
"Haa to... Mujhe to itna gussa aa raha tha ki maano muh tod deti main unka but Party thi is liye kuch nai bola... Shilpa kitni hurt thi par fir b usne show nai kiya" she said wd an angry look making him confused
"Tum puri baat clearly bataogi mujhe??" he asked in serious tone to which she looked at him thinking to tell or not but seeing his face she thought its his right to know this so she narrated that incident in detailed which only made him shocked "What?? How can they??" he asked angrily "Kaun thae??" he looked at her who shook her head
"Shaant Armaan... Ab koi faida nai sab beet gaya..." she tried to calm him who took a long sigh thinking Shilpa gave him half info So that was the reason which made her to leave him and this house
"Disgusting... I mean aise kaise koi soch sakta hai" he said angrily
"Armaan hum kisi ki soch nai badal sakte kuch logo ki mentality hoti hai... Hum kuch nai kar sakte" Aditi said politely keeping her hand on his shoulder which made him calm "Thank god vo saari Aunties chali gayi varna tum kya karte main soch b nai sakti" she joked making him smile lightly "But na uswaqt Radha Buaa ne situation sambhala tha.. Haa" she took Radha's side
"I don't care..." he said calmly still thinking about Shilpa somewhere Yes he is more and more falling for her that he can't express in words
"Tumhe pata hai.. Mujhe to laga tha ki Shilpa ab to ghar chod degi.. Kyun ki ye uske patience level se zyada ho gaya tha... But next morning usko normal dekh k samajh gayi thi ki hamesha ki tarah usne ignore kiya hoga" she said normally making him proud at himself that he stopped her that night
"Chodne waali thi but maine roka Aditi... Vo b kaise roka main hi jaanta hun... Aargghhh Shilpa I am missing u" his mind was only thinking about Shilpa
"Acha ye sab chodo ye batao.. Kal lene jaa rahe ho usko??" Aditi asked smilingly making him stop in his tracks
"Kisko??" he narrowed his eyes
"Aree buddhu jisse miss kar rahe ho abi... Shilpa ko... Do din baad Dadiji ne shaanti puja rakkhi hai.. To tumhe kal usse lene jana hai" she informed calmly
"Main to kehta hun hamari puri family ko Himalaya pe jaake set ho jaana chahiyee... Jab dekho shaadi function puja... Aur pata nai kya kya" he said in sarcastic tone which made her giggle
"Acha ye batao Shilpa ko gift kya doge??" she asked teasingly gripping his arm who looked at her confusedly "Don't tell me bhul gaye..??" as she asked angrily his eyes widened
"Don't tell me aaj hai...??" he asked unbelievingly to which she crossed her arms angrily
"Hai nai tha... Gaya uska b'day buddhu" she smacked his arm
"Oh Shit!! Kaise bhul gaya main..." he mumbled worriedly to which she shook her head
"Tumhara kuch nai ho sakta... Ab??" she looked at him smilingly but seeing his worried face she took a sigh "Don't worry vo gussa nai hogi... Samajhti hai tumhe vo" she said in understanding tone making him looked at her slowly
"Yehi to problem hai gussa nai hogi..." mumbling this he ran from there leaving her giggling where as reaching inside his room he started calling her but still no response from her so now he was laying on bed thinking about her
"Ek last time try karta hun" saying this he took again his phone and dialled her number "Come on Shilpa pick up... Pick up" moving out from bed he started moving tro & fro but when she didn't picked his call he got angry which lead the phone break into pieces facing his anger "Bahoot ho gaya... Ab main kuch karunga" whispering to himself he layed on bed tiredly

Malhotra House

"Kya Shilpa tu b apne frustration aur gusse mein... Armaan ko ignore kar rahi hai... Dekh kabse try kar rahe hai... Zarur inko yaad aa gaya hoga tera b'day yaa fir koi emergency ho.." Shilpa's heart again requested seeing his name flashing on her phone Yes she is awake also she saw his calls coz she knew if she will recieve his call she will broke down but his constant calling melting her heart "I think ye sahi keh rahi hai kya pata koi emergency ho... Par itna yaad rakhna agar ye b'day wish karega to samajh jaana isse kisi ne yaad dilaaya hai" her mind said to her who picked her phone in her hand and silently stared down in his 25 missed calls... Few minutes passed his call didn't came " Zarur phone shahid ho chuka hoga" she mumbled slowly looking down at her phone and thought to call him... She called but his phone was not reachable so she gotted that his phone must have been dead "Jaanti hun ab tak to phone k tukde tukde ho chuke honge" she said smilingly laying on bed and stared at his name "Armaan... Ek naam jo meri zindagi badal chuka hai... Jisske siwa koi nai dikhta mujhe" she thought tracing his name "Kahin is baar b Armaan aa na jaaye tujhe lene... Last time yehi kiya tha unhone" her heart said to her who smiled "Par is baar aisa nai hoga... Ye samajh daar waale Armaan hai jo sabke baare mein soch k chalte hai.. Mere stupid Armaan ki tarah nai jisko sirf main dikhti thi..." she thought sadly and hugging the pillow went into sleep

Next Morning

"Armaan... Tum sunn rahe ho na main kya keh rahi hun..." An irritated Ananya said to her Stubborn son who is getting ready for Sanjeevani
"Mom main subhe se to sunn raha hun... Aap bas bolo" he asked in calm tone tying his shoe laces
"Acha.. Bilkul jaise tum sunn hi loge" she said angrily standing in front of him who was calmly sitting on couch "Armaan main chahti hun tum aaj Shilpa ko lene jao... Jaante hona parso puja hai uska rehna zaruri hai" she said strictly to which he rolled his eyes
"See Mom mere paas aur b kaam rehte hai... To main nai jaaunga" he directly refused making her fumed
"Kyun nai jaaoge Patni hai vo tumhari... Aur vaise b maine Padma ko bol diya hai ki tum aa rahe ho usse lene" she said calmly while crossing her arms
"See I don't know about anyone" saying this calmly he stood up "Aaj mujhe bahoot kaam hai... Aur kal b rahega... To aaj main ghar nai aaunga... Direct kal shaamko aaunga... Agar time raha to aapki laadli bahu ko le aaunga... Kyun ki mujhe aaj shaam ko Panchgani jaana hai kaamse... So plzz mujhse kuch na hi kahe to acha hai..." he said in calm tone picking his Wallet Phone wid car keys making her more angry
"Tum kisi ki kyun nai sunte Armaan" Ananya said dissappointingly
"Sunta to hun... Ab plzz main jaata hun kal aaunga... Aur haa time raha to usse le aaunga nai to dekhenge" saying this coolly he moved out from his Room leaving a dissappoint Ananya there
"Kab ye kisi ki sunega" She took a sigh and walked from there

Malhotra House

"Shilpa beta Ananya ne bataya ki Armaan aaj nai aa paayga tumhe lene" Padma said slowly making Shilpa to stop who was packing her stuffs
"To kya huaa Maa... Ye to acchi baat hai.. Infact mujhe aur time mil gaya aap logo k saath time spend karne ka" ignoring that hurt feeling she said in happy tone making her Mother smile
"Par koi to function haina...??" her Mother asked slowly
"Haa to main kal khud chali jaaungi... Aap b na itna socho mat" she said in her usual cheerful tone making Padma smile
"Thik hai... Par tum kahin jaa rahi ho aaj??" Padma asked frowningly seeing her ready to go out
"Yes.. Main Rohan bahar jaa rahe hai... Aur vohin se main usko College chod dungi..." she said happily wearing her sandals
"Acha to fir jaldi aana..." Padma said in strict tone as they both moved out from the Room
"Haa bas ek ghante k andar aa aaungi aap fikar mat karo..." replying coolly she moved towards hall's door when
"Dii agar tu jaa rahi hai to plzz... Aate time pizza le aana mere liye.." Ridz requested keeping the remote back on table
"Aur mere liye... Garam garam samoshe aur Vada Pao..." Suku too requested
"Mere liye.. Dher saara pyaar aur Chineese Bhel... Aur jaldi aana late na ho" Panchi ordered making her to shhok her head
"Sochungi..." saying this coolly she turned to go when Rohan smacked her head lightly from behind
"Chal mujhe late ho raha hai..." Rohan said strictly only to get a slap from her
"Hisaab barabar... Ab chal" Saying this smilingly she went ahead folliwing by a grumpy Rohan where as seeing this scene they three started laughing
"Tum teeno ko to aakar dekhta hun" pointing at three he went out
"Pehle jaa late ho jaayga" Panchi teased making him to glare them and wd grumpy look he moved out where as Padma shook her head seeing their banter

"We fell in love, despite our differences, and once we did, something rare and beautiful was created. For me, love like that has only happened once, and that's why every minute we spent together has been seared in my memory. I'll never forget a single moment of it."

#Shri_n_Aju 😉

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