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Part 5 : Khuda Aur Mohabbat

Armaan had already made his decision to make Riddhima his. He tried very hard to forget her but it is impossible for him. He wants Riddhima in his life, even if it means, that she will have to face his dark side. He cant see her with someone else. She is his, only his. Just then his mobile rang and he got a sms which shocked the hell out of him.

Sms: Nice girl, Riddhima right? How would you react, if you will see her deadbody infront of you!!

It was like someone had splashed cold water on him. He realised that he was wrong for her. he would be the last person for Riddhima. He can not danger her life, just because of his own desire. he cant be selfish with her. never. He has to protect her.

Reaching home, Riddhima directly went to her room. She could not believe that Armaan had stolen her first kiss. And above all, she did not regret it. She actually loved it. Feeling his lips on hers, she felt like her whole body was on fire. She felt like she was in heaven. She forgot everything around her, only Armaan existed. As if Armaan is her whole world, her everything. She has to stop this, before it goes out of control. Sid should be her main focus. Only Sid.

Both of them made a decision to stay out of each others life. But little did they know, that God had sealed their destiny with eachother.

Next day when they both meet in the collage, riddhima ignored Armaan completely. And even Armaan did the same. he did not look into her eyes. He knew he would fall weak, if he would look into her eyes. They both were sitting beside eachother, awkwardness filling the air. till the luch they both ignored each other. Riddhima noticed how Raj looked towards them, very often. She somehow found it very strange but pushed the thoughts aside. During the luch time she moved to her friends group and chatted with them. Suddenly she realised that Armaans eyes looked very red and he had eye bags under his eyes, as if he had not slept the whole night. She felt very guilty about it. Somehow she thought it was because of her.

Feeling Riddhimas eyes on her, Armaan could not hold back and looked up into her eyes. He could not bring himself to look away, so the only thing which came to his mind was to stand up and leave from there. Riddhima looked behind him and tried to figure out his reaction, but honestly she could not think of anything. She tried to ignore it, but Armaan actually never left her head nor his heart. she was thinking why he did not sleep the last night, why looked so worn out, wyh he looked so stressed.

T: Ms. Riddhima!
R: Yes mam?
T: Kyunke aap Armaan ki partner hai, aur wo aaj yaha pe nahi hai, me chahti hu ke aap usko uska homework de and uske saath apne upcoming project ke bare me bhi discuss kare aur mujhe ek E-Mail send kar de.
R: Jee mam, zaroor.
T: you may leave now.
R: leave?
T: yes, kyunke Armaan nahi hai, so apako unke ghar jaana hoga.
R: Armaan ke ghar.
T: Yes Riddhima, please jaldi kariye. aap Is hour ke liye excused hai. so you may leave now.

Riddhima did not reply anything but she just packed her bags and also took Armaans papers and left for his house. As she finally reached she stood infornt of his door. she was not sure if she should rang the bell or just leave from there. She was having a fight inside her mind and heart. And finally her mind won. she was about to leave, when she suddenly heard a loud voice from inside, as if something broke. She turned around worried and was about to rang the bell when she saw that the door was open ajar. She pushed the door opend and moved to Armaans room, where the voice was coming. She opened the door and saw that everything was shattered around, nothing looked at place. She also saw Armaans angry look.

R: Armaan…

She whipered. She saw him turning around and saw the fire in his eyes. She could actually feel his anger, his frusturation, his rage and above all his pain. Armaan was shocked to see her here.

A: tum yaha kya kar rahi ho Riddhima.
R: wo...actually teacher ne kaha tha ke...
A: to hell with the teacher, tumhe yaha pe nahi aana chahiye tha.
R: armaan kya hua.
A: leave Riddhima. I SAID LEAVE!!!
R: NO Armaan!

Riddhima moved inside of his room. Seeing Riddhima coming inside Armaan panicked.

A: stop Riddhima.
R: kyu armaan.
A: please stop
R: I don’t want to

Riddhima saw the blood zooming out of his hand and moved to him. she made him sit on his bed and went into the washroom. She came back with a bandage and cleaned his wound. All the while armaan was looking at her. He could not believe that Riddhima was actually standing infront of him and taking care of his wound. No one ever did it before. Everyone gave him wounds but no one took care of them. Riddhima saw him in the eyes.

R: tum theek ho na Armaan? Ab dard to nahi ho raha.

Armaan did not answered her and Riddhima felt hurt by his ignorance. Eventhough she also decided to ignore him, but still his ingnorance hurted her.

Riddhima looked around the room and started to clean the room. Armaan saw her cleaning his room. Non of them exchanged a word and now Armaan was again pissed. Why was she here, when he was trying to get her out of his system, when he was trying to push her away from him, but she still finds a way to get into his system. To push a sensitive nerve. Armaan stood up from the bed and moved to Riddhima. He grabbed her hand and made her look at him.

A: kyu aayi ho tum yaha riddhima?
R: Teacher ne kaha tha ke tumhe tumhara homework du.
A: me teacher ka nahi puch raha, me yeh puch raha hu ke tum yaha kyu aayi. tum mera homework kisi aur ke haath bhi bhijwa sakti thi, to phir tum kyu aayi.
R: kyunke…
A: kyu riddhima…

Armaan pulled her more closer to himself. he put his hands around her waist and captive her in his hold. Riddhima gasped for air. their nose were touching. Armaan looked deep into her eyes.

A: kyu Riddhima?
R: kyunke mujhe tumhari fikar ho rahi thi.
A: I will destroy you Riddhima, mere pas mat aao.
R: I am already destroyed Armaan.

Both Riddhima and Armaan closed their eyes and enjoyed to be in eachothers arms. Both knew that it was wrong, but it felt so right.

Armaan suddenly remembered the msg he recived yesterday. he pushed riddhima away from him, riddhima looked with shock at him. He turned around.

A: leave riddhima.
R: lekin Armaan.
A: shut up Riddhima, just shut up. Kya tum itni hi desperate ho rahi ho ek one night stand ke liye. me jaanta hu ke tum UK se aayi ho, lekin iska matlab yeh nahi, ke yaha pe bhi tum aise khilone khel khelo. Yah ape shareef log rehte hai. Oh right, tumhe thori na pata hoga ke shareef log koun hote hai. Tabhi to tum apne mangetar ko chor ke mere pas aayi ho. Apni need ko satisfy karne ke liye.

Before Armaan could talk furter riddhima turned him around and slapped him across his face. Only Armaan knew how much it hurted him to say those words to her. He knew that non of them were true. His Riddhima was very pure. That’s the reason he did not deserve her.

Riddhima was hurt beyond limits. How could Armaan even think of her like that. He was her first kiss afterall. And he knew that. Then why is he hurting her in that way. Tears were running out of her eyes. She knew Armaan is hurt but why is he hurting her that bad too.

R: sahi kaha tumne Armaan. Galat tum nahi galat me thi. Mera mangetar hai, lekin phir bhi me yaha pe hum, tumhare pas. Kisliye? Mujhe to Sid ke pas hona chahyie. Afterall he his my soon to be husband aur wohi meri need puri karega. He will satisfy me, right Armaan? Mujhe kisi OneNight-Stand ki zaroorat nahi hai, aur tumhe pata hai kyu? Kyunke Sid would love to get me laid.

With that riddhima pushed Armaan and moved aside. She went to the door and was about to leave when Armaan grabbed her hand and pinned her to the wall next to the door. He put his hands beside her head. Riddhima could see the anger in his eyes. No not anger, it was rage. Armaan was burnig with rage.

R: how dare i? how dare you Armaan.
A: sid ne agar tumhe haath bhi lagaya na to…
R: to kya Armaan? kya karoge tum? tum kuch bhi nahi kar sakte! Sid mera hone wala husband hai. Haq hai uska mujhe.
A: sirf mera haq hai tumpe. sirf mera.
R: nahi hai tumhara haq mujhpe. tumahri nazro main to me sirf ek slut....

Before riddhima could talk further Armaan captured her tempting lips. he dreamed of kissing those lips again and again. the whole day. At first Riddhima pushed him in protest but when Armaan bit her bottom lip and sucked it sensually, she finally gave in. A soft moan escaped her lips. Armaan grinned happily.

Riddhima put her hands around his neck and Armaan aggressive kiss became very passionate. His tonge slid inside her mouth and dances with hers. She moaned softly as he massaged her walls with his tongue. He catched her tongue and sucked at it. Riddhimas grip on his hairs tightened.

Armaan broke the kiss and pulled away form her. Her eyes full of lust matching his.

A: you are mine riddhima.
R: no I am not.

Riddhima did not tried to get out of his grip, so Armaan took her bridal style and put her on his bed.

A: tumhari aankhe to kuch aur keh rahi hai Riddhima, you only belong to me.
R: tumhari aankhe bhi kuch aur kehti hai Armaan aur tumhari zubaan kuch aur.
A: shhhh…not now.

His hot lips travelled down to her neck. he kissed every single spot on her neck, marking her as his with his kisses. Between every kiss he was whipering.

A: you only belong to me.
R: Armaan yeh bohot galat hai.
A: lekin bohot sahi lag raha hai.
R: we have to stop Armaan, please.

Finally armaan stopped, he laid next to her. Still his face hidden in her neck. his hands above her waist, holding her in place.

R: tumhari Aankho me bohot dard hai Armaan. Sab tumko bura kehte hai, lekin mera dil nahi manta ke tum bure ho.
A: tumhe agar meri saachai pata chalegi, to tum bhi mujhse nafrat karne lago gi Riddhima, tum mujhse dur bhag jaogi. Me ek bohot tuta hua insaan hu, agar tum mere saath rahogi, to me tumhe bhi tor dunga.
R: jo khud tute hue ho, unko koi dusra kaise tor sakta hai Armaan. Life has never been fair.
A: come with me.
R: kya?
A: mere saath chalo Riddhima, kahi bohot dur, sirf hum dono aur koi bhi nahi. sirf tum aur me.
R: lekin armaan, aise kaise? collage and baba aur phir sid bhi hai.
A: nahi Riddhima, sirf me aur tum. aur koi bhi nahi. baki sab me sambhal lunga.

Riddima closed her eyes and pushed all the thoughts aside. She felt Armaan kissing her eyes. she had made her decision.

R: theek hai. sirf me aur tum. Aur koi nahi. Yaha se dur. Sare dard se dur. Sari mushkilo se dur. Sare rishto se dur. Jaha pe sirf Armaan aur Riddhima hoe.
A: me nahi jaanta ke hum jo karne jaa rahe hai, ke wo sahi hai ya phir galat, aur na hi me is baare me soochna chahta hu.
R: me bhi nahi soochna chahti.

Armaan again captured her hungry lips. This kiss was feeling surreal. He bit her bottom lip and Riddhima gasped at the sudden stinging sensation. A sweet tingling sensation erupted in her every nerve reaching her core. Armaan moved down her neck.

R: Armaan….
A: sleep Riddhima.

And then they both drifted to sleep. A peacefull sleep. catching away all their pain and distress. Two broken souls who need each other very much. Who try to fight against the attraction but always end up in each others arms.

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