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PART 58:Ehsaas

Armaan recuperated at the hospital for another 3 days. He had hordes of visitors visit him everyday; Keerti and Shubhankar flew in from Bangalore too. Arnav spent a good part of his day bouncing on Armaan's knees or chest all day. Riddhima brought home cooked meals for him. The three of them shared the tiffin on the hospital bed. Armaan loved feeding Arnav little bites of the rice and vegetables with his fingers. In between, he would feed Riddhima a morsel or two also, "chalo theek se khao….dekho kitni dubli ho gayi ho? Doosre bachche ke liye thoda weight badhaana padhega tumhey!" he winked at her.

Riddhima gave him a glare, "do bachche hain tho sahi mere paas!"

"Do? Kahan hai doosra? Ab wo tho sach much mera nahin hoga!" he ducked as Riddhima punched him with a pillow; she twisted his ear lobe and said, "khabardaar ab phir aisi koi baat ki tho! Ab gayi, tho phir kabhie nahin lautoongi!"

Armaan grabbed her wrists and pulled her over. He kissed her lips and said, "tum jahan bhi jaaogi, main tumhare peeche peeche aa jaaoonga….kyunki tumhare bina ek pal bhi jeena mere liye bahut badhi sazaa hai," he whispered softly. Riddhima blushed and said, "lagta hai di aur jiju peeche khade hain."

"Oh di? Aap sab bahut galat waqt par aate ho!" Armaan laughed as he saw Keerti, Shubhankar and Sur standing at the door.

Keerti walked in and hugged Riddhima, "Riddhima….lagta hai Armaan bilkul theek ho gaya hai….ab jaldi ghar aane ki tayyari kar lo….I have a surprise for both of you when you get back!"

"Surprise?" Armaan asked, "kahin Anjali tho nahin hai?" he ducked again as Riddhima smothered him with the pillow.

"Sorry…sorry….aise behudaa mazaak karne bhi nahin chaahiye…par kya karoon, I like the possessive Mrs Malik!" he threw the pillow and hugged her.

Rahul entered the room, "Mujhey complain mili hai ki is room ke patient ne poore hospital mein aafat machaa rakhi hai! Iss liye, main yeh order dene aaya hoon, ki patient Armaan Malik ko aaj, abhi isi waqt hospital se discharge kiya jaaye, aur sazaaye…sazaaye-pyaar mein hamesha ke liya qaid kar diya jaaye!" Rahul announced his verdict like a high court judge.

After discharge, Keerti and Shubhankar had their little surprise waiting for Armaan and Riddhima at home.

Riddhima helped Armaan out of the car and then carried Arnav in her arms. She was about to unlock the house, when the door opened, 'SURPRISE!" The whole family was waiting for their arrival- Keerti, Shubhankar, Sur, Padma, Atul, Muskaan, Rahul and Tamanna!

Keerti brought the pooja thali and held it in front of Armaan and Riddhima.

"Main tum dono ki nazar utaar doon….tum dono ki jodi hamesha sahi salaamat rahe, aao Riddhima…apne pair is thaal mein daal do, aur phir ghar me andar aao," Keerti went through all the rituals as if she was welcoming a new bride home. Riddhima graced the floor with her kumkum laden feet. Armaan and Riddhima then touched Padma's feet and hugged everyone.

They all settled down in the living room.

Riddhima handed Arnav to Tamanna and said, "main sab ke liye khaana banaati hoon."

Armaan got up too, "No..No Riddhima…aaj main sab logon ke liye khaana banaaunga."

Riddhima looked at him, a little amused, "tum? Aur khaana? Kahin phir haath kaat liya tho?" she laughed as she reminded him of the last time when he had ventured into the kitchen as a chef.

"Madam…..aap hairaan ho jaayengi….tum soch thi ho ki in 11/2 saal mein maine sirf ghaas khaayi hai, tho galat samajhthi ho….I am the world's best cook now, thanks to my WIFE!" he teased her and forced her to sit back, "yahin baithi raho, give me a hour all of you and then I will see you all at the dining table."

Everyone shrugged their shoulders and waited patiently. Riddhima wandered around the house and thought, "mera aaj sapna poora ho gaya….main chaahti thi ki mamaji ke ghar mein aur is sheher mein hi hamesha rahoon….thank you Armaan, tumney aaj mere saare sapne poore kar diye."

After an hour, the head chef led everyone to the dining room. Everyone was stunned to see a professionally laid out table with delicious aroma of the food whetting their appetites. Armaan had cooked the most delicious meal, Riddhima had ever tasted. She could not believe that he had cooked all those dishes. She gave him loving looks across the table, admiring his culinary skills. Keerti was surprised too, "Riddhima…jis aadmi ko paani boil karna nahin aata tha, tumney usey kitna achha cook banaa diya…Shubhankar, ab main bhi kuch dinon ke liye tumse door jaa rahi hoon, jab wapas aaoon, tho aisa khaana mujhey bhi milna chaahiye!" they all laughed and congratulated Armaan once again.

Afterwards, when they were all cleaning up, Riddhima came behind Armaan and whispered into his ear, "aisa khaana roz milta raha, tho doosra bachcha jaldi ho jaayega!"

"Koi pooche tho keh dena ki yeh bachcha chef ka hai, milkman ka nahin!" he winked and grabbed her waist, "sab log kab jaayenge?" he whispered into her ear, "the chef is dying to spend time with the lady of the house!"

Keerti overheard Armaan, "*cough*cough* hum sab Padma aunty ke yahan chai peene jaa rahe hain….Arnav bhi hamare saath jaa raha hai…..Armaan tumhey aaram ki zaroorat hai, aur Riddhima tum Armaan ke saath raho, kahin isko dawa ki zaroorat na ho!" Keerti smiled mischievously at both of them.

After everyone left for afternoon tea, Armaan stretched his arms and said, "Riddhima mere liye bhi chai banaakar lao na….main thodi der aaraam kar loon."

The mischievous look on Armaan's face told Riddhima, that Armaan had some mischief up his sleeve, "theek hai..tum jao…main aati hoon."

After a few minutes, Riddhima entered their bedroom with two cups of tea. As soon as she entered the bedroom, she was overwhelmed with the fragrance of roses in the room. She looked around and saw fresh red roses decorating the whole room. She looked around in amazement and saw Armaan standing at the window with his arms folded.

She placed the cups down and asked, "Armaan….itne saare roses? Main tho ek se hi khush ho jaati hoon."

Armaan walked up to her and held her hands. He started kissing her fingers, one at a time, sending shivers down her spine. He whispered, "one rose for every day you were not with me….tumhari yaad ke har din ke liye ek gulab hai," his lips traveled up on her arms and then to her shoulders and bare neck. She felt a familiar sweet twitching inside her, and encircled her arms around his neck. He kissed her neck and whispered, "Riddhima…please change into my favorite red sari…please….meri ek khawaish poori kar do."

Riddhima moaned and pulled away; her neck was red at the places his lips had touched her. She went to the closet and took the famous sensuous sari out, "are you sure you want me to WEAR it?" she asked seductively.

Armaan nodded his head, "utaarne mein jo mazaa hai, wo sirf main hi jaanta hoon." He mumbled softly.

Riddhima went to the bathroom and came out, looking strikingly beautiful and elegant in the sari. Armaan glanced at her from head to toe, making Riddhima conscious, "aise kyon dekh rahe ho? Pehle kabhie nahin dekha kya?"

"Main jab bhi tumhey dekhta hoon, tho lagta hai ki pehli baar dekh raha hoon…each time I discover something new about you… are my mystery woman," he lifted her and placed her on their bed. He gently kissed her toes one by one, gradually lifting her sari inch by inch, as his lips followed her soft skin contours.

Riddhima moaned with pleasure, as Armaan gently stripped both of them and consumed her completely in a heavenly union of their souls, hearts and bodies one more time.

Armaan and Riddhima lazed around all afternoon in each other's arms. They did not want to let go of this wonderful afternoon. They made love to each other, taking breaks to talk and whisper sweet nothings in each other's ears.

As they spent a lazy day with each other, here is a song to describe their feelings:

"o saath re" from "omkara"

o saathi re din dube na - 2
aa chal din ko roke
dhup ke peeche daude
chaanv chhue na
o saathi re
o saathi re din dube na
aa chal din ko roke
dhup ke peeche daude
chaanv chhue na
o saathi re
o saathi re din dube na
thaka thaka suraj jab nadi se hokar niklega
hari hari kaayi pe paanv bada toh fislega
tum rok ke rakhna main jaal giraaun
tum pith pe lena main haath lagaaun
din dube na ha
teri meri atti katti
daat se khaati katti
re jaiiyo na
o piyu re
o piyu re na jaiyyo na

kabhi kabhi yun kare main daantu aur tum darna
ugal pade aankhon se feenke paani ka jharna
hmm tere kehre badan mein sil jaaungi re
jab karwat lega tu chhil jaaungi re
sang le jaaunga
teri meri angni mangni
and sang laagi sangni
sang le jaaun
o piyu re
o saathi re din dube na
aa chal din ko roke
dhup ke peeche daude
chaanv chhue na
o saathi re

…to be contd…


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