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Part 6 : Dard Na Jaane Koi (An AR FF)

Following night, Armaan couldn't sleep whole night as he was thinking about Riddhimas new behaviour towards him. He never thought Riddhima would stood in front of him and answer him back for whatever he had been doing and saying to her.

Armaan knew he wasn't doing good with Riddhima but every time he remembered what Shaina did to him,leads him to behave harsh with her. Somewhere, Armaan felt it wasn't Riddhima fault that she was his wife but still he thought she could have deny marrying him.

Don't know why but Armaan felt guilty for behaving so bad with her but still he had been putting all the blame on Riddhima that today he was her husband. Whole night Armaan spend thinking about her, what she will do now as she had beared him to such intention that she was broken badly and she dare to speak in front of him meeting her eyes with his.

Thinking to see what will be Riddhima doing, Armaan got ready for work and came down to see already Riddhima having her breakfast checking some paper. Seeing her dress, Armaan was surprise as before she used to wear traditional dress but today Riddhima was wearing official dress.

Armaan froze on his step seeing this new attire of Riddhima, he didn't realize how he was shamelessly checking this new Riddhima without caring what she might think of him seeing him lost in her.

Riddhima was wearing a white shirt with first two buttons open with a black office jeans, Her hair was left open while she had put eyeliner and a peach lips-gloss on her tempting lips. A wrist watch on her left wrist and black high heels to go with her clothing.

Armaan was shocked as if he was seeing a whole new one in front of him, he never believed such a huge change would come to Riddhima just in one day.

While Armaan was trying to understand what makes her get the gut to stand in front of him today, Riddhima could clearly feel Armaan strong gaze on her which she thought to ignore like the previous day.

Riddhima know it would be a shock to him but she was determined not to let him affect her and break the strength she build inside her anymore, because she had realized she couldn’t let any man play with her life just because they end up being in a knot which they would not accept from their heart.

Before, Riddhima thought to give a chance to work the relation but from the past week, how Armaan treat her make her never want to give him another chance to insult her and torture her when all the fault is of Siddhant.

That is the reason, Riddhima decide to speak up without letting Armaan hurt her anymore. She knew she wouldn't have get the strength to do it if Ananya and Billy had not support her that day. The day she got to know, however the situation was, now she is a part of that family, Ananya and Billy are there to support her in any way they could.


It's been a week that Armaan was torturing her and Riddhima had been bearing everything without complainning. Riddhima thought, there would come a time that Armaan would stop hurting and torturing her seeing she was getting weak and doing everything just to let Armaan understand his lesson.

Actually, Riddhima was too weak to fight back so she was just letting Armaan hurt her to such intention with the thought that one day he would stop but when Armaan kept doing everything and anything to trouble Riddhima, Riddhima thought to speak him but she was wasn’t sure, knowing his anger.

After Armaan left to work Riddhima was in her room thinking about her life which take the sudden turn. How she was a happy and bubbly girl few days back has now change to a weak and helpless girl who has no dream of willing her life with her life partner.

Every single dream she build was shattered down to the ground that day, she become someone else wife. It wasn't someone else but the brother of her own love. She was dreaming her life with her love, Sid, but end up marrying his brother the sake of both families reputation.

Riddhima trace was broke hearing her mobile, she checked the number to see Ananya name flashing on it. Not wanting to let Ananya know how Armaan was treating her, Riddhima clear her throat before she answer the call.

R: Salaam Mama.
An: Wa ailaikumuh salaam, kaise ho tum meri bacchi.

Riddhima felt fresh tears forming in her eyes hearing the caring tone of Ananya, it's been more than a week that she has come this unknown country with her so called husband but never her mother or father got a minute to call her and see if she was still alive or dead.

Riddhima knew how much Ananya and Billy love her from the starting and she was feeling bless to see that love towards her didn't change after whatever happen in the night of her marriage.

R: Alhumdulillahi main tik hoon ma. Aap kaise ho, aur baba kaise hai.
An: Hum dono tik hai beta, Armaan kaha hai.
R: Woh apne kaam pe gaye hai ma.
An: Accha, tum kiya kar rahi ho.
R: Ma, is anjaan sheher mein karne koh kiya hai. Bas ghar mein bore beiti hoon.
An: Mujhe samajhna chahiyeh ti yeh baat, Armaan apne kaam koh lekar hamesha aise busy rehta hai. Humein tumkko uske saath jaane dena nehi chahiyeh tha but kiya kare hum beta. Biwi ko apne Shohar se dur karne hak nehi hai humein.
R: Ma, meri koi shikyat nehi hai main yaha uske saath ho ya waha aap log ke saath.
An: Armaan tumhare saath acche se behave to karte haina.?

Riddhima didn't know what to say on this, she knows they had already disowned their one son due to his sudden disappearing and she don't want them to feel guilty knowing their other son is also turning the way they never expect him to be.
R: Haan ma, woh toh zyada waqt kaam mein hota hai.
An: Beta, main jaanti hoon tumhe adjust karne mein tohda waqt lagega. new sheher mein, ek new insaan ke saath jo. Tumne kabhi socha nehi hoga Tumhari shaadi us insaan se hogi, jabke tumne kuch aur khuwab dekha the. Lekin beta, jaise bhi ho ab tum dono ki shaadi hogaye hai. Talaaq kabhi bhi kisi bhi problem ka soluation nehi hoti, issiliye hum chahte hai tum dono apne is rishte koh ek moka do. Ek dusre ko jaanne ki aur pehchnne ki koshish kare, Allah ke marzi hogi toh ek din yeh shaadi zaroor kaamiyab hogi.
R: Ji ma.
An: Ek aur baat kehni ti tumse. Hum jaante hai tum shaadi ke baad bhi kaam karna chahti thi. Shayad tum Armaan koh kehne se hesitate kar rahi ho, issiliye maine socha main tumko yeh baat yaad diladu. Tab bhi humne tumko mana nehi kiya is baat koh lekar na aaj krenge. Shaadi hui hai toh kiya hua, tum kaam aur kuch banne ka sapna kabhi nahi chodna chahiyeh. Waise bhi Armaan din raat kaam mein busy rehta hai, toh tum bhi kyun na kaam shuru kardo.
R: Lekin ma, main kaise. I mean yaha.
An: Dekho beta, Tum kahin pe bhi ho, khud koh ek successful insaan bana ne ke liye koshish karna chahiyeh. Tum ladki ho toh kiya hua, kissi se kam toh nehi ho. Shaadi hui hai toh iska matlab nehi nahi baahar se dhuniya tumhare liye khatam hogayi. Tumhe saara waqt ghar ya phir apne shohar ke liye nhi spend karna chahiye. Tumhe puri aazaadi hai kaam karne ki, apne sapne koh jeene ki. Issiliye main aur Billy chahte hai ke tum kaam dhundo aur jitni jaldi ho sake kaam shuru karo. Itna mushkil nehi hoga beta, tumhare paas already itna acche result aur certificates hai. Tumko heir karne ke liye bohot log tayaar ho jayenge, bina koshish kiye aise mat beito.
R: Lekin Armaan.
An: Usse kehna ke hum ne permission di hai tumko, tumko Armaan se darne ki koi zarurat nehi hai. Jitna hak usko tum par hai, utna hak tumko bhi hai kyunki tum dono miya biwi ho. Khud koh komzor mat samajhna beta, main aur Billy hamesha tumhare saath hai.

That was it, Riddhima felt she got a new hope of living and building her life again. All this days, she thought there would be no one on her side to give her support and make her stand on her feet but today after talking to Ananya, she got a new ray of hope that she can live the way she dream before getting married to the one she choose.

However, no one can change the fact that the groom has to be change at the last minute but the dream she had dream, it should be the same because she is the same old Riddhima who was just wishing for a happy and beautiful married life with her partner.


Riddhima didn't know how long she had been thinking of that single day which gave her a new hope and strenght to fight for her rights. She hasn't done any crime by getting married to Armaan than why she has to be the some to get punished.

So she decide, it was time to face. Face the most hard person in her life till she met or most scary one because she never thought in her whole life that a man can be so crual like Armaan. She wants to ignore him as much as she could but living in under same roof, Riddhima knows it would be hard.

Armaan who was lost in his thought, was brought back to earth with his mobile ringtone. Riddhima also look towards him but divert her eyes as she focus it on the paper on her one hand while she was holding a glass of juice in her other hand as she drinks small sip from it.

Daisy came out hearing Armaan voice and soon started to serve him waiting for him to take his seat. Riddhima was one end of the table leaving Armaan usual seat for him on the other side of the table.

Riddhima was glad that it was a six seat table, at least she got to keep a little distance from him. Talking in the mobile, Armaan took his seat checking the time before cutting it.

A: Riddhima.

Armaan call her to get her attention but she ignore like previous day. Armaan anger boil seeing this as he never thought a girl, that too his wife would ignore him.

A: Riddhimaaaa.

Armaan call a little louder making Daisy scared with his rise voice, Riddhima just gave him a 'what' look as she was in no mood to pick a fight at this time of the day when she was going to leave for an important work.

A: Are you deaf of what.?
R: Na main behri hoon aur na hi main zaruri samajhti hoon tumhari koi bhi baat sunna.
A: Tum apne shohar se aise baat karogi ab.
R: Kaisa shohar.? Kiska shohar.? Aap apni baat kar rahe ho, jo kal tak mujhe apni biwi nehi manta th. Aaj achanak kaise khud koh mera shohar bhula raha hai.
A: Afsos ki baat hi, lekin sach yehi hai.
R: Jo na aap maante ho, na main. Mujhe late ho raha hai, main jaa rahi hoon.

Riddhima said standing and collecting her papers, Armaan was shocked to see this Riddhima but he don't want to let her go so easily. Armaan stood up leaving his breakfast and seeing this Riddhima stop looking at him.

R: Dear Hubby, aapko apna breakfast chodne ki jarurat nehi hai. Main khud chali jaungi.
A: Kaha jaa rahe ho.
R: Aapse matlab, oh sorry. Aap toh meri miya hai, pura hak hai aapko jaanne ka right.

Armaan grinned his teeth hearing Riddhima taunt, he knows why Riddhima was doing it but he don't want to let it go so easily. Armaan knows he has hurt her not only by words but physically too which wouldn't mend so easily neither Riddhima will forget and forgive him for that.

Seeing Armaan angry expression, Riddhima smile knowing how her this behavior was irritating him. Just a day before, he was smiling to his success of torturing and hurting her but today, Riddhima was getting happiness to see how her words and action was making his blood boil.

So without answering him any further, Riddhima move to leave but before she could reach to the main door Armaan came after her and hold her. turning her to face him. Riddhima was shocked with his sudden move but kept a straight face.
A: You can't go like that.
R: Why not hubby dear.
A: Maine tumhe permission nehi di, is ghar se baahar jaane ka.
R: Mujhe aapki permission chahiyeh bhi nehi Armaan.
A: Tum meri permission ke bina nehi jaa sakte.
R: Kyun nehi jaa sakte.
A: Kyunki main….

Armaan stop realizing what he was going to say, actually he couldn't digest the fact that Riddhima is no more scared of him. Riddhima is no more going to take the torture he was giving to her purposely.

R: Kyunki aap kiya.

Riddhima ask waiting for his answer as she has already her answer ready for him, she wasn't in the mood to let Armaan win in front of her today, nor tomorrow, nor ever again if he is in fault. When Armaan didn't speak, Riddhima turn again to leave but Armaan stop her blocking her coming in front of her.

Riddhima rise her eyebrow as if asking what is his problem, Armaan took the file from Riddhima hand and taking the paper, he tear the papers in to pieces. Riddhima kept looking at Armaan as he smirk as he fold his hand one chest.

A: Oppps, ab kiya karongi tum Riddhima. Tum job interview ke liye jaane wali thi na. Ab jaakar kiya karogi, jab tumhare paas yeh certificates hi nehi hai.

Armaan gave her a victory look while Riddhima kept looking at the papers which was in to pieces now. Armaan was waiting to see Riddhima sad face with tears in her eyes but seeing a small smile on her lips as she look at him, Armaan wondered what has happen to her.

R: ek choti si jeet ke liye itna khush mat ho Armaan. Aapko kiya lagta hai main aapko in kuch hafton se nehi jaan gayi houngi. Mujhe pata ta, aap mujhe rokhne ke liye kuch bhi karenge aur yeh toh expected ta aapse. Afsos aap ab mujhe itni acche takeeke se nehi jaante Armaan, lekin koi baat nehi. Dheere dheere jaan jaenge.
A: Main tumhe bohot acche se jaanta hoon, tum kyun mujhse shaadi ki. Tum sab ladkiya ek jaise ho.
R: Accha, aap kiya jaante ho mere baare mein. Aap jaante ho main shaadi ke pehle kiya kaam karti ti.? Kiya aap jaante ho meri profession kiya tha.? Kiya aap jaante ho mujhe kiya pasand hai kiya nehi.? Kiya aap jaante ho main kisse pyar karte ho aur kisse nafrat.? Kiya jaante ho aap mere baare mein, mujhe bhi toh batao.
A: Tum sirf Siddhant se pyar karne ka natak kiya kyunki woh ek ameer ghar ke bete hai.
R: Jo shaadi ki din mujhe chodke bhaag gaya, jiske wajahse mujhe majbur hokar aapse shaadi karna padi, do pariwar ke izzat bachane ke liye.
A: Tum mana kar sakti ti.
R: Aap bhi mana kar sakta ta lekin aapne nhi kiya, kyun? Aapke shaadi toh mujhse fixed nehi hui, phir bhi aapne mujhse shaadi ki jab ki aapko ladkiyon se itna nafrat hai.
A: Haan hai mujhe nafrat ladkiyon se.
R: Pata hai mujhe, bas itna nehi pata aap kyun itna nafrat karte hai. Lekin aap ladkiyon se nafrat karte hai toh apne ma se kyun nehi. Ma koh phir bhi chod dete hai, hum dono aaj is situation mein hai toh sirf aur sirf aapke bhai ke wajahse hai. Toh aap apna gussa mujhpe utar ne ke badle, apne bhai pe kyun nehi utar te. Aap toh bohot ameer ho, aapka bohot contact hoga. Aap chahte toh aaj, issi waqt bhi Siddhant kaha hai pata laga sakte ho lekin aapne nehi kiya. Kyun.? Aap mujhse nafrat karne mein, mujhe dukh dene mein, mujhe takleef dene mein itna kho chuke ho ki aapko pata bhi nehi asal mein aap gussa kispe hona chahiyeh.

Riddhima speak out everything which was in her mind and heart in frustation, she was tired of being blame for the situation they are. It wasn't her wish to get married to him but they both were in that situation that neither of them could deny because they love their parents too much to hurt them.

Armaan just stood looking at Riddhima as her words reach to his mind, he never thought the first one who deserve his anger is his own brother. Riddhima never speak about this before but when she finally said it out, Armaan felt how wrong he has been doing.

R: Jab maine aapse kaha aap aur Siddhant mein kiya fark hai jab ek ne mujhe chod diya aur dusre ne mujhe apne nafrat ke liye chodne koh tayyar hai. Kyun shaadi ki aapne mujhse, ho jaane dete aapke family ki beizzati, lekin nehi. Aapne haan kaha apni family ke izzat bachane ke liye toh aapne yeh kaise ummeed kar sakte hai ke main apne family ki beizzati hone deti.

Again Riddhima stop giving Armaan a chance to speak but when Armaan didn't speak and keep looking at him, Riddhima understood there was nothing he could say because she was speaking the truth. Why she should be blame when Siddhant was the one who left from their wedding.

R: Maine kal bhi aapse kaha, main kaam karungi. Main apne life mein jo bhi karna chahti hoon, jaise bhi karna chahti hoon woh karungi. Hum dono dhuniya ke saamne miya biwi hai lekin is ghar ke chaaron diwaaron ke andar humhara koi rishta nehi hai.
Aap jaisa chahte hai, waisa jiyo main aapse kuch nehi kahungi aur aap bhi mujhe jaisa main chahti hoon waisa jeene doh. Is bandan ek majboori hai lekin jitna azaadi aapko hai utna mujhe bhi hona chahiyeh. Aap educated ho, aap jaante hoge biwi koh torture karna jurum hai. Main uske liye case bhi kar sakti hoon kyunki aapke information ke liye bata dun, main ek lawyer hoon.
Aap humhare rishte koh maante toh, mujhe apni biwi maante toh us hak se aap mujhe kaam karne se rokh sakte ho lekin jab aapke liye yeh rishta ek deal hai toh aapko koi hak nehi hai mujhe aise takleef dene ka, pareshan karne ka.
Aapne majbur hokar mere saath rehne ke liye maanna ta, lekin iska yeh matlab nehi hai aapko mujhe kissi bhi tarah torture karne ka hak hai. Aur yeh mat sochna, main chup rahungi. Main chahti toh pehle din se main aapke asliyat aapke parents ke saamne laa sakti ti. Maine aisa nehi kiya kyunki main bohot izzat karta hoon.
Issiliye aahiri baar keh rahi hoon main aapse, mujhse dur raho. Mujhe majboor mat karo main aisa step utaun jiske wajahse aapko aur aapke pariwar koh takleef ho. Main un ladkiyon mein se nehi hoon, jo apne shohar ke har ek torture sehenti rahungi. Zarurat pade toh main khud ladungi, apne liye, apne hak ke liye.
Aaj aapne yeh sab bikar diya lekin agli baar mujhe aur meri kissi bhi cheez koh nuksaan karne se pehle sochna. Aapko andar karwane mein mujhe waqt nehi lagega, phir aapko baahar sirf main hi nikal sakti hoon. Yeh aapke luck hai main aap ismein sirf copies rakka hai apne important papers ke. Nehi toh aise documents koh destory karne ke jurum mein aapko ek raat jail bhi ho sakte hai.
So hubby, just watch your step. Gir gaye toh bohot zor se lagenge and trust me. I wouldn't come forward to help you because I would be the one to give you the punishment. So just watch yourself before getting trap and land in a huge trouble.

Riddhima said with so much attitude and left from there as she has got very less time to reach her destination. She knows she would easily get job from anywhere due to her performance till now but she wants to be punctual because it would be the most thing to impress the owners.

Armaan stood shocked listening to Riddhima words, seeing that new fire in her eyes Armaan understood that she was saying the truth. He never thought what he was messing all this days because he had never seen this side of Riddhima.

From day one, Armaan has seen the weak and helpless side of a heart broken girl but he never know this broken was fire from side till today. Seeing how Riddhima was willing to be on her feet not to depend on him when its his responsible to take care of her and her needs, for the first time in these years, Armaan realized not every girl is like Shaina, who used boys for her needs.

Still, Armaan didn't like this attitude of Riddhima because every girl is afraid and scared of him till date. Riddhima was the first girl, who answer him back like this. Crushing his attitude, agorant and ego down to the ground which no girl could make it break.

Armaan trace was break as Daisy came with his lunch box, taking it Armaan left without having his breakfast. Daisy who has heard everything and saw everything was proud of Riddhima because she has become a strong girl.

Daisy knows, if anyone could change his Armaan baba than it would be Riddhima. Just in two days, she has make Armaan shut with her words and action. Riddhima was the first girl that Armaan has bring home as well and the day Riddhima enter the house, Daisy got a hope that one day this angry man would soon start to live his life happily
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