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Part 6 : Khuda Aur Mohabbat

Riddhima woke up in and looked around her. It was obviously dark outside. Riddhima looked around and took her mobile form the sidetable, she checked the time and was shocked that it was already so late. She tired to get up only to be pushed back by strong arms. She turned over to look at Armaans closed eyes. He looked so peacefull sleeping. No stress, no fear and above all no main. She caressed his face with her hand. Reaching his lips, Armaan hold her hand and kissed her hands. Riddhima looked at his eyes, which were looking back at her intensily.

R: Armaan bohot late ho gaya hai, mujhe jana chahiye.
A: don’t leave me, pelase.
R: Mujhe jana hoga Armaan. Hum dono jo kuch bhi kar rahe hai, wo bohot galat hai. Me apne aap ko kabhi maaf nahi kar paungi. Baba na jane kya soochenge mere bare me. Aur Sid, jab uske is bare me pata chalega, wo bohot hurt hoega.
A: aur me jo hurt hota hu Riddhima, jab bhi tume us Sid ke saath dekhta hu, jab bhi wo tumhare kareeb aata hai. tum bhi usko nahi rokti, tum bhi usko apen kareeb ane deti ho.
R: to me usko kaise roku Armaan? Mangetar hai wo mera. Shaadi hone wali hai meri uske saath.
A: Tum meri ho Riddhima.
R: lekin...

Armaan did not let her finish. He grabbed her face and pulled her towards him crashing his lips with her soft ones. He tightened his hold around her waist. He felt Riddhimas wet cheek. His thumb run across her cheeckto wipe the fallen tears.

A: I cant let you go, even if I want to.

He hissed her whole face. His lips moved against her skin. His mouth took hers almost in slow motion. She couldn’t move at first as he held her face between the warmth of his hands. She didn’t know how to respond but her lips automatically parted. Armaan instantly took it as his invitation to deepen the kiss. His tongue found its way into her mouth when her eyes fluttered closed, and Riddhima allowed herself tot feel and moaned when she accepted his tender lips against her soft ones. She allowed him to take control and freely moved in sync wich him.

Armaan pulled away and he was practilly panting for air as he trialed his kisses to the corner of her mouth.

A: Wo tumhe har jagah touch karega.

He moved to her neck. Riddhima moaned his name and clutched his hairs.

A: wo tumhari neck pe kiss karega.
R: Armaan…

His lips moved over to her jaw and down her throat.

A: Wo tumhe aise touch karege.

He gave her small bites all over.

A: Wo tumhe tease karega, small bites ke saath.

Riddhima felt the heat between her legs at the sound of his voice. She moaned and bit her lips. Armaan stopped kissing her and looked into her eyes.

A: Aur me aisa kabhi nahi hone dunga. Kyunke tumhe touch karne ka haq sirf mera hai. Sirf or sirf mera.
R: Armaan please…

Armaan kissed her forehead. He put her hairs behind her ears. And looked deep into her eyes.

A: me janta hu ke me tumhare liye nahi sahi, lekin me phir bhi selfish hu aur tumhe apne saath leke jaana chahta hu. Sirf kuch dino ke liye me tumhe is duniya se churana chahta hu. Sirf ek Weekend ke liye me sab kuch bhul jana chahta hu, aur tumhare saath kahi dur jana chahta hu. Chalogi mere saath. Dogi mera saath tum.
R: Wapis ane ke bad bohot takleef hoegi, bohot tarpenge hum dono.
A: me ane wale kal ke bare me nahi soochna chahta Riddhima.
R: me baba se kya kahungi? Aur Sid se?
A: keh dena ke tum apne friends ke saath ke trip pe jaa rahi ho.
R: hum dono kya kar rahe hai Armaan? kya yeh sahi hai?
A: me nahi jaanta Riddhima, lekin me bas itna jaanta hu, ke jab tak tum mere saath ho, me kabhi kuch galat nahi kar sakta.

Riddhima kissed his forehead and then bid bye to him. She left from there before its to late and went back home. Reaching home she met Sid and her father sitting in the hall. They both look up. Shashank was looking angrily at Riddhima. Riddhima looked down at the floor feeling sad.

R: Baba, wo mujhe aapse ijazat chahiye.
Sh: Kis baat ke liyeß
R: Meri friends ek outing plan kar rahi hai, is weekend ke liye. Kya me jaa sakti hu?
Sh: Ask Siddhant.

With that Shashank stood up and left from there. Riddhima blinked away the tears which dared to drop out of her eyes. Even Siddhant felt the thickness in the air. He moved to Riddhima and put his fingers on her chin and made her look into his eyes.

S: tum jana chahti ho, to tum jao Riddhima. Me kabhi nahi chahunga ke tum meri wajah se kabhi bhi wo na kar pao jo tum chahti hu. Me tumhari support ban na chahta hu, nake tum mujhe apni rukawat samjho.
R: thank you

With that Riddhima moved to her room. She felt so guilty. Siddhant was a nice boy, and she was doing unjustice to him. But whenever she was with Armaan, she felt like she just belonged in his arms.

R: I am sorry Sid.

It was already Firday and Armaan was waiting for Riddhima in his car. He saw Riddhima coming towards him and smiled. He had planned to forget everything in those two days. To lay the world beneath Riddhimas feet. To make her forget all the pain which he saw in her eyes. And above all, to protect her from himself. From his past.

Riddhima came and sat on the passanger seat. She did not say anything. No hey no hello. Neither did Armaan said anything. They boht knew what they were doing was wrong in so many ways but still non of them stopped the other one. They both were going with the flow. suddenly Armaan stopped the car. He pulled the car into an abandoned parking lot and cut the engine.

A: idhar aao Riddhima…
R: Armaan?

Riddhima looked with questioning eyes at him. Armaan closed his eyes and sighned. then he pushed his seat back. He unbuckled Riddhimas seatbelt and pulled her over him. Her legs swung around to either side of his as he ran a hand down her backside.

A: may I kiss?

Riddhima closed her eyes and chuckled.

R: tum kabse puchne lag gaye?

Armaan looked around and made sure that actually no one was there. then he grabber her head and pulled her towards himself. Riddhima awaited his lips on her, but they never connected. she opened her eyes and confused at Armaan.

A: apni saari problems yehi pe chor do, apna sara pain, sara dard, sab kuch tum yahi pe chor do. Sirf or sirf hum dono jayenge yaha se. Sirf Armaan aur Riddhima. Sirf 2 din ke liye Riddhima. Me tumhe dikhana chahta hu, ke duniya kitni haseen hai.
R: mujhe ya phir apne aap ko? Mene tumhari aankho me wo dard dekha hai Armaan, wo darr dekha hai. Me nahi jaanti ke wo kya baat hai, lekin itna zaroor jaanti hu, tum jo dusro ko dikhana chahte ho waisa kuch nahi hai.

She put her hands on his chest, on he heart.

R: tumhara Dil bohot saaf bohot zyaada saaf hai. Tum bure nahi…

Armaan did not let her finish her sentence, he silenced her with a kiss. It was a passionate kiss. Riddhima understood that Armaan did not want to talk about it. She obligated and let the topic pass by. Armaan deepend the kiss, punishing her, trying to forget his own past.

A: I am your worst nightmare Riddhima. Mujhse bura Insaan is duniya me nahi hoega.
R: i don’t believe you.
A: you should.
R: I wont.

Armaan sighn in defence and put riddhima back on her seat. They both continued their drive to the airport and took the first flight to Kashmir. The destination for love. the perfect destination for some space.

R: Armaan Kashmir?
A: mere ek chota sa penthouse hai waha. Kisi ko bhi nahi pata chalega ke hum dono kaha pe hai. Chale?

Armaan stretched his hand out. Riddhima grabbed his hand and interacted her fingers with his. She stood next to him.

R: chalo

they both left. Reaching Kashmir Armaan hired a cab and they both left for his penthouse. All the while Armaan was holding her hands. He knew how nervous she was. he wanted to be there for her. Always and forever. Reching the penthouse riddhima looked around and was flattered seeing the big house infront of her.

R: Armaan yeh chota sa penthouse hai?

Armaan smiled at her and went through his hairs with his hands. Riddhima smiled at him. They both finally went to the bedroom to get fresh. Seeing the huge bed infront of her Riddhima suddenly felt nervous. Armaan saw her nervousness and grabbed her hands. He made her sit on the bed and kneeled infront of her. He pressed her hands to rescue her.

A: Hum dono aisa kuch bhi nahi karenge, jis se tum comfortable feel na karo. I want your happiness Riddhima. I want your smile. I want to hear your laugh in this house. Me nahi chahta ke tum ek second ko bhi regret karo. Me chahta hu ke tum sab kuch bhool jao aur yeh 2 days fully enjoy karo.

Riddhima caressed his face with her hands.

R: me tumhe jaan na chahti hu Armaan. Me jaana chahti hu ke tumhare saath aisa kya hua, jisne tumhe change hone pe majboor kar diya hai. har koi kehta hai ke tum bohot bure ho, bohot rude ho. Lekin mere saamne to ek Armaan baitha hai, jo kabhi bhi kisi ki bhi aankho me dard nahi dekh sakta ho.

Armaan was shocked to hear his opinion form Riddhima. Never had he thought that she would think so positive about him.

A: tum mere bare me kuch bhi nahi jaanti Riddhima.
R: lekin me jaan na chahti hu Armaan. Batao ke tum koun ho. Koun ho tum Armaan.
A: stop it Riddhima, hum yaha pe yeh nahi jaan ne aaye ke me koun hu.
R: lekin me jaana chahit hu, me jaan na chahti hu ke tum bad boy kyu bane? Sab tumko bura kyu kehte hai. Aisa kya hua tumahre past me, jo tum sab ko majboor karte ho ke wo tumse nafrat kare.
A: nafrat to tumhe bhi mujhse karni chahiye Riddhima.
R: nooooo

Riddhima put her head on his forehead.

R: me chah ke bhi tumse nafrat nahi kar paungi. Kabhi bhi nahi.

With that Riddhima stood up. She did not want to push him. She was about to leave the room when she suddenly heard Armaans voice. What he said made her rooted on her place. She was not even sure if she heard him right.

A: I am a murdere Riddhima. I killed my parents.
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