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Part 7 : Dard Na Jaane Koi (An AR FF)

In his office Armaan was just thinking about Riddhimas words, he knew that she was right, he should not let his anger out on her. It was not her fault, nothing was her fault. But she always brings the bad side out of him. Thinking of Riddhima working in any other company, he could not digest that fact. He grabbed his phone and called his friend, who could help him in this situation.

A: Armaan Mallik here, meri baat dhyaan se suno. Riddhima Armaan Mallik aaj se companies me interview ke liye jayegi. Make sure ke koi bhi company usko na le. She is very educated, but still make sure that every company denies her. Andi f necessary than pay them an amout to shut their mouth. Riddhima Armaan Mallik ko kisi bhi company me job nahi milni chahiye.

Without hearing his answer Armaan hung off the phone, then he smirked evily.

A: Ab tum job karke dikhao Riddhima. Laut ke to tumko idhar hi ana padega. Tumhe kya lagta hai ke tum mujhko hara dogi, apni baato se chup karwa dogi? Mujhe underestimate mat karo Riddhima. Meine kaha tha na, ke tumhari Zindagi jahanum bana dunga, to me tumhari Zindagi jahanum banake rahunga. Me apne words se peeche nahi hat ta. Mana ke tumne mujhe kuch waqt ke liye surprise kar diya tha, but not anymore. I know ke tum bohot strong ho, tabhi to tumhe tor ne me aur maza aayega.

He again grabbed his phone and called his secretary.

A: Riddhima Armaan Mallik jis time pe bhi aaye, usko ander aane dena. Dont stop her.
S: jee Sir.

He turned around in his seat and looked outside the window.

A: wait and watch Mrs. Riddhima Armaan Mallik

Meanwhile by Riddhima. She again printed her documents, after Armaan left. She was angry, beyond angry. How could Armaan interfere in her life like that. At one hand he dont even want to be a part of her life and on the other hand he gives her instructions like she is his.

Grabbing all her new printed documents Riddhima left the house to start her company. Little did she know that Armaan had already planned her upcoming day. One after antother company rejected Riddhima, eventhough she was qualified fort he position. She went in about 15 companies and every single one rejected her. By coming out of the last one she suddenly heard a name, which she loathed.

G: sunna hai ke Armaan Mallik ne pure Melbourn me call karke sabko strictly mana kiya hia Riddhima ko hire karne ke liye. And above all, you know yeh Riddhima unki wife hai. Aur to aur, Armaan Mallik ne kaha hai ke wo us company ko barbad kar dega, jisne agar Riddhima ko hire kiya to. Kitni lucky hai na Riddhima?
G2: Lucky? Wo kaise?
G: areee itna pyaar karne wala husband mila hai, ofcourse bohot lucky hai.

Riddhima did not want to hear anything more. She left the company and hired a cab, driving direct to Armaans Company. Fuming in anger, not thinking correctly she stromed into his company. She went to the reception.

R: mujhe Armaan Mallik se milna hai.
G: aapke pas appointment hai?
R: no, lekin mera unse mila bohot zaroori hai.
G: I am sorry mam, sir ek bohot important meeting me hai. I cant let you in.
R: tum jaanti bhi ho me kaun hu? I am Riddhima Armaan Mallik. Armaan ki wife. You better inform him that I am here and I am will definiately not wait anylonger. Do you understand?
G: yes maam.
R: good, where is his office?
G: top floor.
R: good, now inform him. I want him to be in his office when I get in there.

Then Riddhima left to the lift, smiling to herself. Never in her life has she thought that someone would be so scarred of her like the girl on the reception. Just hearing her name with Armaan. Thinking about Armaan again her anger reached its high. Reaching the top floor she passed the secretary desk and went inside his office. Seeing him sitting on the chair, smiling at her, made her boil in anger. She banged the door and moved forward to his desk. She smashed her documents on his table and looked at him with furious eyes.

A: OMG Riddhima, tum saach me yaha pe, me koi khwab to nahi dekh raha? Tum saach me mere saath work karna chahti ho? Meri company me.
R: dream on Mr. Armaan Mallik.
A: with pleasre Mrs. Riddhima Armaan Mallik.
R: stop, stop connecting my name with yours.
A: kyu riddhima? Abhi kuch der pehle, reception me tumne bhi to yehi kiya tha na.

Riddhima was shocked that he already knew about it. That man knows everything happening in his company.

A: of course baby, I know everything happeing in my company.
R: first of all, I am not your baby. And secondly, I know ke tum responsible ho ke mujhe kahi pe bhi job nahi mil rahi.
A: really, how can you be so sure about it Riddhima?
R: kyunke tumhare ilawa koi itni ghatiya harkat nahi kar sakta.
A: well kya karo, koi hai hi nahi meri takkar ka

Riddhima also smirked at him and sat on the chair opposite him.

R: tumhe kya lagta hai, ke tum sabko mana kar doge mujhe hire karne ke liye, aur me itni asani se haar man jaungi aur ghar baith jaungi?
A: no baby, you again misunderstood me. Ghar me to me tumhari life hell bana hi raha tha, isliye soocha ke kyu na ab tumhe work pe bhi sukoon ki saans na lene du.
R: matlab?
A: Matlab yeh sweet heart ke tum aajse meri company ke liye work karogi. Tum mere saath karogi. 24/7 mere saath rahogi, as my Personal Assistant.
R: kabhi nahi.
A: lets see.
R: mene kaha tha na ARmaan, ke bohot ho chukka hai. Tum ab mujhe hurt nahi kar sakte. Tumhare hona y aphir na hone se mujhe koi fark nahi parta.
A: fark parega Riddhima, bohot fark padega.
R: me kabhi bhi tumhare liye work nahi karungi, kabhi bhi nahi. Is se behtar hai ke me puri zindagi ghar baithi rahu aur kuch bhi na karu.
A: tumhe kya lagta me tumhe itni asani se apni zindagi ke faisle karne dunga? Really now Riddhima? Tum kya sirf itna hi jaan payi ho mujh? Aise hi nahi puri duniya mere Naam se darr jaati hai, kaamp jaati hai.
R: tum mujhe nahi dara sakte Armaan Mallik.
A: we will see that. Yeh lo, yeh tumhare liye hai.

Armaan gave some papers over to Riddhima. Riddhima took them with confusion.

R: yeh kya hai?
A: dekho, tumhe khud pata chal jayega. I am sure ke tum parhi likhi ho, right?

Riddhima ignored his comment and read the papers. To say that she was shocked would be an understatement. It was a contract on her name. it said, that if Riddhima would not agree to work with Armaan as his Personal Assitant, than he will have to destroy her father Shashanks company. And he will personally make sure, that her parents will land on streets.

Riddhima looked up at ARmaan, hoping that it was all a prank, nothing more. But seeing his hard face, she knew that it was nothing a prank or a joke. It was all planned by Armaan.

R: kyu?

That was all Riddhima could say. She wasn’t able to say anything, all her strength, all her willpower was snatched away from her. She knew Armaan was doing it on purpose, for breaking her, for crashing her. What wondered Riddhima more than anything, was, that it was actually working. She was breaking inside. She treid to be strong, she tried to hold on that tiny hope that everything would be fine. But she can feel, how everything in her is breaking slowly and slowly. She could not hold back her tears.

A: tumhe kya laga, ke me tumhe itni asani se jane dunga. Mana ke tumhari koi galti nahi thi, lekin phir bhi tum ab mere saath ho. Na chahte hue bhi mujhe tumhe apne saath lana pada, apne ghar me rakhna pada. To kyu na me tumhe apne saath office me bhi ab rakhu. Dekha jaye to tumhare pas aur koi rasta bhi nahi hai Riddhima. Tumhe yeh job leni hi padegi. Tumhe meri PA bana hi padega. Nahi to tumhare parents ko me ek raat me barbad kar sakta hu, and don’t worry, mujhe bilkul bhi bura nahi lage ga.
R: tum bohot pashtao ge Armaan, bohot pashtao ge.
A: wo meri problem hai, tumhe uske bare me fikar karne ki zaroorat nahi hai. Ab yeh pen lo, and sign it.

Armaan throw the pen in Riddhimas direction and stood up. He faced the window and looked outside. He would never ever do anything to her parents. But that was the only thing he could think of, to make Riddhima weak. To make her agree on this. He does not want her to work anywhere else. Even he doesn’t know why, but he had a feeling that she only belongs here in his company.

Riddhima closed her eyes and took the pen.

R: Office me tum jitni chaho hukam rani chala lo, lekin ghar me to ab tum dekhna me tumhare saath kya karungi Mr. Armaan Mallik. Tum mujhe tor nahi sakte. Tum nahi jante me kitni strong hu. Me apne Parents pe ek bhi aanch nahi ane dungi. Aur tumhara samna bhi karungi. Tum jitni koshish kar sakte ho kar lo. Lekin tum abhi Riddhima ko jante nahi ho.

She signed the papers and stood up. Armaan turned around and smirked.

A: good, now that it is done, I want you to call me Sir. Always. Understood?
R: yes Sir.
A: good, now get those papers and type them in. Tumhara office mere office me hi hai. Tum mere samne hi rahogi.

Riddhima looked at the papres and her eyes widened in shock. There were three piles of papers. And she had to type them all.

R: jee sir.
A: in 3 hours!
R: WHAT? Tum pagal ho Armaan, me yeh kabhi nahi kar paungi.
A: Mrs. Mallik, as far as I know, I am still your boss, and you have to follow my orders.

Riddhima was fuming in anger. She took the papers and postponed them on her desk.

R: Yes Boss!

Then she turend around and sat and started to type. She typed and typed and typed. All the while she could feel Armaans stare on her. Everytime she looked up, he was starring at her. Finally after 3 long hours, she was finished. She was soo proud of herself. She had done it.

R: ho gaya sir.
A: mujhe email karo.

Riddhima sent him the file through mail. Armaan checked it and was really surprised that Riddhima did it right.

A: do it again. Everything.
R: WHAT? why? Is something wrong?
A: don’t question my orders Mrs. Mallik, do as I say, else you know the consequences.

Armaan actually felt sorry for her. He didn’t want to hurt her like that. But he was sure, that she deserved that. Suddenly he felt very uneasy. His heart was paining and even his vision got black. His head started to spin and it was hard for him to focus. But as always, he pushed those thoughts aside and drank a glass water.

Finally after a very long day, Riddhima done her work, they both reached back home. Armaan forced Riddhima to drive back with him. He ordered her that from today, she will go and come back with him. Daisy had already prepared the food and placed it on the table. Armaan was feeling very hungry. He left to his room to get ready. Even Riddhima left to her room and came back after some time and sat on the table.

D: Riddhima, kaisa tha aj ka din?
R: Pucho mat Daisy. Kasam se, aaj se bura din ho hi nahi sakta. Tumhe pata hai mujhe work kaha pe mila?
D: kaha pe?
R: ARmaan ki company me, aur wo bhi uski Personal Assistant ki position. Jitna me us se dur bhagna chahti hu, utna hi Khuda hum dono ke ek saath jor deta hai.
D: kya pata, ke Khuda ka faisla hi yeh ho.
R: No ways, Me aur Armaan, kabhi nahi.
D: dekhte hai ke Khuda ka kya faisla ho?

Both daisy and Riddhima were waiting for ARmaan. It was really very odd, that he still hasn’t arrived. Normally he would be always very punctual. Daisy looked at Riddhima.

D: Riddhima, aap Armaan baba ko zara dekh kar aao. Warna to wo kabhi late nahi hote, pata nahi aaj kya ho gaya.
R: theek hai Daisy

Riddhima stood up and went to Armaans room. She opened the door and got the biggest shock of her life. Never in her life had she imagined to see Armaan in such a state.

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