Friday, 1 December 2017

PART - 7 : I want you to hate me

"Thank u dr. shaheeba... aap nhi hoti to mere bete ka kya hota!! bahot bahot sukriya aapka..." patient's parents were continuously thanking muskaan wen she informed them about the successful surgery.. Muski was happy.. 1st the surgery ws successful nd 2nd dr. keerti praised her... Although 1st she felt uneasy 2 tke sum1 other's credit bt after seeing Riddhima's arrogant attitude... She was com4tble nd hppily accpting all praises.

But there was some1 who was feeling blissful seeing the hopeful eyes of d patient's parents... & dat was none other dan Riddhima... she was standing far away hiding behind a wall watching the interaction between muski nd d patient's parents... She was happy dat some where she paid her share of contribution 2 bring dat tearful but hopeful smile on their lips... nd unknowingly she smiled her genuine smile... juz then she felt a hand on her shoulder nd she shivered in shock but thank god it was only Abhi...

He looked at the direction nd thn looked at her bt she looked away... Some how abhi guessed it but b4 he could clarify an unwanted incident happen which made Riddhima uneasy...

"Dr. Dr.  ??" a nurse came outside of d ICU 2 call muskaan all panicked... "kya hua nurse??" muski asked worriedly seeing her horrified expression... "maam.. woh... woh..." d nurse was hesitating seeing d parents... muski asked firmly.. "wat??" finally d nurse stated... "mam.. d patient is sinking!!"

nd dat was it!! d parents of d patients became crest fallen.. They could see the ray of hope fading away... His mother almost fainted...  His father became a statue... How could dey afford losing their only son... Riddhima heard all nd d reaction of his parents made her heart shrink..
"No god!! plzz dont do this... Iss ladke ke pass itni caring parents hain... aur aap aisa kar rahe ho.. jabki ye sab to mere sath hona chahiye tha.. no.. main aisa nhi hone dungi.. he has 2 live 4 his parents..." Riddhima thought.

Soon Dr. keerti came nd barged in2 the ICU... nd after a lill while came out nd called muski a side... "internal injuries... the fact i was dreading... we've 2 operate him again... now!!" Muski shivered... "ek aur surgery??"
Dr. Ke: "yes dr. muskaan.. prepare d OT.. I'm coming with Dr. Banshal.."
Muski nodded nd left but dr. keerti called a nurse nd asked her 2 arrange blood..
"par maam.. maine aapse pehle hi kaha tha.. ke O+ blood ki srf ek hi pouch reh gayee hain which we've attached it already... humne blood banks ko in4m kar diya hain but i'll take at least 2hour as aaj strike hain.. "
Dr. ke : "but we cant wait much... usse abhi operate karna padega!!"
Nu: "par maam... "
Dr. ke: "contact dem nd try to convince dem to do as early as possible.. till then try to manage a donor... now go.."
the nurse left nd juz then dr. keerti heard a weak.. "Keerti di.."

She turned nd found abhi nd riddhima together... She went near dem nd asked:
"kya hua riddhi?? tune hospital mein mujhe di kehke... (taking a pause nd looking at abhi) kya baat hain??"
Ab: "di... aap plz cabin mein chalo.. may be i know Riddhi ko kya baat karni hain.."
Ke: "par bhai... mujhe surgery ke.."
Ab: "di.. ye ussi barey mein hain... aap plz chalo.. (then turning 2 riddhima) riddhi.. "
She nodded nd d trio entered in dr. Keerti's cabin.

Dr. Ke: "kya baat hain Riddhi??" she placed her hand on riddhima's shoulder while abhi was still holding her hand.. He knew wat she must have feeling...
Ri: "di...(in a very weak voice) "
Dr. keerti was now sure dat some thing ws bothering her..
Ri: "usse bacha lo di... woh.. woh... "
Dr. keerti looked confused nd turned 2 her brother... Abhi was now sure wat was bothering Riddhima.. he told his di about d patient... dr. keerti now knew riddhima's mental condition..
Ke: "riddhi.."
Ri: "uski fikar karne ke liye itne achche parents hain di... bt still he is suffering.. aur main.. mere liye rone wala koi nhi hain.. still i'm fine.. wahan to mujhe hona chahiye tha.. na.. di??"
then gulping some air she said..
"I'll gve blood.. mera v to O+ hain... bas aap usse bacha lo .. di.."
Dr. keerti was feeling helpless.. She knew how riddhima is.. She juz kept her hand on her head nd said..
"pata nhi... bhagwan ne tere sath aisa kyun kiya... (then kissing her forehead) i wsh tujhe wo sari khushi miley jo tu deserve karti thi.." Riddhima juz hugged her but soon she recovered nd said after breaking d hug...
"mm.. wo diii??"
Ke: "pata hain.. kisi se nhi kahungi ke donor kaun hain..."
Riddhima smiled..

Ab: "waise ek baat poochun??"
both d ladies looked at him.
"woh kal raat sach mein muski ne ye case handle kiya tha kya riddhi??"
Abhi asked her.. he knew about muski's potential.. its really hard 2 believe dat how a nervous gal like muski could handle such a complicated case so firmly nd dat too wthout a senior dr...
Dr. keerti also looked at riddhima.. although she nvr questioned her but being a gr8 dr. she knew about her interns nd wen she saw riddhima at hospital late 9t, she some how knew d reasn bt dint disclose it but now as her brother raised d question she looked at riddhima questioningly but riddhima looked away proving both abhi nd dr. keerti ri8...

"tu aisi kyun hain riddhi??"
abhi sighed nd said to himself but riddhima was normal nw.. she retorted back coolly.. "not again.. tum dono bhai- behen.. thakte nahi ho kya.. ek hi sawal poochte poochte!!... anyways.. i think OT is ready now.. keerti di.. u shld go now.. al d best.. nd dnt wrry.. u'll get blood soon... thankfully maine kal alcohol bhi consume nhi kiya tha!!"
she winked nd left 2 donate blood...

It was a success.. Though patient will take time 2 be completely fine bt he'll survive definitely.. Their parents were thanking dr. keerti again nd again.. finally she spoke:
"agar sukriya karna hi hain to bhagwan ka kijiye aur uss insaan ka jinhone sahi samay pe blood donate kiya tha.."
"main to uss insaan ko dill se dua deti hoon dr. shaheeba ke woh jo bhi ho bhagwan unke daman mein bas khushiya hi khushiyan bhar de..." his mother replied wth utmost honesty.
dr. keerti smiled nd prayed in her heart... "main bhi yehi chahti hoon... ke aab riddhima ki zindegi mein sirf khushiyaan hi ayee!!"

Abhi placed his hand on her shoulder nd she turned 2 hug him... He hugged her caressing her head... "sshhh... riddhi... soona tune... he's recovering.. teri koshish kamyaab ho gayee"
but she dint reply.. she hid her face in his arms while her eyes started 2 flow...

Riddhima ko khushi ki aadat nhi thi par aaj ek maa ko unka beta lautake usse bahot accha lag raha tha... aisa nhi hain ke zndegi mein pehli baar ussne kisi ki madat ki par ek maa ki dil ki dua sunke woh bhi uss ke liye usse kuch to yaad aya.. ya fir koi yaad ayee...



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