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Part 7 : Khuda Aur Mohabbat

Riddhima turned around. She wasn’t sure if she heard right. She saw Armaan sitting on the floor, his back against the bed. Looking down. She moved over to him and sat next to him. She did not say anything and just sat beside him. She wanted him to open up, she wanted him to take the first step.

A: me 6 saal ka tha. Me mama aur Baba outing ke liye gaye the. We were like a perfect family. Me bohot khush tha Riddhima, sab kuch perfect tha. Aur phir….


Billy was driving the car, Ananya was sitting on the passanger seat talking with Armaan who was sitting behind. They were the perfect family one could imagine.

A: baba, meri baat to suno.
B: bolo Armaan.
A: nahi aap pehle idhar dekho.
B: beta me drive kar raha hu, tum bolo me sun raha hu, me tumhe mirrow se dekh raha hu.
A: no baba, pleaseeeeeee, aap idhar dekho na.

Finally Billy sighned and turned back to look at Armaan.

B: ab bolo meri jaan…

Before Armaan could reply a loud crash was heard and the shoutings of Billy Ananya Armaan.

Flashback ends

Riddhima moved over to him and took his face in her hands. She hugged him and he hugged her back.

A: mene unko maar diya Riddhima. Agar me us din zid na karta to aaj Mama Baba zinda hote, aur mere saath hote.

Riddhima could not controll her tears, so couldnt Armaan either. Riddhima was stroking his hairs. All the while she was not saying anything. She wanted him to let out everything. To finally let go of the pain, which he has stored in his heart.

Armaan laid his head on her lap and continued to narrate. He closed his eyes, as he was not able to see her in the eyes. He does not want to see the hatered in her eyes for him.

A: me jab utha, to me ek dark room me tha. Mene apne Mama Baba ko bohot dhunda, lekin wo kahi nahi mile. Mera ro ro ke bura haal ho gaya. 

A man entered Armaans room and sat on the bed with the crying child. Armaan looked up and saw a man dressed in completely black.

A: mere Mama Baba kaha hai, mujhe unke pas jana hai. Hum sab ghar jaa rahe the. Aur phir....
M: Tune apne Mama Baba ko khud mar diya hai. Ab wo kabhi wapis nahi aayenge. Tu ek katil hai.
A: nahi, mene Mama Baba ko nahi mara. Mene unko nahi mara. Mujhe mama ke pas jana hai. Mujhe Baba ke pas jana hai.

Armaan was crying hysterically. The man got furious seeing him cry and slapped him thill Armaan stopped crying loud. Than the man gave him some food and left from there. Leaving Armaan in the darkness. Leaving him alone with the guilt. Forcing him to believe that he was the person who killed his own parents.

Flashback ends.

Riddhima could feel Armaan shaking with the thougths of his past. Never in her dream had she imagined that Armaan must have gone through all this pain. She wanted to take away his pain, she could not see him suffer like this. Armaan gripped Riddhimas waist more tightly. Still his past was haunting him. His past punished him. His past did not let him go.

A: 4 saal tak me us room me locked tha Riddhima. Bas sirf 2 time ka khana milta tha. Aur me bilkul akela tha us room me. koi nahi aata tha. koi mujhe baat nahi karta tha. Wo admi bas sirf yehi kehta tha aake, ke mene apne parents ko maar diya, ke me ek killer ho. Aur phir ek din, mera sab kuch cheen gaya. Meri self respect, meri dignity, sab kuch.


Armaan has finally turned 10 when the same man came again. This time he took Armaan with him to a room. At first the light disturbed Armaan beause he was only used to the dark. The man literally dragged Armaan to another room. The man pushed Armaan in the room and closed the door. Now Armaan was alone in that big room. He looked up and saw a man looking at him. Beside that man, a little boy was standing, around his own age Armaan guessed.

M: Naam kya hai tera.
A: Armaan.
M: Suna hai tune apne Mama Baba ko maar diya hai?
A: Mene mama baba ko nahi mara.
M: Chup!!!

the man came forward and slapped Armaan on the face. In that moment another man entered the room without knocking. The man infornt of Armaan got furious and pulled out a gun and shot the person who entered without knocking. Armaan was looking with horrified eyes at the man infront of him. The man looked Armaans expression and started to laugh.

M: Tu jaanta hai ke tu kaha pe hai?

As Armaan did not answered he continued.

M: Hum killers hai, aur hum paiso ke liye dusro ki jaan lete hai. Mafia ka name to suna hoga tune. Aaj se tub hi humare jaisa hai.
A: nahi…nahi…mene wapis jana hai. Mene mama baba ke pas jana hai.
M: Chup kar!! Ab yehi hai teri Zindagi. Tu aur mera Beta ek saath is kaam ko continue karoge.

Now Armaan looked at the little boy, who was smiling evily.

M: Raj idhar aa. Mil is se. Yeh hai Armaan. Tera Partner in Crime. Aur Armaan, yeh hai RAJ mera beta.

Then the man turned to Raj his son.

M: Beta to isko leke jaa aur iska pehla sabak isko sikha.

Flashback ends.

Armaan was shivering with the thoughts what Raj had done to him. Even if he wanted to forget he couldn’t. Riddhima was shocked to hear Raj´s name.

A: Raj ek bohot bura Insaan hai Riddhima. Tabhi mene mana kiya tha ke tum uske saath dosti mat karo. Me usko jaanta hu, wo tumhe barbad kardega, jaise usne mujhe barbad kiya tha.


Raj took Armaan with himself to a room which was very dark. He turned on the lights and Armaan saw a man tied up on a chair. The man was bledding very badly. It was easy to guess, that that man has been beaten up very badly. Armaan also noticed some men with guns standing there.

Then Armaan got another shock as Raj pulled out a Gun and handed it over to Armaan.

R: kill him
A: KYA???

Armaan let the gun fall and moved backwards. Raj looked with smirking eyes at him.

R: tumhe isko marna hoga Armaan, nahi to me Baba ko bulaunga aur wo tumse yeh kaam khud karwa lenge.

Armaan was crying bitterly. He could not kill that man. He could never do that. His parents wont ever forgive him. They would never forgive him.

R: kya hua Armaan, itna bhi mushkil nahi hai. Akhir tumne apne Mama Baba ko bhi to mara tha na.
A: mene Mama Baba ko nahi mara.
R: Aisa tumko lagta hai, lekin hum sab jaante hai ke tumne unki jaan li hai. Tum ek murderer ho.
Then Raj moved forward and pushed the gun into Armaans hand. His hands were shaking. Armaan looked over at the man, who was looking at him with pleading eyes. Armaan could not do it. Never. He wont ever forgive him if he did it.

But before Armaan could do anything. Raj took Armaans hand and pulled the trigger with Armaans fingers. A loud shot was heard and the man on the chair died on the spot. Blood was zooming out of his body. Armaan was speechless. He could not believe he just shot the man infornt of him. He killed the man.

R: You know what Armaan. Tumhe abhi bohot kuch seekhna hoga. So isliye tum yahi pe rahoge. Raat bhar. Aur subha jab Baba aaye, to yaha pe khoon nahi hona chahiye. Yeh room saaf hona chahiye.

With that Raj signed his mans and they all left the room. Leaving Armaan behind with a deadbody and the floor full of blood. They left a 10 year old boy with a deadbody in a dark closed room for the whole night.

Since then Armaan was forced to kill innocent people. But never did he leave a Chance to helpt them if it was possible. He had helped a lot of people to escape on time, for that he had to take the consequences. But he would gladly accept them, instead of killing innocent people.

Flashback ends.

Armaan stood up. He could not bear it anymore. He wont be able to see the hatered for him in Riddhimas eyes. He moved over to the window. He wiped his tears.

A: Jao Riddhima. Ab to tumhe pata chal gaya na, ke me kitna khatarnak hu. Me barbad kardunga tuma. I know ke tum mujhese ab nafrat karti ho. So agar tum wapis Karachi jana chahti ho, to tum jaa skati ho. Me tumhe nahi rokunga.

All the while Riddhima did not even say a word. She was just looking blindly infornt of her. That all was too much for her hear, she thought how Armaan must have felt. She stood up and wiped her tears. She saw Armaan standing near the window and moved over to him. She stood infornt of him.

R: Armaan
A: don’t Riddhima

She still embraced his face in her hands.

R: you are a mess

Riddhima whipered to him. Her voice was as sweet as always. Armaan caught her hands and kissed them.

A: you should hate me, fear me, run away from me
R: lekin me phir bhi yaha pe kahdi hui ho, tumhare samne, tumhare saath
A: kyu?

Armaan closed his eyes and kissed her forehead. Instantly he regretted his decision to do so. Riddhima would be in danger if he continued it.

A: tumhe mujhse dur bhagna chahiye Riddhima, me tumahre liye sahi nahi hu…
R: aisa mat kaho

Riddhima wiped away the tear which escaped his eyes. Riddhima closed her eyes and put her lips on his. Armaan was shocked at first but soon he recovered. He put his hand on the back of her head and pulled her forward. Armaan inhaled deeply, licked the bottom lip. He broke the kiss to look into her eyes, to see anykind of regret in them. As he couldn’t find anything his lips attacked hers once again. This time with much more passion and need.
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