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Part 8 : Dard Na Jaane Koi (An AR FF)

Riddhima was shocked to see Armaan lying there on the floor. She panicked and called for Daisy. 

R: Daisy, Daisy jaldi aao. 

Daisy came running upstairs to see what has happened. Seeng Armaan lying on the floor, she rushed to Riddhima and helpt her to put Armaan on the bed. Then Daisy called the homedoctor while Riddhima was sitting by Armaan. She put the quilt above him and put her hand on his forehead. He was burning with fever. She waited paitienty for the doctor to arrive. Finally, after he arrived he checked upon Armaan. Riddhima did not leave his side for even one second. 

R: Doctor, Armaan kaise hai ab? Aur yeh achanack bukhr?
D: darne ki koi baat nhi hai Mrs. Mallik. Armaan to bohot behtr condition me hai. Last time jab me yah pe aaya tha, to iske tabyat is se bhi zyaada kharab thi. Pata nahi Armaan kyu apne aap ko khatam karna chahta hai. Wo itni laparwahi kyu karta hai. Apna bilkul bhi dhyaaan nahi rakhta. 
R: Matlab, me kuch samjhi nahi.
A: matlab yeh mrs. Mallik, ke Armaan apna bilkul bhi dhyaan nahi rakht, isliye uski body give up kar deti hai. But don’t worry, it time kuch serious nahi hai. Bas aap isk khayal rakhiye ga. aur isko time pe medicines aur khana de diye ga. 
R: Jee doctor, dont worry.
D: Mene Armaan ko neend ka injection de diya hai. Kuch waqt me usko hosh aa jayega, phir aap inko zaroor kuch khila diye ga. Lagt hai ke inhone bohot time se kuch khas kahya nahi.
R: jee theek hai.

Then the doctor left from there leaving Riddhima alone with Armaans room. When Daisy finally came back with medicines Riddhima thanked her.

R: Daisy bohot Raat ho gayi hai, tum ab apne ghar jao.
D: lekin Armaan baba.
R: fikar mat karo Daisy. Ab Armaan ki wife hai uske saath. Me Armaan ka khayal rakh lungi. Tum tension mat lo. Aur jaake Armaan kar lo. 
D: Theek hai Riddhima. Armaan Baba ka khayal rakhna. Bohot akele hai wo. Aur unki baato ka aap bura mat maniye ga. Wo dil ke bohot aache hai.
R: Me jaanti hu Daisy. Aur ha, tum pura next week off le lo. Kyunke me Armaan ko kaam nahi karne dungi. Aur me uske saath ghar me hi rahungi. Tum next week apni family ke saath spend kar lena.

When Daily left, Riddhima went down to make chicken soup for Armaan. When the soup was ready, she again went up to look after Armaan. She took some soup in a bowl to make him eat it later. She saw that he was not feeling well. He was stiring in his sleep and murmuring something. She went closer to him and was shocked to hear her name from his mouth.

A: Riddhima…I…am…sorry…Riddhima…

Riddhima did not know who she should react. Armaan looked so fragile at this moment, so vulnerable. She sat beside him on the bed and touched his forehead, which was still burning with fever. She has to wake him up and make him eat something, so that afterwards he could eat his medicine.

R: Armaan, Armaan aankhe kholo apni. 

She tried to wake him up. But it seems like it was useless.

R: Armaan please utho, tumhe kuch khana hoga, take tum apni medicine le sako. Please wake up Armaan.

Finally, after what seemed like hours Armaan opened his eyes. And the first thing he saw was Riddhima sitting beside him and looking at him with worry.

A: tum yaha kya kar rahi ho. Mere room me?

He tried to stand up, but was not able to. His head was spinning like hell. he could not see clear. Riddhima grabbed his shoulder and helped him to sit on the bed, with his back resting on the bed head. Riddhima stood up and took the soup bowl. She again went and sat infront of Armaan.

A: yeh kya hai?
R: soup hai Armaan, tumhe itna bhi nahi pata.
A: soup hai, yeh to mujhe bhi dikh raha hai. Lekin tum mere kamre me kya kar rahi ho, aur wo bhi soup ke saath?
R: ufff, dance kar rahi hu. Yeh bhi koi puchne ki baat hai. Tumhare liye soup bana hai, to tumhe pilana hai.
A: kyu…

Armaan was touched by this gesture, no one has ever done this for him, expect his mother. NO one has ever cared for him. He could see the care for him in Riddhimas eyes.

R: kyunke tumhe bukhar hai, aur doctor ne kah hai, ke tuhme soup pina hoga. 

Then Riddhima forwared the spoon with the soup towards Armaans lips. Armaan looked at the spoon and then at Riddhima.

A: tumhe mujhse hamdardi karne ke koi zaroorat nahi hai, me khud soup pee sakta hu.
R: jaanti hu, tum Armaan Mallik ho, tum sab kuch kar sakte ho. Lekin yeh meh karna chahti hu…
A: meine kaha na…
R: bas Armaan. Mene suna jo tumne kaha. Ab tum suno jo me kehr rahi hu. Chup chap yeh soup piyo. Aur phir medicine leke araam karoge. Samjhe tum.

Armaan was shocked to see this bossy side of Riddhima. NO one ever dared to speak to him like thi, but then again, this is Riddhima, she is capable of anything. Armaan thought that it was the best to just keep quiet and eat the soup. He opened his mouth and Riddhima put the soup in his mouth. Armaan never in his life ate anything this delicious. The soup was magical. But of course he would never accept it infornt of her. His ego wont allow it. Never.

R: kaise hai soup?
A: kuch khas nahi hai.
R: wo to tumhare chehre se pata chal raha hai. Dekho to sahi, puri bowl khatam ho gayi hai.

Riddhima giggled and then stood up to take his medicines. She gave it to Armaan and he looked up at her. Riddhima looked at him with confusion.

R: what? Ab yeh mat kehna ke tumhe dawai nahi pasand, kyunke yeh karwi hoti hai.
A: tzzz, of course not.

He took the medicine and ate them. of course he hated medicine. He never ate them, they are really very terrible. But accepting that would mean, that he would trigger Riddhimas ego, he would never do that. 

R: chalo ab let jao. Tumhe aur kuch chahiye?
A: nahi kuch nahi. Tum jaa sakti ho.
R: me kahi nahi jaa rhai. Me yahi pe hu. Tumahra saath.

Armaan was touched by Riddhimas words. Today he was seeing Riddhima totally differently. No one ever cared for him. Everyone was scarred of him. They never wanted to be near him. But Riddhima did not want to leave his side. Even Riddhima knew, that Armaan needed her. But he wont accept that. She made Armaan lay back on the bed and put the quilt above him. She turned around and was about to leave when she suddenly felt a pult on her hand and then she landed on Armaan. Her face just inches away form him. She looked him in the eyes. 

A: thank you…

Then Armaan did something, which shocked both of them. He put his lips on her forehead and kissed her. Riddhimas eyes were wide with shock, but as soon as she closed them, she felt the electricity run through her body due to his touch. It was new for her, and also for him. He did not know why he did that, but it seems like he needed that in that moment. 

After sometime he let her go and Riddhima moved to the couch in the Room, where she looked at Armaan. Armaan closed his eyes, with a smile on his lips. 

It was midnight when Riddhima suddenly heard some noises. She opened her eyes and saw Armaan turning and tossing in his sleep. It was clear to her that he was having a bad nightmare. She rushed over to him and tried to wake him up.

R: Armaan, Armaan utho…

finlly Armaan opened his eyes and saw Riddhima sitting infront of him. Before he could think clearly he grabbed her shoulder and turned them around, so that Riddhima was lying beneath him on the bed. 

A: Riddhima…
R: Armaan….

Riddhima grabbed his shoulder and both were lost in eachothers eyes. Riddhima put her hands on his forehead to check his fever. She wiped away his sweat. She don’t know why, but it killed her to see him in this state. Her heart was paining. She was feeling so broken inside to see Armaan in this state. She so baldy wants to take away his pain.

R: tum theek ho?
A: tumhe mujhe darr kyu nahi lagta Riddhima? Me tumhare saath itna bura kar raha hu, tum mujhe chor kyu nahi deti. Me tumhe itni takleef de raha hu, lekin tum idhar mera khayal rakh rahi hu? kyu?
R: kyunke mujhe is sab ke peeche wo Armaan dikhta hai, jo bohot hurt hai.

Armaan closed his eyes and moved to so that his nose touched Riddhimas. Riddhima closed her eyes. They both felt the close proximity. But none of them took a step to get away. Armaan then moved his head down her neck and inhaled her fragrance. Riddhima hid her hand in his hairs and pulled him closer. She also closed her eyes and enjoyed the feeling Armaan was giving her. In that moment she forgot everything, everything which happened between them since their marriage.

Only Armaan matters to her. As she tried to get away, Armaan then put his hand on her waist and pulled her back. He just said one word, and Riddhima was helpless infornt of him.

A: Stay…

Then they both closed their eyes and a peacefull sleep took over. Free from all the bad dreams and the bad and sad reality. None of them knew, but they were accepting slowly. Both were coming nearer day by day.

Next day, Riddhima woke up in Armaans hands. She could not hide her blush. She turned around and saw Armaan sleeping peacefully. His hands around her waist, her head on his chest. He was sleeping so peacefully. She put her hand on his forehead to check on his fever, and sighned satisfied that his fever has gone. Than she stood up and went to the bathroom to get ready. Then she went down to make breakfast for him. She was so engrossed in cooking that she did not even noticed when Armaan came down.

Armaan was standing by the entrance looking at Riddhima cooking. He did not know why, but he felt some kind of attraction towards her. Before his mind could think, his foot took him towards Riddhima. He put his hands on her waist and pulled her towards his chest. He hid his head in her neck.

R: ahh, Armaan, tumne to mujhe dara hi diya tha.
A: tum mere saath kyu nahi thi?
R: uhhh…
A: jab me utha, tum mere saath nahi thi mere bed me…
R: ohhh…wo me tumhare liye breakfast banane aayi, isliye…

Riddhima found it very hard to hid her blush. It was something knew to see this side of Armaan. She would be lying if she said that she wasn’t enjoying it.

A: ohhh…

Then he grabbed he turned her around and made her look into his eyes. He could see the blush on her cheek and smiled. then he looked down at her lips, which were parted away, inviting his lips. Without thinking anymore his lips touched hers. This time his lipe were much firmer and gentle. compared to last time. At first Riddhima was shocked but then soon her body responded to the gentle movement. Her fingers moved to his hairs and pulled him closer. His hands moved to her waist, which caused heat to shoot through her body. His teeth nibbled at her downlip, which made riddhima feel the fire throughout her body. She gasped and at the same moment he pushed his tongue inside her. That was it, that was the moment, where both of them lost their control and got lost in eachother. 

Her fingers curled tighter around his hair, tugging hard as she pressed herself against him. Armaan pulled her up and made her sit on the counter. He deepend the kiss and earned a moan from Riddhima. This made him smirk. 

Finlly after what seems hours Riddhima pulled away and pushed his chest. Armaan looked at her with confusion.

R: breakfast…
A: nahi chahiye…

He was again bending down….but Riddhima moved aside…

R: Armaann…
A: what, apne breakfast hi to kar raha hu…

He again tried to capture her lips, but Riddhima slapped his chest.

R: ufff, bas. Bohot ziddi ho tum. Chalo ab baitho udhar. Me tumahra breakfast layi.
A: lekin mujhe bhook nahi hai.
R: aach jee, abhi bukhar se utho ho. Aise kaise bhook nahi hai. Agar tumne khud nahi khaya, to me tumhare haath pair bandh ke tumhe khilaungi.
A: bohot ziddi ho tum.
R: thank you, tumse hi seekha hai.

Armaan pouted and left from there, making Riddhima giggle. She then put the breakfast on the table where Armaan was sitting. As she was about to sit on her chair, Armaan pulled her hand and made her sit on his lap. Riddhima gasped in shock.

R: ARmaannn…
A: what? tumne to kaha ke breakfast karu, wohi to kar raha hu. 

After the breakfast, Riddhima was still sitting on his lap. He was not ready to leave her. Thinking about everything Riddhima looked over at him.

R: Armaan, yeh sab…
A: me nahi janta, sirf itna pata hai, ke I need you close to me. 

Neither Armaan nor Riddhima knew what was happening. Then suddenly Armaan stood up and left from there, leaving Riddhima at the table. She was confused by his behaviour. But also about hers. She cant deny that she was physically attrached towards Armaan, and the same with Armaan. But were they emotionally also attrached towards eachother? That’s the question. 

As Riddhima got into Armaans room, she was shocked to see Armaan on his laptop, doing work. That was it for her, she was fuming in anger. She rushed over to him and took the laptop away. Armaan looked up with angry eyes.

A: what the hell Riddhima.
R: how dare you Armaan. Abhi tumahri tabyat theek bhi nahi hui, aur tum phirse kaam karne lag gayi.
A: Mera laptop wapis do Riddhima.
R: never.
A: don’t be so difficult. 
R: ohhh now I am being difficult. Tum kaam nahi karoge.
A: tum mujhe kaam karne se mana nahi kar sakti.
R: guess what Mr. Mallik, me mana kar rahi hu. Tum ek pure week ke liye is laptop ko hath nahi lagaoge. aur na hi office jaoge.
A: Riddhimaaa…
R: armaaann…

Both of them were fuming in anger. but then, before Riddhima could react, Armaan grabbed her hand and pushed her on the bed,with himself above her. Their faces inches away.

A: aaj tak kisi ki itni himmat nahi thi, ke wo mujhse is lehje me baat kare.
R: ab time aa gaya ke yeh bhi change ho…

Armaan smirked at her evily. He hated but at the same time loved her attitude.
Here you got the part, hope you all like it 😍

With loads of lovee
 Amna & Rihoo ❤️

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