Sunday, 3 December 2017

PART - 8 : I want you to hate me

~ Same Day ~

It was 10 past 7 in d evening.. Duty was over 4 every1.. Riddhima sneaked in2 sanjeevani.. Juz then she heard:

"Riddhima bitiya.."

Riddhima bit her tounge as she was caught... She closed her eyes nd turned...

"Riddhima bitiya..."

He said again.. She opened her eyes nd made a puppy face...

"Aap yahan is tarah??"

Ri : "sshhh... Umar Chacha... dheere..."

Umar Bhai, the head stuff employed in the cleaning department, nodded his head timidly..
"Par.." he asked so softly following instruction of his Riddhima bitiya...

"Chacha... agar keerti di ko pata chal gaya ke main ghar me rest karne ki wajah yahan ayee hoon, toh aap jante ho na mujhe kitniii daant padegi !!"
Riddhima whispered nd pouted...

In response Umar bhai juz nodded... but then he noticed the huge bags full of stuffs dat Riddhima was carrying in her both hands... Riddhima followed his trance nd smiling like a child she announced:

"ye sab rishwat hain..."

Umar bhai looked at his Riddhima bitiya , understanding d inner meaning of her statement he smiled..

"chacha... aap meri madat karenge , na?? (then taking a pause nd examining d surrounding nd nt finding her Keerti di she relaxed nd continued) aap plzz ye bags leke ward ke bahar wait karenge jab tak main aapko na bulayuun... plsshhh..."
Riddhima requested..

"arrey bitiya ji... isme plz kehne wali kya baat hain... aap dijiye mujhe bags.." & he took d bags nd followed Riddhima...

They stopped near d entrance of d ward..
"aap yahin rukiye... pehle mein mausam ka haal dekh leti hoon... (then crossing her fingers) hey Gannu Bhaiya.. bacha lena.."
nd she entered d ward.

~ Children's Ward ~

a lill gal : "didi aaj bhi nahi ayee!! kaha tha hospital join karne ke baad ayengi par kitne din ho gayee..."

A lill boy: "haan... iss bar hum itni asani se nhi manenge.."

Another boy: "haan... sahi kaha.. baat bhi nhi karenge.."

Another gal : "haan.. bahot gussa dikhayenge... (then extending her lill arms wide) itna sara gussa..."

Riddhima was feeling a strong urge to burst out in2 laughter hearing their cute banter but controlled ...

A gal : "kaha tha.. minnie... main aab dr. bannke ane wali hoon, na... so roj milne ayungi.. (then frowning after remembering some thing) aur fir uss moti nurse se injection bhi lagwa diya bina chocolate diye ... (frowning more) aur dekho aabhi tak nahi ayee... (slaming her lill palm on her forehead) main to puri popat ban gayee!!"

& dat was it.. Riddhima couldn't control more.. Although she knew it will lead her 2 give extra effort 2 manofy her chillar party.. but how could she control after hearing such cute n innocent accusations... !!!! She burst out in2 laughter...

Every children looked at d source of laughter nd their face lightened seeing their darling riddhi di... but soon dat glow vanished 4m their face as they remembered how their di cheated them breaking her promise by not meeting dem b4 ... Riddhima saw the change in their expression nd her laughter subsidized..

Minnie: "bittoo.. inse keh de... hum sab bahot gussa hain... inse baat nahi karenge... so hume manane ki koshish bhi na kare.."

Bitto.. the youngest of all started repeating d same wen riddhima cut him.

"sacchi me gussa ho aap sab??"
she asked ever so cutely.

Now how could they be angry with their darling di but dey had to... so dey nodded their head..

"main manayungi to bhi nhi manoge??"
she said making a sad face..

but dat was it.. they couldnt see their di sad.. all looked at their leader.. MINNIE.. wth hopeful eyes... she nodded as she too loved her di very much.

Riddhima dint get any answer nd looked at dem nd saw them looking at her intently... She smiled a lill nd then smiling widely she extended her arms.. nd all of dem rushed hurriedly to their di nd hugged her... It was a cute scene... So adorable.. so pure!!

"par fir bhi di.. hum aapse gussa hain.."
minnie said while hugging her.

Riddhima smiled.. kissed her hair.. now riddhima was sitting on her knee nd all of dem were standing in 4nt of her.. riddhima now took bittoo on her lap.. hugging him.. said..
"cholly kidss... plzz aapne di ko maaf kar do... "

Minnie came near nd sat on her lap too.. she dint like wen her di showered more love to any other kid.. Riddhima laughed a lill .. securing minnie by one of her arms.. she whispered in minnie's ear..

"tu kabhi nahi badlegi, nahi??"

Minnie shook her head negatively with proud...

Riddhima kissed her forehead nd continued:
"woh kya hain na bacchoo... maine ek week baad join ki .. na... to iss liye keerti di ne mujhe punish kiya hain!!"

"hayyee Di!! aap to kitni badi ho gayee ho.. abhi bhi aapko punishment milti hain??"
a kid asked innocently..

"aab rule todungi toh punishment to milegi hi .. na??"
riddhima replied smilingly..

"par di aapne late kyun join kiya??"
bitto asked wth his sweet childish voice..

but b4 riddhi could ans our nanima means minnie replied..
"arrey bittoo... tujhe nahi pata.. di ko rules break karna bahot accha lagta hain.. (then looking at her di) hain na di??"

"sachhi mein??" bitto asked wth awe.

"haan.. sacchi mein.. (nd tightened her grip around bitto 2 give him a cute hug).. aab dekho.. aaj mujhe keerti di ne strct order kiya tha ke ghar jake rest karo parrr..."
riddhi took a pause intentionally nd also extended d wrd PAR to draw their attention.

"par???" a boy asked being excited..

"par mein to shopping me chali gayee"
riddhima announced nd winked.

"woww di.. shopping... kya kya khareda aapne??"
a gal asked happily..

Riddhima smiled nd said..
"aap sab hi dekhlo... shopping to aap sab liye hi ki hain.."

nd minnie jumped 4m her lap hearing her..
"diii... wooww!!! humare liye gifts!!"

riddhima smiled seeing their excitement... this was wat she wanted 2 see...

"umar chachaaa..."
she called nd umar bhai came  smilingly nd placed d bags in 4nt of dem... all of dem attacked d bags...

"dheere... sab ke liye hain... (then seeing a gal) arrey pinki.. dheere baccha.. lag jayegi aapko..."
riddhima was saying all dese but d wrds dint enter their ears...

"woww... psp..."

"wooww... barbiee"




"ribbons.. ear ring... wowww"


& dey exclaimed in joy as dey discovered their favorite gifts... Now all got their gifts nd said loudly:

"sshhh... pitwane ka irada hai kya??"
riddhima said cheekily...
"waise..i love you all.. a lot"
nd all came nd hugged her.

Umar bhai left blessing his riddhima bitiya in heart while riddhima was having gala time wth kids.. laughing nd playing... but all she dint know dat she was not successful escaping every1.. infact some1 saw her entering children ward nd hiding himself saw her cute bonding with the kids with gr8 surprise...

"kya ho tum riddhima??? woh jo tum duniya ko dikhati ho ya fir yo jo main dekh raha hoon??? aakhir kya ho tum.. riddhima??"
he sighed seeing d sight in 4nt of his eyes...


with luv,
sargam ..   

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