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Part 8 : Khuda Aur Mohabbat

Riddhima broke off the kiss and looked into Armaans eyes.

R: you are a mess Armaan, lekin phir bhi tumse zyada aacha Insaan mene nahi dekha.
A: Riddhima, tumne shayad suna nahi mene kya kaha
R: Sab suna mene Armaan, lekin un buraiyo ke beech me bhi mujhe sirf wo Armaan dikha jo apne Parents ke pas jane ko tarasta hai, wo Armaan dikha, jiska dil bohot saaf hai, wo Armaan dikha, jo inta majbur hoke bhi, dusro ki help karna nahi chodta tha. Bas mere liye wohi Armaan exist karta hai.
A: Tum khud aachi ho, isliye tumhe dusro me koi buraiy nahi dikhti.

Armaan turned around from Riddhima, he wanted to leave but Riddhima grabbed his hand and did not want him to leave.

R: Tum aache ho Armaan, lekin kisi ko apni aachi dekhna nahi dete.
A: me aacha nahi hu, especially tumhare liye to bilkul bhi nahi. Agar tumhe kuch ho gaya to me apne aap ko kabhi maaf nahi kar paunga.
R: mujhe kya hona hai Armaan?
A: Riddhima tum baat ki seriousness nahi samajh rahi, na chahte hue bhi, mene tumhe apni zindagi ka hissa bana liya hai. With all my darkness.
R: aisa kuch bhi nahi hai Armaan.
A: aisa hi hai Riddhima, ab mere saath saath tumhari Zindagi bhi safe nahi hai.

Armaan started to panick and went to the bed.

A: I think hume wapis chalna chahiye.

Armaan was about to stand up, but Riddhima pushed him back on the bed.

R: listen to me Armaan. Aisa kuch bhi nahi hone wala. Tumhare hote hue mujhe koi haath bhi nahi laga sakta.
A: nahi Riddhima, tum samajh nahi rahi, meri wajah se hi to tumhari Zindagi bhi ab danger me nahi.
R: nahi hai aisa kuch Armaan. Aisa kuch bhi nahi hai, or na hi hoga.
A: Lekin…
R: shhhh, hum dono yaha pe aaye the, take hum dono apni past ko bhul jaye. I am very greatful to you, ke tumne apna past mere saath share kiya. Ab tumhe us pain ko free karna hoga Armaan. Meri baat dhyaan se suno.

Riddhima palmed his face in her hands and made him look into her eyes. She then sat on his lap, each leg on the each side of Armaan.

R: Tumne apne parents ko nahi mara, it was an accident. Koi kuch bhi kahi, tumne kuch bhi nahi kiya, yu samajh lo, ke unki Zindagi sirf utni hi thi. Tumne apne parents ko nahi maara armaan, sun rahe ho na tum. Tum ek murderer nahi ho, tumne kisi ko bhi nahi maara. aur us insaan ko bhi Raj na mara tha, tumne nahi. Tum aisa kaam nahi kar sakta, aur pata hai kyu?
A: kyu…

Armaan could not hold his tears back, till now everyone has pushed him back. Everyone has forced him to believe that he is wrong, he is a murderer, he is bad luck. But for the first time, this girl sitting on his lap, is telling him, that it was not his fault, he did nothing wrong, he was just a child. He did not kill his parents. He wasn’t at fault.

Riddhima placed her hand on his heart.

R: kyunke tumhara dil bohot saaf hai. Tum chah ke bhi kabhi kisi ka bura nahi kar sakte. Tum bohot aache Insaan ho Armaan, kisi ko bhi tumhe put down nahi karne dena. Wo nahi jaante ke tumhari value kya hai, tumhari importance kya hai. Lekin me jaanti hu. Aur me yeh yakeen se keh sakti hu ke tumse aacha Insaan is puri duniya me nahi hoga.
A: tum mujhe itna aacha kyu bana rahi ho
R: kyunke tum aache ho Armaan. tumne kuch bhi galat nahi kiya. Nothing. You are not a killer and above all you definiately did not kill your parents. wo sab jhoot bolte the. Tumne kuch bhi galta nahi kiya. Tum bohot pure ho. Bohot zyaada.

Armaan closed his eyes, digesting the words. He did not know that someone could actually look through his bad-boy image and see his trueself. But she did it, Riddhima did it. Riddhima is making him to a better person. She is turning him into a good man again.

A: Thank you.

Armaan grabbed her neck and pushed her forward. He had to made your that this all is not only his imagination. This all is true, and Riddhima was actually feeling all this for him. Armaan licks his lips looking into her eyes. He looks down to her lips and kissed her.

She kissed him back out of instinct. Their lips moved in sync. He grabbed her face to deepen the kiss. She run her hands through his hair. Both knew, that this was wrong, but it felt so right, for both of them. No one was ready to let the other one go. Armaan kissed down her neck and Riddhima moaned. she closed her eyes feeling the pleasure. he bite her, giving her a love bite. Then he sucks hard on her neck. Riddhima moaned and arched her back feeling his erected manhood on her core. He rubbed himself against her and she moaned breathlessly. slowly he pulled bak and laid himself back on the bed, still with Riddhima on his lap.

A: I am sorry, I should go. Me shower leke aaya. Then hum dono bahar jayenge.

riddhima blushed and got down from his lap. Before Armaan went to the washroom, he bend down to riddhima and pecked her lips. Then he moved to her ears and whispered.

A: I love you riddhima

Without seeing her reaction he moved to the washroom and closed the door. He could not believe he just told her his feelings. How would she think of him. What would she do now. Would she say, that she loves him too? Because he can easily see in her eyes that she loves him too. Or will she still accept Siddhant as her husband. Armaan was nervous and curious at the same time.

In the room Riddhima was sitting on the bed, still shocked with his confession. Did he mean it, or was he just playing with her. Did he actually ment that. Is Armaan really in love with her? Before Riddhima could think more about it, suddenly armaans phone rang. He got an msg. At first Riddhima hesitated, but then the thought she should look at it. When she saw the msg, she suddenly got scared.

MSG: Armaan lagta hai ke tere marne ka time aa gaya. Aur tere saath saath us Riddhima ka bhi. bohot chipak raha hai na tu uske saath. Ab dekh me kya karta hu? Ya to tu chup chap hume phirse join kar, nahi to teri Riddhima bohot jald tere saath saath is duniya ko bhi bye bye keh degi.
-Your partner in Crime

riddhima knew that this msg was from raj, because as Armaan told her, Raj used to call himself his partner in crime. She actually got scarred seeing this msg, but she did not want Armaan to see it right now, because she wanted him to forget everything, she wanted him to let free. She wanted him to enjoy himself here. she wanted him to let go of the guilt. That’s why she put his mobile in the drawer and locked it. she hid the key in her bag. In that moment Armaan came out of the washroom, with just a towel around his waist. Riddhima saw him with wide eyes. Her eyes got stuck at his abs. she wasn’t able to breath.

A: breath riddhima

Armaans voice brought her back to the world. she blushed and wanted to run by him to the washroom. On her way, Armaan grabbed her hand.

A: mene jo kaha, wo saach hai Riddhima. Me tumhe kisi bhi pressure me nahi dalna chahta. Lekin jo mere dil me tha, wo mene tumhe bata diya. I really love you.

then he let go of her hand and Riddhima got into the washroom. She was looking in the mirrow.

R: I love you too Armaan, lekin meri kuch zimedaariya hai. Baba se kiya hua wada hai. Siddhant ki responsibility hai. Shayad Khuda koi raasta nikal de.

After riddhima showered, they both went into an park, to enjoy the day and spent some quality time with eachother. There Riddhima told him about her past. About her fathers rejection. Armaan was holding her in his arms all the while and kissing her forehead.

A: me tumhe kabhi akela nahi chodunga Riddhima, tumahra jo bhi faisla hoga. Me hamesha tumahre saath rahunga.
R: i am sorry Armaan, me jaanti hu ke tum mujhse pyaar karte ho. Lekin me Baba ke khilaf nahi jaa sakti, itne waqt ke baad mujhe unka affection naseeb hua hai. Me...
A: shhhhh, kuch na kaho Riddhima. Agar hum dono ki kismat me ek hona hua, to wo Khuda khud hum dono ke liye Raasta nikale ga.
R: i love you too Armaan. Bohot zyaada, shayad khud se bhi zyaada. Lekin me majboor hu. I am sorry.

Armaan grabbed her hand and put it on his chest. He was beyond happy, that Riddhima loved him too, but sad at the same time, because she cant be his. Once again he lost in fornt of the world.

A: suno meri Dhadkan kya kehti hai.
R: kya kehti hai?

(guyzzzz pleaseeee listen to this song while reading: Tum Dil Ki Dhadkan Me)

Tum Dil Kiiii Dhadkan Mein
Rehte Hooo,Tum Rehte Ho

Riddhima looked up to meet his eyes. She saw just honesty in them. She smiled to him and kissed his nose.

Tum Dil Kiiii Dhadkan Mein
Rehte Hooo, Rehte Hooo

Armaan smiled at her antics and pulled her more closer to himself.

Tum Dil Kiiii Dhadkan Mein
Rehte Hooo, Rehte Hooo

He stood up from the bank and made her stand too.

Meri Inn Saansoin Se
Kehte Hooo, Kehte Hooo

He circled Riddhima and then stood a little bit aside her.

Baaahoin Mein Aaaja O
Sapnoin Mein Khoo Jaa O

He opened his arms for her, and Riddhima moved forward and hugged him.

Tum Dil Kiiii Dhadkan Mein
Rehte Hooo, Rehte Hooo

She wipped her tears away, which were falling down. Never has a person hade her this much special.

R: kitna pyaar karte ho tum mujhse Armaan?

Hmmmmm Hmmmm..Hmmm
Hmmmm Deeevanoin Sa Haal Hua
Hum Koo Unse Pyaar Hua

Armaan looked at her and then bend town on his knees.

Deeevanoin Sa Haal Hua
Hum Ko To Unnse Pyaar Hua

he took her hands in his and kissed both her hands.

Dheere Se Vo Paas Aaaye
Chuppkee Se Izhaar Hua

He bend down his head infront of her. Riddhima also kneeled down infront of him and grabbed his face. She made him look into her eyes and shook her head.

Ab Na Kisise Darna Hai
Sang Jeenaaa Marrna Hai

Armaan kissed her forehead and then both her eyes. He wiped away her tears.

Ab Na Kisise Darna Hai
Sang Jeenaaa Marrnaa Hai

Then he grabbed her face and pulled her forward.

Baahoin Meein Aaaja O
Sapnoin Meeein Khoo Jaa O

He hugged her very tightly. He wanted to forget all the pain. he wanted her to forget all the pain. Riddhima came out of the hug. she looked with hurt in his eyes.

R: mat karo itni mohabbat mujhse Armaan. Bohot Tarpo ge tum. Bohot talkeef hoegi. Meri Shaadi jab Sid ke saath hoegi, tum seh nahi paoge, aur tumhe is halat me dekh ke, me bhi marr jaungi. Akhri aisa kya hai mujhe Armaan, kyu karte ho mujhe itni mohabbat?

Hmmmm..Duniyaa Ne Thukraaaya He
Bus Tumnee Apnaaya Hai

Armaan stood up and turned his back to her. He remembered how everyone just had pushed him back. Everyone had put him down.

Duniyaa Ne Thukraaaya He
Bus Tumnee Apnaaya Hai

But Riddhima saw instantly through him. She saw the good in him. She supported him. She stood with him. And above all. She loved him

Dilll Koo Kitnaa Chaaain Mila
Sub Neeee Itna Sataaaya Hai

Riddhima came and stood next to him. She put her hands on his shoulder, to sign him, that she is with him.

Apna Haaaaai Ik Sapnaa
Ik Tu Hiiiii Hoo Apna

Armaan wipped his tears and then turned around to face her.

Apna Haaaaai Ik Sapnaaa
Ik Tu Hiiiii Hoo Apna

He again kissed her forehead.

Sapnoin Mein Khoo Jaaa O

He hold her very close to his heart. He knew, that they only have this weekend. And he wanted to make the best out of it.

Tum Dil Kiii Dhadkan Mein
Rehte Hoo, Rehtee Hoo
Rehtee Hooo, Rehtee Hooo

They were back in his penthouse, in their bedroom to be honest.

A: Kya Mein Hi Kehta Rahoonga?
Aur Tum Kuch Bhi Nahi Kahogi

Then Riddhima started to sing. She went to the window.

Aaaha..Ha..Ha.. Haaaa..Haaaa..Haaaa..Haaa

R: Achha Laga..Huh?


Armaan came and stood behind her. He pushed her hair behind, to one sid.

Rehte Ho,Rehte Ho

R: Sach..Aaaha..Ha..Ha..Haaaa..Haaa..Haaaa

He kissed her neck and Riddhima turned around. She had made her decision.

Kehte Hooo, Kehtee Hooo

She grabbed Armaan by her neck and pulled him forward to himself.

Baaahoin Meein Aaajaa O
Sapnooin Mein Khoo Jaaa O

She hugged him very tightly, as if her life is depending on him.

Tum Dil Kiiii Dhadkan Meein
Rehtee Hooo, Bus Tum Rehte Hooo

She came out of the hug and pecked his lips.

R: mene faisla kar liya hai Armaan. Aage jo hoga wo dekha jayega. me jo karne jaungi, shayad Khuda mujhe uske liye kabhi maaf na kare, lekin jab tak tum mere saath ho, mujhe kuch bhi galat nahi lagta. Mere faisla yeh hai ke…

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