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Part 9 : Dard Na Jaane Koi (An AR FF)

Armaan and Riddhima were lost in each other eyes as slowly their anger got calmed as a new emotion started to fill their eyes. Neither of them could imagine what it was as for a minute they forget why they were facing each other, that too on same bed.

Their moment was disturbed by Armaans mobile ringtone which broke the silence around the house as the only two people present in the house were lost in each other without caring about anyone or anything else.

The ringtone brought back them to their sense which made Armaan move off from Riddhima, who jerked up sitting on the bed as she looked to Armaan who moveed out from the bed to fetch his mobile. Riddhima sit for a second but as she saw that Armaan was going to answer his phone, most probably it would be from work, she moved out of the bed.

Riddhima moved to Armaan on time, before he could answer the call, she snatched the phone shocking Armaan with her action. Taking advantage of Armaans shocked state, Riddhima answered the call, telling the caller to cancel all the meetings for the week as Mr. Mallik wouldn't dare to step in office till next week.

Armaan who was too shocked to realize what Riddhima was up to, was brought back to the reality when Riddhima pushed back his mobile in his palm after cutting the call. For a moment, Armaan felt Riddhima was kidding when she said he won’t to go back to work, but this girl showed him what she can do under his nose.

Riddhima smirked seeing Armaans state, without daring to give any explanation to him she turned to move but Armaan hold her before she could leave the room. Armaan pinned her on the closed door as he moved dangerously close to her as their breath mingled with each other.

A: What was that.?
R: I warned you Mr. Mallik, you aren't allowed to do any work because you will rest till next week.
A: Don't show me your attitude, you can't stop me.

Armaan said grinning how Riddhima was bossing him around, that too in his own house. Riddhimas smirk got deeper as she put her hands on his chest giving him a push. Armaan was too angry to keep himself strong which made him stumble back a step or two with her push.

R: Try me, Mr. Mallik

Riddhima challenged him before leaving the room hiding her victory smile as Armaan stood rooted on his place seeing how openingly Riddhima was challenging him. He never thought Riddhima would be so brave and strong to face him and answer back to each and every word he spoke but.

Armaan was really liking this new Riddhima, who was bossing him around as if she has every damn right on him, which NO one ever showed him in his whole life till date. NO matter how much Armaan tried to hate her, his heart has started to accept her as a part of his life, unknowningly to him.

Three days past like this and Riddhima didn't let Armaan step out from the house neither touch any of the device unless it was from his parents. Being a good daughter in law, Riddhima informed his parents about his illness and make him get a earful from his parents.

Riddhima was taking care of his food and medicine, she let him work for an hour or two because he didn't sit in one place for a second peacefully, if she didn't allow him to work because it is his life.

In these three days, they had shared some moment which each other. Riddhima asked every time Armaan why the sudden change but he just brusted it out saying he just need her and is used to have her around.

While feelings were developing in their hearts for each other, still they show how much anger in their heart is for eachother, but truth was the anger has turned fake and replaced with a new emotion.

Slowly, Armaan started to accept Riddhima as a part of his life but every time he tried to take a step towards her, that incident replyed in his mind, made him step back. Armaan was having this fear what if Riddhima turned out just like Shaina.

Still Armaan couldn't help making sure she will all the time around him, but he just left her alone whenever he felt she might cheat him just like Shaina.

As Armaan has been getting better, Riddhima thought to let Armaan go back to work because she will be around him in office and at home too. Being in home, their physical attraction was getting too much to handle for eachother but somehow, they control it before they cross any barriers.

From last three nights, Riddhima had been sleeping in Armaan room, just to make sure he was fine. However, Riddhima slept in the sofa but end up waking up on the bed with him in the morning.

Riddhima has started to learn that Armaan wasn't too bad as he started to treat her well but their bickering would always make them shoot daggers at each other as if they might kill the other person with their one look. It was a love hate relationship, but none of them knew that love has alrerady started to develop in their hearts.

So, spending another day alone with Armaan, Riddhima thought it would be better to let him work so she also could be around some other people other than only Armaan. When Riddhima told Armaan, he can go back to work the following day, he kept himself busy in the work from that evening as he needed to check mails and schedules.

Being Armaan PA now, Riddhima helped him before leaving to get dinner ready. Knowing Armaan wouldn't dare to leave the room, she came back with food and asked him to have it as he still needed to take medicine for another two to three days.

Mean time, Riddhima thought to have a shower so she left but as she came back, she saw the food just the way she kept it. she shook her head to see how much lost Armaan was in his work, she took the food to warm up before coming with it again.

R: Armaan, have dinner.
A: Just a moment Riddhima.
R: Armaan, I m not going to warm it up again so you just better have it now.
A: Rakh do, main khaalunga.

When Armaan kept himself busy in the work, Riddhima moved out and snatched the file which he was working on. Armaan was shocked because a while ago she was helping him and now she was taking the file.

A: What the hell. Riddhima, whats your problem.?
R: You are my problem Armaan, ek baar bolne se kyun nehi maan sakte tum meri baat.
A: Can't you see I m working.
R: I surely can see that Mr. Mallik but you can't just avoid your health for work samjhe.
A: Nehi samjha, kiya karogi.

Armaan stood up and tried to snatch back the file but to his surprise, Riddhima hold it back as soon as he snatch it. So now both were holding it from either side as they shoot daggers to each other.

Neither of them was willing to let it go as they kept pulling it towards them. Armaan thought it would be easy to take it but to his surprise, Riddhima hold was as tight as his.

A: leave it Riddhima.
R: Not a chance Armaan.
A: Riddhimaaa...
R: Armaan....

Armaan pull it with all the force he could, which caused Riddhima to lose her balance and fall on him. Armaan wasn't expecting this to happen so the moment Riddhima fall on him, he also lost his balance which made then land on the bed.

Armaan was on the bed while Riddhima on him, file was forgotten the moment Riddhima came in Armaans arms. Armaans hands were around Riddhimas waist while Riddhimas hands rested on Armaans chest.

With the sudden pull and losing balance, Riddhima closed her eyes shut as her hands land on Armaans shirt. Automatically her hands hold his shirt in her fist as she hide her face in his bare chest as he left his first three buttons open.

Armaan who was shocked with the sudden turn of the event, hold Riddhima close to him feeling her hot breath kissing his bare chest. Both felt a current pass through their bodies as they laid like that for a moment.

It was Riddhima who moved out but the moment she looked at Armaans face, which was so close that they could feel each other breath, she was lost in his eyes. Even Armaan felt everything else fading around them the moment his eyes met with her beautiful orbs.

Armaan was admiring Riddhima, having her so close to him. Once again, he was lost in her, like every time she came in his arms.

On the other hand, Riddhima was trying to control her fast heartbeat. She broke the eye lock as in her mind was screaming not to let him take over her, because they hate each other, he hates girls and he hates her.

Riddhima tried to move before she can loose her sense but Armaan was holding too tight, she wasn't able to move out from his hold.

R: Armaan, leave me.

Riddhima struggled in his hold but it didn't bring him back from his dream land, which made Riddhima think sometimes that he loves her. Riddhima looked at Armaan as the realization drowned in her mind that their body was crushing on each other without a single distance left between them. A shiver run down on her spines as she again tried to move off from him but Armaan hold her nape making Riddhima look towards him.

R: Leave... Me...

Riddhima whispered softly seeing Armaan bending her head towards his as their breath mingled and they could smell their mouth fresh.

A: I need…
R: Nooo...

Riddhima push him breaking his trace, Armaan let go off her as she quickly moved off from him and run out of the room. Armaan just laid wondering what happened.

From last three four days, Riddhima never denied sharing those little moments with him but what happened suddenly that she run away like that. Armaan laid with his eyes closed, trying to remember what made her back off like that.

Armaans trace was broken hearing a click sound from his laptop letting him know that he got a new mail. Forgetting about Riddhima for a while, he went back to his work but when he saw the food tray, leaving his work Armaan started to have dinner.

Armaan wait for Riddhima to come and give him medicines but when she didn't come for another two hours, Armaan moved to her room to see her staring at the sky.

A: Riddhima.

Riddhima turn around hearing him, they look at each other but soon Riddhima turn her face waiting for him to speak. When Armaan didn't say anything, Riddhima move out from the room understanding he must be waiting for her to give him his medicine. As she came back, Armaan wasn’t in her room anymore, so she moved to his room.

Armaan was sitting on the bed, trying to read Riddhima expression but she wasn't making any eye contact with him, which didn't allow Armaan to see through her eyes to know what might be going on her mind and heart.

After Armaan took medicine, Riddhima turned to leave but Armaan stopped her when he saw Riddhima moving towards the door. He got used to see her just laying on the sofa and end up on his bed with him but today when Riddhima was leaving the room, Armaan didn't felt to let her go.

A: Riddhima.
R: Tumko sojana chahiyeh.
A: Haan lekin tum kaha jaa rahe ho.?
R: Apne kamre mein.

Before Armaan could say anything, Riddhima left. Armaan was surprise with her behavior but didn't want to let her go so easily. He has become so used to have her around all the time, now he wanted her to be there in same room with him.

So, without thinking much, Armaan left to get his Riddhima back in his room. Armaan was surprised thinking how he was accepting her as his, but the only thing he cared at this moment was he needed Riddhima in front of his eyes.

As Armaan enter her room, he saw Riddhima standing with her back towards the door. She was standing near the window but hearing his footsteps, she looked around and was surprised by the sudden presence of Armaan.

R: Armaan…

Riddhima whispered not understanding now what he was up to. Without saying anything Armaan moved forward and hold her hand leading her back to his room. Riddhima who was shocked with his sudden appearing, pulled away her hand making Armaan turn to her.

R: Yeh kiya battameezi hai Armaan.
A: Maine abhi battameez ki kaha hai Riddhima.
R: Kiya chahiyeh tumhe...
A: Tum.

Riddhima felt her breath got stuck somewhere in her throat, she never thought Armaan would say so easily that he wanted her. Armaan who was getting irritated with Riddhima questions, let himself calm before making himself ready to talk with her.

A: I mean…
R: Kyun?

Riddhima asked cutting him off, hoping to get some reasonable answers from him. Armaan moved close to her, taking her hands in his as he pull her closer to himself.

A: Riddhima, main nahi jaante mujhe kiya ho raha hai, lekin mujhe har waqt tum chahiyo, apne paas.
R: Kyun Armaan?

Again, Riddhima asked. Armaan closed his eyes as he realized he has no answer for that question of Riddhima but not to let her go, he let her hand rest on his chest as he cupped her face.

A: Me nahi janta.

Armaan slowly caressed her cheek with his thumb making Riddhima lose her sense with his touch. Not being able to control herself she got lost in him. Riddhima tried to fight but she couldn't when next second she felt his lips on hers. It was a soft one, as he pecked for two three times letting her welcome him to claim her. When Riddhima parted her lips, Armaan captured her upper lip, sucking it softly making Riddhima crave for more. When Riddhima started to respond, Armaan put his one hand around her waist pulling her closer to him. Riddhimas one hand also went around Armaans neck as she pull him closer, deeping the kiss.

The kiss turned to a passionate one, Armaan pulled Riddhima up a little, letting her feet go off from the ground. Without letting her go, he moved to the bed and soon they were on bed with Riddhima under him. Armaans hand moved down on her body as he slowly caressed it. Riddhima kept moving her hand on his nape making him go wild and informing him not to stop. Their body was on fire and tonight they felt like nothing could stop them. Forgetting about their hatred and the past, they were lost in each other. Both encouraging each other to go on, without stopping as it was the most blessful thing left in their life.

Being lack of breath, Armaan broke the kiss but hide his face in her neck. Their breaths were sharp as they tried to catch it and let their heartbeat slow down as their hands were around each other, caressing each others body softly making havoc in their bodies.

A: I just NEED you Riddhima.

Armaan whisperd close to her ear, before sucking her earlobe. Riddhima who was enjoying their moment, let her eyes jerk open hearing those words. She felt her eyes burn as tears formed in them, not wanting to be there for another second, Riddhima push him off from her.

Armaan who was so lost in her wasn't expecting this, so the moment Riddhima push him off he fell on her side. Before Armaan could understand what was happening, he saw Riddhima ones again running away from him. Again, Armaan thought what he has done wrong, that too second time in one night. It was than, he realized the words he has used. He needs her, NEEDS. Riddhima being his wife, he was using her. Armaan couldn't believe what he has done, he stood up and left the room in search of her. Armaan went to her room but he couldn't find her there, he moved back to the hall calling her name but no reply. Armaan felt horrible thinking what Riddhima must be thinking about him.

He had already confessed that he didn’t like girls for a particular reason and here, he was getting closer and closer every passing seconds without realizing what a big crime he was doing.

A: I m sorry Riddhima, kaha ho tum.

Armaan look around to see where she might have gone, he checked the main door but it was locked from inside means that Riddhima must be inside the house. Armaan moved to the kitchen but she wasn't even there.

A: No Riddhima, you can't leave me like that. I need you. I need you Riddhimaaaaa.

Armaan shouted as his voice echo around the house, he felt tears falling from his eyes. After years, Armaan felt how much he was craving for a girl. His heart ached again, not to seeing Riddhima with him.

A: I need you Riddhima because.

Armaan let himself sunk on the floor on his knees as he hid his face in palm as the realization hit him badly. Yes, The Armaan Mallik needed his wife. He needed that girl because…

A: I love you.

Armaan whispered so softly that he wasn't sure if it has left from his mouth, but her sudden disappearing made him realise his feelings. He was in love with her, that was the reason he had been obeying everything she had been asking him to do last few days being in same house. Finally it was out. But was it too late? Had Riddhima left him?
Here you got the next part, i hope it reached your expectations 

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