Tuesday, 5 December 2017

PART - 9 : I want you to hate me

~ One and Half Month Later at Nurse Station ~

All were gathered for briefing session.. But all were busy consoling Atul except Riddhima of course.. She was standing lill away from this with i-m-not-so-interested-in-ur-stupid-drama look on her face.. She was standing supporting the receptionist's table, flipping pages of some random medical magazine showing not to care about Atul but in reality she was juz flipping the pages but all her concentration was in the conversation.

Ni : atul yaar.. tu kyun pareshaan ho raha hain.. don't worry.. sab thik ho jayega..

Ra : par niks.. i must tell you yaar, yeh miss super model hain bahot achchi doctor.. i mean juz look at the score guys, she is far away from us with a lead of 20 marks from atul who is at 2nd position!!

Mu : oye kaan khajure.. teri problem kya hain yaar.. yahan hum atul ko cheer karne ki koshish kar rahe hain aur to uss ghamandi badd dimak ladki ki side le raha hain!!

An : exactly.. shame on u rahul.. dekho becahra atul kitna upset ho gaya hain...

Actually the result of second month's "intern of the month" title was coming near nd as riddhima was thrown out of this compi on the 1st month, none felt that she could be such a tough competitor.. nd On the 1st month it was a tie between Armaan nd Atul but knowing Atul's economic condition, armaan refuse to take the title nd atul was made the the intern of the month (IOM).. It was a rule in sanjeevani, if some one becomes IOM three times back to back he/she will get a scholarship of further studies nd all knew Atul was in the most need of it being least rich among all.. but now after joining of riddhima in the compi, all became shocked.. though muski got a chance to witness her ability before but she never want this arrogant creature to win the title.

Ar : champ yaar.. juz relax.. abhi bhi time hain.. aur agar iss mahiney mein nahi hua to next month mein i'm sure u'll beat HER.

Atul looked at armaan at once nd confessed..

She's d best among all of us, u know that right??

Armaan shushed nd atul sighed. atul knew his best friend come brother could never lie to him nd he also knew Riddhima was far better doctor than him but he badly needed this scholarship.

Riddhima, who was listening the conversation secretly, immersed in deep thought..

Mu : kash yeh sarr firi ladki kuch aisa karti ke issey punishment mil jati aur hitler isski marks kat leti...

muskan expresses her evil wish nd hearing her, abhi looked at riddhima at once.. "oh god.. pata nahi aab riddhi kya karegi.." he whispered under his breathe knowing very well that riddhima was listening to them nd muski unknowingly gave her the idea to solve atul's problem but before they could continue they heard a curt voice..

"may i have ur attention. interns??"

all stood modestly in an order nd greeted dr. keerti "good morning mam.."

"good morning interns.. okkey, jaisa ki aap sab jante hain.. intern of the month mein bas ek aur week baki hain nd i must tell you shivayee dr. riddhima ke iss mahiney aap sab ki performance itni achchi nahi hain..."

hearing praises from hitler that too for riddhima juz bolied muski's blood.. "aargg.."

"sshh.." rahul indicated her to control nd dr. keerti carried on with her lecture..

"waisey main aap sab ko bata doon.. next mahiney aap logo ke liye aur bhi mushkil hain score karna because we r heading to a village for free check up.. so, better u bag more marks this month as it's more difficult to win the title next month.."

hearing this Atul became more upset nd armaan patted his back gently not to become sad on this nd atul returned an understanding nod to him..

"okkey interns.. now resume your duty.."

all left immersed in their own thoughts where muski was busy cursing riddhima under her breathe, atul was sad, armaan,rahul n abhi were trying to cheer him up, nikki nd anji were tensed with their poor marks and ridhhima was busy thinking HOW TO REDUCE HER MARKS..

~ Lunch Time at Canteen ~

Ni : uff !! kitna kaam karate hain yeh log yaar..

An : aut marks bhi nahi dete..

Ra : i agree gals..

Mu : pata nahi hitler ko kab se uss super model se pyaar ho gaya hain.. sarey marks ussey...  jaisey humne toh kuch kiya hi na ho whole month!!

Ar : chill yaar muski.. i know u don't like HER.. rather we all HATE HER but she has potential, yaar.. yeh toh tujhe manni hi hogi..

At : haan... bhai sahi keh raha hain..

Atul agreed nd armaan smiled at him.. Atul was so good as a human being although its him who is most adversely affected by her huge score but still he never hesitate to accept the reality...

Mu : tu pagal ho gaya hai kya champ??? sabse zyada nookshaan tujhe hi hua hain aur tu ussi ki side...

but atul cut her in the middle with his answer..

truth is truth, muski... juz becoz we don't like her, i can't overlook the truth..

muski bowed down her head realizing the fact nd said..

sorry yaar.. pata nahi uski naam sunte hi mera mood kyun off ho jaya hain..

both anji n nikki gave her a side hug as they too feel the same for riddhima...

Ra : but i must say... (he got up from his seat) .. champ, u r too sweet.. yaar..

nd he patted his back so loudly dat he spilled out whole juice from his mouth coughing badly..

Mu : gadha kahin ka...

rahul shushed like a bheegi billi nd whispered.. sorry yaar..

Abhi nd armaan gave atul some water nd soon he felt better... but before they could continue the intercom rang announcing..

"dr. atul report to dr. keerti now.."

all looked at atul extremely confused who himself was hell tensed with this sudden announcement. never the less he went to meet dr. keerti nd knocking at her cabin door he asked nervously..

"may i come in.. maam??"

"yess dr. atul.. main aap ka hi intezar kar rahi thi.."

he entered timidly nd dr. keerti raised a file to him.. he took it but got the biggest shock wen he opened it..

"aaj se balki aabhi se yeh case aap handle karenge.."

"par maam.. yeh case tohh.."

"dr. riddhima ka tha par aab nahi hain.. i was so wrong to hand over such a critical case to her.."

atul became confused but dr. keerti carried on..

"mainey aapne poore carrier mein aisi irresponsible dr. nahi dekhi.. she juz tkes every thing lightly.. (then throwing a piece of paper disgustedly in front of him on the table she continued).. she juz sent this stupid leave application by a nurse stating she has some important work nd have to go now... aargg.. wat on the earth is more imp to a doc than her patient's life... (she paused n started)... anyways, jo hua acchhe ke liye hi hua.. u r a responsible dr. ... and i'm sure u'll handle this case efficiently..."

Atul nodded unable to believe his luck...

"okkey.. u may go now.."

He came out of dr. keerti's cabin n saw all his friends standing worriedly..

Ni : atul???

Armaan : champ ???

he was still shocked but then said every thing to them nd hearing him  muski n anji juz hi-5 with each other in happiness.. they so hate riddhima but this time they truly love her for making this blunder which in turn helped atul.

Ra : lucky you mahnn!!

Ni : true... now no more rona dhona.. u'll definitely beat that dumbo...

Atul smiled finally getting another chance but two persons were not happy one who was anticipating some thing like this nd one who was confused with this coincidence..

Ar : pata nahi kyuun.. par uss din children ward mein uss riddhima ko dekhne ke baad mujhe nahi lagta woh itni careless ho sakti hain aapney patients ke sath... jiss riddhima ki jhalak uss din mainey dekha tha aur jis tarah muskan ne kaha ke usney uss patient ki jaan bachayee woh ek irresponsible dr. kaisey ho sakti hain... aarggg.. yeh ladki mujhe zaroor pagal karke chodegi...

Armaan thought in his mind understanding the truth but failed.
on the other hand, abhi juz excused himself nd entered locker room.. opened his locker nd switched on his cell to call her bt as soon as he switched on the phone he received a msg from riddhima..

"i know tujhe sab samajh aa gaya hoga... is liye explain kiye bina kaam ki baat batati hoon.. woh atul ko case study ke liye zyada waqt nahi milega.. but tu kisi bhi bahane mera locker open karwana.. mainey sarey notes.. sarey necessary details wahan pe rakh di hain.. it will ease his work load... aur haan.. chinta mat kar.. main wahan nahi gayee hoon jo soch ke tu darr raha hain.. main bas beech pe ayee hoon.. aaj bahot din o baad yahan ayee.. kitna kuch badal gaya hain.. okk.. aut late nahi karwayungi tujhe.. now go... finish ur duty nd don't forget to do wat i said.."

the messege ended nd he put the cell again in his locker switching it off.. soon all came there being extremely happy for atul.. abhi saw them n sighed..

"jiski wajah se yeh log khush hain.. unhe kya pata yeh uss hi insaan se sab se zyada nafrat karte hain.."



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