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Part 9 : Khuda Aur Mohabbat

Armaan was looking at Riddhima, it was always easy for him to read her eyes. He could basically read every emotion in her eyes. She was like an open book for him. And he cherrieshed every second with her.

Riddhima closed her eyes. It was hightime for her to make a decision. And she has made one. She really hoped that Armaan will support her in her decision.

A: kya faisla hai tumhara Riddhima?
R: Armaan...pehle tum apni aankhe band karo
A: What?
R: karo na, please…

Armaan sighned in surrender and closed his eyes. Riddhima went down on her knees. Still holding Armaans hands.

R: Ab tum Aankhe khol sakte ho

Armaan opened his eyes and was speechless seeing Riddhima on her knees.

A: Riddhima yeh sab…
R: Armaan Mallik, kya tum mujhse shaadi karoge? kya tum mujhe apni dulhan banaoge? Kya tum mera saath doge, har pal me? Will you marry me Armaan Mallik.

Armaan had literally water in his eyes. He also bent down on his knees, coming face to face with Riddhima. He grabbed her face in his hands and wipped away her tears.

R: bolo na Armaan Mallik, banaoge mujhe apni dulhan?
A: mera past jaan ne ka bawajud tum mujhse...
R: tumhare past me jo kuch bhi hua, wo tumhari galti nahi thi, agar tumhara guzra hua kal bohot dark tha, to me tumhara anew ala kal bohot bright banana chahti hu. Kya tum mujhe is ki ijazat doge?
A: Riddhima…

Armaan bent forward and kissed her forehead. He lingered his lips there for a time and then whispered the words, riddhima was dieing to hear.

A: yes….yes…yesss

Riddhima smiled and hugged him. After sometime Armaan stood up from the floor, he took Riddhima in his arms bridal style and put her on the bed.

A: aur Sid?
R: me nahi jaanti Armaan, lekin mujhe sirf itna pata hai, me me apni zindagi sirf or sirf tumhare saath guzarna chahti hu. Me ghar jaake sab ko apna faisla suna dungi. Me nahi jaanti ke un sab ka kya reaction hoga, lekin mujhe itna zaroor pata hai, me jab tak tum mere saath ho, tab tak me kuch galat nahi kar sakti.

Armaan kissed her forehead and then looked her into the eyes.

A: now its my time

Riddhima looked confused at him.

R: matlab?
A: normally, ladka lakdi ko propose karta hai, lekin yaha pe to sab kuch ulta hua hai.
R: hahaha, hamara rishta kab se normal tha?
A: I still want to do it.
R: you have all the rights to do it, Mr. Mallik.
A: I love you, soon to be Mrs. Mallik

Riddhima smiled at him.

R: I love you too.
A: aacha mujhe thori der kuch kaam se jana hai, tum yahi pe rehna, aur kahi jana mat, please, kuch bhi chahiye ho, to mujhe call karna, mera mobile…

Armaan checked his pockets to check his mobile. Seeing this Riddhima remembered the msg and tensed. She did not want Armaan to find his mobile now. She wanted to cherish the moments with him here, without any fear or thoughts.

R: Armaan, sunno na, mujhe wese bhi bohot neend aa rahi hai, tum jao apna kaam kar lo, me bhi itni thori der ke liye soo jaati hu.
A: theek hai.

Then Armaan left from there, and Riddhima took his mobile out of the drawer and put it in his bag, beneath his clothes. Then she actually felt asleep. Armaan went down to a nearby market and bought some flowers and home deorations. He wanted to make this night perfect for Riddhima. He wanted to propose to her, like no one every has done.

Riddhima felt something wet on her neck. At first she tried to ignore this feeling, but then she also felt some weight on her body. With much difiulties she opened her eyes.

A: finally tum uthto gayi

As soon as Riddhima opened her eyes, here eyes were locked with Armaans. They both got lost into each others eyes.

R: Armaan

Armaan looked down at her lips. they were looking so tempting. Without thinking Armaan tilted her chip up and kissed her. His lips were so soft. Riddhima grabbed his neck deepening the kiss. He grabbed her thigh and rapped her leg around his waist. Riddhima moaned as she felt his erection on her core. As soon as she moaned Armaan slided his tongue in her mouth. Riddhima bit hi tongue and smiled, Armaan groaned.

He kissed her more passionately. He kissed her as she run her hands through his hairs. He bit her and pulled back to look her into the eyes.

A: its so hard to control…
R: Sabr ka phal meetha hota hai Mr. Mallik.

Riddhima giggled and came out of his grip. She run out of the room and went downstairs. But stopped midway as she looked the whole room decorated with floweres and ballon. In the middle of the hall was a table with a cake and a box beside it. The light in the room was very dim. Mostle the light was coming through lit up candles. Riddhima was left speechless. She didn’t know what to say.

She soon felt Armaans hand on her waist and his firm chest behind her. Armaan came closer to her and whispered in her ear.

A: kaisa laga

Riddhima turned around in his arms.

R: yeh sab tumne kiya? mere liye?
A: sirf or sirf tumhare liye Riddhima.

He took Riddhima to the middle of the room, where a cake was put, with a box beside. Then Armaan bent down on his knees, he took the box and opened it. In it was a diamond ring with a AR sign. Riddhima looked at the ring and gasped in surprise. Armaan took the ring out and held on his other hand Riddhimas hand.

A: Miss Riddhima Gupta, kya aap mujhe is duniya ka sab se khushnaseeb insaan banayengi? Kya aap is nacheez se nikaah karengi. Kya aap mere dulhan banengi. Sirf is duniya me hi nahi, balke marne ke bad us duniya me bhi. Kya aap hamesha mere saath rahengi. Will you marry me Riddhima?

riddhima had tears hearing Armaans proposal.

R: yessss…

As soon as Riddhima said yes, rose petal flew down from the roof. Armaan put the ring on her finger and stood up. Then they both cut the cake and spent the night in eachothers arms watching movies, cuddling on the sofa.

Finally the day has arrived, where they both had to go back to Karachi. Both of them knew, that it was beautiful in Kashmir, but now they have to face the reality. Riddhima made sure, that she will talk with Sid as soon as possible. But what they both did not expected was seeing Shashank and Sid infornt of the Airpot door. Riddhima was shocked to see her father infornt of her. she could not believe her eyes.

Shashank just came forward and took Riddhimas hand and dragged her back to the car. sid followed him, leaving a lost Armaan behind. Riddhima turned around to look at Armaan. Seeing him in that state just broke her heart.

inside the car
Shashank was super duper angry.

Sh: Mujhe pata tha yeh ladki ek na ek din, zaroor hamare ghar ki izzat kharab karegi. Sid tum…
S: uncle aap fikar na kare, me ab bhi Riddhima se shaadi karna chahta hu. Mujhe nahi fark parta ke Riddhima ke past me kya hua hai aur kya nahi.
Sh: dekh Riddhima, isko kehte shareef Insaan. Maine faisla kar liya hai. 2 din me Sid aur Riddhima ki shaadi hai.

Riddhima could not believe her ears. Just one picture was playing infront of her eyes. Armaans.

with loads of love AMNA 

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