Saturday, 28 January 2017

chapter 39 : My soulmate my wife

Ri : he is coming… he got down
on way to buy your medicine ….. ok..
you sit here don’t go out alone… I’m
coming out in 5 minutes…
Saying it Ridhima entered in

Friday, 27 January 2017

part 6 : Chahat

 Next Morning
(riddhima chahat ko subha subha school ke liye jaga rahi hoti hai aur chahat nahi uth rahi hoti hai)
riddhima: chahat... Its too late baby.. Utho chalo..

Thursday, 26 January 2017

Part 1 :Alone ff by Aaliya

                    Image may contain: 3 people

(Pahela episode shuruh hota hai Ridhima (jenny) se woh ek orange colour ki saree paheni hoti hai aur kisi se Mobile pe baat karahi hoti hai)

Ridhima (jenny):- ji khana nahi banau aj toh kya ap khana nahi khaoge ap chale koi baat nahi. I love you 2 baby bye..

Part 1 : Bikhar ke tut gaye

the class would end in just 5 mints….the 7 year old boy was sitting on his bank and writing his best friends name on his book…he was not at all interested in the lesson….he just wanted the lesson to end…so he could spent the rest of the time with his best friend. he just wanted to go home and play with his best friend…eventough she was a girl and two years younger than him…he loved her themost…and couldn’t imagine his life without her….

Wednesday, 25 January 2017

part 27 : Arrange Marriage - Backseat to dreams or the Driving seat

Ridhima saw armaan from the room windows while she was looking for him. For which she made a move to go to him and when she reach there she saw armaan watering the plant she have planted year back just beside his ansh bhaiya’s tree. Seeing this ridhima made a run toward armaan from the front door of the house until him and without any indication beforehand she hugged him from back.

chapter 38 : My soulmate my wife

He left everything… which belongs to
him ..and it’s his punishment… but
he was the man who leaded his life

Tuesday, 24 January 2017

part 49 : Dard ka rishta


riddhima opened eyes hearing the chirping sound of birds. as she opened eyes,got herself in arman’s arm. arman was in a deep sleep. riddhima smiled and blushed remembering  last night but in a while she also remembered that she was angry on arman. she slowly freed herself from arman and went to freshen. after freshened she open the door slowly and came to downstairs where ananya and dadi was having tea. seeing riddhima ananya uttered smilingly : “aao riddhima,aaj jaldi uth gayi? “

part 5 : Chahat

_____Episode starts with rahul_____
Same day
Rahul: hey chahat
(Chahat rahul ko dekh ke smile karti hai)
Chahat cutely smile: hi rahul uncle

Monday, 23 January 2017

part 15 : Sirf Tum


Dinning area at night

"to kaise beete tum logo k ye ek Mahine..." Ananya asked while eating her food which made the four to stop their eating and looked at her

Part 8 : Meri Pehli Khataa...

"Beta Balwinder sahab ka phone aya tha wo chahte hain ke sab functions hon.", Shashank informed.

"Theek hai to aap log sab functions rkh lein haldi, mehndi roka... bla bla.. lekin mein unka part nahi hongi.... Don't u all get it.... me khtm krna chahti hun ye sb jald se jald. Aaj sangeet parsoo shadi that is it.", Riddhima said.

Sunday, 22 January 2017

part 9 : Carpe Life with Love

Part 9 – Our Happiness Awaiting For Us

Armaan sat straight to remember the importance of the date. He was murmuring all possible event “Your Birthday... No..!! Meet anniversary... No..!! First date day… No..!! Confession day… No..!!” exclaiming no for every possible event that strike in this brain he looked at her with cute pout “Sorry” but instead of getting any scolding he saw her smiling. “Happy Birthday Armaan”

chapter 37 : My soulmate my wife

Malik family left that moment…
reaching home all went each other’s
room.. no one could ever think this