Saturday, 18 March 2017

Part 20 : Meri Pehli Khataa...

Riddhima woke up to the sound of birds chirping. She smiled looking at the clear sky above her. She turned her head to the side and an immediate frown formed on her face looking at Armaan. She got up and looked around. An idea struck her mind suddenly.

part 4 : Mohabbat ab nahi hogi

A: Why are u ignoring me riddhima?
R: Why should I ignore u Mr. Mallik? After all you are now our partner company….and I don’t want to disrespect my future boss
A: stop torturing me riddhima….its enough
R: I don’t get you Mr. Mallik……would u please step aside….u are blocking my way
A: o I??

Friday, 17 March 2017

part 2 : “kuch rang pyar ke aise bhi”

Riddhima stopped writing and came to the balcony hearing a car’s horn but it didn’t stop .riddhima saw it was a white zen but arman has sky blue zen as it was riddhima’s favorite colour. Everything in their house was of riddhima’s choice.arman always told …tumse pyar karne ke baad mere kuch alag choices hain hi nahi.sab kuch tumhara hai riddhima,mai bhi tumhara hun,chahe jaise rakho,chahe jaise use karo..all of yours.

part 12 : Bikhar ke tut gaye

Riddhima went into her room and closed the door….the pain was too much for her to handle….she just had no idea how she would react….or what she would do next….what was happening in her life…..why was destiny playing such a terrible game with her….she was sitting on the floor and crying her heart out….the tears just wont stop coming out of her eyes….

Thursday, 16 March 2017

Part 1 : ArSh FF - Hamari Adhuri Kahan

Hi guys ..M Alia..I am first Time writing ArSh plss give feedbacks on my story..plss..

This story starts from season 2 .Where Riddhima choose Sid..and said to leave from her life..Armaan gets shattered ..

At basket Ball Court
Armaan and riddhima was standing..

Ridhhima:plsss Armaan yaha se chalo Jao..meri zindagi main aab tumhare liye koi Jagah nhi hain..Main Sid ke Sath Rehna chati hoon..

Armaan(Crying):aur mera Kya riddhima..Main to Tumse pyaar kiya hain..Plss muzhe chord ke mat jao(begging her)..Plss..

Riddhima(Confidently):Dekho Armaan..tum apni life aage Bada sakte ho..plss yaha se chale Jao..

Listening this..Armaan gets numb he Doesn't knw what to do...he is feeling like Someone thrown him..and stabbed him..

part 3: Mohabbat ab nahi hogi

Arjun stepped inside the room and saw Riddhima was looking at him with mixed expressions….she looked happy, relieved and at the same time disappointed……Riddhima finished her preparations and walked over to Arjun

Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Part 19 : Meri Pehli Khataa...

Riddhima and Armaan both were scratching themselves like mad. Riddhima managed to get up and looked around. Some distance away she could see some kind of pond or puddle. She made a move towards it.

part 11 : Bikhar ke tut gaye

Riddhima was still looking at armaan….with so much pain in her eyes……she was totally broken….now in truth she had lost everyone….

Tuesday, 14 March 2017

part 1 : “kuch rang pyar ke aise bhi”

It was 11o’clock at night but arman didn’t return from office. Riddhima came at the balcony and looked at the dark ,lonely road. It was a chill winter night so a few people are on the road..Actually it was a lonely road…lonely like riddhima’s life. The wall clock started was 11 ..riddhima looked at the clock once and heaved a long breathe..she felt her stomach growled because of hunger

part 2 : Mohabbat ab nahi hogi

V: Armaan baby, kya hua, kaha khoye hue ho?
Tina, Armaan ki recently girlfriend, usko itna khoye hue kuch pareshan ho gayi….ha wo janti hai ke armaanek bohot hi khadoos insaan hai aur bohot hi pathar dil…lekin phirbhi ….afteralll Tinna ki khubsoorti ka to koi bhi mukabla nahi hai … armaan uske samne kisi aur khayalo me kaise ghum ho sakta hai.
A: Get out Tina!

Monday, 13 March 2017

Part 51 : Dard ka rishta

Riddhima was surprised hearing it and scared too. But she uttered : “dekhiye,aap koun hai mai nahi janti,aap ja sakte hain.”
Saying ,she tried to shut the door but the person hold the door immediately as riddhima couldn’t shut it and uttered : “don’t worry riddhima,mai tumhe koi nuksan pahunchane nahi aaya,mai tumse sirf kuch baat karna chahta hun.”

part 10 : Bikhar ke tut gaye

The whole day armaan didn’t come home….directly after office he went to shilpa and stayed there till late night…

S: kya baat hai armaan…aaj tum mere saath itna zyaada time spend kar rahe ho…..
A: agar tumhe bura lagta hai to me chala jata hu….
S: no ways baby…I have nothing to complain…..

Sunday, 12 March 2017

Part 18 : Meri Pehli Khataa..


Armaan looked angrily at Riddhima. He gave her a slight push. Enough to make her lean back but he held her hand.

"Kya kar rahe ho... mein gir jaungi", Riddhima said looking down.

Part 1 : Mohabbat ab nahi hogi

Me Riddhima, ek simple si middle-class larkri, meri ek 4 saal ki beti hai, sarah. Hum dono ek chote se pyaare se ghar me rehte hai. 5 saal ho gaye mujhe Nottingham shift hoe hue. 5 saal pehle me London me rehti thi. Lekin London ke saath saath me apni ateet to ko bhi waha wapis chod aayi hu aur ab kabhi bhi peeche pur ke wapis nahi dekhna chahti. Me apne ateet ki sari yaade mita dena chahti hu, sivaye apni beti ke, sarah ke. Agar wo nahi hoti to me kab ki mar chuki hoti. Sarah abhi kindergarten me jaati hai….abhi aabhi usne shuru kiya hai….Aur me ek choti si company ki employ hu.