Saturday, 25 March 2017

Part 1 : Dil teri mohabbat ka maara

A girl was lying in a hospital bed….she was in a very bad state…..she looked like she had a very bad accident……she was in the hospital since 6 days….suddenly she moved….but her movements were not normal….she felt pain….she felt pure pain….the doctor ran into her room…..he saw her condition…..he tried to calm her…..but no response from her side……he tried to wake her up……but no……nothing was helping…..she was murmuring something in her unconsciousness…..suddenly she sat on the bed….she shouted….her eyes almost popped out…


part 16 : Bikhar ke tut gaye

3 years leap

Armaan was sitting in his office and doing his work….he was so lost in his work….the Mallik company had reached the hights one could ever dream……he was so engrossed in his work that he didn’t noticed his PA coming in…..

Friday, 24 March 2017

Part 22 : Meri Pehli Khataa...

Armaan picks an unconscious Riddhima in his arms. He takes her to his room first. But then the thought of how Riddhima had reacted to that room came to his mind and he proceeded to another room.

chapter 53 : My soulmate my wife

Ar : nehi ..Bua we just arrived
Bua : come inside … beta
[ Ridhima gesture him to come
inside ]
Armaan gulped and hesitantly

Thursday, 23 March 2017

part 6 : Mohabbat ab nahi hogi


A boy in his mid-20 was watching a girl for very long time….he went over to his friend and asked him out

B: Yaar, yeh ladki kaun hai aur iss business party me kya kar rahi hai? Aree, Rahul dekh na, wo ladki jo Saree me hai aur abhi atul ke saath dance kar rahi hai……Rahuuuullll kuch to bol na yaar…
R: Armaan, chill kar yaar….kya ho gaya hai tujhe…..kyu tang kar raha hai mujhe tu?

part 15 : Bikhar ke tut gaye

R: aur me shilpa ko apne haatho se sajaungi….

Armaan looked at her like she was a alien…..ananya also stood up from the sofa and looked with disbelief at riddhima….

Shilpa was very happy….she blushed and left the hall….armaan was still looking at riddhima and riddhima looked back at him….she gave him a smile and then turned around to face ananya and billy…..

Wednesday, 22 March 2017

chapter 52 : My soulmate my wife

Armaan winked and Ridhima ’s smile
faded.. in fact she gulped to see
Armaan’s smirk … his this smirk is very
dangerous .. whenever he smirks
she knew he will do something

Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Part 21 : Meri Pehli Khataa...

It was dark at Malik Mansion. Everybody was sleeping soundly except for Riddhima. She was wide awake. But she was crying. She was sitting on the bed, her knees by her chest and her head resting on her kneecaps. She was silently crying.

part 14 : Bikhar ke tut gaye

R: armaan…kya kar rahe ho tum…
A: tum kya kar rahi ho riddhima…
R: me…mene aisa kya kiya….

Monday, 20 March 2017

chapter 51 : My soulmate my wife

Ri : If I don’t go back my home
then how could you bring me in
your house forever ? I thought
you’re eager for our remarriage …

kash siggies

part 5 : Mohabbat ab nahi hogi

Because of the ring bell riddhimas sleep got disturbed….she knew that Sarah must be back by now…..she quickly kept armaans pic back in the drawer and moved to the bathroom and washed her face… it rung for the second time riddhima rushed to the door and opened it

R: Sarah, ek mint na bachcha….ma aa………

Sunday, 19 March 2017

part 3 : “kuch rang pyar ke aise bhi”

riddhima was fine after 1 month but she had broken mentally. Doctor advised her to stand and to walk but she couldn’t. she had nightmares that a vehicle crushed her legs fully. Whenever anjali or shshank insisted her to stand or walk taking their support,she was unable.she didn’t get sensation in her legs. Anjali and shshank gave up and left her in her state. Riddhima had no wish to live as she blamed

part 13 :Bikhar ke tut gaye

Shilpa was shocked to see riddhima in armaans house…

S: riddhima tum…yaha?
R: yahi pe ruk jao shilpa….ander mat aana…