Saturday, 13 May 2017

part B : ~ OS on ArSh - Rango Me Hai Pyaar Ki Holi...~

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"yaar tu use rokega kaise...soch soch kuch Armaan" he muttered to himself while roaming here and there in elevator "tu use kahega b kaise uske saamne aate hi bolti band jo ho jaati hai teri" he scolded himself "aise kaise tu Dr. Love ban gaya Sanjeevani ka...ek kaam kar chal practice karte hai" he spoke "Shilpa nai Dhanno nai nai Bracelet offo pehle naam to decide karle..ok Shilpa mai tumse bohot pyaar nai mujhe aisa lagta hai ki mai tumse bht pyaar karta tum mat jao...pagal aise koi

part 11 : Mujhe apna bana lo

Part 11

they both where still looking into each others eyes.....armaan came more closer to her....but riddhima didnt moved back.....she was still standing there......armaan looked at her crying eyes......
A: tum ro kyu rahi thi riddhima??
R: mujhe sid ke bare me pata chala na isliye.....

Friday, 12 May 2017

drashti (muskan ) , karan & sukriti (riddhima)

Intro & part 1 : Tera Mera Rishta By Sangeeta

New ARFF- 


DR ARMAAN MALLIK: Handsome 5th year Medical student

DR RIDDHIMA SHARMA: Charming new 3 rd year medical student

Rest of the characters will be introduced as story progresses



'Ms Riddhima Sharma'.hmmm'.. aapki mark sheets aur recommendations tho kaafi impressive hain. You are fortunate that we have an opening for a 3 rd year medical student. You are probably aware, how difficult it is to get admission to our medical program. Hamara attrition rate bhi bahut low hai, you are lucky ki abhi ek student 3 rd year chodd kar gayi hai. Welcome aboard, Ms Sharma. Dr Karthik Pandey, aapko orient kar dengey, unka office room 103 mein hai' Dr Shashank Gupta, Dean and chief of surgery at the Institute got up and shook her hands. Riddhima smiled and thanked him for his graciousness and left. 

part 18 : Sirf Tum


@ Night 1'O' Clock

Yehi hota pyaar hai kya...

"Kyun phone kiya tune mujhe...bina bataye chala gaya fir kyun call kiya.." Dev scolded Armaan as he received his call

"Bakwas band kar aur Parking lot me aa" He almost ordered Dev who got confused listening this

"Don't tell me ki tu..nai gayaa" he asked in shock

Part 38 :Meri Pehl Khataa...

Armaan and Riddhima were in their room sitting on the couch. Riddhima was still sobbing slightly.

"Riddhima yaar ab to media bhi chale gayi. Ab to rona band karo." Armaan said.

Thursday, 11 May 2017

Note : os competition

hi guys, nikita singla extended the date of one shot competition.i will be now 30th may till mid night.please  please send her your stories .thanks


Part 55 : Dard ka rishta

Riddhima reached their house with dadi and sahil but on the way ,dadi and sahil both didn’t talk with her. Dadi tried to show that she was sleeping and sahil made busy himself with mobile games.when they reached home,riddhima was surprised to see that the house is neat and clean and arranged as someone lived there. She asked in a surprising tone : “yahan koi rahta hai kya?”
Dadi replied : ‘nahi..

part A : OS on ArSh - Rango Me Hai Pyaar Ki Holi...~"

PART A <3 
"Armaan bhaiyaaa ye aapki aur Shilpa flowerji ki shaadi k baad pehli Holi hai na" JP asked to which Armaan smiled and turn to put his lab coat in his locker to escape from their teasing
"Dr Armaan is baar to aapne apne ghar par Holi rakhi hai maza aayga...jab aap aur Dr Shilpa saath honge yaad hai na JP kitna ladte the dono shuru me" Jiggy spoke excitedly making Armaan go back to their fights and masti in beginning
soch m hoon zara yeh kya hogaya..
lag rha h mujhe sab naya naya...
"Ab to ladai nai sirf pyaar hoga" Sid teased Armaan who rolled his eyes and started reading his file he wore a blue shirt wd denim jeans when Riddhima arrived to which everyone looked at her except Armaan who was busy on his locker while checking some files everyone greeted her to which she smiled at them and looked at Armaan who wasn't looking at her

part 10 : Mujhe apna bana lo

Part 10

Rahul was sitting beside Muskaan and tried to make her fall asleep.....because she must be tired of all the happenings.....

R: muskaan ab tu soo jaa....bohot thak gayi hogi na....
M: nahi rahul.....mujhe neend nahi aa rahi.....
R: to kya me lori sunao jo tu soo jayegi??
M: suna de na rahul......

Wednesday, 10 May 2017

part 17 : Sirf Tum


Tera banega vo jo tera nai hai

Aye dil bata ku tujhko

Itna yakeen hai...

"Toh...tujhe tere saare questions k answers mile.." Dev asked staring at Armaan who chuckled and looked up at the sky "bolega kuch...aur has kyub raha hai..." he frowned
"Kuch nai...aise hi.." he took a long sigh and stared at the water they both were sitting near the pool side while their legs were under the water

"Haan aise hi bas pagal ki tarah has raha hai...haina" he spoke sarcastily which made Armaan to shook his head

arman riddhima fight scene

Part 37 : Meri Pehli Khataa...

While the media was flooded with reports of the leaked video, everyone at the Malik Mansion was worried sick. The Guptas arrived at the mansion too. It proved to be very difficult to get past the paparazzi at the gate.

Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Part 54 : Dard ka rishta

when arman informed his family about riddhima’s decision,the first reaction came from sahil : “toh aap aur di chale jao na mumbai,achcha hoga us aryan se peecha chutega di ka.”
dadi uttered happily : “haan,yahi thik rahega arman beta.riddhima ne sahi decision liya. ab yahan rahegi to wo insaan uska peecha nahi chodega.”

part 20 : last part : Dil teri mohabbat ka maara

6 months passed like the wind…..riddhima recovered from her loss….now she was enjoying every second of her life with her husband armaan…..she couldn’t imagine being more happier than ever….armaan was always with her…in the bad time and in the good time…always at her side….like she was always at his side….

part 9 : Mujhe apna bana lo

Part 9

Armaan Rahul and Muskaan entered the Mallik house together……sid and riddhima were sitting inside………riddhima saw muskaan and run to her…..she hugged her… sid was shocked to see muskaan here…….he was getting tensed……only then muskaan saw him and started shivering……Armaan noticed that and put his arms around her shoulder…..muskaan was still looking at sid……she shivered more badly………she clutched armaans shirt and tried to hid behind him……

Monday, 8 May 2017

part 16 : Sirf Tum


Three days later

Kuch to hai tujhse raabta...

"Damm!! meri file nai mil rahi...hai Bracelet.." he shouted while opening his packed bag when Shilpa approached and forwarded his file towards him "thank u.." he smiled to which she smiled back and turned to go when Armaan grab her wrist and banged her wd his chest making her stunned "kya hua...meri Bracelet ko...aaj pure din jhagra nai kiya mujhse" he asked tucking her flicks behind her ear

"kkkuch nai...bas aise hi...vo aap jaa rahe hai na" She fumbled

Part 36 : Meri Pehli Khataa...

Riddhima had informed everyone at home about the incident and they had rushed to the hospital.

"Kon krwa sakta hai ye attacks?" Ananya asked out of frustration.

Sunday, 7 May 2017

part 19 : Dil teri mohabbat ka maara

armaan was hell scared to lose his riddhima….he cant afford to lose her….even though he is a doctor….at that moment he didn’t know what to do….the police had arrested shashank….and called an ambulance….armaan was very disturbed….shashank wanted to come forward and see after his daughter…he loved his daughter very much…he would never want to hurt her…..but unfortunaly he did….

part 8 : Mujhe apna bana lo

Part 8

Armaan reached his home was on his way to his room……he was passing riddhimas room when he saw that she was struggeling with the doori of her blouse……he was about to enter her room when he suddenly saw sid moving behind her……sid took the doori in his hands and tied it……armaan got hurt seeing this….he wanted to leave but his feets won’t hear to him….so he was still standing there and watching his love with his brother……