Saturday, 20 May 2017

part 19 : Sirf Tum


~ 4 am in Dinning Area ~

"Mummiji..aapko nai lagta sham k function k liye...hume aur flowers ki jarurat " Aditi asked while eating her sargi All the ladies were gathered to eat their sargi for evening karvachauth

Ku ye junoon hai

Kya justajoo hai...

part 3 : Tera Mera Rishta By Sangeeta,

This part is all about A and R clashing....pyaar ka pehla kadam hai ladhai



Riddhima arrived for the surgical rounds promptly at 6 in the morning. She hardly got any sleep as she was unpacking till 3 in the morning. She was pleased to see Sapna on the floor also. Armaan gave instructions to the 2 medical students posted under him, "Riddhima aur Sapna, I want you to check on these patients and report to me in 15 minutes as Dr Jain is on his way"

Riddhima was handed a list of 10 post-operative patients…there was no way she could check them out in a mere 15 minutes….. Riddhima liked to interact with her patients and that meant spending more time with them…..she would try her best.

part 2 : 10 spines had made their way through his body,

WE BOTH FELL ON THE BED TOGETHER FACING EACH OTHER......and don't worry hu!!! we never did anything...!!lolzzzzz.......and yah he was looking very sexy and hawt and his eyes which spoke each and every thing even before he says....

armaan was staring continously in my hazel eyes....damnit I just wanted to go and kiss him tight but damn it would look awkward wouldn't it????

Friday, 19 May 2017

part 1 : 10 spines had made their way through his body

"so tell me the reason.....WHY"....HE ASKED CURIOUS TO KNOW THE STORY............
"i will only tell u if u promise u won't tell it to any other f**king guy"said I.................
"abbey e ye punjabio da wada aegae"

 "what....why don't u understand i don't know punjabi.. are u insane".......
"WADIYAN KUDI.........i mean f9.....but tell me atleast"he said more curious and DESPERATE.............
"how could you dad"...matlab kya badtameeze hai koi manners hi nahi hai..........!!!
"how could I.......i am your dad RIDDHIMA......!!!"he said banging the newspaper on the table........c'mon dad kum se kum is bechaare newspaper ka to socha hota.........!!!!

part 8 : KhamOshiyaan,

Advik: Yeh Sub...
Armaan: Kya Dad SHock Ho Gaye Hain...?? Kya Sabit Karna Chate Thy Aap...??
And You....SIA SEHGAL You....Maro Ab Kise Maro Gi PehLy...Hmmm...??
Meri Biwi Ko....??

part 14 : Mujhe apna bana lo

Part 14

after the breakfast Rahul muskaan and armaan riddhima moved to their rooms….

Rahul and Muskaan….

M: Rahul….bhaijaan aur bhabi kitna khush lag rahe the na….

Thursday, 18 May 2017


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remaining of" mai hun hero tera"

Next Day

Teri wajah se hai mili

Jeene ki sab khwahishein...

"Guys... Dhyaan do... Sirf ek hafta hai Fest k liye... Come on" Shilpa said in encouragement making Dazlers tierd

"Mam... Bas thak gaye..." Neha spoke tierdly

part 56 : dard ka rishta


riddhima’s sleep broke hearing sahil’s exciting  voice  from the balcony :" arey,dekho dadi koun aaye hain!”

riddhima’s heart skipped a beat thinking that it was arman.she knew arman didn’t live without her.a smile crept on her lips and she moved down from the bed hurriedly. she forgot that she came here only to make distance from him.she saw sahil was coming inside from the balcony but before she could ask,he went from there running. riddhima smiled and came to the window but disappointed seeing that it was atul and anjali not arman.she saw sahil ran to them and hugged atul. atul waved his hairs while asked something.sahil nodded and they stepped to their house.riddhima came out of the room and saw anjali was coming to her hurriedly.seeing riddhima she stretched her arms while yelled : “kaisi hai riddhzi?”

Part 40 :Meri Pehli Khataa...

Armaan said nothing. And when Riddhima got tired of staring at him he finally replied, "I don't know Riddhima. Par agar aisa kuch hai bhi to tumhein fikar krne ki koi zaroorat nahi hai. Police ko inform kr diya gaya hai aur kal tak ABhimanyu jail mein hoga." Riddhima slightly smiled.


Wednesday, 17 May 2017

part 7 : KhamOshiyaan,

ShiLpa: Yahan Toh Party ChaL Rahi Hai....
Driver: Yehi Hai Ma'ma....

part 13 : Mujhe apna bana lo

Part 13

riddhima woke up as she felt something wet and she tried to open her eyes.....sun riases where falling in the room...she had difficulty to open her eyes.....when she opened her eyes she again felt something wet on her neck....she tried to move but his manly hands prevent he from doing that.....

A: dont.....
R: armaan......subha ho gayi hai.....
A: toh......

Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Part 39 : Meri Pehli Khataa...

"Sir ye Abhimanyu ussi college mein prhta tha jisme Riddhima ji prhti thin. Par usse expel kar dia gya tha for stalking and harrassing some student.", Kunj informed Armaan.


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"Pata nai kaun hogi hamaari... Nayyi Dance teacher" Kriya spoke confusedly leaning against the mirror

"Plz koi boring si... Bharatnatayam types si naa ho" Sharon spoke while keeping her hairs aside wd an attitude

"Haa sahi kaha... Yaar varna dance b boring ban jaayga..." Neha joked to which everyone laughed

"Koi hot types si ho..." Nilesh said dreamily

Hareya mai dil hara on kash

hope you liked it.

part 2 :Kuch rang pyar ke aise bhi (arsh ff)

- PART 2 -

Person in suit show them the gun

N sid n rahul gulps their saliva seeing this but armaan wo to gusse se dekh raha he abhi bhi bina dare

Rahul n sid forcefully armaan ko waha se drag karne lagte he n wo buyer or suit wala aadmi fir ghadi me beth jate he ghadi start hoti he

Tabhi ek aawaz aati he

Monday, 15 May 2017

part 6 :KhamOshiyaan,

""Papa....Papa Ayen Hain....??''
(Aur Aik Choti Si 5 Years Old Princess Bhi Wahan Aa jati Hai..
Aur Armaan Nazren Utha Ky Ussy Dekhta Hai..

part 12 : Mujhe apna bana lo

Part 12

muskaan looked at armaan leaving and then looked at Rahul…

M: yeh bhai kaha gaye??
R: riddhima ke peeche…..
M: riddhima….lekin wo to yahi….

Sunday, 14 May 2017

part 2 : Tera Mera Rishta By Sangeeta,


Armaan and Atul joined some other friends on a table. "OK, Ms Sharma…ab aap sabke order lee jiye aur jaldi se ley aaeeye!" said Armaan authoritatively.

Riddhima just stared at him and took her PDA out to take the orders.

"Wow, high tech junior hai, bhai!" quoted Manek, one of the other students.

Rahul was also at the table but was busy researching something on his laptop and did not even look up.

part 1:Kuch rang pyar ke aise bhi (arsh ff)

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- PART 1 -
kuch der pehle jab Armaan Rahul ke saath jane laga tab use kuch azib laga he stopped n look here n there but kuch nahi dikha

he again starts to move tab uske kaano me fir ek aawaz aayi ye aawaz us mike wale aadmi ki nahi kisiki sweet si voice thi kisi ladki ki
Armaan aas paas dekhta he ki voice kaha se aa rahi he tabhi uski nazar ek stage par padti he waha bohot si ladkiya ramp walk kar rahi he n uske side me bohot se log he they are choosing girls buying them us stage se side me ek or stage he waha bohot si teenage girls khadi he with number plated on their chest like ID card n usi ke side me ek or stage waha bohot se girls n boys he dancing unhi ke bich se wo Voice aa rahi he