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Character Sketch : Ek Tha Raja....Ek Thi Rani


Character Sketch

Armaan Mallik-He is CEO of MALLIK ENTERPRISES.He is known for his success at a  very young age of 25.He is  very handsome and charming.He has a dimpled face ,blue eyes and well-built body.He is caring and sweet but short-tempered.He is Karan and Nandani's son .He is Nikkita Mallik's older  brother.

part 58 : Dard ka rishta



Arman was sitting on a chair .he had bandaged in his head as its injured during Aryan and his fight.his face was pale while eyes were constantly looking at the cabin’s door where atul was talking with dr. shiv in a low tone . arman tried to hear their conversation but heard anajli’s voice : “ander jakar aunty ko dekhkar aao arman tab tumhe tasalli hogi.wo abhi bilkul thik hai aur so rahi hai.” But arman uttered in a wet voice : “nahi anjali,agar mumma ka need khul jaye toh? Wo mujhpar bahut gussa hogi,unhone kaha tha mujhe wahan se chale jane ko .”

part 5 : 7Days


Her best friend who was also her roommate was irritated and annoyed at her attitude. She had recited every poem he had uttered and had even tried to mimic his tone but failing miserably. The reason for her roommate's frustration was that she had failed to mention the bookmark to her for couple of days; also that she still didn't know the name of the stranger. She had tried to convince her friend saying that it really didn't matter to her. Knowing a person's name, his background, his job, might influence on her unbiased perception of him. At this point, they were reading each other in the level of blue prints where everything is raw and very clearly defined. The finished product which is presented to society generally hides minor flaws. It also hides fantastic foundation. Her friend however, had thought that she was simply scared to accept something so good in her life. She had zoned out after that, barely paying any heed to her friend's rant. Her experience with men or even people for that matter was very less. She took things by face value and had no interest in games people played with body language, subtlety and wordplay; not that she knew how to play those games in first place. With him, things were black and white and they rarely tread the gray areas. She wasn't comfortable in

part 18 : Mujhe apna bana lo

Part 18

armaan called his PA raj inside his cabin….

A: raj me kuch kaam se ghar jaa raha hu.....tu yaha pe sab kuch sambhal le...
R: yes sir....aap sambhal lunga.....aap fikar mat kariye....

Friday, 26 May 2017

part 1& 2 : Beetein_Lamhe

PART - 1

"Didi.. didi.."

"kya hain chotu??"

Chotu gulped some oxygen as he was lacking air due to running a long way..
"didi... woh chor..."
he paused to gulp more air..

part 4 : 7 Days


She was talking to one of her employee who was just leaving for the day. The two of them were the last ones left in the deserted bookstore. They heard the familiar tinkle of opening of the door and she could see that her employee was about to yell that the store was closing but it never came. She turned around to see that he was standing by the counter and she caught her employee was blatantly staring at him. The way he looked tonight, anyone with two X chromosomes would be staring at him. Dinner jackets had never looked better. He looked amused to see two women staring at him unabashedly. He placed coffee cups on the counter and waved a hello at her. She locked the door when her employee left and turned to see that both he and their coffees were missing. She found him standing by a window at the back of the store waiting for her. She thanked him as he handed her a cup.
"You have plans for tonight?" She asked him pointing at his attire.
"I had plans, yes. There is a party tonight for which I was told that my attendance was mandatory. This party was arranged in the garden and when I arrived there, the evening frivolities had begun. It's a beautiful autumn evening and somehow the noise was kind of running my mood to enjoy the evening. Then I found myself driving here. So, here I am."
"You are not a fan of parties?" During their last meeting, both of them had been brooding and the whole conversation had had a melancholic ring to it. Sitting in darkness hadn't helped to cheer them up either.

part 6 : Tera Mera Rishta By Sangeeta,


Armaan and Anjali were walking towards her parent's house when Anjali said, "pata hai Armaan….maine suna hai….yeh jo nayi ladki Riddhima hai na….bahut chaaloo type ki hai….usse Delhi se medical college se suspend kar diya tha…..tabhi wo yahan aayi hai…..aur ussney aate hi bahut ladkon ko pataa bhi liyaa hai…..tum zara bachke rehnaa"

Armaan knew Anjali had a habit of exaggerating facts, "Anjaliiiiiii….tumhein yeh sab kahan se maloom hota hai?…..I don't think so…..jab se aayi hai wo bechaari surgical floor parr hi rehti hai…..kahan time milta hoga usse? Tumhein galat khabar mili hai," for some strange reason Armaan tried to defend Riddhima.

Thursday, 25 May 2017

part 57 : Dard ka rishta

“good morning jaan,kab tak soyogi? “
“sone do na arman..jao yahan se.”

“ raat ko jag rahi thi kya? Kar kya rahi thi,mujhe bhi batao na..”arman whispered on her ears.

“ummmm…kyon bataun tumhe?”saying riddhima buried her face into the pillow but arman turned her face to him and pecked her lips quickly.riddhima yelled irritatingly : “armaaaaaaaaan!

And her sleeps broke ,she saw no one was there in the room only she was lying on the bed.she looked around and understood it was not their room,it was not her and arman’s room ,it was her room which was completely unknown for her. A lone tears escaped from her eyes which she wiped quickly.

part 3 : 7Days


He was surprised to see the bookstore in total darkness. He wondered if he was very late and she had closed the store for the day. He didn't expect anyone to respond when he knocked the door but was surprised to hear a muffled voice saying – "It's closed."
"It's me." He said. At that moment he realized that they had not yet introduced themselves. Till that moment it had not mattered much to him. When he thought about, it really didn't matter at all.
"Hi, it's you!" She whispered opening the door. Only then he realized that there were no lights burning in the store. She had a candle in her hand which was giving her an ethereal look.
"Yes, it's me." He whispered back.
"There is something wrong with the power supply. I think the fuse is blown or something along those lines." She again whispered.
"Oh OK. But why are we whispering?" His tone held mild amusement. She cleared her throat and spoke in a normal tone.
"Darkness inherently makes me whisper. I have always associated silence with darkness. Thus, for me, speaking in dark is like breaking silence. So I whisper."
"And you call me, odd." They chuckled.

part 17 : Mujhe apna bana lo

Part 17

armaan reached the mall and was shocked the sight in front of him…..riddhima was lying on the floor in a blood bath……..blood was oozing out of her stomach…..he ran to her and sat beside her…..he took her head in his lap……he got tears in his eyes….he put her hairs aside and then watched his hands……his hands were red……blood was oozing also from her head….armaan got very tensed…..he moved riddhima close to his heart and cried silently……in that time the ambulance came and took riddhima to the hospital……armaan followed them with the car….

Wednesday, 24 May 2017

prologue : Beetein_Lamhe

Summary :

well.. as usual this is based on our beloved Armaan n Riddhima's journey of love n togetherness but the twist is they are grand parents here.. they have a loving daughter, Arima.. nd she has one naughty,nautanki, fun loving yet caring son, Armaan.. yes.. his name is on his late grand pa means senior armaan.. but no one knows except riddhima that senior armaan's soul is still there with his darling wifey..
so, basically this is the journey of past nd present of AR lives.. where u'll get AR moments in the memories(past), present will show u the craziness of junior armaan's..


"Armaan... Rookho.. armaaan!!!"
But he was running 4m her mother... "Armaan... baccha doodh peelo.."
"no mom!!" 
"aargg.. wat NO MOM?? u're not a kid anymore... Ur 12th birthday is coming near nd aaj bhi baccho jaise nakhre... ARMAAN.. hv milk now.. I'm getting late for office!!"
She was shouting being extremely irritated.


part 2 : 7Days


Her roommate had badgered her relentlessly for information about the stranger who had visited her bookstore on a rainy Monday evening. She had gushed about the things that they had talked about and had felt very shy when she confessed to her roommate that she was mildly attracted to that person. When her pixie roommate had asked for a name, her face had become blank. Over the past few days, she had rerun that conversation with the stranger more than she liked to admit. The two of them had not bothered for an idyllic chit chat or formal introductions. It surprised her to realize that it didn't matter at all. Every evening when clock turned eight, a discreet nervousness settled in her stomach and an unexplainable disappointment when she had to lock the store without a visit from him.
It had been a tiring Tuesday and she had decided to relax with a nice classic before she locked up for the day. She was startled to see a tall cup of coffee on her table as she raised her head from the book that she was immersed in. As she raised her eyes to look the face of the owner of coffee, she got lost in the intensity of a pair of green eyes and her lips curled automatically to give him a smile. He didn't return her smile.

part 5 : Tera Mera Rishta By Sangeeta,


Since the day in the OT, when Armaan's eyes caught Riddhima staring at him, his attitude towards her changed.he unknowingly started paying extra attention to her and her was like his eyes followed her wherever she went. Once he caught himself staring at her when she was talking to a patient; he was thinking, "how would she look without that long white coat....yadi wo baal khule rakhe tho.." he shook his head as he was ashamed that he was getting distracted by her. The next moment, he could not help noticing how beautiful her smile was... "yeh tumhey kya ho raha hai, Armaan Mallik.." he came out of a trance. 

Tuesday, 23 May 2017

last part : 10 spines had made their way through his body,

tears were constantly travelling down my cheek and armaan was hell worried but then he understood what kind of a dream i had so he tried to console me and when i never calmed down,he pinned me against the bed and kissed me hard on lips.....AGAIN....which i cretainly LOVED.......and yah that was not soft...what was damn hard was as if he is trying to shut my f**king mouth up....but i liked that shut up......lolzzzzzz...........we kissed around for 5 whole bludy sexy f**king minutes.......phewwwwwww...that was great....he came out of the kiss and still i could breathe his hot breath....he was so close to me......

part 1 : 7 Days (ss)


She was taking an inventory of latest dispatch to her book store when she heard a soft rap on the door. It was a dreary Monday evening, complete with unexpected autumn showers lessening the in flow of customers. It had given her time to catch up on inventory and go through the accounts for past months in detail. She co-owned this quaint little book store which had a touch of old-fashioned library to it. Any book lover would immediately fall in love with the store; at least that's what she always thought.
"We are closed", she yelled. The book store closed at eight everyday and it was already few minutes past the deadline.

part 16 : Mujhe apna bana lo

Part 16

After lots of pleads riddhima sent armaan to the office…even though he didn’t want to go……but riddhima was determined to send him to the office……but before going to the office….armaan made sure that riddhima was save…..he arranged 2 bodyguards who will be all the time at her side….standing infront of the house….making sure that everything is fine…..they will give all the information to armaan… the smallest doubt……

Monday, 22 May 2017

part 9 : KhamOshiyaan

Dhruv: ShOna....??
(Dhruv Jo In Months Mein ShiLpa Ko Dekhne Ky Liye Taras Jata Hai...Uski Nazar Jese He Shilpa Pe Parti Hai..
Woh Apna Gussa BhooL Jata Hai...)

part4 : 10 spines had made their way through his body,

..He was looking extremely awesome with his gnjs,bermoodas and hot hot chappals and OMG that black thread in his right leg is to f**king awesome....lollzzzz...even at that time i had time to concentrate at his clothes!!!his fringes were dancing with the air....his hands were nowhere but hanging in air....i noticed MANY(and many means MANY)sparkly tears in his light blue eyes.....they were normal tears but to me they felt like TEARS OF BLOOD....!!!!...he couldn't beleive that I "his riddhima" is standing in front of him....

part 4 : Tera Mera Rishta By Sangeeta,


Armaan was busy at his desk, when he heard a knock. "OH, Anjali tum?…..oh yaa…..main bhool gaya tha tum shaam ko aayogi…bolo kya dekhana hai?"

Anjali came in and plunked herself on his twin bed, "Yeh dekho….brochures…..main soch rahi hoon MBBS graduation ke baad tum aur main in mein se kahin bhi jaa sakte hain. Look….so beautiful…Mauritius, Maldives…..aur yeh dekho…."

Sunday, 21 May 2017

part 3 :Kuch rang pyar ke aise bhi (arsh ff)

- PART 3 -

Armaan : she has tempreture she is burning dammit faster SHANUU..

Ye sunte hi sab armaan ki taraf dekhte the but armaan wo to bas us ladki ko apni god me liye hue he or use uthane ki koshish kar raha he

Armaan : wake up please please"He said in a pleading voice"

part 3 : 10 spines had made their way through his body,

DID I JUST LOST MY HEART.....!?!?!...........

part 15 : Mujhe apna bana lo

Part 15

its been almost 10 mins since armaan was sitting in the room waiting for riddhima...but she still didnt came out of the bathroom.....he went to the door and knocked.....

A: riddhima tum theek to ho na??? yr me mazak kar raha tha humaira ke bare me....i am not intressted in her....plzz come out yr......
R: armaan....tum plzz apni aankhe band karo....
A: kyaa....riddhima....plzz come out na jaan....
R: armaan plzzzz....apni aankhe band karo aur bed pe jaake baith jao......
A: hmmmm okee fine....but jaldi aao....