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Part-3:Ek Tha Raja…Ek Thi Rani

                                                 AFTER 1 MONTH

This was the time to begin with the preparations. As promised Riddhima came after 15 days but unfortunately  Armaan and Rahul went to Australia for a business deal and it took them almost 1 month to come back to India.Today all are meeting to do shopping for the wedding.Riddhima met Atul the day she landed Mumbai..she had booked her hotel but because of Anjali and Muskan’s

part 21 : Sirf Tum

" I Don't need Paradise because I HAVE U! "


"Yaar Sid tune Party to bohoot achi di hai" Dev commented while taking a sip from his drink

"Haa janta hu...but kya faida Rahul-Muskaan ka firse jhagda ho gaya yaar" Sid spoke which made Armaan to chuckle

part 10 : Tera Mera Rishta By Sangeeta

Armaan returned from the clinic that evening to find Riddhima fast asleep on her bed with a book on her chest. He sat beside her and recalled the harrowing events from the snake bite accident. He still shuddered at the thought of what might have happened if the poison had spread further. Armaan tenderly moved some loose hair tendrils from her face and caressed her face with his fingers. He bent down and kissed her forehead gently. Riddhima felt his lips brushing against her skin and stirred a little. His lips moved down slowly and touched her lips. As soon as she felt his lips against hers, she startled and woke up.

"Armaan…..tum? Kab aaye?" she tried to sit up and covered her neck with her dupatta lying next to her.

Friday, 2 June 2017

Part-A ; ~If Tomorrow Comes (AR OS)~

She stood in front of the huge dressing table adjusting her beautiful red saree and checking her last minute make-up making sure that she looked fine for the award function held that night, just then her husband walked in looking dashing as ever in a three piece black suit "Ridhima hurry up yaar, we're late already aur kitna time lagega..." he stopped his rant midway as he caught hold of the site of his gorgeous wife who looked absolutely breathtaking in that saree. "WOW! Someone's looking hot!" He hooted as he leaned against the door frame of their room watching her apply her lipstick. Hearing his comment her cheeks turned red on its accord while she just bit her lip to hide it. "Vaise if I am not mistaken abhi tum yaha isliye aye ho cuz shayad hume late ho raha hai" she said now turning towards him who still stood by the door busy in admiring the beauty in front of him. "Ho to raha hai par you

Part 2:Ek Tha Raja….Ek Thi Rani

Next day:

This is Gupta Palace…Riddhima’s home.It is painted in blue and white colour.Guards were everywhere to secure this area.Gardeners were in gardens doing there work.This palace is known for

part 6: Beetein_Lamhe

PART - 6

"toh main jayuun??"
She asked softly nd his smile vanished hearing her.. He wanted to stop her but did he have that right?? he juz kept on looking at her intently wanting her to stop but didn't gather courage to  give words to his thought..
She too waited but then sighing she turned to go.. She juz took a few steps wen she heard..
"Riddhima ji??"

Thursday, 1 June 2017

Part:1-Ek Tha Raja….Ek Thi Rani


In a beach a guy was on his knees infront of a girl saying “Will you marry me Anjali!?”.He was waiting for his answer.The girl replied “Of course Atul..warna main engagement kyun karti? I LOVE YOU A LOT ATUL..I WILL MARRY YOU” .The whole area was decorated with red roses and

part 20 : Sirf Tum


One month later... 

Uff mere dil me

Thodi khali si jagah thi

Uff tune aake

Bin garaye ye jagah li...

part 4 :Kuch rang pyar ke aise bhi (arsh ff)

- PART 4 -

Subah ho gayi he sabko sanjeevani bhi jana he

But us ladki ka kya ??

Inside ICU

Us ladki ko hosh aata he dheere dheere wo apni aankhe kholti he kuch der room ki roshni ko adjust karne ke baad wo fully apni aankhe khol deti he

part 9 : Tera Mera Rishta By Sangeeta

After Anjali's attempted suicide, Armaan and Riddhima did not meet for many months except for casual hellos in the hospital hallways. Armaan passed the final MBBS exam at the top of the class. Anjali barely scraped through, thanks to the generousness of Dr Shashank Gupta's medical colleagues who were grading the exams.

Wednesday, 31 May 2017

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part 59 : Dard ka rishta

When ananya opened eyes saw arman was sitting beside her but his eyes were closed and the strains of dry tears were clearly shown on his cheeks. Ananya touched his hand and called him in a weak voice but arman jerked hearing her voice and asked in a worried tone : “mumma,aap thik toh hain? Kahin dard ho raha hai? Mai abhi doctor ko bulata hun .”

But ananya stooped him holding his hand and uttered : “mai bilkul thik hun arman

part 5 : Beetein_Lamhe

PART - 5

"Aur kuch??" Arima said irritatingly handing over a packet of chips to her darling son nd coffee to her mumma..

"no mom.. abhi ke liye bass itna hi.."
Junior replied with attitude..

part 20 (last part): Mujhe apna bana lo

Part 20 (LAST PART)

armaan left the house in anger…..he got into his car….from the car mirrow he could see riddhima also coming out of the house……but he didn’t care and left from there….he was hell angry…..enough was enough……sid cant play with their life anymore…..and raj……his own PA……now they crossed their limits by hurting riddhima and killing their child…….armaan took out his phone and called raj….

A: raj meet me in 10 in the old building

Tuesday, 30 May 2017

last part :may be someday

part 1- 65 (a)

Part 65(B)

The car took a steep turn and Armaan was jerked awake. When he looked around as to what happened, he found that they had almost reached the place they were supposed to. Abhi was still at the drivers And Atul sat with him The front seat. Rahul had slept with his earphones on and Muskaan n Anjie were still a sleep. Nikki was reading a book and Besides him Riddhima lay asleep her head on his lap.
Ar- A little less speed will do, Abhi.
Ab- Yea sorry about that a bear was crossing the road had to take a turn all of a sudden.
At- Haan
Ar- Abhi yaha se left le please.
Ab- Nahi baaye jaana hai.
Ar- Left.
Ab- Baaye.
Ar- left left left
Ab- Baaye baaye baaye.
At- Guys. Left Aur baaya ek hi hota hai. Left is equal to baaya.
Ar,Ab- Ohh sorry!
At- good boys!
Ar- OK after the left, first right Lena hai
Ab- No ways. Left hai na.
Ar- Surprise mera hai. Mujhe pata hai kaha jaana hai.
Without any questions Abhi took the next turn as Armaan had directed. Soon Abhi found himself parking a car in the middle of the forest. It was almost midnight. He turned off the engine and looked back at him.
Armaan could see the concern in his eyes and knee what was he thinking about.
It was midnight and it wasn't safe to take the girls inside the forest. Armaan knew that it wasn't safe of course. But that didnt mean that he didnt plan everything perfectly!
Ar- Just trust me on this.
He shook Riddhima awake.
Ar- Hey Shona,
Ri- mmm..
Ar- Hum pohoch gaye. Ri- Hmmm..
She hadn't opened her eyes yet. He placed a small kiss on her cheek and She smiled in response. He placed another kiss on her nose. Then another on her forehead and one on each eye. She snuggled closer to him. She was awake now and could feel his breath on her face. She held onto him. She felt him near his ears and then..

part 19: Mujhe apna bana lo

Part 19

Armaan was just about to reach home……but before he could enter the house….he got a call……seeing the id he got confused and picked it up….

A: yes doctor?
Dr: mr. Mallik can u plzz come in my clinic right now….

part 8 : Tera Mera Rishta By Sangeeta

The following month, Riddhima started her new rotation in Obstetrics and Gynaecology, which meant a lot of night calls as most deliveries tend to happen in the middle of the night.

Riddhima was glad Muskaan was also posted with her but their call nights were always different. Rahul (Anjali's brother in this ff) was the senior student; he seemed to be particularly pleased to have his callnights with Muskaan.

"hmm" Riddhima teased Muskaan as Muskaan turned red whenever Rahul's name was mentioned. Riddhima would willingly change her duties with Muskaan so that Rahul could be with her.

Monday, 29 May 2017

Part 21 :Fateful love in an arrange marriage

RECAP - In last part we saw AR went to Gupta mansion to have dinner with them n ridhima n armaan's cute nok jhok in between n Atlast there beautiful moments at the end

part 1-20

ab aagey

Normal Sunday in mallik mansion

After waking up late armaan went down to clean his car as he likes to clean his  belongings by himself

part 3 & 4 : Beetein_Lamhe

PART - 3

He bowed down his head like a lill student caught by his teacher nd she looked away smilingly... Then very softly she asked..

"par aap mujhe doondh kyun rahe the??"

He looked at her nd smiled widely seeing her smiling like an angel..

part 7 (last part) : 7 Days

Sunday – An epilogue

She wasn't sure if getting formally introduced to each other was an ending to a fantastic anonymous journey or a beginning of a new adventure with a man named Edward. Currently she was in that grey area where the stranger transformed to Edward. But after last nights events, which was drinking coffee till they were thrown out of the caf, she found out that there were very little things that were different between the man she knew all this while to Edward. After coffee, they had parted for the night and he had promised her to meet at the book store next evening. Being Sunday, they were closing the store early and all the employees had already left. She lifted her head up when a cup of coffee and a muffin was placed in front of her. It was him, grinning at her. Even though she was expecting a visit from him, it still surprised her when he showed up.
"You had a busy day?"
"No, not really. But I did manage to finish Preludes and Nocturnes by Neil Gaiman though." She said happily.
"So you are ready to move on." The statement was so loaded and both of them knew that. She had had a session with her roommate the night before and had come up with a list of pros and cons regarding pursuing a relationship with him. It was irrational and illogical because she had already decided that she would. But perhaps her inane need for validating everything that she did had

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AR vm by ajuswa


Part 10 : Just a bend not an end

part 1- 9


RECAP: Ridhima's presentation is successful and they get the deal. Armaan and Ridhima's anniversary, Armaan plans a date at home and finally some very sweet Armaan-Ridhima moments.

PART 11:-
~10 Months Later~
Armaan stood leaning on the door of the huge room while his heart ached looking at the sight inside. A really vulnerable Ridhima sat on the far end corner of the room, her eyes devoid of any expression while she had her knees pulled up till her chest as she hugged herself as much as she could. A lone tear slipped of Armaan's eyes as he saw his princess in that condition, why was life so cruel to them he thought. 

part 6 : 7 Days


It was a busy Saturday evening with store brimming with lots of customers. She was running a few employees short and it was showing; she was completely stressed. She preferred being on the floor rather than at billing as she liked interacting with people who were browsing for books. She wasn't that good with people but she was great when it came to talking to people about books and helping them out to buy the right one. She had helped an elderly gentleman who was looking for books on biplanes when a voice stopped her.
"Need any help around here?" His voice sounded amused. He was surprised when she dragged him by the hand and shoved him inside a room at the back of the store. She gave him a T-Shirt that bore the name of her book store and looked at him expectantly. It tickled him to see her this way. He shrugged and changed his T-Shirt. She uttered him a hurried thanks and asked him to help around to whoever who needed help; be it her employee or any customer.
"Will I be paid?" He asked her smiling.
"Of course you will be paid. Since you owe me money for the book that you purchased last time you were here, I might have to dock your pay to cover that." She gave him a cheeky smile. He laughed.
For the next couple of hours they worked barely crossing each others path. But her being her saw him moving around the store as if he always belonged there. For a moment she was lost in the fantasy of him being there, working with her for quite a long time into their future. He was all around the store helping an employee to place the books in the right shelf. She saw him help a little girl to find the right book about dolphins. She grinned to herself when she saw a young woman make an obvious

part 7 : Tera Mera Rishta By Sangeeta


Another senior resident, Shubhankar Bajaj, who had just come back from vacation, joined their team. Shubhankar Bajaj was an obnoxious kind of character; he particularly got on Armaan's nerves. Armaan did not have much respect for him as a surgeon, he also thought he was too talkative and loud-"empty vessels make the most noise" Armaan thought about Shubhankar.

Shubhankar was a big time flirt also; he would go for the young and nave medical students and on his first day back, Shubhankar could not help noticing the pretty young girl, Riddhima Sharma.

"Hello, Ms Sharma….I am your senior resident" he stuck out his hand to shake Riddhima's hand

"Hello, sir!" she replied politely