Saturday, 17 June 2017

part 63 : dard ka rishta

riddhima jerked hearing it. she uttered in a wet voice : "maine kisiko nahi kaha ki apna ghar chodkar chala jaye.mai hi chali jati hun yahan se.”
ananya uttered surprisingly : “kya bol rahe ho tum dono?
riddhima beta,aisa kuch nahi hai..
riddhima uttered wiping her tears : “aisa hi hai mumma. mai janti hun meri wajah se hi aryan yahan se,aaplogon se dur chala gaya hai..meri wajah se hi aaj usey aaplog accept nahi kar pa rahe hain..meri wajah se hi dono bhaiyon me fight hui,ek dusre ke jaan ke dushman ban gaye hain wo... arman jail bhi meri wajah se gaya..aur aaj wo ghar chodkar jane ki meri wajah se hi soch raha hai,to kyon na mai hi chali jaun?”

part 28 : Sirf Tum

Jahan hai tu...

"Offo!! ye door knob kyun nai khul raha" she was trying to open the door but it was stuck and wd lots of force it opened up and as she entered she found it dark but wd some soft lights it was candles "Kya ye maine kiyaa...par main to aai hi nai thi yaha" she whispered scardely and a step further when a light shine's on side wall on which a screen showed in which it was written

part 17: Tera Mera Rishta By Sangeeta

PART 17: 

After Armaan left, Riddhima sat down with Ishaan and hugged him. She sobbed quietly and thought, "Armaan...I am sorry.....lekin mere paas aur koi raasta nahin tha.....jaanti hoon mainey tumhey bahut dard diya hai.....aur tumhare bina, main bhi sirf apni yaadon ke saath hi zinda hoon......kitna ajeeb rishta hai rishtey mein sirf dard aur yaadein basi hain.......aur ek hamara bachha......kaash main tumhey samjha sakti ki mainey yeh sab kyon kiya......I love you Armaan....I still do......main tumhey kabhie bhool nahin payi." She dozed off with her son in her arms, lost in her own thoughts. 

Friday, 16 June 2017

part 2 : Dil Ka rishta

Guys there r 6 new characters in my ff

Anjali Gupta-Riddhima nd Muskaan's older sister,she's 23 years old

Muskaan Gupta-Riddhima nd Anjali's younger sister,very talkative nd bubbly, she's 22 years old

Atul Malik-Armaan's younger brother,he's 22 nd luvs his older brother Armaan alot

Rahul Garewal-Armaan's best friend,he's 20,knows Armaan better than Armaan himself

Ananya Malik-Armaan's mom,luvs both her children alot

part 5 : Loves Me Loves Me Not

(Ridhima is taken aback by armaan's question..she turned to look at figure out if he is making fun of her..but he is just staring at her)
Ridhima: i will ask him if he is sure....hehe..just kidding...well, it depends on who is saying that to me..[ wat a strange question?]
Armaan: hmmm
Ridhima: if i am in love with that guy then i will jump and say that i love him else i would take some time to decide
Armaan: hmm..if he is handsome, then?

part 16 : Beetein_Lamhe

PART - 16

"a picture perfect.. isn't it??" riddhima shivered hearing the sudden whisper in her ear.. nd automatically her eyes blinked breaking her trance nd a sweet smile came across her lips.. now it is going to be a perfect picture to her with HIM beside her cherishing this moment TOGETHER.. she sighed contently nd looked side ways to see the love of her life...

Thursday, 15 June 2017

PART 21: U Make My Life Worth To Live Again (An AR FF)


Having enough of Riddhima blabbering, Armaan stood up and pull Riddhima up with him... Riddhima was shocked by his action but she didn't stop her blabbering... Now when she started to ask what happen, why he had pull her and what he was thinking, Armaan just make her face him as she was looking down towards the CD's as if searching something there...

part 27 : Sirf Tum


Ye do dilo kaa waastaa

"Ufff!!" she held her head on her palm here she was getting mad but from our hero side he was lost in her beauty since the tym he had saw her he was talking wd Rahul when his eyes landed on her who was moving towards the corner table he noticed her every feature and expressions which was making her cute he was mesmerized by her the dress was perfectly fitting on her he only knows when first tym his eyes landed on this dress which caught his attention and immidiatly her face flashed in his eyes he had already decided to gift her something for their confession so bought this and imagining her size and everything it perfectly fitted her he smiled and wd slow steps moved towards her

part 16 : Tera Mera Rishta By Sangeeta,

PART 16: 

Armaan spent the night in the surgical ICU. He kept an eye on Ishaan all night.

"Sister….agar Ishaan jaag jaaye, tho muhje bataa dena" he told the 
nurse as he settled down with his laptop to finish some work. 

In a short while, a nurse informed him that Ishaan was awake and 
throwing a fit. "Sir….thodi morphine aur de doon usey?" (morphine is a 
very strong painkiller and is used post operatively to help with pain 
and calm patients down)

Wednesday, 14 June 2017

part 62 : Dard ka rishta

arman got bail  and came back home didn’t come in his room. when riddhima heard arman was back,she came in their room and sat on the bed and opened laptop to show she was doing something in it but her heartbeat started skipping beats thinking that now what step arman would about to take.

part 3 & 4 : Loves Me Loves Me Not

Ridhima's mobile phone is ringing...she sees "keerti calling", her face lightens up..with a broad smile she answers the call)
Ridhima: helloooo darling, when did u come back?
Keerti: hi yaar, 3days ago
Ridhima: wattt??
(she disconnects the call rings again..ridhima is not picking it up)
Padma: ridzy, y r u not picking it?

part 14 & 15 : Beetein_Lamhe

PART - 14

Arima is now completely in her normal self laughing nd njoying with armu and riddhima.

"chal arii.. aaj milke armu ki favorite dinner banate hain.." riddhima suggested.

Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Part 6:Ek Tha Raja….Ek Thi Rani

At last they were in Goa.They booked 4 rooms.2 for girls and 2 for boys.They all freshened up and decided to go for a stroll on the nearby beach.The girls changed into shorts and top.Boys were also in half pants and t shirts.
There was still little bit of sunlight.Atul-Anjali were sitting on a rock,cuddling and romancing.Nikki and Abhi went for a walk.Riddhima,Armaan ,Rahul and Muskan were sitting on sand when Riddhima suggested to
“Muski yaad hai college kitni masti karte the…Chal purani yaade taazi kiya jaye.
Muskan-Haan bahot din hogaye hain…chal.

Intro & part 1 : Dil Ka Rishta


There was a girl, her name was Riddhima Gupta and there was a guy he was none other than our Armaan Malik. Riddhima was a simple,young, beautiful, sweet and an innocent 21 year old girl and Armaan was a charming,cute,hot,handsome,dashing and a smart 22 year old guy;Armaan and Riddhima met at the basketball court for the first time.

AR-FF Dil Ka Rishta Part 1

Armaan kuch bachon ke saath basketball ki game khel raha hota hai ke tab hi wahan Riddhima jogging karte huye aati hair aur thoda rest ke liye wahin bheth jaati hai on the stairs of the basketball court, phir achanak se ball jaake uske sar pe lagta hai.

part 26 : Sirf Tum





3 days later...



"Armaan...bhale hi aapka pyaar mile na mile...but main ye jarur janti hu ki aapko meri parva hai...aur main usi k sahare puri zindagi guzar lungi" she thought in her heart staring at his sleeping face she was constantly staring at him laying beside him her head was on her hands where as he was laying against his stomach and his one hand was on her waist and other was on his head "Aur aaj aapne ye baat

part 15: Tera Mera Rishta By Sangeeta

Armaan was at the Operating theatre early in the morning. After he
scrubbed in for surgery, he saw a little boy being wheeled in on a
stretcher. Armaan's skipped a heartbeat when he saw Ishaan asleep under
the influence of sedatives. Armaan thought, "this little boy's fate was
now in my hands……but why am I thinking like this? I have operated on
kids like Ishaan before…..but why do I feel more responsible today than I
ever have?"

Monday, 12 June 2017

Intro & part 1 : Want to spend everyday with U


                 Image result for armaan dil mil gaye
He is a business tycoon. he is very gud loking n amazing man. he loves to do charities he had done so many things for the socites n aspacialy for the orphens. he is not like any other other ppl who get al egoistic when they got popularity n monny at very early age but he very humbal man he has built a huge orphanage in the heart of Bombay he had personaly see to the constroction of the building n also needs of the childrens He is son of Abhimanu n Naina Malik but he has lost them in a car accident few years ago

part 7 : Kuch rang pyar ke aise bhi (arsh ff),

- PART 7 -

Armaan : dekho shanu jesa tum..

But armaan ki baate bich me hi reh jati he kyuki use sunne ke liye shanu kahi nahi he


Chali gayi wo riddhima ko USKA ARMAAN deke chali gayi... 

part 13 : Beetein_Lamhe

PART - 13

"puttar aap aao mere sath.." riddhima's father called her..

Riddhima opened her eyes nd pleaded.. "papaji.. aap samajh nahi rahe.. iss mein ar'" but she was interrupted again.. "puttar mainey bulaya na aapko.. aap aao idhar.."

"par papaji'"

Sunday, 11 June 2017

Part 81 : From The Time I Saw You - An AR FF -

part 1 -80


Armaan had been staying home to take care of Riddhima as he don't want to leave her for a second... Riddhima had been asking him to go back to work as Ananya has come two days after the incident... Even Padma keep asking Armaan that she and Ananya would take care of Riddhima well enough not to let anyone harm her... Padma and Ananya knows very well Armaan was scared to let Riddhima be alone because he knows Raina could do anything to get Armaan in her life...

part 25 : Sirf Tum


One month later
Yuhin bewajah
Dil me nai Betaabiyaaan...

"Feb shuru ho gaya hai... yaani Valentines agle hafte se shuru hoga..kaash main pehle ki tarah keh ye sab kuch nai hota" Shilpa thought staring at the sky on her belcony "kya pata tha pehli baar Pyaar kar k dil tutega mera..." she whispered to herself while carassing Shao Pao's head who was sleeping on her lap while she was seated on a sofa which was placed in the balcony she was waiting for Armaan who had gone in Bhopal for some work from two weeks and today he is returning she smiled remembering how he was instructing her to take care of herself and everyone before leaving and also a good news came to their family is that Aditi being pregnant from one month its a very happy thing for their family and Aaysha also pregnant He wud always called her on phone sometyms which she recieves sometyms and she missed She remembered after new year she tried to maintain distance from him even she returned back his fav shirt which made him shocked

part 14: Tera Mera Rishta By Sangeeta

PART 14: 

Armaan had a hard time staying focused rest of the morning. He barely paid attention to what his interns and residents were presenting to him at the rounds. He hurried through the rest of the rounds and looked at his watch, "I will be in my office….just page me when you are ready for me later….."