Saturday, 24 June 2017

part 3 : Want to spend everyday with U


After 2 days ridhima was standing at the entrance of the huge building. This past 2 days went by very quickly when ridhima went home n told her parents that she got a offer to work with armaan malik her parents were on cloud 9 coz they knows that their daughter has done a great job and well do so they were so proud of her. They also agree to the job and said she can go n work their but they were not interested in going to Bombay. After lots of thinking ridhima came to the conclution that she shud take this job so thus now she was standing at the enteresnce of the building where armaan's office is located.

part 9 :Loves Me Loves Me Not

Sap: have u lost it armaan? how can she say that?
Armi: its just to make him stop thinking about her, wats wrong in that?
Anji: huh! its not that simple..the whole college will start talking about u two
Atul: yes armaan, anji is right..wats wrong with u dude?
Armi: let them talk, i have no problem

part 20 : Beetein_Lamhe

PART - 20

"nurse.. nurse.." the doc asked lill loudly examining the ECG machine.. her heartbeat is going slow to slower..

"yes doctor??" nurse asked at once nd got the order from the doctor at the very nxt moment..

"electric shock.. be fast.." the doc said quickly examining her almost inaudible heartbeat nd pulse rate..

Nurse nodded quickly nd got busy to follow the necessities..

Friday, 23 June 2017

part 31 : Sirf Tum


"Heyyy Mom..." Armaan approached towards them followed by Dev from behind

"Aaj tum Lunch tym mein kaise Dev? Aur Armaan kaisa tha tumhara trip Panchgani ka?" Ananya asked fowningly while they took seats beside Dadi on sides

"Meri meeting jaldi khatam... ho gayi to aa gaya" Dev replied picking an Orange from Aditi's plate who smacked on his arm lightly

part 21 : Tera Mera Rishta By Sangeeta

Armaan stopped by that evening to hang out with Ishaan. He had pondered over Riddhima's suggestion all afternoon and agreed with her, "I think, I will take up your suggestion…..mujhey wo Ooty waali facility ka phone number de do…..I think I will take Anjali to there."

"Great! Main abhi apni diary laati hoon." 

"Doctor uncle….aap kahan jaa rahe hain?" a curious Ishaan asked. 

Thursday, 22 June 2017

part 2 : Want to spend everyday with U


D: ridhima come in n have site
she try to get herself back to the deans office n also try to recover from the shoke that The armaan malik was standing in the same room as she is
A: hi I m…….
R: armaan malik I know u
A: ohh well
D; ridhima he has come here to get some of our top student to work for him but to my mind came only ur name so now he wanted to conduct ur interview n u mingt refer some other student that can fit in to the job description

part 8 : Loves Me Loves Me Not

(Ridhima stopped...wondering y he sounds so serious...he comes near her...very near...Ridhima turns back)
Armi: no, dont turn
Ridz: why??
Armi: first turn that side
(ridz turned..her back facing him)

part 19 : Beetein_Lamhe

PART - 19

"riddhimaa" she heard a soulful whisper near her ear nd quickly turned at dat direction.. there he is.. standing in front of her eyes pouring all his love n care through his gaze.. she smiled at once seeing the face she was dying to see nd hugged him at once..
"tum aa gayyee armaan.. kitni der kar di.. main kabse wait kar rahi hoon pata hain tumhey??"
She asked in between her tearful smile..
"kitna darr gayee thi main .. tumhey pata hain kisi ne kitna ganda mazak kiya tha.. ek phone aya aur kaha ki'" she shivered nd hugged him tighter..

Wednesday, 21 June 2017

one shot : “Mere Humsafar “ (os competition)

“ To tujhe pata nahi tu arman ko chahti hai ki nahi?”
“haan chahti toh hun muski.”
“Means tu usey pyar karti hai ,hai na riddhzi?”
“ab yeh pyar karne ki baat kahan se aa gayi? Hum dono  childhood friends hain,ek dusre ko bahut chahte hain par pyar …aisa toh socha bhi nahi maine .”
“toh tu kahna chahti hai ki  tu sirf ek dost jaisa usey chahti hai,pyar vyar nahi hai.”
“nahi,pyar toh karti hun..par wo  wala pyar..uff! pata nahi...
“Toh dekh le riddhzi  kyonki arman jaisa humsafar  tujhe nahi milega.tune kabhi socha hai wo tera kitna khyal rakhta hai?”
“toh? Khyal toh dost bhi rakhte hain ,usse kya?”

part 30 : Sirf Tum


"Tu mujhe sab kuch... saaf saaf bata" Dev asked after composing himself "Kyun ki main janta hu uski koi majboori hogi varna... vo kabhi aisa kuch nai kar sakta haina" asked doubtfully making Rehaan to nod in YES "To fir clear kar yaar sab kuch varna mera dimag phat jayga" he spoke frustadely while sitting on sofa wd his head rested on his fists

part 20 : Tera Mera Rishta By Sangeeta,


Dr Phatak, Anjali's psychiatrist came and checked her out. "I agree Armaan….she has had a major relapse after a long time… never know what triggered it…….dawa tho leti hai na roz?….relapse ka sabsey badha kaaran usually non compliance with medicines hotha hai…"

"Yes, Dr Phatak….I make sure she takes it….jab main nahin hotha…tho nurse uska dhyaan rakhthi hai….I think I know what happened….but never mind…now we need to take care of her," Armaan cursed Dr Gupta silently for triggering Anjali's relapse.

Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Humesha Tumhara Saath Dungi An AR os (os competition)

                     Riddhima was sitting with the rest Mallik women looking at Sarees and jewelry
Riddhima was sitting with the rest Mallik women looking at Sarees and jewelry. The whole table was full of expensive jewelry and sarees. They were looking at the sarees for a very special occasion that was coming up, the wedding of Nikita Mallik, the smallest child and the only daughter in the Mallik family. Though, today, they were deciding outfits for her engagement which was in less than a week.

part 47 : Life style

part 1-46

                             Image may contain: 11 people, text

(riddhima naha kar aati hai toh armaan office se achuka hota hai woh uske paas jakar uski lap pe beth jaati hai)
armaan angrily: kya karahi ho riddhima.. Bachi hou tum jo hamesha meri godh mein akar beth jaati hou.. Maa bane wali hou ek bache ki lekin sharam lehaz kuch nahi hai aise kisi ki godh mein kon charh kar bethta hai

part 7 : Loves Me Loves Me Not

Valentines day:

(Ridz is waiting outside the restaurant..she sees none of her friends around)
(armaan comes from behind and whispers in her ear "happy valentines day"...which sent a chill down her spine...she could listen her heart beating fast)
Ridz: hahhh!! you??
Armi: darr gayee??

part 18 :Beetein_Lamhe

PART - 18

Riddhima put down d receiver nd went to see their daughter' she knws aftr talking to her dada, she is more eager to meet him now nd not to forget.. one thing that their princess hates most is to wait.. riddhima chuckled as she very well knws frm whom arima inherited this particular nature.. it's she, herself, who showed big tantrums whenever armaan kept her on wait' she literally threatened him on the 1st date of them after their confession dat do whatever but nvr evr kp me on wait.. or unless she will brk up wth him.. nd poor soul' wat could he do?? Like an obedient BF n later an obedient

Monday, 19 June 2017

PART 3 A : Will Love You, Till My Last Heartbeat (An AR TS)

part 1 and 2


As Armaan and Riddhima didn't have much people in their life, they got married in court with Muskaan, Rahul and Kriti... Also Armaan few friends joins them along with Riddhima office mates in Kriti Apartment as Armaan apartment wasn't ready yet but everything was just left to be settle by Riddhima who soon would be going to make that place the way she like...

part 29 : Sirf Tum


Evening @ Malik Farmhouse

"Thank u bhaiyaa...aap jao" Shilpa thanked the driver who dropped her where Armaan had told him to do and nodding in YES the driver left wd the car she looked at the surrounding which was calm it was one of the farmhouse owned by the Malik's which was not so big and built up by glass almost but surrounded by a beautiful garden wearing a beautiful red and orange wd pink duppatta dress she stepped at the entrance of garden which has a small way leading to the house its beautiful she wondered when her cell's ring caught her attention! Flashing ' Mr.Supercool!

part 18 & 19 : Tera Mera Rishta By Sangeeta

Riddhima was a little shaken up by the incident with Armaan. She lay next to Ishaan and thought, "Kya Armaan aaj bhi mujh se hi pyaar karta hai? How is he going to explain his behavior to Anjali? Nahin….main aisa nahin kar sakti…..I cannot break someone's home….mujhey kal hi Armaan se baat karni padhegi…..we are here for Ishaan….Ishaan ke theek hote hi main yahan se chali jaaoongi." She dozed off with an arm around Ishaan.


Sunday, 18 June 2017

Part 64: dard ka rishta


When arman was coming home , saw his family were stood outside of the house to welcome him.anjali Uttered smilingly : “dekho,kitna pyar karta hai tumhe tumhari family.aur tum aise family ko chodkar jane ki baat karte ho arman?”
Arman uttered : “wo to maine gusse me kaha tha.mai Aryan jaisa nahi hun.”
Anjali uttered nodding : “I know,isliye to tu mera best friend hai arman.”

part 6 : Loves Me Loves Me Not

Ridz: Armaan !!! [ the person who teases me the most, who never leaves a chance to comment on me thinks i am the most beautiful in the class??!! i cant believe this!!]
(armaan was in a white tshirt n jeans with denim jacket)
Ridz: thanks

part 17 : Beetein_Lamhe

PART - 17

Ri : "hello.. kaun??"

Ar : "hello janeman.."

Ri : "armaannn' u moron.. stop being cheesy.."