Saturday, 1 July 2017

part 67 : dard ka rishta

when atul came in arman’s room ,saw arman had high temparature. he checked him and uttered with a tensed face : ‘arman,i think tujhe blood test karvana chahiye,actually i am suggesting to admit in hospital.”

part 35 : Sirf Tum


4 days later

"Armaan breakfast karke hi jaana" Ananya shouted as she saw Armaan descending from stairs in hurry

"Mom mujhe bahoot kaam hai" he shouted back going towards the entrance

"Offo... Jo karna hai karo mujhe kya" she gave up and started doing her work which is too fold the clothes of Billy giving for laundary when she felt someone hugged her from back

"Mom..." he said hugging her tightly

part 25 : Tera Mera Rishta By Sangeeta

Atul and Sapna came back to find Armaan in a stupor, lying on the living room floor with an empty wine bottle in his hand. They picked him up and carried him back to bed.

Next day, Armaan apologized to both Sapna and Atul but was still upset with Riddhima. He tried to find out about her whereabouts from her clinic in the neighboring hospital but they were unaware too. 

Over the next few days, he channeled all his energies to defend his case in front of the Licensing Board. They were going to hold their enquiry in a few days.


Friday, 30 June 2017

part 12 : Loves Me Loves Me Not

(Two weeks pass by...ridhima is waiting to see and talk to armaan every day...she looks forward for their daily meetings in canteen, their hangouts on holidays, feels happy when he sits beside the class, she turns back now n then to see him..waits for attendance to hear his day she hears a different voice, turns back to see..armaan is not there..confused, she looks around the class..he is not in the class...she comes out after the class is over..sees armaan outside)
Ridz: u were not in the class?
Armi: nah, dint feel like attending

part 48 : Life style

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(poora din aisehi kat jaata hai riddhima bechain hoti hai aur dusri taraf armaan pareshan)
night at gupta house
(riddhima sone ki koshish karahi hoti par woh itni bechain hoti hai ke usse neend nahi arahi hoti hai)
riddhima: neend kyun nahi arahi hai kyun itni bechaini horahi hai mujhe..
On the other side..

part 6 : Want to spend everyday with U


After seeing armaan's face covered with the cake everyones was left shoked and had only one  thing in their mind what wud he do to ridhima it was like they have been put in to the puse mode. In order to change the atmosepfier padma jumped in
P: ok now everyone shud go n freshen up so we al can have dinner.
All: ya sure
They al left to get freshen up shashnk took armaan n arjun to his room
On the other side ridhima went to her room was sacred to face armaan but now she cant don't anything

part 23 : Beetein_Lamhe

PART - 23

"aur yeh humara kamra" armaan said looking at her smiling lovingly only to see his love blushing.. her flushed cheeks along wth her trembling pink lips is a treat to watch.. nd instantly his smile widened flashing his adorable dimples.. oh!! His love shies so much nd he's juz loving it.. he thought dreamily still lost in her blushes.. on the other hand, riddhima sensed his intense gaze upon her nd didn't dare to look upward..

Thursday, 29 June 2017

part 66 : dard ka rishta

dadi turned hearing a sound and screamed seeing riddhima was on the floor. she came running to her and sat on her knees and started shaking her while calling her name but riddhima didn’t open her eyes. dadi got scared and yelled : “ananya,jaldi aa ...

part 34 : Sirf Tum


"Kahan ho tum Bracelet... I know tumhe kuch nai hua hai... I know mera dil keh raha hai" he spoke sadly to her ring which was on his hand he has tears marks all over his cheek he rubbed his face and again stood to search her after searching for hours he didn't find her and feeling broken he sat on a chair crying bitterly he was feeling lonely without her when his cell's ring made him receive the call "Haa... Dev...bbb bol" he spoke slowly but his voice was in trembling tone

part 24 : Tera Mera Rishta By Sangeeta

PART 24:

Shashank and Padma were happy that Anjali was visiting some friends in Ooty. Dr Gupta said, "lagta hai….Armaan aur uska rishta ab normal pati-patni wala ho gaya hai….dekho ab wo baahar jaana bhi pasand karthi hai…..Armaan khud usey apne friends ke yahan chhod karr aaya hai….that's so good Padma."

"Main bhi bahut khush hoon," Padma commented.

Wednesday, 28 June 2017

part 11 : Loves Me Loves Me Not


(Ridz is lying on her bed...recollecting the lovely moments of the her friends surprised her...the fun she had with the dim light she saw the gift they gave her..grabbed it.."dimpy" she said..then she remembered how armaan made fun of that name..his gaze..that touch on her he licked her finger..that mischievous look in his eyes)
Ridz: Armaan!! (she uttered his name without her knowledge..but immediately realises)

part 5 : Want to spend everyday with U


Ridhima was soooooooo scared on finding the diary in his hand.
R: this is my diary… how did u got it??
A: ohhh see I was right …. Here u go (hand her the diary)…. I told arjun that this must b ur diary coz in the offive everyone uses company diary not this one then I thought that this must have fell when v colliede in the hallway.
R: ya…..uhh

part 22 : Beetein_Lamhe

PART - 22

Both are still in each other's embrace.. riddhima's head is kept securely on his right shoulder while his head was resting on her left, nuzzling in her hair.. both are mum.. trying hard to swallow the torture of that horrible past nd pretend unaffected as best as they can but both knew how miserably they are failing.. in every now nd thn armaan felt her trembling in his arms while riddhima sensed his unsaid

Tuesday, 27 June 2017

PART 1 : Dil Se Dil Ki Mulaqaat (An AR TS)


Girl who was in her mid 20's were sitting behind a table as some photo's and documents were in front of her on the table... She was looking at those photo's very carefully as if she was searching something on those pictures... A big glass window was behind her giving lights to the well furnished room where it has a big four seat sofa at one corner with a coffee table, in another corner of the room a television hang on the wall...

part 33 : Sirf Tum



10 months later...

"Damm aaj fir na late ho jaaun" Armaan spoke hurriedly while tying his shoe lases "Bracelet... Meri coffee" he shouted top of his lungs moving towards the wardrobe door "Yaar vo file kahan hai.." he searched in his wardrobe but didn't find "Gosh ye Bracelet na..." he shook his head moving towards her wardrobe and started checking in it "Ye yahan rakha hai" he smiled picking the file when something fell from upper shelf "Ye kya hai..." he looked at the dairy and opened it "Wohho... Ye to Bracelet ki hai" he smirked and started reading , it was her dairy which she written before their marriage in this dairy she didn't penned much coz she had only written when she felt her life will be destroyed and taking out all her frustration in this She had written that's why she hate men and specialy husbands

part 23 : Tera Mera Rishta By Sangeeta

Back in the real world...

PART 23:

Armaan and Anjali returned to Mumbai after a few weeks. The change of scenery and state of the art treatment for her illness had helped Anjali a lot- she was much calmer and friendly. If one did not know about her illness, she came across as a normal person. Armaan was also relaxed after getting good rest and rejuvenated after his "honeymoon." He was dying to see his "real family" after he came back to Mumbai.

Monday, 26 June 2017

part 10 : Loves Me Loves Me Not

(Ridhima stood at the gate looking at the empty road..lost in her thoughts..)
Ridz:[ he loves me? is that wat his eyes r trying to say? but...he says he doesnt believe in love...then??]
Padma: ridzy, andar ao na, wahan kya kar rahi ho?
Ridz:(coming out of her thought process)haan..aa rahi hoon

part 4 : Want to spend everyday with U


Arjun was driving the car to the mall as per armaan's wish but he was bit worrid coz fome past houre armaan was not saying anything and just reading something I was worried for armaan too coz seeing him sooooo serous he did not know what was written in that diary but he was sure that it must b something very serouse.
As they reach the maal he asked armaan to get down
Ar: armaan v r here! Lest go in'.
A: hun did u say something??

part 21 : Beetein_Lamhe

PART - 21

Riddhima who was still hysteric while crying her heart out embracing her armaan as tightly as possible, literally stiffened wthn his hold hearing his sudden statement.. in spite of all mental turmoil, she had heard him clear but this unbelievable statement of his gave her another shock of her life.. wat did he juz say?? He can come?? He can actually come?? This new ray of hope was undoubtedly too tempting yet too unrealistic.. her heart wanted to throw all rational thinking nd blve him completely

Sunday, 25 June 2017

part 65 : dard ka rishta

riddhima sleep broke hearing a sound.she opened her eyes lazily and looked at that side,and saw arman was coming out of the washroom.he was wrapped a towel around his waist but his upper part is bare revealing his strong muscles.riddhima understood he had done with bath. She got up immediately and uttered in a surprising tone : ‘mai itna so kaise gayi?”

part 32 : Sirf Tum


Our Hero's "Birthday"

"Bhagwaan tumhaari umar... Surya se b zyada lambi kare" Dadi prayed while taking Armaan's Aarti who was making faces coz till the tym he had woke up everyone was praying for his safety including his Bracelet also who first put Tilak on his head and then tied another Dhaga making him irritated infact she didn't gave his morning kiss . So, he was angry wd her and now he was standing in hall infront of his Dadi

part 22 : Tera Mera Rishta By Sangeeta

PART 22: 

Armaan was surprised at the progress Anjali was making in Ooty. One evening when he was chatting with Riddhima on the phone, "You know Riddhima…..…Anjali is responding very well to this treatment…in fact yahan ke doctors kaafi experimental treatments use kar rahe hain….Mumbai mein Dr Gupta ne kabhi Dr Pathak ke siwa kissi ko Anjali ka treatment nahin karney diya….I think Dr Pathak is a little old fashioned now…..I am glad I brought her here….all thanks to you…jaan."