Saturday, 22 July 2017

Part 1- Raabta - (an AR ff)

It was a cold winter’s night in London. The frigid air penetrated her skin and the
cold licked at her face as she walked faster, bracing her head against the wind, towards his Aston Martin. He stood waiting for her next to the car dressed in a slate grey suit with a crisp white dress shirt, layered with a lilac sweater vest and an identical pocket square. She had made him wait long. He looked up at the night sky, the shape of the crescent reflecting on his face. Joy tugged at the corner of his lips as he contemplated what awaited her tonight. Her smell traveled faster to him than her sight and he pulled up a straight face as he turned around.

Part 7 : Ek Tha Raja….Ek Thi Rani

Recap:Goa masti is on!!
Next day
All made pairs as they had to do parasailing.Armaan and Riddhima were together.Riddhima was very scared.
Armaan-arre rajkumari ji aap ko darr lag raha hai?
Riddhima-Abhi nahi Armaan.
Armaan-Par kyun?

part 6:A divine touch

after that day,arman started to take care of her. one day he asked : "'riddhima,tum apni study phir se start kyon nahi karti? aise time waste karna thik nahi na."'
riddhima uttered in sigh tone : "kya karungi padhkar?"

part 56 A & B : Life style

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2 weeks passed
(in 2 hafton mein na armaan riddhima se milne ki koshish karta hai aur naahi riddhima armaan se dono apne ego ke aage apne jazbaton ko nazar andaz kardete hai ke phir ek din)

part 23 : Loves Me Loves Me Not

Ridz: (standing infront of her wardrobe and tapping her lips)[kya pehnuuu?!! hmmm..]
(her face lits up seeing the dress she wore on first day of college..the day it all started)
Ridz:[lets see how he reacts to this..thoda out of fashion hain abhi...par chalega]

In college:
(ridhima is sitting in first bench n waiting for armaan eagerly...he came in n looked at her...smiled n immediately narrowed his eyes and furrowed eyebrows...his smile deepened...went to his place)
Armi: sms - woooo...someone's remembering special days
Ridz: sms - :-)

Friday, 21 July 2017

EPILOGUE :Dil Se Dil Ki Mulaqaat( An AR FS )

Slow music was playing as a big door open, a man standing with a girl who was holding his arm while she hold a bouquet of orchids and lilies... Man was in a grey three piece, white shirt with a grey tie while the girl was in a white wedding dress, deep v neck with lace sleeves, beans work done on her upper body part with big round skirt... Her hair was neatly put in a braid with orchids and lilies flowers on it, few fringe coming down on her forehead...

part 5 : A divine touch

riddhima had no way to escape'' she was living on his mercy' she started to countdown for that day and started preparing herself for a hell life with angad.
but angad had his own plan.
One morning uncle phoned papa that angad copied uncle's signature and took out a lump sum money from the bank and escaped somewhere..uncle didn't want to make it police case because it's a family matter'..he did not want this news go to the media.

PART 7:: Ehsaas

 As the days went by, it was becoming quite obvious to Lovely and Dr Shashank Misra that Armaan and Riddhima were more than 'just friends'

Lovely called Padma one day, "Behenji….aap se ek baat karni thi…"

Padma: "Bolo Lovely…."

PART - 30 (C) : Beetein_Lamhe

The thought of their reunion was more than enough to cause goose-bumps across evry inch of her body.. the fact that she will be finally able to consume her love in evry possible way was too overwhelming and nerve-numbing dat she felt herself trembling badly.. in stead of repeated tries, the excitement, the satisfaction, the contentment of this thought forced her heart to beat at its loudest

Thursday, 20 July 2017

part 4: A divine touch

riddhima got up immediately and pushed angad while trying to hide herself in the sheet. she was shivering with fear...she gave a lifeless look to angad who was smiling shamelessly .she uttered in a trembling voice : "yeh tumne kya kiya angad? tumne mujhe kahin ka nehi choda..
Angad laughed while uttered :"no baby'.maine kuch nehi kiya,tumne hi kar rakha tah ab tak...i was dying for u jaan.and believe me..u r awesome.

part 55 : Life style

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Next Day
(armaan office mein kaam karaha hota hai ke uske cabin pe knock hota hai)
armaan: come in..
(armaan files se nazrein uthakar dekhta hai toh padma hoti hai)
armaan: ammi aap..

part 22 : Loves Me Loves Me Not

Ridz: is it that day armaan?!! (still needing a confirmation)
(Armaan nodded)
Ridz:(mumbles) two years
(ridhima went silent...trying to go down the memory lane and guess his side of their story)
Armi: ok, dont think so hard..i will tell u

Wednesday, 19 July 2017

part 3: A divine touch

when riddhima reached his home got that he was alone there.angad said that papa and arman went to their village for performing some rituals as his mumma's death anniversary was.
riddhima : "'tum nehi gaye angad?"'

PART 6 : Ehsaas

Over the next few weeks, Armaan and Riddhima started working together again. Armaan realized that Riddhima was a fast learner and it did not take her long to incorporate his new suggestions while working in the clinic or with patients. They were beginning to develop a comfortable working relationship; Riddhima would carry out Armaan's orders accurately and Armaan respected her

PART - 30 (B): Beetein_Lamhe

"rii.. plz pehley poori baat sunlo fir panic ho jana.." samrat said timidly seeing his crazy, now completely out of mind, wifey wandering along the room in utmost frustration.. he waited nd waited but arima didn't bother to show any care about wat he juz whispered.. she juz kpt on roaming nd

Tuesday, 18 July 2017

PART 4 (LAST PART): Dil Se Dil Ki Mulaqaat(An AR FS )

Shashank and Armaan reach the place where the kidnapper kept Riddhima, police team were with them as they were ready to attack the kidnapper and his man's not knowing how many people would be there... Everyone was wearing bullet proof jacket so no one would get harm if the kidnapper and his man's started to fire without looking to whom they are targeting...

part 2 : A divine touch

I didn't know when i fell in love with angad. my friends,sapna,muski and even rahul,amit warned me about him. they told that for angad, girls are like a bed sheet whom he changed every night but i didn't care about it .
muski : "'dekh riddhima,tu badi bholi hai jo uski chikni chupdi baton me aa gayi hai,hum sab toh usey tujhse bhi pahle se jante hain,rich family ka bigda hua ladka hai wo..bahut sari ladkiyon ko dhokha de chuka hai .

part 54 : Life style

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Next Day
* at gupta house
(riddhima bilkul chup chaap hoti hai aur room mein bethi armaan ke baarein mein soch rahi hoti hai)
riddhima: kyun mujhe itna confuse karahe hou armaan.. Kyun tumhe ab mera pyaar nahi nazar araha... Kya sach mein hum dono sirf dost hou sakte hain?...

part 21 : Loves Me Loves Me Not

Ridz:[why is he calling so late...if i hear his voice i will be depressed, but i want to talk...kya karoon??]
(he keeps calling)
Ridz:[must be some emergency, will answer]
Ridz:(weekly)hello..ahem..ahem..(louder) hello

Monday, 17 July 2017

part 1 : A divine touch

copyright ---this ff is copyrighted by@punam --plz.don't publish it anywhere without her permission...

"why? Why? Why?...he made a punch on the mirror and it was shattered all around '.."kyon har baar mai hi?...why always me?...kyon mujhe uske har galti ka khamiyana bhugatna padta hai?...kyon har baar wo bachke nikal jata hai??kyon kyon kyon???

i gulped hard seeing his anger!!!!...I forgot to cry'.i forgot about my life which was became like a hell!'..i was married a person'whom i didn't like'i was cheated in the name of love' . .i got pregnant'and who was responsible for it',used and ditched me'...hid somewhere'.and now i was married his elder brother'..whom i didn't like at all...

PART 5 : Ehsaas

Armaan and Riddhima arrived at a luxury apartment complex on the outskirts of Pune. Atul was Riddhima's first cousin, but had achieved tremendous success as a businessman at a young age. He had a medical transcription business with clients in the UK and USA. He maintained an office in Pune and Hyderabad, which were the off-shore back offices for his foreign clients.

PART - 30 (A): Beetein_Lamhe


"happy birthday 2 u.. hppy 2 u.. hppy dear armuu.. hppy to u.." the trio sang in unison smiling heartily seeing their laadla swaying wth the music before blowing the candles off..
"aaa.." both arima nd samrat opened their mouths from either side of junior making him gulp in confusion & fear.. "betu itna bhi kya sochna.. tu pehley apni mom ko cake khilayega, hain na baby??" arima said in her sugar coated tone while throwing a challenged look towards her husband..
"arrey darao mat tum merey betey ko.. armu.. u'll feed ur dad 1st, ri8 champ??" samrat  asked him smiling too widely while throwing a mean glare to his wife..

Sunday, 16 July 2017

part 1 & 2 : AR love story

part 1 :

Person: Excuse me? Is this Armaan Malik?

Ar: Yes it is, may I ask who this beautiful voice belongs too?

Person: Armaan!!! I hate you …you already forgot me as soon as you went to India. I had told you to call me as soon as you reached your hotel in Mumbai but obviously you forgot, I mean of course you did you can't even remember who your talking too!

part 53 : Life style

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Next day
(riddhima light blue colour ka suit pahen kar tayar hoti hai aur malik mansion aati hai riddhima bell bajati hai toh lovely darwaza kholti hai aur riddhima ko dekh kar emotional hojati hai aur uske gale lag jaati hai riddhima thora confuse hoti hai par phir usse rahul ki baatein yaad aati hai toh woh sochti hai ke shayad pahele bonding hou aur woh bhi hug karti hai)

part 20 :Loves Me Loves Me Not

She goes to her home n starts thinking about how to express her love to armaan)
Ridz:[wat should i say?? shall i say "armaan, u r more than a friend"..hmm..or..."armaan, u r very special for me"..nah!! that doesnt say my feeling clearly...then wat to do..wat to do...yess..i'll just say "armaan, i love you"...simple n straight...kaam khatam..phir woh kya karega? kya bolega?? hasega tho?? shittt!!! i can so imagine him laughing like a maniac!!! gosh!! i've never ever thought that i would propose to a guy..uff, saying all this stuff..hey bhagwan, kya din dikha rahe ho mujhe??!! jo bhi, better than living in this confusion...cant take it anymore...relax ridzy ur food n sleep...u have a big task to do tomorrow...its gonna be a very important day]