Saturday, 29 July 2017

part 8 & 9 : Dil ka rishta

Next day

Armaan was way too happy and cheerful as he decided to do somthing soo that Ridz might give him attention......He was wearing purple T-shirt and blue similar to black denims jeans...

Here on the other side Ridz was excited to see Armaan's reaction.....
She was literally happy....she was wearing red suit...

They reached college.....Armaan saw Ridz with Muskaan and thought to tease her.....

As he reached there...he spoke loudly

part 13 : A divine touch

angad sealed his lips after that day as arman was staying at home but riddhima knew his eyes followed her everytime. she felt that he was scanning her figure and it was the most disgusting thing for her. she didn't know still angad had those pics or not but she couldn't take any step which spoil her life. now,whenever arman went out for work,he dropped rishu in nani's home and took her with him

PART 11: : Ehsaas

Keerti and Shubhankar arrived on Saturday morning. Armaan waited for them at the station. He was pleasantly surprised that his best friend and confidant, Muskaan, accompanied his sister and jiju.

Friday, 28 July 2017

part 70 : dard ka rishta

seeing riddhima annaya uttered slowly : “aa gayi beta? kaisa raha? tumhari tabiyat kaisi hai?”

riddhima : ‘mumma sab thik raha par ye koun hai? “

annaya replied caressing baby’s cheeks : ‘yeh khushi hai riddhima.”

riddhima : “aryan ki beti?

part 12 : A divine Touch

angad had lost his leg but had not lost his wicked brain. now he used wheelchair to roam in the house. at first he was stunned seeing riddhima and tried showing that he didn't know her and asked papa : "'papa,arman bhai ne shadi bhi kar li? its good.aur wo baby ,kya naam hai uska?

part 59 A & B : Life style

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Same day
At gupta house
(riddhima roti hui ghar aati hai muskan aur anji usse dekhar pareshan hojati hai)
muskan: ridzi.. Kya.. Kya hogaya tujhe..

Last part : Loves Me Loves Me Not


Ridhima's home:
(she thought for a long time about how to start the conversation..she went out of her room...padma is in kitchen...shashank is in the hall...she stood in between)

Thursday, 27 July 2017

part 11 : A divine touch

riddhima was very happy hearing that they were going shimla for their honeymoon. arman decided to keep rishu to her grand parents sashank and padma and they happily agreed for it. but man proposes and god disposes ..riddhima didn't know why her fate always ditched her .that day when they were packing their baggage ,arman got a call from billy .
billy : "'arman beta, kya aap log ghar se nikal chuke ho?

part 25 : Loves Me Loves Me Not

ridhima looked around to see if anyone saw them..armaan moved her to a side and covered her blocking people's view)
Armi: happy?? ab bolo
Ridz: (smiles) kya
Armi: u liked this? (tracing the chain down her neck with his finger and fiddling with the pendant)
Ridz: hmm (quivering slightly)

PART 10:: Ehsaas

Riddhima reached home, intoxicated with love. She noticed Padma talking to someone on the phone very intently. Riddhima just shrugged her shoulders and went to her room. She took out a beautiful wooden box, which had her name carved on it. Her father had gifted this to on her 16th birthday; since then she stored all her precious memories in that little box. She opened it and saw the dried petals of the roses; Armaan had given her over the last few months. She was about to place her 'proposal ring' in it when Padma walked in from behind.

Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Part 1 : Dmg story

My story starts from that scene jab saare
 rahul aur muskaan ki shadi ki pics nikalwane k liye kisi dusre ki shadi me jane ka plan banate hai but usme kuc changes hai waha Dr riddhima  as sukirti thi lekin meri story me Dr riddhima as shilpa hai n waha armaan is plan k against tha yaha riddhima is plan k against hai so here it goes
Jab saare interns is bare me discuss kar rahe the ki dusre kisi shadi me jakar pics nikale tab riddhima un sab baatein sun kar kehte hai ki wo unka saath nhi degi kyuki ye sab galat usse sab usse naraz ho gaye ki wo unka saath nhi de rhi

Riddhima table pe baith kar soch rhi thi ki sab usse naraz hai tabhi anjali Atul rahul muskaan n armaan aaye

Riddhima: hi guys
But nobody reply to riddhima n all of them sits to next table
Riddhima sees this n become sad n fir b wo waha se uthkar unke saath jakar baith gayi n wo sab waha se b uthke jaa rhe the tabhi

Part 10 : A divine Touch

when riddhima woke up saw that arman was sleeping peacefully while covering his face with her dupatta and rishu was sleeping on arman's chest. a smile curved on riddhima's lips remembering the last night. at last they came out from their shell and accepted their love to each other. riddhima had goosebumps remembering arman was how romantic. the night was the best night for her when she became pure getting arman's divine touch and this morning was the best morning for riddhima when she got herself luckiest person with arman's love. she kissed arman's forehead lightly and uttered : "'thanks arman.""

part 58 A & B : Life style

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Some days passed
At gupta house
(riddhima shaam ko bahar garden mein bethi hoti hai ke armaan ajata hai)
armaan: yahan kyun bethi hou..

Happy birthday Sneha (26th july)

Happy Birthday Sneha...many many happy returns of the day...May your birthday and every day be filled with the warmth of sunshine, the happiness of smiles, the sounds of laughter, the feeling of love and the sharing of good cheer.

Tuesday, 25 July 2017

part 9 : A divine touch

today was rishima's birthday.arman invited the whole city in her birthday.when riddhima opposed he replied : "'dekho riddhima,meri beti ka bd hai,mai chahta toh hun whole world ko invite karun par nahi kar sakta toh jitna kar sakta hun mujhe mana mat karna,its my right as her papa.

PART 9:: Ehsaas

 Armaan held Riddhima's hand all the way back to school. Riddhima was overwhelmed with emotions and could barely speak.

"Basanti……abhi tho shaadi nahin huyi, par tum abhi se itni chup kyon ho gayi? Well, I guess shaadi ke baad aadmi chup ho jaate hain, aurat nahin!" Armaan tried to nudge her into a conversation.

Riddhima's eyes were still moist with tears of joy. She squeezed his hand and looked at him lovingly, "Armaan, main aaj bahut khush hoon…shayad iss liye itni chup hoon."

Monday, 24 July 2017

part 8 : A divine touch

6 months passed but riddhima couldn't go from there.whenever she thought to leave that home,don't know why a horrible pain wrenched in her heart thinking she was away from this home,from away her family which included arman ,billy and baby too. after that day's conversation arman had taken all responsibilities of baby. now he made office in home and did most of work from there so what he

part 57 A & B : Life Style

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Next Day
At malik mansion
(armaan kamre mein betha hua riddhima ki pictures dekh raha hota hai aur usse jo kuch horaha hai sab kuch yaad araha hota hai)

part 24 : Loves Me Loves Me Not

(4months passed afternoon all went to sapna's home...talked for a while when muskaan and rahul got up)
Rahul: guys, excuse us
Ridz: why? where r u going?
Sap: ridz!! (with wide eyes)

Sunday, 23 July 2017

part 7 : A divine touch

Now riddhima's delivery day came near'..arman and uncle decided to send her to her parents but riddhima refused politely So billy said arman to stay at home for some days till her delivery. riddhima realized that arman started taking extra care of her .in between he started share his thoughts to

PART 8: : Ehsaas

Riddhima was still tremulous after her first kiss. She had never been touched like that before, or for that matter felt that way in her life. She was dazed and confused, Padma's voice was still echoing in the background, but Riddhima's legs felt paralyzed, unable to move.

EPILOGUE: Beetein_Lamhe


"My dear armu..
Bachcha, I don't know joh main likh rahi hoon wohh aap samjhoge bhi ya nahi.. samjhoge bhi toh believe karoge ya nahi.. lekin pata nahi kyun par mera dil keh raha hain ki chahey jitni bhi impossible sound kyun na karey, mera armu apni naani ki baat zaroor believe karega, karega na baby??