Saturday, 5 August 2017

Introduction & part 1 : The Painful Side Of Love


Armaan read and re-read the documents. He finally threw the file on the table and started pacing his cabin. Is this the same Riddhima? He had to know.
He went to the head's cabin, too impatient to knock and once inside he said it all in one breath, "Who is this Riddhima gupta we are hiring?" Shubhankar got up from his seat and came face to face with Armaan with a questioning look on his face. Armaan took a deep breath and said with great bitterness in his voice, "Are you hiring the Riddhima gupta who recently got divorced and has been blamed of adultery or to be frank , 'sleeping with her husband's friends'?" Now Shubhankar understood why

Happy Birthday Sargam (5th august)

hi guys,today is the Happy Birthday of my lil sis,sargam,who is an old member of this blog and an awesome writer have read many ffs written by her..let's wish her.

A very very Happy Birthday sargam.many many happy returns of the day.I hope you have a wonderful day and that the year ahead is filled with much love, many wonderful surprises and gives you lasting memories that you will cherish in all the days ahead. Happy Birthday.

part 6 : AR love story

Armaan saw her staring at the couples:' Would you like to dance?'

Ridhima looked back at Armaan, he was holding his hand out, waiting for her to answer.

Ridhima smiled: Sure why not

They walked to the dance floor

Friday, 4 August 2017

part 12 & 13 : Dil ka rishta

Recap: Riddhima ki car achanak kharab ho jaati hai aur woh bus stand pe bus ke liye intezaar kar rahi hoti hai... Suddenly Armaan comes and after alot of bak-bak Riddhima aur Armaan ek saath college jaate hain. Dono ek dusre ke kareeb aa rahe hote hain.. Riddhima ko ek love letter milti hai uski friend ko dene ke liye.. Iss ke liye Armaan usse tease karta hai. Later both of them get themselves out of the class after fooling their lecturer.... Break mein bhi dono bahut masti karte hain, phir later on Armaan Riddhima ko kisi ko I love you too bolte sunkar shock ho jaata hai.. Phir jab usse pata chalta hai ke Riddhima apne nephew ko I love you too bol rahi thi toh Armaan becomes happy and relieved. Uske baad Armaan Riddhima ko ghar drop karta hai aur khud apne ghar chala jaata hai. Ab aage....

part 61 A & B : Life Style

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(armaan raat ko ghar aata hai aur seedhe kamre mein chala jaata hai)
riddhima: armaan itna late kyun aye..
(riddhima armaan ke liye khana lekar jaati hai toh armaan sochuka hota hai riddhima armaan ko uthane ki koshish karti hai)

PART 16: Ehsaas

Riddhima woke up early next morning and found Armaan fast asleep. The wood in the fireplace was still simmering, not enough to keep the room warm. She got up and wrapped herself with the shawl, still on the floor from last night and covered Armaan with the blanket.

Thursday, 3 August 2017

part 3 : ArSh FF"Yeh Hai Aashiqui"

- PART 3 -

Ab mind kuch nahi bolta ab jo kuch bhi hoga sabki lead armaan ka heart lega...

Sab taraf crackers jal rahe he sab bohot enjoy kar rahe he but armaan uski nazare to usi khubsurat chehre ka picha kar rahi he

Bas yahi dekh rahi he ki pari kese hasti he, kese baate karti he, kese uski aankhe kabhi badi ho jati he baat karte waqt to kabhi choti

part 5 : AR love story

Ra: Armaan couldn't you just have tried to get along with her for one night? Seems like to me that you guys had a bad start, maybe if you would have shown her that your really not that rude, then maybe she would have changed her mind.

Ar: What ever bhaiyya, I don't think a girl as stubborn as that would ever change her mind.

Wednesday, 2 August 2017

part 11 : Dil ka rishta

Riddhima:Bye I'm going.....haan bye bus wo meri car kharab ho gayi hai...arre nahi chutti nahi aaj jana important hai..chalo bye

Riddhima moved to bus station as it was on a walking distance,she was standing there waiting for the bus when a car stopped infront of her.

The window pane of car dropped down when someone removed his black shades and as they both saw each other,they had an eyelock.

*******ArSh FF ~ SIRF TUM ~ (SEASON 2) ♥ *******

__________THE STORY OF MY LIFE__________

Our story begins when the first tym I saw u clad in a navy blue dress ... u took My breathe away when by mistake u hit me on my head! U were scared mouthing a "sorry" u didn't know u landed to somewhere else ;) [My Heart]... running away from there ur Bracelet slipped down... n that turned everything upside down for me! Then we meet again accidentally ur duppatta landed on my head that tym I saw ur almond pure n innocent...then our third meet when I spotted u there in Dr. Riddhima's house ... n u mistook me as an Electrician...then we got married...unbelievably I just choose ur pic n was adamant to marry u..GOSH!! ... I still remember the day we got engaged...u were not even glancing me...mischievous I m did a trick to starred back to ur deep enchanting eyes... ;) ... probably the day we were married u cried hard n I shouted on u!...then I left Mumbai the very next day for a case...This is it I know till now... N now I m here ... after 3 years n 3 months??? What did I do that tym? What happened in those years? I hardly remember ny of them...

PART 13 & 14 : Ehsaas


 part 13 :

"Samose kahan hai?" Riddhima asked Armaan.

Armaan just gave Riddhima a dirty look and walked into the cabin. Riddhima was surprised to see him in a foul mood and that too on such an occasion. She shut the door and turned around to see him standing with his back to her. He took off his jacket and flung it in a corner.

 Riddhima picked up his jacket and walked to him. She placed her hand on his shoulder, but instead of him turning around and grabbing her in his arms, his body just stiffened with her touch, "Armaan? Kya hua? Koi problem ho gayi?"

Tuesday, 1 August 2017

part 4 : AR love story

Pre cap: Armaan and Ridhima meet for lunch and have there lunch meeting. Ridhima refuses to give the land to Armaan and they end up arguing again. Armaan decided to clear his mind by going on a long drive...and on the way his phone rang....

 Note: R= Ridhima and Ra= Rahul
Ar: Hey bro…whats up?
R: Hey armaan ..not much I'm in India now!!!
Ar: Oh my god bhaiyya, where are you, I'm coming to meet you!
R: Calm down armaan, I'm with Muski on her way to her parents house….I'm going to drop her off there and let her stay there for a bit, it'll be good for her I think. But after I drop her off I'll come and visit you…just tell me when and where.

part 71 : dard ka rishta

sahil took ice cream for khushi and uttered : “ab khush hai na humari khushi?”
khushi showed her tiny teeth and started eating ice cream,then looked at sahil and uttered in her kiddish voice : “naan,bad boy.”
sahil asked confusingly : ‘naan,koun?
khushi pointed at riddhima’s room and uttered : “mumma good,naan bad.”
in a while sahil understood the meaning and burst into laughing. dadi asked : “tu hans kyon raha hai aur yeh angrez mumma ki angrez ladki kaise ban rahi hai? hindi sikha na isey.”
sahil uttered smilingly : “khushi arman bhaiya ko naan kah rahi hai isliye hans raha hun aur dadi,aryan toh canada me rahta hai,mai agar isey hindi sikhaunga to isey wahan jakar problem hoga na isliye mai english sikhata hun.”

Monday, 31 July 2017

Happy Birthday sanju(31july)

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hi friends,dekho to aaj kiska haapy haapy birthday hai.arey yeh toh humari choti si ,pyari si sis sanju ki happy birthday hai..humare blog family  ki pyari member aur great writer bhi hai.toh chalo hum sab milkar usey wish karte hain.....

part 10 :Dil ka rishta

As decided after college Armaan came outside the college and waited for Riddhima in the parking lot.

As soon as she came,he was mesmerized by her..she was wearing white crop top with black denims shrug with black ankle length jeans with a shiney belt. She was looking breath taking, as she felt someone's gaze upon her she looked and found Armaan in a purple t-shirt with black leather jacket with a black Jeans with black belt,she felt shy under his continious gaze while he smirked seeing her checking him out; she came forward blushing hard with her head bowed.

part 15 (last part) : A divine touch

after going angad and inspector,billy sat on the bed and broke into tears while hiding face in his palm. riddhima felt sorry seeing him in this state .she came to him and uttered in a low tone : "'sorry papa..

PART 12: : Ehsaas

The next two weeks went off in a breeze. Padma, Tamanna and Atul put all their efforts in the wedding preparations. Dr Misra assured Armaan that he could take some time off work after the wedding, "Don't worry Armaan, ab tum hamare damaad ho, main tumhare chief ko kuch nahin bataoonga…..waise bhi tumney in 3 mahino mein itna kaam kar liya hai, ki you can afford to take 7-10 days off for the wedding and honeymoon…..haan waise kahan jaa rahe ho tum log?"

"Sir, mere jijajee ne humein ek package gift kiya hai… is a surprise for Riddhima….after the wedding we will go to Ooty…." Armaan replied.

Sunday, 30 July 2017

part 3 : AR love story

He looked at his watch for  what seemed like the hundredth time. It had had been 20 minutes since he had arrived.  He had thought that if he arrived 10 minutes earlier than he could have maybe impressed Miss Gupta by showing her that he was very serious about wanting this land. It was now 12:10 and she was 10 minutes late.  Armaan got up and started walking around, he looked around and was very impressed with what he saw. It was a simple yet beautiful outdoors caf  type restaurant. "God where could she be? She didn't stand me up did she?"  Lost in his thoughts he felt himself bump into

part 14 : A divine Touch

that night riddhima was very restless .arman was very tired so he slept soon but he woke up hearing riddhima was crying silenty.he switched on the light and asked worriedly holding her hand : "kya hua riddhima? tum ro kyon rahi ho?"angad ne kuch kaha? usne tumhe tang kiya?

riddhima wiped her tears,decided something and uttered in a low tone : "'arman,maine agar tumse kuch chupaya ho toh tum kya naraj hoge? mujhe maaf nahi karoge?""

part 60 A & B : Life style

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Next morning
At malik mansion
(armaan sokar uthta hai toh riddhima bistar par nahi hoti hai armaan neeche aata hai toh riddhima kitchen mein breakfast bana rahi hoti hai armaan usko peeche se aakar hug karleta hai riddhima uska chhoona pehchan leti hai aur smile karte hue murti hai)