Saturday, 19 August 2017

part 75 : Dard ka Rishta

ananya asked in a panicked voice : “tu kya kah raha hai arman! 7 months ka baby kaise survive karega?”
arman uttered in a sigh voice :”mumma,wo ander rahega to shayad survive hi na kare,bahar hum koshish to kar sakte hain na? riddhima ab apne baby ko carry nahi kar sakti.”
dadi uttered in an angry voice : “koi ma apne baby ko carry nahi kar sakti aisa kabhi humne nahi suna beta.”
arman uttered holding her hands: “riddhima bahut weak hai dadi aur usey hosh bhi nahi hai.”

part 6 : The Painful Side Of Love

He came and stood next to her and was staring at her intently when she turned around and glared at him and this made him chuckle. Riddhima asked him in an irritated voice, 'What do you find so amusing?'
'Cam will you please leave me alone?'

part 5 : ArSh FF ~ SIRF TUM ~ (SEASON 2)



After 3 hours ...

@ Dinning Area

Tu meri

Neendo me

Sota hai...

"Dad Mom.. Kya main in teen saalo mein... Main zyada tar New York rehta tha??" Armaan asked slowly while keeping his spoon down on plate and looked at everyone who were staring at him

part 13 : AR love story

Godd why is she being so difficult right now'I just want her to listen to me once.! I have to talk to her no matter what'.Armaan got into his car and decided to follow her car'I can't give up'I need her..and I don't know why, but I don't care'I just want her back!

Friday, 18 August 2017

Part 24 : pyar to hona hi tha

part 1-23

Next day ... Sanjeevani ...
After duty hours ... armaan and riddhima MM ja
rhe hote hain ...
Armaan : riddhima ... Aaj surbhi ka birthday hai ...
To mein soch raha tha ... Ki usse ek birthday
surprise dein ...
Riddhima : agar mein na bolun gi to tum nahi
dogge ? (looking at armaan's confused
expression) forget it ... Mein aa jaun gi ...
Surbhi apne room mein rest kr rhi hoti hai ... Aur
niche surbhi ki birthday party ki preparations ho
rhi hoti hain ...
Sab mehmaan aa chukke hote hain ... armaan
surbhi ke room mein jata hai ...
Armaan : surbhi ...
Surbhi : oh .. armaan ... Kya hua ...
Armaan : surbhi tumhe mere sath abhi chalna
hoga ... bohat zaroori hai ...
Surbhi : (walking with armaan ) but armaan hua
kya yeh to btao ...
Armaan : bas tum chalo mere saath ...

chapter 4 : I'll Love You Longer Than Forever - AR FF,

"Kahaan hai Dr.Armaan?" Kirti questioned.
"Pata nahi Dr. Kirti, unhe lunch time par kisika phone aaya and woh chale gaye. Phir maine unhe nahi dekha", Su replied.
Atul was about to answer when Armaan came there.
He was out of breath, as he was running to get there.
Kirti was about to reprimand him for being late when she saw his eyes, they were red.
Now she was worried.

part 66 : life style

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Next Day
(armaan soukar uthta hai)
armaan: pata nahi nawab zaadi uthi hogi ke nahi..
armaan lightly smile: nahi uthi hogi..

Thursday, 17 August 2017

part 5 : The Painful Side Of Love

'I did not know that being the head cardiologist also does not give me the right to release statements in press. However now I am aware of the rules. I have done my work successfully but the bleeding was profuse, sugar level was high due to which BP fluctuated so now we will have to wait for the final results and see if her body responds properly.'

part 4 : ArSh FF ~ SIRF TUM ~ (SEASON 2)



Mai rahoon yaa na rahoon

Tum mujhme baaki rehna...

Next Day

part 12 : AR love story

Ridhima heard Anjali open the curtains of her room in an attempt to wake her up..the sunlight danced across her fair skin disturbing her sleep..slightly irritated she turned her face towards her pillow and pulled the blanket over her head.
An: Ridz uth yaar….its 11.

Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Chapter 3 : I'll Love You Longer Than Forever - AR FF,

Armaan was at the basketball court, searching for someone.
"Yaar ye champ kahaan reh gaya? Baat toh aise kar raha tha jaise yahaan koi marr raha ho. Abhi khudka koi thikaana hi nahi hai", he said, getting agitated wirh every passing second.
While waiting for Atul, he took a second to look around the place.
Thousands of memories flooded him. This place was very special to him. It was here that he had met Riddhima for the first time. Riddhima, his love, his life, his everything. He wanted to see her

PART -21 :I'll be ur destiny at every step u take,


it's been a week now n everybody accepted AR relationship though ananya didn't make conversations with ridhima but she accepted her as her son 's wife but not her daughter in law
she said to armaan n raj that she needs some more time to accept ridhima completely
she needs her own space to which raj n armaan agreed...

padma got to know abt ridhima n armaan's marriage by muskaan as padma met muskaan once n muskaan told everything regarding AR n how ridhima landed at her place
padma felt very guilty for not listening to her daughter n she was not there with ridhima when she needs her mother most
that killed her many times n padma decided to meet ridhima once
where as shashank remain same though he got to know abt AR BUT he again kept ridhima at fault for spoiling his image n his hatred towards ridhima increased more

part 65 A & B : Life style

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Next day
(riddhima aur armaan doctor ke paas gaye hue hote hain ke nani riddima ke liye kheer bana kar fridge mein rakhti hai)
nani smilingly: aegi toh khaalegi.. Maine bohat bura kiya iss bachi ke saath ab aur nahi..

Tuesday, 15 August 2017

part 3: ArSh FF ~ SIRF TUM ~ (SEASON 2)


"Please... Mujhe bolne do..." she whispered slowly making him to nod in YES "I know Armaan aapke liye vo decision lena kitna mushkil hoga aur specially tab jab bola gaya hoga ye decision lene k liye" she looked at him wd moist eyes who already got emotional "Mujhe jaanna hai ki kya beeti thi aape Armaan" she cupped his face who looked away trying to grip his emotions "Please" she request making him to kiss her hands and he put his head on her lap holding her hand tightly

part 74 : dard ka rishta

Arman called in hospital and then to dr. kirti .dr.kirti received the call immediately .arman uttered hurriedly : “dr, kirti,kya aap abhi hospital pahunch sakte hain? Riddhima is getting seizure..”
Dr. kirti asked in a shocked tone : “what! Okay,mai abhi pahunchti hun.”
Arman kept the mobile and shook riddhima again but she was trembling badly .arman covered her with a blanket and picked her in his arm and ran to downstairs and called ananya.ananya came out and shocked to see riddhima’s condition.arman addressed her : “mumma,mai riddhima ko hospital le ja raha hun.”

part 11 : AR love story

Why is he doing this to me now? I can't forgive him after all he's done to me….what if he hurts me again? A part of me wants to forgive him so I can be back to normal with him. They way he was there for me at the beach…they way he held me when I needed to be held…every moment I've spent with him has been so special for me. Oh god…I would have been head over heels in his love if I hadn't found out the truth. *Sigh* But that doesn't change the fact that I had started developing feelings for him…He was….

Monday, 14 August 2017

chapter 2 : I'll Love You Longer Than Forever - AR FF

Meanwhile, Armaan was trying to buck up the courage to meet someone important.
Taking a deep breath to calm himself, he knocked on the door.
"Come in", a voice came from inside.
Armaan entered.
"Good morning, sir", he said.
The person is shocked on hearing Armaan's voice and looked up.
He couldn't believe it.
"Dr. Armaan aap yahaan?" he questioned.

part 64 A & B : Life style

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(sab khana wana khaakar apne kamrein mein chale jaate hain)
(riddhima washroom red colour ki nighty pahenkar aati hai armaan usse apni taraf khechta hai)

PART 22:Ehsaas


Armaan and his colleagues heaved a sigh of relief after the last exam was over.

"Hey Armaan! What's up man?" Abhimanyu came and patted Armaan's shoulder

Sunday, 13 August 2017

Saansein Ar (kajen) Os by Aaliya

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mathur house...

(suman opens the door and saw riddhima standing infront of her wearing jeans and t-shirt)
riddhima angrily: aunty dusky kahan hai...
suman: woh toh parhi hui sorahi hai utha sakti hai toh utha le...

part 2: ArSh FF ~ SIRF TUM ~ (SEASON 2),


ArSh's Room

Tere karam

Dono lootere lagde...

part 10 : AR love story

A: yeah..ridzy this is armaan…my boyfriend…
Armaan looked up at to see Ridhimas face…he could see the anger and shock  in her eyes……he knew she felt betrayed..especially after what happened at the beach.
A: ARMAANN….are you listening? so tell me how do you know ridzy?