Saturday, 26 August 2017

part 76 : Dard ka rishta

dr.kirti smiled and addressed to riddhima : “ab dr. arman sabkuch sambhal lenge riddhima,par aapko jyada batein nahin karni abhi,you should take rest.abhi bhi temperature normal nahi hai.”
riddhima uttered in a weak voice : “mujhe jaldi se thik hona hai dr. kirti.”
dr.kirti nodded and uttered : “toh phir abhi rest kijiye.”
riddhima nodded and closed eyes while holding arman’s hand tightly like as if she loosened,arman would go.arman smiled and pressed her hand to assure her that he will be with her always.
atul asked to dr.kirti : “dr. kirti ,sab bahar wait kar rahe hain riddhima se milne ke liye.”
dr. kirti looked at that side and uttered in a strict voice : “no no,sabko jane ko kahiye dr. atul.haan only ananya aunty and dadi can come par khyal rahe baat na karein wo.”

part 10 : The Painful Side Of Love

After the conference got over Riddhima went and stood outside
Sanjeevani, she was waiting for Camerone as they both had decided to go out for dinner and have some fun'''Riddhima knew exactly what Camerone meant by fun, he'll irritate her the whole time. Riddhima and Camerone were good friends and she was thankful to god for sending him in her life but there were times when Riddhima felt a bit weird with him as if it wasn't just friendship that he

PART 2: Trace Your Dreams

He unlocked the door...I followed him silently looking down...disappointment is not an apt word to describe my feeling right now...i feel so so...i donno, have to search thesaurus for the right word...i felt something so unusual for a guy for the first time in my life and he turned out to be my friend's husband...hey, wait wait...he never told me that he is...may be i m just assuming...why would he live in the same house if he wasnt? i need a confirmation and i need it badly...

Friday, 25 August 2017

PART-23 :I'll be ur destiny at every step u take,


After serving tea to raj n daadi
she made her way to their room
a blush crept on her cheeks n she did not find him in the room n the water dripping sounds made her realise that he is still taking bath...
she thought to surprise him so just keeping his belongings on the bed
she hide herself in balcony...

part 68 : Life style

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Next morning
(riddhima subha uthkar neeche aati hai aur nashta banani hai nani bhi table par aakar beth jaati hai riddhima nani ko khana serve karti hai nani khane hi wali hoti hai ke piya bolti hai)
piya: nani ruke..
(nani aur riddhima dono piya ko dekh rahi hoti hain piya nani ke haath se spoon leti hai aur pahele khud taste karti hai aur phir riddhima ko dekhar bolti hai)

part 16 : AR love story

Stopping only a few steps in front of him she looked at him not being able to break eye contact It's like he had her captivated'and she just couldn't look away. As the wind started blowing strands of her hair he lifted his hand and tucked them behind her ear. Softly caressing her cheeks with the back of his fingers  she closed her eyes at his touch..
He softly whispered : Riddhima'.

Thursday, 24 August 2017

chapter 6 : I'll Love You Longer Than Forever - AR FF,

Atul was really happy that his best friend was finally back. He had missed Armaan a lot during the latter's absence. At first, he couldn't believe Armaan had left & his reasons for leaving were borderline disgusting. Armaan who could die for Riddhima, couldn't live with her because she was wheelchair bound? Seemed like the blackest blasphemy. Atul had despised Armaan for doing that to Riddhima.

part 7 : ArSh FF ~ SIRF TUM ~ (SEASON 2)


4:30 AM @ MM

"Shilpa for the last time... I am saying utho" he nudged her who pulled the blanket up on her face making him angry who was standing beside the bed "Enough..." he jerked the blanket away from her making her awake

"Kya huaa??" she rubbed her eyes sating up on bed

"Good morning" he said sternly making her blink her eyes and look at him "Ab utho... Chalo kuch khaalo" he ordered to which she looked confusedly at their room

PART 1: Trace Your Dreams

I freshened up and went into kitchen..."mom, coffee!!" shot a glare which i decoded as 'do it yourself'...okayyy, i'll try to make it...i said "try" bcoz cooking is one aspect of life i am weak at...infact very weak...not even tea/coffee...very bad, i logic - i will learn when i really need to cook

Wednesday, 23 August 2017

INTRO : Trace Your Dreams

I am in water...but where?...i donno....hmm...well, the water is blue and i dont see any shore nor any people...could this be a sea? or an ocean? may be..but, hang on...why am i floating..i mean i m not swimming, i am floating..i dont even know how to swim...watever, it feels good to float like this..feels so light...oh no, now i m drowning...why? did i put on weight in the last 2 minutes or wat??

part 9 : The Painful Side Of Love

'Let me go!!!! Leave me please!!!!!!!! Please leave me!!!!!'
'Oh! Cummon babe you can't keep running like this forever''..' He tore the cloth on her back'''her top was badly torn, she had hardly anything covering her body and she was ashamed of her self. She was in tears now. She tried getting out of the man's grip but every time she did it would last only for a few seconds and she'll be again in his arms''''.struggling for her dear life.

part 15 : AR love story

*Brrrrringggg* 6:30 A.M.
Banging on the alarm clock to make it shut off Riddhima lazily got out of bed and headed towards the bathroom. It'd been a while since she'd gone on a jog and currently  morning exercise seemed like a good idea to her to clear out some things in her mind.  As she tasted the minty taste of the toothpaste

Tuesday, 22 August 2017

PART -22 :I'll be ur destiny at every step u take,


Mallik mansion


It's raining heavily outside n it's a quite cloudy n gloomy day today n
there's a pin drop silence in the house n only the water dripping sounds are making noise
everyone were sleeping in their respective rooms
n for the first time ridhima slept peacefully n tensionfree the last night...
she woke up due to the sounds of thunder in the sky n she sat on the bed n saw darkness in the room due to the monsoon

PART 26 ( Last Part ) : Pyar to hona hi tha

Two weeks later ...
Riddhima kitchen me hoti hai tabhi doorbell ring
hoti hai ... she opens the door ... Only to see
ananya there...
Ridhima hugging her : choti maa aap aa gayi ... I
missed u so much ...
Ananaya : I missed u too ... Armaan kahan hai ...
Tabhi armaan niche ata hai ... and they both
meet ...
Wo log sab sofas pr beth jate hain tabhi riddhima
ko sid ki call ati hai wo side me jakr attend krti
hai ...
Riddhima : hello ...
Sid : hey riddhima ...
Riddhima : kya hua sid kafi excited lg rhe ho ...
Sid : excited to mein hun ... mujhe meri angel girl
jo mil gayi hai ...
Riddhima : kon wo blog wali ?
Sid : hmm ...


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Light was dim but silent was broke with baby weeping sound, guy sit up on the bed getting startled as he try to understand what was happening... He look next to him, to see his beautiful wife sleeping but his trace broke again hearing baby weeping sound getting louder... When his mind realized what was happening, he quickly move out from the bed going round to the other side where the baby cot was next to their bed...

Monday, 21 August 2017

part 7 & 8: The Painful Side Of Love

part 7 :

Armaan finally opened his eyes and found himself in a hospital bed with Camerone Monroe standing outside the ward talking to the doctor.
He once again closed his eyes and remembered all that had happened today and 4 years back.
'How could she be so foolish? She married that filthy man to arrange money for my operation.'
'True, after all she loved you and we are all fools in love.' Camerone came inside the ward and sat next to Armaan.

part 6 : ArSh FF ~ SIRF TUM ~ (SEASON 2)

"I fell in love again with his unchanging soul."

Love still remains no-matter Your Partner may forget those memories u both had cherished together still..there is hope to get back your Love...Armaan and Shilpa did overcame from that unexpected mishap! :o But, did they had an idea that they'll be Back to the place from where they had began wd?:( After what happened to Armaan he gets back to his old self n skipped those 3 years of their Love ... But then Will Shilpa make him fall for her again? ;) 

part 14 : AR love story

He looked down at his watch'.it was 7:50'.there was still 10 more minutes till 8. He could feel his heartbeat quicken and his pulse racing'what if she didn't come? That letter he had delivered to her..captured every emotion he was feeling'and I hope that she understood that. He knew that she was going to come..she just had to'looking down at his fingers he took deep breaths trying to calm himself down'
R: Armaan..?

Sunday, 20 August 2017

Part 25 : Pyar to hona hi tha

Surbhi : armaan ye tum kya keh rhe ho ...
Armaan : me jo keh raha hun sahi keh raha hun
surbhi ... riddhima yahin rahe gi ...
Surbhi : armaan tumhe ho kya gaya hai akhir ...
Kyun tumhara aaj kal mujhse xyada dhyaan iss
larki pr hone lga hai ... jab ke ... tumhara iss se
koi rishta bhi nahi ...
Armaan : rishta ... hai ...surbhi ... hai rishta ...
Riddhima meri bivi hai ...
Surbhi was shocked to death while riddhima was
in tears ...
Riddhima : armaan tum ...
Armaan : nahi riddhima... aaj ... Sach btana hi
parega ...
Surbhi crying : armaan tum ye sab kya keh rhe
ho ?
Armaan : surbhi mein tumse pyaar nahi krta ... Me
sirf aur sirf riddhima se pyar karta hun ... aur
riddhima mujhse ... aur issi liye hum dono ne
shadi kr li ...
Surbhi : tu.. tum aisa ... aisa kese kr skte ho ?
Armaan : I am sorry surbhi me ye sab tumhe ussi
din bta deta but tum apne papa ke paas chali gayi
... I am sorry ... but I only love riddhima ...

chapter 5 : I'll Love You Longer Than Forever - AR FF,

After dinner, Armaan reluctantly made his way to the car, holding Riddhima's hand firmly in his, their fingers intertwined. He knew their time today was about to end as Riddhima had to go home.
He helped her in the car & then got in himself, hesitantly starting the car. He drove single handedly, with Riddhima's hand still in his over the console. He was driving slower than usual, a fact that hadn't gone unnoticed by Riddhima.
"Kya hua Armaan?" she asked him, sensing his unease.

part 67 : Life style

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(riddhima table pe khana laga rahi hoti hai ke piya aur nani ajate hai riddhima nani ko dekhti hai aur bolti hai)
Riddhima: nani kya hua aap khana kyun nahi kharahi