Saturday, 2 September 2017

Part 1 : Mere Paas Raho

V: tum phir kin khayalo me kho gayi ho……riddhimaaaaa…
R: huhhhh…nahi kahi nahi……bas apni zindagi ke baare me sooch rahi hu…
V: itna mat soocho riddhima….jo hota hai aache ke liye hota hai….
R: kehna asaan hai muskaan…
M: tum apni zindagi khud mushkil bana rahi ho riddhima…
R: to aur me kya karu muskaan…already mera rishta tut chuka hai…ab agar bhai chahte hai ke meri shaadi siddhant ke saath ho…to mujhe koi problem nahi hai…
M: kya tum sid ko pasand karti ho….

part 72 ; Life style

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Next Day
(riddhima ki subha aankh khulti hai toh armaan bed pe nahi hota woh uthne hi lagti hai ke armaan uske liye room mein breakfast laata hai aur rakhta hai armaan usse pyaar se dekh raha hota hai par riddhima usse gusse mein ghoor rahi hoti hai)

part 20 : AR love story


Riddhima skimmed over her file. After the morning events...the entire day had taken a twist. She couldn't concentrate properly..her shift was going to be over at 8... only 10 more minutes and then she would see him....HIM...after the things she had said to him this morning..she didn't know if she could face him? I mean  he hadn't really said anything to her after that...except that kiss....she blushed remembering it..and the way he had called her girlfriend...but yet he hadn't said that he loved her. No doubt that he felt something for her....she could tell from the way he kissed her...but still..."Does he love me?"

*Beep Beep*.."Emergency Room"

Friday, 1 September 2017

Part 82 :From The Time I Saw You - An AR FF -


Finally Riddhima was on her feet and everyone was happy to see her fit and fine... In last one week, Raina case has been postpone due to her lawyer request but Armaan try to make the hearing to continue on same date which unfortunately didn't was accepted from the court... Knowing how dangerous Raina could be, Armaan always be with Riddhima where ever she goes... Be it office, home or meeting their friends...
Riddhima didn't say anything knowing Armaan wouldn't stop behaving like that unless the court punished Raina, also she request others not to say anything to Armaan... Others who were already aware of the matter didn't mind Armaan hanging with them but unless he give them privacy when they are in the home...
As decided, they were going to do Anjali baby shower as she was in her last semester of pregnancy... Any time she had to rush hospital so everyone was busy in their respective works... As Riddhima decide, she was working on Anjali dress along with cute cloths for the baby... Armaan help her in arranging a photographer who would be coming to Atul house for the photo-shoot as it was be difficult for Anjali to travel...
Just three days were left for the baby shower so Riddhima was working day and night as she has already design Anjali and baby cloths when she was on rest in home the previous week... Riddhima was just waiting for the week to end and when the week start, she drag Muskaan and Sapna along with her for shopping... Of course Armaan along with them as he was determine not to let Riddhima step out without him anywhere in public...

part 10 : KhamOshiyaan

                   part 1-9

ShiLpa: Aashi....?? Beta...
(ShiLpa Uth Jati Hai JaLdi Mein...)
Aashi: Mam....
(Is Se PehLy Aashi Peche Ho Jaye....

PART 5: Trace Your Dreams

I walked towards him...he smiled warmly with a twinkle in his eyes and I m sure I have one in my eyes too..."hi" I said waving my hand..."hmm hi" he spoke after a 2-3 seconds.."muskaan n rahul have gone to another department, will be here soon"..."oh ok" I smiled..."so y dint u call me?" he

Thursday, 31 August 2017

chapter 8 :I'll Love You Longer Than Forever - AR FF

The next morning, both Armaan and Riddhima were anxious. They were both lost in thought when they reached Sanjeevani and went to the locker room.
The interns were already there and greeted them as usual. But, neither Armaan nor Riddhima replied. They were surprised to see their seniors so lost. So, they greeted them a little louder, which seemed to bring them out of their thoughts.
"Sorry, guys. Woh main kuch soch raha tha", Armaan clarified.

part 71 : Life style

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Next Day..
(riddhima apne kapre hanger karahi hoti hai ke peeche se koi usko hug karta hai haath kisi larki ke hote hain riddhima ko lagta hai muskaan hai riddhima gusse mein usse baghar dekhe peeche hoti hai aur bolne lagti hai)
riddhima angrily: Tum..

part 19 : AR love story

As the sun shined through the window curtains, the sunrays danced on her face. Stretching her arms and getting up, she found the bed next to hers empty. Anjali must have left earl y again, hmm wonder if she went to go see that guy..whats his name again..haa Atul. Smiling as she remembered her dii's love struck expressions whenever she talked about him.  She felt a blush creep up her cheeks as images of Armaan flashed in her mind. *Sigh* Di's not the only one in love'she smiled a little as she remembered yesterdays events, the breakfast, the way he came to pick her up from work, the car ride home'.just everything.

Wednesday, 30 August 2017

part 8 : ArSh FF ~ SIRF TUM ~ (SEASON 2)



@ Bhopal

Pal bhal thehel jao

Dil ye sambhal jaaye

Kaise tumhe roka karun...

PART 3 C (LAST PART):Will Love You, Till My Last Heartbeat( An AR TS)


Both kept looking at each other while others also didn't speak, Rahul look towards Muskaan who gave a small smile to him making him confused too... Armaan was also confused if the emptiness was the truth of their life or he was reading too much out from the border line... When Riddhima didn't react seeing him but kept looking at him with no emotions in her eyes, slowly Armaan heart started to break ones again realizing she was no more the one who loves him...

PART 4: Trace Your Dreams

If I call him or meet him, he will know that I dreamt abt him. He will think he won, ofcourse he won but y should I let him know that. He said I will meet him, so I wont meet him. but then wat abt my habit. if I meet wat abt my other habit. ughh!! this guy challenges me on every step. either way I am a loser. its better to be a loser to myself than letting him know that I am actually one. ok decided then, I break my habit.. I wont meet him...i m such a cheater...haha...But..actually..i want to meet him..."r u on leave today?" my mom said standing at the entrance of my room..oh ya, its monday...i looked at watch... 7.30am...OMG!! I need to rush!!

Tuesday, 29 August 2017

One Shot By Talented Writers


  1. A Beautiful Dream
  2. A death kiss
  3. Amour
  4. Artistic Beginnings
  5. Arman (os)
  6. a sweet wild love story
  7. After a storm comes a calm
  8. A Gift of small sparkle
  9. A Hatred Named 'Love'
  10. A new day
  11. Autumn evenings and classic cinema...
  12. A beginning of an end
  13. Ajab Gajab Romance
  14. Always in My Heart
  16. A Twist In The Tale
  17. Baby from heart
  18. Bandhan
  19. Baarish
  20. Barish Mein Bheegi Ice Creamy Love Story
  21. Benaam Rishta Voh
  22. Because you loved me
  23. Beauty Doesn't Matter
  24. Bepanah Pyar hai
  26. Best friends
  27. Biwi no.1
  28. Blissful Relations
  29. Blah blah, Woof woof
  30. Bas...Yun Hi...
  31. Blissful Relations
  32. Bromance Over Romance
  33. Can Love Happen Twice ??
  34. Can't I Get a Happy Ending ??
  35. Chocolaty Story
  36. Chal jhuthi
  37. chalte chalte
  38. City night lights [AR] 15/11
  39. Cinderella Man
  40. Crumbled
  41. Close To Heart
  42. couldn't help but fall for you
  43. cross my heart
  46. Dream Date
  47. Dill MIll Gayye
  48. Dil de diya
  49. Devil Played the Cupid
  50. Don't Know Why
  51. Escaping the hell
  52. Ek thi pagli (a bd gift to anu)
  53. Ek nano si luv story
  54. Ek nayi zindagi
  55. ~Far From The Maddening Crowd
  56. First Date
  57. Fall for you
  58. Finally found u dream girl
  60. For Love
  61. Friends
  62. Friendship Turn into love
  63. Forever With Me
  64. Gandi Baat (arsh )
  65. good-bye, a see-you-later and a train ride...
  66. Gunde
  67. Gungunata pyar
  68. Happy Birthday DMG
  69. Happy Holi Basket
  70. Happy Birthday
  71. Heartstrings
  72. Her Very Own Fairy-Tale
  73. How I Fell In Love With You
  74. How to save a life...
  75. Hollowed
  76. Humesha Tumhara sath dungi
  78. Humari adhuri kahani
  79. humari adhoori kahani
  80. Humari duniya
  81. Humrahi
  82. humrahi
  83. Hum tumhare hain sanam
  86. HURRY UP 2!
  88. I am coming there too
  89. I am sorry Basket
  90. Ice Princess
  91. I Heth AR
  92. Ishq hone laga
  93. {~I Love You~}
  94. In the blues
  95. || I Need You||-
  96. Infinity in the palm of your hands - Prelude: Meeting and Passing
  97. I Love U, My Teacher Ji
  98. It's Your Turn Dear Hubby
  99. It's because I have been loved that I have become stronger...
  100. It turns out like everyday
  102. I wanna marry you riddhima
  103. I WOULD DIE
  104. Jab tume ho sath mere
  105. Jaanam samja karo(AR os for Bachcha)
  106. Just wanna be your love
  107. jiyen kyon (a bd gift to aayu)
  108. Jeevan Sathi
  109. Joy in death
  111. Just Friends ??
  113. Khoyi hui mohabbat
  114. Khwaishein
  115. Koi Shikwa Nehi, Sirf Mohabbat
  116. Kyun aapne armaan ko chod diya
  117. Layak Hi Nahin Ho! (AR os)
  118. Library love
  119. Life is beautiful
  120. Longest hours: A recommence love story
  121. Longest hours: A recovery from sadness
  122. Longest hours: A random walk
  123. Longest hours: A remedy for loneliness
  124. Longest hours: A recondite fairy tale
  125. Longest hours: A road to home
  126. Longest hours: A rainy dawn
  127. Love for Life
  128. Love Just Happens
  129. Love - the strength
  130. Love is not for me
  131. Love Is.. Always In Shades Of Grey
  132. Love finds its own way
  133. Love Blossoms
  134. Love knows No limites!!
  135. Love just need a pure Heart
  136. Love You Forever
  137. LULLABY
  138. Made for you
  139. Mine Forever
  140. My Savior
  141. My Messiah!
  143. Made for you
  144. Malfunctioning of the Date
  145. Mann Ki Lagan OS [Sequel to Pyar Ki Dastaan]
  146. Masoom Rishta
  147. Mai hoon na
  148. Mai Hun Hero Tera
  149. Mai tera hero
  150. Mann ki lagan
  151. Meant to be
  152. Mere Humsafar by punam
  153. mere humsafar
  154. Mera Hai Jo Bhi Tu... Tha Bhi Tu Hai Bhi Tu
  155. mere brother ki dulhan
  156. Meri Dil Ka Armaan
  157. Mesmerised (AR os)
  159. Muskurane Ki Wajah Tumho
  160. My Best Valentine's Day Ever!
  161. My Desire
  162. My Hero
  163. My teen Love
  164. My Innocent love
  165. My decision
  166. My Stranger
  167. Night time reflections…
  168. New Year Jealousy:
  171. One Decision
  172. Our sunshine
  173. Our sweet little momments (BD gift to cheeku)
  174. Our Perfect Anniversary
  175. One Moment
  176. Ou r F i r s t N i g h t
  177. perfect picture
  179. Please Come Back.
  180. Please make me riddhima malik
  181. PRANK CALL( kismat connect ho jaye...)
  182. Prelude to rest of our lives…
  183. Proposal Ka Locha
  184. Poured Our Heart
  185. Pyar ki Dastan
  186. Pyar Ki Dor Se Bandhe Do Dil
  187. Pyar ki taakat
  188. Pyar ki Agni Pariksha
  189. Pyar Kiya toh darna kya
  190. Pyaar Ka Gharonda
  191. pyar key jhatkey
  192. Queen Of My Heart
  193. Raahen humari
  194. Raindrops
  195. Realisation of Love
  196. Real ya reel you are the only one (kajen os)
  197. Riddhima Ka Birthday
  198. Runaway Girl
  199. Safar --The Journey Of Life
  200. Sathiya (AR os)
  201. Saansein
  202. Saali mere pyar ki dushman
  203. Saathiya
  204. Saaya Hun tera
  205. (bd gift for Anu)
  206. Shayad yahi pyar hai
  207. Shot Betrayed by Trust
  208. ~smoldering love
  209. Stuck With You
  210. Sweet Forgiveness
  211. Sweet little things u Do for me
  212. {~sweet funny confession~}
  213. Tere Bin
  214. Teri Arzoo Hai sanam
  215. Teasing,waiting,love, hate but still together forever...
  216. The darkness falls from wings of night
  217. The eternal reality of the soul's immortality
  218. The fourth reason
  219. "This is John Galt speaking"
  220. The Ideal Guy
  221. the haunted house
  222. Tosey Naina
  223. Trip to god
  224. To catch a shooting star...
  225. Tumhe pa liya
  227. Tumhe Khone se Darta hun
  228. Tumhari Aawaaz Mere Dil Tak
  229. Tu hai ki nahi
  230. Tujhme Rab Dikhta Hai
  231. The darkness falls from wings of night
  232. The Haunted House
  233. Theme for a dream
  235. The Ideal Guy
  236. The way I found love
  237. The Abandoned Child
  238. The musings of a lovestruck
  239. The Healing Touch
  240. The colour White
  241. The Battle of Their Hearts
  243. The Missed call
  244. The Gift of Love
  245. The world has turned and left me here.
  246. "This is John Galt speaking"
  247. The Unplanned
  248. True Love
  249. True love lasts a life time
  250. True Love Feels Proud
  251. Tum ho mera Pyar
  252. Tum ho toh sab Khwaishein Puri
  253. Tum dena sath mera
  254. Trust Matter in Relationship
  255. U are the air i breadth
  256. U are me heartthrob
  257. Us Against The World
  258. what If I say .. I love u too
  259. will you Marry me arman?
  260. You ,Me and Angel
  261. Yeh Duriyan
  262. You only belong to my heart
  263. You belong to me
  265. you belong with me
  266. You Fool, I Love You!
  267. You are My rain
  268. What Lies Behind Betrayal
  269. You make me feel special
  270. You Own My Heart
  271. Wada raha
  272. Will Love U Till The End
  274. why

  1. 17/9/13 (in Memory of old blog)
  2. |24 and FORCIBLY MARRIED||
  3. And I was like...Baby
  4. And the wait ended
  5. A kash vacation
  6. An Arsh Fairytale
  7. A Day off with KaSh in KaSh land
  8. An Arsh Fairytale
  10. Baggage
  12. Brighter than the Sunshine (kash fairy tale )
  13. ~But Shilpa, I LoveYou~
  14. "Because I love u"( kash fairy tale one shot)
  15. celebrations
  20. dinner......?
  21. Drabbles
  22. drabble! : HIS REPENTANCE
  23. DMG ek saal baad...Armaan's Return!
  24. Embraced Moment
  25. Find Your Love
  27. From one conference room to another
  28. Good Night
  29. good-bye, a see-you-later and a train ride...
  30. Happy Birthday Meri Jaan
  31. Happily Divorced
  32. Hum tum ek kamre mein band ho
  33. It's Never Too Late
  34. Joined on earth
  35. Kash os : Connected by pain, locked in love
  36. Kash Os : Seedhi Saadhi and Tedha Medha KaSh
  38. K&S Steamy Wedding Night
  39. kash os : Our identity..our baby Love
  40. Kash os : A True Kash
  42. Karan shilpa interview(fictious)
  43. Let me be your voice...
  44. Love Excerpts~Pani weds Puri
  45. Love Excerpts~Crazy Stupid Ishq
  46. love you forever....
  47. Loving A Moron
  49. My cardiologist
  50. my life,my arman
  51. Our first kiss
  52. Pain… Death… Love… and Life…
  53. Phir Le Aaya Dill
  54. Perfect Together
  55. Runway Bride
  56. Saturday Saturday
  57. some Nights
  58. Te Amo
  60. Temple Run 2
  62. The Biggest Day
  63. unconscious love
  64. US
  65. you r the best thing that has ever happened To me
  66. Wish Good Night
  67. Will you marry me?
  68. You are all I live for
  69. You are the reason of my madness
  71. Zara Zara Kiss Me

  1. AR os : A silent Storm 
  2. Aaj main bhi khushi chunoongi...hum teeno ki khushi..." AR OS
  4. Bad boy's tempestuous"Good"Girl {mini AR }
  5. Bas Tera Naam Hai
  6. Chole Bhature Wali (ARSH)
  7. Dil Se Juban Tak
  8. Escaping the hell- 2 another rihana story...
  9. Forever Vala Love
  10. ARSH /KASH OS : Hope
  11. If Tomorrow Comes
  12. I Love You Only Forever TS
  14. Life Partner
  15. Life Inside Me
  16. Love finds its own way
  17. Love Found It's Way
  18. Meri Kahani
  19. Mistake
  20. Miracles Happen
  21. Mohabbat Apse
  22. Mujhey teri zaroorat hai
  23. my hearty found love
  24. My Mr. Right (ARSH)
  25. My new journey
  26. Never let go!
  27. Nothing Can Stop Me, From Loving You(An AR TS )
  29. Pyar Ka Anjaam (TS)
  30. Pyar ka rangin Izhar (TS)
  31. Pyar se Jude Do Dil
  32. Pyar ke side effects (ts)
  33. pyar ke rang
  34. Rango Me hai pyar ki holi
  35. Remembering, reflecting and waiting...
  36. Safar -The Journey of Love
  37. Summer Heat
  38. sealed with a kiss
  39. Serendipitous love
  40. similar attracts
  41. SOHNEYA AR os
  42. Sunday (mini ss)
  43. The Breeze of the Beach (os in 2 parts)
  44. The Contract
  45. Teri meri dosti ka asman.
  46. The Royal Wedding (AR os)
  47. To be or not to be ...
  48. Last Part : To my wife.. with love major armaan mallik...
  49. Tumhe khone se darta hun
  50. when love comes your way(ARSH)
  51. When You Can't Fake It Just Make It (os)
  52. Vaada (TS)

part 70 : Life style

Image may contain: 8 people, people smiling, text

same day
(piya nani ke kamre mein aati hai nani ek kitab parahi hoti hai ke piya apna dramebazi karna shuruh kardeti hai aur ek dum se nani ke paas aati hai ghabrate hue)
piya: nani.. Nani..
nani: kya hua beta tum itni ghabrayi hui kyun hou..

part 12 : The Painful Side Of Love

The club was lavishly decorated. Riddhima saw the whole floor was covered with red heart shaped balloons and looking at them brought a smile on her face which went all the way to her eyes. Armaan noticed the beautiful smile on her face and he knew the reason why it was there. He still remembered when Riddhima had told him''''.

part 18 : AR love story

A: Riddhima'
She closed her eyes at the sound of her name escaping his lips his voice sounded so passionate'
*Knock Knock*
Opening her eyes at the sound of the knock..Oh god it must be dii!
R: Armaan'di is here'I have to goo'I'll call later..byee
A: Promisee?

Monday, 28 August 2017

chapter 7 : I'll Love You Longer Than Forever - AR FF,

The following days of Armaan and Riddhima's life were blissful.
They were entirely too happy to be with each other again and it was painfully obvious to the people around them.
The morning following her amazing date with Armaan, Riddhima had arrived at Sanjeevani with a huge smile on her face, a twinkle in her eye and a skip in her step that she couldn't seem to help.
She was nice and friendly to everyone at the hospital, stopping in the corridors to talk to the various nurses and ward boys, smiling and waving at people that passed by her.
It was definitely a stark contrast to the way that she had been in the past 4 months since she had returned home after her accident.

PART 3 B :Will Love You, Till My Last Heartbeat(An AR TS)

'Mom, mom... Kiya huva aapko... Mom...' Armaan started to shake her but neither Nandini speak or look at him... Armaan hold her body close to him as he rubbed her back trying to make her speak to him but it was no use... Nandini wasn't reacting his voice, neither his touch... She was laying lifeless, looking at his son with her eyes open... No more breathing as it has stop along with her heartbeat, taking her to another world leaving her love ones in shocked...

Armaan wasn't able to believe this was happening to him, his trace was broke hearing Nandini mobile ring... He saw Karan calling but he felt rang rising in his body very well understanding like always Karan must have ignore her calls due to his work...

part 3 : Trace Your Dreams

i donno how long i could have stared into those soulful eyes if muskaan's words hadnt brought my senses back..."sorry guys, i m being a spoilsport today" ..."ha?!! ya..err..i mean, no muskaan, i should be the one saying that..i asked u guys to tell wat happpened and brought all those things back...i m sorry"..."hey riddhima, we never forgot them for u to remind...its alright" rahul comforted...they took a hasty decision and are regretting now...

Sunday, 27 August 2017

part 69 : Life style

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rishi riddhima ko churwata hai ke piya riddhima ko darwaze ki taraf dhaka deti hai riddhima girte girte bachti hai ke koi uska haath pakarleta hai aur usse bachata hai riddhima uss shaks ko dekhti hai toh woh aur koi nahi armaan hota hai armaan riddhima ki haalat dekhta hai aur nani aur piya ko dekhta hai jo ek dum se darjati hai khastaur pe piya kyun ke ek bar phir uski chaal nakamiab hojati hai)
(riddhima ki armaan ko dekhar jaan mein jaan aati hai woh rone bohat dari hui hoti hain aur usse gale lag kar rone lagti hai)

part 11 : The Painful Side Of Love

Armaan was standing at the window of his room, gazing towards the beautiful moon in the sky but his thoughts were way too busy to notice mother nature. He was once again wondering about the relationship Camerone and Riddhima shared. Camerone had told him that he and Riddhima were just friends but remembering how angry he had got when he had tried to rape Riddhima and even today after Riddhima had told them that she wanted to go to Rahul's party he reacted in just the way a FRIEND wouldn't. He still remembered the whole conversation:

part 17 : AR love story

Sitting there looking over a few papers he couldn't help but drift off into thought. Riddhima was different from any other girl he had ever met. Yet doesn't everybody say this about the one girl whom they harbor deep feelings for? Last night had been so amazing but yet it was so simple. All he did was talk to her but he couldn't think of anything else he'd rather be doing and anyone else he'd rather be with.  The bond he had created with her couldn't be explained with a mere few words. Like said it