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Chapter 11 :I'll Love You Longer Than Forever - AR FF

Armaan was really happy today. Finally, after a week of separation, his Basket was back home. He was feeling a little clingy towards her because he had gone without seeing her for a full week. So, he would sneak in for some time with her whenever he had the chance, even if it was for 5 minutes. Riddhima was loving all the attention that he was showering on her. He had been giving her flowers -

part 13: KhamOshiyaan

(Aik Awaaz Jo Armaan MaLik Ko Room Tak BhaGne Pe MaJhbore Kar Deti Hai....)
Armaan: Sh....ShiLpa....
Dr Sneha: InJection LaGa DiJiye....JaLdi Se Aur Mere Poche BeGair yahan Room Mein Koi Nahi AY Ga...AUr..

Part 1 : Truly Madly Deeply (AR)

ridhima asked arman to be out of his life after sid's accident.arman had enough.
"so you choose him...fine.but i'm not running away anymore..i am not going anywhere..i did once...and  see what it lead to?
"no can live with him..tum khush raho...uske sath..but i have my life too...i cant run anymore..takh chuka hu main...ab aur nahi...
you dont love me...i have promised you that i'll always love you...but it seems that you dont need my love i have decided that i will not be a problem for you...
but im not leaving...i lost my love...but now i only have one thing left to care job....which i choose to serve...from now  on we will ahve only professional reltion...
good bye...mrs ridhima sidhant mode..."
saying this he walked away leaving a stunned ridhima behind...
she went back to her home.she had decided to give sid a chance.....but she didnt go to his house.all the things sid said in his anger was still ringingin her ears....

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Happy Birthday Nidhi (8th sep.)

hi friends,today is happy birthday of our blog member nidhi...let's wish her...

Happy Birthday Nidhi..many many happy returns of the day..May your birthday be filled with many happy hours and your life with many happy birthdays.

Part 2 : Mere Paas Raho

riddhima saw with horror a man coming to her side….she shifted in her seat when she suddenly felt a body weight against her….she looked at her side and saw muskaan fainted on her place…riddhima tapped muskaans face but she didn’t moved….

R: muskaan…muskaan uth na….

part 12 : KhamOshiyaan

Armaan: Baby DoLL....... Tum MuJhe Saza Aise Nhi De Sakti....
(Armaan ShiLpa Ki Limp Body Ko Utha Ky HuG Kar Leta Hai...
AUr Aise He Bed Pe Betha Rehta Hai)

last part :AR love story

    "Mehndi  hain rachne wali…"  Lyrics streamed through the hall as the bride to be sat in there with  a shy posture, her shoulders slightly hunching over with her silky long tresses acting as a curtain for the side of her face. But no matter what blocked the view of her face, there was this blissful glow emanating through her..creating a joyous atmosphere. Despite the groom not being here, he had ordered Muskaan, his babhi to capture every moment of the function, and even though he said

Thursday, 7 September 2017

part 10 : ArSh FF ~ SIRF TUM ~ (SEASON 2)



2 and Half Months Later...

Aankhon ko

Teri aadat hai

Tu dekhe naa to

Inhe sikayat hai...

Part 3:Ek Villain,

Previously: Riddhima felt Armaan's gaze on her, she couldn't deny that she was attracted to him but he was a player, she had to be careful.


Armaan tore his gaze away from her when he saw her looking at him. He still couldn't forget the slap that she had given him but however when he thought about it again, all the anger seemed to vanish, he was pretty much amused, no one had dared to do it before, maybe they all wanted to enjoy his company and fame.

PART-14 :The Painful Side Of Love

All three sat in the living room and had an informal, fun filled dinner. Camerone made sure that situation never got awkward between Armaan and Riddhima and kept talking about something or the other. Finally when they were done he asked Armaan to stay back as it was very late.

Wednesday, 6 September 2017

chapter 10 : I'll Love You Longer Than Forever - AR FF

In the days that followed, Armaan, Riddhima and Atul successfully convinced Anjali to stay back in Mumbai and resign from the hospital in LA. It took some time and a lot of emotional blackmail with talks that only included - I miss you', I don't want you to go', We'll be together again, it'll be so much fun', You're my best friend' and I want you to stay with me'.

part 11 : KhamOshiyaan

ShiLpa; ARmaan Please....

part 22 : AR love story

"Armaan where's Rahul and Muskaan??"

"They went out of town to visit a family friend, which leaves you and me all alone my dear.." looking at her in a mischievous manner..

"Oh stop being so cheeky Armaan..I trust you and I know you'd never do anything like that. So move out of the way so I can go into the kitchen and get something to eat."

Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Part 2: Ek Villain

Previously: His eyes popped out. No one had dared to slap him till date; she was going to pay for it.

"How dare you!" Armaan exclaimed furiously as he grabbed her wrists roughly and pinned them behind her back. Riddhima struggled to get free but Armaan's grip got tighter and tighter. Riddhima looked at her surroundings, the door was locked and there no windows, she had to get him away from her. Armaan was coming closer and suddenly a shout was heard.

part 9 : ArSh FF ~ SIRF TUM ~ (SEASON 2)


"I am sorry..." saying this she picked a bowl and left inside the Kitchen and keeping it she went inside a room which was infront of their room making Surbhi angry at him

"Mil gayi khushi... Mr Khan... Ho gaye khush sunna k usko... Allah miya what's wrong wd u Mr Khan..??" she said angrily to which he looked at her

"Haa bhaijaan... Ek baar baat to sunn lete" Nazma said slowly

LAST PART :Trace Your Dreams

I looked up to see his intense gaze penetrating through me...i found myself drowning again in his magnetic grey eyes...i suddenly jolted out remembering nikita and turned my head away..."look at me riddhima" he said in his deep voice...i didnt budge...he brought his hand up to my face and placing it on my cheek turned my face towards him...i shuddered..."ask me all that you want to know...abt me,

Monday, 4 September 2017

part 77 : Dard ka Rishta

After some days riddhima was relieved from hospital but she didn’t want to go home as her Baby was kept there in incubator. He had to kept there for one month more.
Dr. kirti : “ aap yahan nahi rah sakte dr. riddhima,you are fine now.”
Riddhima uttered in a wet voice : “I know ma’m,par baby yahan akela,aur mai ghar par…kaise rahungi? Harpal uski tension rahegi mujhe.”
Arman uttered holding her hand : “don’t worry riddhima, mai everyday morning tumhe le aaunga aur sham tak yahi rahna.”

Part-13 :The Painful Side Of Love,


She slapped him hard across his face expecting him to be rude and angry at her but to her immense shock he did nothing of the sort instead he cupped her face and kept looking into her eyes and when she saw a lone tear roll down his eye Riddhima couldn't control her self and hugged him. Her hands were around his waist while he was moving his hands up and down her back to soothe and calm her.

part 73 : Life style

                                      Image may contain: 6 people, people smiling

Same day
at gupta house
(riddhima gupta house ajati hai riddhima ki haalat rou rou kar bighar chuki hoti hai riddhima andar aati hai toh shashank usse aisi haalat mein dekhar ghabra jaata hai aur dorta hua uske paas aata hai)

part 21 :AR love story

"I'd rather have my dog eat my birthday cake...."

"Riddhima..are you crazy??"

"Armaan shut up! That's better than losing my house keys for three days....I mean where would I go?"

"To my house of course..." winking at her cheekily as he said his last statement...

She felt her cheeks turn a crimson red....

Sunday, 3 September 2017

chapter 9 : I'll Love You Longer Than Forever - AR FF

That night, Riddhima came home deep in thought. She was thinking about Armaan's demand from the morning. He wanted her to take him out on a date. Of all things he could have asked for, Riddhima had definitely not seen that coming. She thought he would have asked her for a kiss or a number of kisses for some time or maybe that she didn't complain when he tried to get some alone time with her or she let him romance her all the time, whenever he wanted. Definitely not this.

Prologue & part 1 : Ek Villain


I was so nervous, it felt that it was the first time that I'm doing it.

"Next Please," Riddhima's came back from her thoughts. It was the fifth time that she was auditioning, she had played in many movies before but she had never felt so nervous. Maybe it was related to the fact that she was going to work with the famous director, Jai Agnihotri.

She made her way to where she was called. After about  some minutes, she came out of the auditioning room. Riddhima had done her best and she hoped that it would bring results. She went home and relaxed in front of the TV.

The next day, she got a phone call from Alia, Jai Agnihotri's secretary. Riddhima was told to come to the studio. She quickly grabbed her car keys and drove to "J.A Productions.".

When Riddhima reached there, she felt everyone's gaze on her.

PART 6: Trace Your Dreams

He looked at me coughing...fright written all over his face...i stared at him blankly, its as if my mind doesnt want to process the information it just received..."u alrite?" rahul asked armaan...he nodded swiftly and faced muskaan..."eyy, I already told you she is not my girlfriend"..."and I already told you I dont believe you" muskaan said leaning back in the chair and crossing her hands against chest...he groaned "muskaan!!"...she reverted in the same tone "armaan!!"..."its such a waste to explain to