Saturday, 16 September 2017

part 78 : Dard ka Rishta

3 months passed,now arman started to go to pune hospital as some works were pending there. riddhima was very busy with her doll..i mean first she was not able to understand how to take care of this little creature but annaya and dadi helped her and now she was able to fed him,bath him and everything which the baby needed..but at night he didn’t want to sleep in riddhima’s lap,only arman was able to make him sleep while singing lullaby. dadi uttered happily : “kitna intelligent hai dekho beta,tum din men ghar par nahi rah sakte yeh baat humare chote se ‘kanha’ ko pata hai ,isliye daytime to riddhima ke paas hi so jata hai par raat ko toh papa hi chahiye.”

PART 4 : Truly Madly Deeply

They reached the hotel booked for them.Conference was held in the same hotel.Arman without saying anything left for his room with out even sparing a look at ridhima.She felt bad,but followed him in silence.The conference would start tommorow.She decided to unpack her suitcase.He meanwhile thought about her.He knew his behaviour hurted her.But it wasnt easy for him either.He knew sidhant's attitude.He didnt want any trouble for his basket.He tried to divert his thoughts away from her.Suddenly his cell ringed.
"hello arman?
"yes..who is this?
"its me heena."

Part-17 :The Painful Side Of Love

Armaan felt like punching the man sitting across him and god alone knew how he had controlled that urge in him because the way that man was staring at Riddhima's legs was driving him crazy while Riddhima was totally engrossed in explaining the reports.

When she had finally finished explaining them the reports she sat back on her chair and waited for their response''.the conference room was absolutely quite for next couple of minutes''.everyone was completely impressed with the way Riddhima had conducted herself. The women were a little

Friday, 15 September 2017

Part 83 : From The Time I Saw You - An AR FF -

Armaan look at the time and back at the main door as a smile form in his lips, everyone was confused to see his expression as he look back at them... Riddhima look at Armaan who blink his eyes as if telling it was time, their surprise has reached when they were too busy in their argument...
'Kiya, ab bolenge bhi ya ek dusre koh dekhte rahenge...' Muskaan asked...
'Nehi bolungi...' Riddhima said...
'What...' Anjali asked being shocked...



Riddhima was separating the cloths for kids but her mind was busy thinking what's wrong with them as from last two weeks, they had been very busy which they don't allowed she or Armaan to be around them whenever they come back from school... Riddhan being the smallest, always keep calling her to do his works but it seems like the other four has grown old that they do every single thing without her help...

Chapter 13 : I'll Love You Longer Than Forever - AR FF

"Armaan! Chalo, humein jaana hai." Riddhima said sometime later as they lounged on the couch."Kahaan jaana hai?" he asked, his voice muffled against her neck.
"Tumhe kya laga? Movie aur lunch ke saath date khatam? Abhi toh bas shuruaat hai," Riddhima said in a filmy style.
"Theek hai. Ab hum kahaan jaa rahe hai?" he asked, making no attempts to move.
"Tum uthoge toh hum kahin jaa paayenge. Aur main tumhe nahi bata rahi kahaan jaana hai."

Thursday, 14 September 2017

PART 23 :Ehsaas


Armaan held Riddhima in his arms till her sobs started to die down.

"Mujhey bataaya kyon nahin? Bahut takleef huyi hogi na tumhey? Bahut dard hua hoga……kaash main tumhare saath hota," Armaan caressed her tearfully. He could count on his fingers the times in his life when he had shed a tear. More than the loss of the baby, he felt worse about not being with Riddhima when she needed him the most.

PART 3 : Truly Madly Deeply

heena said.."arman i had asked for food for you......."
"im not hungry.."
"i didnt telling have to eat or else..."
"i told you im not hungry..."
"i told you too...if you dont  eat  properly it will create more problem..youre a doctor yourself...why are you doing this?she was serious now.youre test show nutrient defieciency..if you dont have enough food then prepare yourself for a series of injections...i dont mind..your choice."she was angry now.
thought of injection didnt appear welcome to arman.he had a lot of accidents.the scary part was not getting injured,for him it was that sharp pointed thing.even after being a doctor , what more to say,even the thought of injections scared him.he decided taking food was better...
"toh kaha hain?"
"what?"she asked angrily.
"hmm ....... khana..

part 15 : KhamOshiyaan


Wednesday, 13 September 2017

part 12 : ArSh FF ~ SIRF TUM ~ (SEASON 2)


5 Days Later 2:45 AM

Ishq mubarak

Dard mubarak

Ishq mubarak

Dard mubarak...



Riddhima put Riddhan to sleep as the kids were enjoying opening their presents with Armaan and Nandini... Riddhima didn't stop them as she knows they would sleep on time as the following day was a school day... So when finally Riddhan was in deep slumber, who wouldn't wake up before the sun rise Riddhima move to check what the kids were up to now...

PART-16 : The Painful Side Of Love

Finally after a 15sec long kiss she let go of his collar which she had grabbed when he was trying to pull away. Armaan straightened and heard clicking of heels and he instantly knew that Riddhima had seen them. Without wasting another second he rushed out to clarify any misunderstanding that might have occurred while Sim smirked to herself and was also disappointed by the fact that Armaan didn't kiss her back.

Tuesday, 12 September 2017

PART 2 : Truly Madly Deeply

days passed.arman continued to keep himself busy in work.he was working on project along with dr.keerti.they were suppose to present it on behalf of their branch in a conference to be conducted in a few days in delhi.arman was busy working for this.he spent hours  researching and preparing presentations.hardly went to his house.he was careless about his was taking a toll on him.
two days before the conference
dr.heena went to arman's cabin to discuss a case.they had became good friends.but arman was still distant.he talked.but not from his heart.he smiled but it didnt reach his eyes.heena could see that something was bothering him.but she decided to give him sometime.she didnt want to bug him
what she saw left her shocked.arman was lying in the floor unconsious.she immediately shifted him to room and checked.he had high fever.his pulse was weak.she immediately treated him and informed keerti.dr.keerti asked for certain test to be done.

part 14 : KhamOshiyaan

Armaan: Am Sorry Baby Dolll....
Please maf kar Do....Wapis A Jao....
MuJh Se Nahi Dekhi Jati Ab Yeh Halat.....

chapter 12 :I'll Love You Longer Than Forever - AR FF

"Tumhaari choice. For Lunch."
"Haan. Main doosre logon ki tarah nahi hu jo batate bhi nahi ki khaane pe kahaan le jaa rahe hai", she said, clearly referring to all the times Armaan would refuse to tell her where he was taking her for dinner.
Armaan just laughed. "Basket kyuki tum itni achchi ho iska yeh matlab main bhi hu, samjhi?"
"Woh toh mujhe pata hai."

Monday, 11 September 2017


'Me...' Girl, who was 6 and half years old said standing with her hands on hips...
'Why not me...' Boy said who was same age of her...
'Because I m the eldest...' Girl said...
'So what, why not me...' Another boy said who was same age of them...
'Main sabse choti hoon, toh main kyun nehi...' Another girl same age them, asked as she hold a soft toy puppy in her arms...

Part 5 :Ek Villain

Previously:  "Let's meet at starbucks tomorrow." Armaan said.
"Fine." Riddhima threw her phone on the bed and swore Armaan.

Next day,

J&A productions, 13.00,

Riddhima opened the door which led to the green room. She had just finished shooting for a sequence. She wanted to be alone for some time but to her surprise, Armaan was already over there. He was busy with his phone and he did not see her walking in.

Sunday, 10 September 2017

Part 4 :Ek Villain


"So how did your shot go?" he asked with a small smile.


"Why should I tell you?" she spat at him. Riddhima folded her arms and shifted her gaze away from him.

"Riddhima, I'm really sorry for what happened but I regret it, I thought that you were...," Armaan really meant what he said, he just could not deny the attraction between the both of them. It's true that he was angered when she had slapped him but after a while, he realized that someone actually treated him like a normal person and he was grateful to her for restoring him to a normal person.

part 11 : ArSh FF ~ SIRF TUM ~ (SEASON 2)


At Home

Chodo ye saari baate

Ab mili hai jo ye raaten

Inhe jaane na de jaaniyaa...

PART-15 :The Painful Side Of Love

They both left for Sanjeevani. While Riddhima was wondering about what could be the cause of Dr.Shubhankar's panicky state Armaan was lost in his own la la land and had a real sweet smile on his face which could tell even a stranger that he was truly happy today. Riddhima saw the smile and was happy for him but was scared that she might again cause him pain. They reached Sanjeevani and went to the conference room and sensed tension in the area. When they were seated Dr.Shashank