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part 75 & 76: Life style

Some days passed
(kuch din guzarjaate hain in dino nani aur riddhima ki bonding bohat achi hojati hai dono ek team mein hokar armaan ko bhi bohat pareshan karti hoti hai armaan kabhi kabhi nani se jealous bhi hojaya karta hai kyun ke riddhima aur nani ki bonding aisi hogai hai ke woh ek dusre ko ek pal ke liye bhi akela nahi chorti hai jisse armaan kabhi kabhi bohat chirh jaata hai)

Part 5: Mere Paas Raho


When Muskaan suddenly woke up, she realised that she was lying in someone’s lap. She looked up in shock and saw Rahul sitting there in a very uncomfortable state. She didn’t intend to wake him up, but as soon as she moved Rahul opened his eyes. He saw Muskaan awake and was worried again.

Chapter 16 : I'll Love You Longer Than Forever - AR FF

Later in the afternoon, Armaan and Riddhima gathered up all the kids to start the check ups.
"Bachcha log! Ye hai Dr. Yuvraj aur Dr. Naina, ye bhi humaare saath aapka chack up karenge", Riddhima said, introducing the kids to them.
The kids looked at Yuvi and Naina and then back at Armaan - Riddhima.
They stared at them for a minute and then shouted, "NAHI!" in unison.

Friday, 22 September 2017

auther's note

hello people..

U all now it has been an year since i have written anything..
as i have mentioned earlier that i would nt continue any of the stories since i had lost thing for writting..

3 of my works were discontinued
1. Tum dena sath mera(ss)         last updated 21 feb 2016 (part 4)
2. Saathon Janam Tera sang(ss)       last updated 17 june 2015 (part 2)
3. Fought for ur soul(ff)           last update 29 may 2015 (part 16)
Bt a had bad felling about leaving them in between, n was planning to give them an end atleast either good or bad.
so i wanna ask u if u guys were still interested in reading  only then I will give a try to complete my pending stories  N i cant guarantee unka outcome kya hoga coz I  have forgotten most of the thoughts, ideas n concept about the parts  which i had at time of starting my work. Ill write whatever that will come to mind now after I read the earlier parts.

Do give your genuine views.


part 79 : Dard ka Rishta

now ansh was nearly 6 months,now he started sitting and blabbering,khushi didn’t do anything after that incident but she used to talk with baby and baby replied her in his own language,its…”…”but khushi understood everything what her little tanna said to her.
khushi started to go play first she didn’t like it but now she was habituated and made a lot friends who came their house to play with her.she was very happy with her new world. atul and anjali got married and returned from their honeymoon trip just few days back. all were busy in their life and happy also but only muski was very sad because after getting the green signal of their marriage from their parents, panditji was not getting a good day for their wedding.muski’s parents have a blind faith in panjika and their ‘panditji” so they asked muski and rahul to wait for some months more for their marriage.

Part 8:Ek Villain

Previously: Riddhima nodded her head indicating a yes, and she clutched Armaan's hand as she felt a needle on her skin.


Part 4 : Mere Paas Raho

Riddhima was still sitting in the couch when suddenly the door opened and Rahul came in….he saw riddhima sitting there and run towards her and took her in a rib crushing hug….

R: aree bhaii….
Ra: riddhima…tu theek hai na…tujhe kuch hoga to nahi…tu theek hai na…
R: bhai….saans…

part 15 : ArSh FF ~ SIRF TUM ~ (SEASON 2),




"Aap kehna kya chahte ho..??" confusion was clearly visible on his forehead

Thursday, 21 September 2017

part 74 : Life style


some more days passed
(armaan office mein betha hua kaam karaha hota hai ke piya uske cabin mein ajati hai tiffen lekar armaan use gusse mein ek look deta hai)
armaan: kyun ayi hou yahan.

Part-19 : The Painful Side Of Love

Riddhima didn't know what to say. She too wanted to be close to him but didn't know if it would be right for them to be to staying in the same house. She didn't want to spoil anything. She also knew that Armaan wouldn't take no for an answer so she agreed and said 'Pick me up at 9:30 today. I'll complete my packing till then.' Armaan jumped up in joy and shouted 'Yippee' Riddhima laughed at him and ruffling his hair, which was her favorite thing to do, she left for her duties.

Chapter 15 : I'll Love You Longer Than Forever - AR FF

"Dr. Armaan", Naina said, coming into the fire escape.
His train of thought broke on hearing her and he looked up.
"Riddhima Di ne aapko laane kaha hai. Lonavla jaane ke liye late ho raha hai."
Armaan nodded and got up, following her out.
Yuvi and Riddhima were waiting for them in the locker room. Armaan moved towards Riddhima and picked her up in his arms.
"Armaan!" Riddhima scoled him.

Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Part 5 : Shikayat 2 - An AR SS -

Everyone was waiting for Armaan and Riddhima, after Nikki has come informing that Riddhima said they would shortly joins them for dinner, they were waiting in the hall as they didn't know how long they would take... It was more than half an hour, Karan thought to check on them to make sure if they are coming or should they start without waiting for them...

Before Karan could asked Nikki to go and check one more time, they heard footsteps and look towards the stairs to see Armaan and Riddhima coming holding each other hand... Nikki and Karan smile seeing how Riddhima manage to bring Armaan down for dinner, Padma was happy to see Armaan little better as she was hoping to see his single expression when he eat foods cook by her...

It would be the first time that Armaan or any Mallik would be going to have food cook by her... Padma knows, she can't competitive with Riddhima as she hardly do cooking having servants in the house but Riddhima prefer to make dinner or breakfast whenever she get time so she is the greatest cook among them...

Soon they were sitting around the dinning table as Padma and Riddhima serve them, Nikki also was going to serve Karan but Riddhima stop her asking her to sit with others for dinner... Karan asked Riddhima and Padma to joins them too but they deny saying not before they serve others...

PART 24:Ehsaas

 Armaan received a call from Anjali's chauffeur, "Dr Sahib….main aapko theek 7 baje pick kar loonga…aap clinic par hi honge?"

 "Haan yahin rahunga main…" Armaan answered curtly

Anjali made sure Armaan would not have a reason to say "no" to her proposal!

Part 7:Ek Villain

Previously: Riddhima made her way inside her apartment and after locking the door to her room, she smiled as she thought about her day with Armaan.


Part 3 : Mere Paas Raho

Riddhima gave him directions to her house…then she asked armaan…

R: wese armaan aap yaha pe kaise…mera matlab mene aaj tak aap ko is city me nahi dekha…
A: saachai se dur bhagne ki koshish kar raha hu…
R: matlab…
A: kuch nahi….

Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Intro & part 1 : All for Your Love (AR ff)

hi my blog friends,i am started a new ff,on AR(kash).."All for your love" ,hope you will like it.
thanks .

Introduction :

PART 23 (C) : U Make My Life Worth To Live Again An AR FF


Riddhima was working in a report not being aware of the time, Armaan who was passing her cabin saw her and was surprise to see Riddhima still working... Checking the time, he move inside making Riddhima look towards the door to see who it was that enter her cabin without knocking...
'Tum...' Riddhima asked as she turn her attention back to the report...
'Kyun, kissi aur ka inthizaar ho raha ta...' Armaan asked moving close to her...
'Nehi, mujhe laga tum ghar jaa chuka hoga ab tak...' Riddhima said checking the time...
'Haan bas jaane wala ta but tumhe dekha toh aagaye... Abhi tak kyun kaam kar rahe ho...' Armaan asked...
'Kyunki mujhe kal tak yeh report complete karna hai...' Riddhima said...
'Kitna waqt lagega...???' Armaan asked...
'Kyun... Kuch kaam hai tumhe...' Riddhima asked not looking at him...
'Haan haina...' Armaan said smirking...
'Kiya kaam hai Armaan...' Riddhima asked not aware of what's going in Armaan mind...
'Mujhe...' Armaan stop hoping Riddhima would look at him...

part 14 : ArSh FF ~ SIRF TUM ~ (SEASON 2),


Night time

"Surbhi... For the last time I am asking u... Tum kab jaa rahi ho..." Armaan asked annoyingly as Surbhi was came infront of the Match which he and Rehaan were watching "Main nai jaaungi... Jab tak aap mujhe proove karke nai dikhate" she argued putting her both hands on her waist

"Surbhi kya bachpana hai ye..." Rehaan spoke strictly to which she roll her eyes

PART-18 : The Painful Side Of Love

Riddhima came running to the kitchen when she heard Armaan shout in pain. She rushed to his side and noticed that he had burnt his finger. She went to the refrigerator and took out an ice cube and started rubbing it on the burnt area of his finger while Armaan was touched by the concern in her eyes and kept staring at her beautiful face with her forehead creased with concern and worry. She

Monday, 18 September 2017

PART 23 (B) : U Make My Life Worth To Live Again An AR FF


'Ma, yeh aap kiya baatein lekar beit gayi ho...' Nikki's father said seeing she was being stubborn...
'Ma, aapki blood pressure low hojaenge, please khalo...' Nikki's mother said...
'Tum log koh samajh nehi aati kiya ek baat, maine kaha na main Nikki se baat karne ke baad hi khaungi...' Dadi said as she sit in her room...
'Kiya baat karni hai aapko mujhse Dadi, aur yeh kiya aap breakfast karne ke liye mana kyun kar rahe ho...' Nikki asked coming in Dadi room...
'Accha huva tum aagayi, mujhe tumse baat karni hai...' Dadi said...
'Kis baare mein...???' Nikki asked...
'Maine tumhare liye ladka...' Dadi was cut by Nikki...
'Not again Dadi, kyun meri peeche pade ho...' Nikki said crossing her hands on chest...
'Peeche padne ki kiya baat hogayi... Ek baar ladke se mil toh lo, kahin aisa toh nehi hai tumhe koi pasand hai... Pasand hai toh bata de, hum us ladke se aur uske pariwaar se baat karenge... Lekin ab mujhe lagta hai tumhe shaadi ke baare mein sochna chahiyeh... Main yeh toh nehi bol rahi hoon abhi ki abhi shaadi karlo, ladke se milo... Pasand aaye toh ek dusre koh jaanne ki koshish karo, phir faisla lo... Itni simple is baat samajh kyun nehi aati tujhe...' Dadi said...
'Really Dadi, itni simple si baat hai toh aap kyun nehi karlete shaadi...' Nikki said...
'Beti, abhi meri shaadi ki umar nehi hai... Mujhe apni par pota/poti ke saath khelne ka umar hai... Tu meri itni si baat nehi maan sakte, mere liye ek ladke se nehi mil sakte...' Dadi said showing how hurt she got when Nikki deny to even meet the guy...

PART 5 & 6 : Truly Madly Deeply

Ridhima eneterd the conference hall thinking about their last  encounter.She wasnt ready  to face him.She felt she didnt have the right to even be near him after making him go through so much.He wasnt there yet.He reached just before the conference was about to start.He didnt looked good.His steps was forced.He came there and took a sit next to her without a word.He was nursing a running nose and sniffing.She noted that he was trouble in breathing too.The conference started and she was forced to change the course of her attention to it.After one hour he excused himself by saying that he

Chapter 14 : I'll Love You Longer Than Forever - AR FF

It was just another morning at Sanjeevani and Naina and Su were at the nurse station waiting for the others to arrive for their regular briefing session. It was then that they saw Sister Lovely running around the hospital madly looking for someone.
"Oji, Dr. Naina ji, aap ne kisi bohot hi handsome se munde ko kahin dekha hai ji?" she asked them, blushing.

Sunday, 17 September 2017

Part 6:Ek Villain

Previously: Riddhima quickly kept her cup back on the table and got up. She took his hand and blowed on it while blabbering," You should have been more careful."
Armaan watched her concern for him and unknowingly a smile formed on his lips.

PART 23 (A) : U Make My Life Worth To Live Again An AR FF


After coming back from hospital, everyone left to his or her respective rooms to get ready... Nikki parent's and Dadi was already to leave for dinner and waiting for the kids to get fresh up as they would need to change before going out as they had been working whole day... Nikki father has already book table for them so they gave them half an hour to get ready and relax knowing they would little time...

Abhi was the first one to come out after getting fresh up and ready, seeing neither of the girls has come he sat with Nikki's parent and Dadi... Dadi was asking Abhi about his work and Abhi asked about his Dadi who is a good friend of Nikki's Dadi... Nikki's father was watching television while Nikki's mother was busy in her mobile.. When it was more than half an hour, Dadi look towards their rooms to see neither of the girls has come out yet...

part 13 : ArSh FF ~ SIRF TUM ~ (SEASON 2)


Evening Time

Ishq mubarak

Dard mubarak

Ishq mubarak

Dard mubarak...

"Armaan hum jaa kaha rahe hai...??" Shilpa again asked looking out of the car's window

part 16 : KhamOshiyaan