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Part-22 : The Painful Side Of Love

Armaan felt as if someone had slapped him hard across his face. Tears welled up in his eyes and he turned his face away. Seeing the pain on his face and knowing that it was because of her broke her heart into a million pieces'''.she fell on her knees and started crying violently. Armaan jerked out of his depressing thoughts and saw Riddhima on her knees and he forgot all the hurt and bent down to

part 3 : All for your Love (AR ff)

Note - hi friends, i changed the siggi of this ff  and made it  kajen version  on the request of Nishta Rehman,a die hard kajen fan .hope you have no problem ,if anyone wants to read kash version,u can read it in fb page,i am giving link here..Dmg lovers page.
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arman and his friends reached Agra at afternoon. at first they went to see Taj mahal as the guide informed that its closing time is 7 at evening. when guide was narrataing shahjahan-mumtaz love story and the beauty of mumtaz,arman was lost somewhere. he remembered those big grey almond eyes and her angry stared to arman. arman never knew anyone looked so beautiful in her angry mood also.he smiled and thought : “yaar! ab tak koi ladki tere dill ko touch bhi nahi kar payi thi aur isne to ek nazar me hi dill ke darwaze todkar ander sama gayi.”

Part 13 A:Ek Villain

Previously: Riddhima rolled her eyes and got back to reading a magazine while Armaan leant back on his seat and did a mini victory dance in his head. Riddhima glanced at him and a smile crept on her face, she had to admit that she loved the attention Armaan was giving her.

"Welcome to Istanbul," boomed a voice aboard the airplane. Armaan stretched his arms and looked at Riddhima who was already awake and she let out a yawn. The plane landed in the Istanbul Ataturk airport and soon, every passenger unboarded from the plane. The whole shooting unit then went to

Chapter 18 : I'll Love You Longer Than Forever - AR FF

They reached back around midnight.
Yuvi helped Naina get the bags inside as Armaan tried to wake Riddhima.
"Jaan, hum pohonch gaye," he whispered lowly in her ear.
When she didn't respond, Armaan shook her lightly, repeating his words.
She came to in sometime. "Rahul! I'm sorry!" were the first words that left her mouth as she woke up.
Armaan smiled sadly on hearing that. He pulled her into his arms and soothed her.

Friday, 29 September 2017

AR One - Shot Betrayed by Trust

Saanse kho gayee hai kiski aahonmein main kho kho gayee hoon jaane kiski baahon mein……………..

(Playing in the background)

She slid down the rough brick wall, that scraped her visible back from the halter. Her ripped knee lenght skirt was now rising a little above her knees. Her tears reached down to her neck. Her sobs got louder when she realized what had just happened her eyes naturally got smaller and she stretched her memory back, winding it for 30 minutes before the present.

~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~• FLASHBACK •~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~

Intro & part 1 : The Second (AR ff)

Story line

Ridhima is starting her senior year of high school. After three years, things are finally going to her plan, she is ready to finish her last year of high school with a big bang, that is until twenty one year old Armaan Malik, after three years comes back to town with a fat diamond ring in his pocket and determined to make eighteen year old Ridhima his wife

The Second

            Armaan looked at his calendar. He had only three months felt and he still hadn't called her. Never in his life did he think his life would be what it was today. Money, fame, rich, everything a person could ask for at a young age of twenty-one. He had everything yet he wanted none of it.         
            Three years ago he had a rusty old car and used to drive it to high school. And now he was the twentieth richest man alive and the absolute richest of his age. Money was not an object, the only

Part-21 : The Painful Side Of Love

Armaan was surprised after seeing the anger in Camerone's eyes. He was well aware of the fact that Cam was in love with Riddhima but It was today that he finally realized how intense the love was''''maybe way more than he loved Riddhima. Armaan was really confused now and scared of loosing his love all over again.

PART 27:Ehsaas


"Riddhima….main tumhey kahin le jaana chahta hoon….chalo let's go," Armaan ordered

"Kahan jaa rahe hain hum?" she asked

"Tumhey yaad hai meri friend Muskaan? Uske paas ja rahe hain."

Thursday, 28 September 2017

Part 12: Ek Villain

Previously: A man was tying her hands with a rope while she was lying on the ground. The man stared at her face and gently trailed his hands on her cheeks as a smirk formed on his lips.


Riddhima's eyes slowly opened, she blinked a few times as she saw blurred images. She was hit on the head with a sharp object in Jai's washroom, and that's how there was blood spill over there. The man kept on looking at her and Riddhima looked outraged when she saw who was looking at her. Her head injury was really hurting her and on top of that the cold currents only sent made her shiver and she could not move as well, since she was tied up.

Part 7: Mere Paas Raho

Riddhima was standing alone in the cold and thought about the happening. About the kiss, about Armaan’s confession. So, he was the guy, whom she met 2 years ago. Who stood by her side and wiped her tears. A smile appeared on her lips. She was very happy that Armaan is the very same person. And she still feels attracted to him. But then she thought about Armaan’s reaction after the kiss. How he left from there and slammed the door. Did he regret it? Didn’t he like it? Did she do

part 17 : ArSh FF ~ SIRF TUM ~ (SEASON 2),



Next Day

"To ab kya karenge hum..." Kabir asked worriedly while crossing his arms standing against the railing"Armaan... Main tujhse bol raha hun..." he shouted making him to stop in his tracks They both were in Sanjeevani's terrace thinking about Kiya's matter

"Do minute sochne dega mujhe..." he replied annoyingly

Wednesday, 27 September 2017

part 18 (last part) : KhamOshiyaan

Armaan: NO............
(Armaan Apni Gari Ky Mirror Ko Itni Zorr Se Punch Marta Hai Ky Sheesha Toot Jata Hai...
Uska Haath BurI Tarah Bleed Karne aG jata Hai...

PART 26:Ehsaas


Armaan got up early and was ready before Riddhima was out of bed.

"Aaj itni jaldi kaise jaa rahe ho? Mere goodmorning kiss ka bhi wait nahi kiya?" Riddhima stretched herself as she got out of bed

Chapter 17 : I'll Love You Longer Than Forever - AR FF

"Di..." she stared, her voice quivering badly.
"Ridzy?" Anjali asked, worried about the sudden change in her voice.
"Aap, aap, aapne Rahul ko file, file nikal kar di thi na?" she asked.
"Nahi, maine usse bata diya tha ki kahaan rakhi hain. Actually itne saare reports the aur mujhe pata nahi tha ki usse exactly kaunsa waala chahiye tha, toh maine socha ki main usse drawer hi dikha du. Kyu? Kya hua?" Anjali asked.

Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Part 11: Ek Villain


Previously: Jai sent his security guards all round the house but she could not be found.
"I'm really sorry, we could not find her anywhere," one guard announced.

It is often said that "Silence speaks when words can't", the quote proved to be true in Armaan's case. After the news about Riddhima's disappearance broke, he was shattered. The only motion that happened from his side was pulling a bar stool and positioning himself in the quickest sitting position. His ability of thinking stopped and it seemed that his mind was fogged with thoughts and memories.

Part 6: Mere Paas Raho

Riddhima was still standing in the kitchen and thought about the happenings. Everything was going too fast and she must control it. She can’t fall weak. She won´t let her heart break once again. She knows that Armaan is dangerous for her. The way he is affecting her. The way he is getting in her mind, in her soul. This has to stop. But how? Now above all, he is also her bodyguard!!

Monday, 25 September 2017

Part 84 : From The Time I Saw You - An AR FF -


Armaan was working late as the following day he wouldn't be able to come due to the hearing of Raina case... Riddhima has left with Billy and here Armaan was just thinking what would happen in the court... In last three days, Armaan felt that someone was following him or maybe Riddhima... Armaan knows if truly someone was following or keeping an eye on them, it would be Raina's man...

PART 25 : Ehsaas

 Armaan and Riddhima started off from Padma's house around 3-3.30 in the morning.

"Armaan chalne se pehle, please mamaji se ek baar mil lein?"

"Itni raat ko?" Armaan asked.

part 16 : ArSh FF ~ SIRF TUM ~ (SEASON 2),


Two weeks later..

"Samajh mein nai aata ki main kya karun... Kaise handle karun ye sab akele..." Shilpa spoke worriedly looking down at Aditi who is sleeping peacefully after her mental trauma "Armaan b busy hai... Dev to pagal ho gaya hai" she cursed sitting beside her on bed "I hope in dono k jhagde mein... Anant ko vo face na karna pade... Jo maine kiya" she caressed Anant's hairs lovingly who snuggled closer to her

Part-20 :The Painful Side Of Love

Riddhima was almost there when she felt somebody was following her but she mentally told herself to stop being paranoid and that she'll be fine. She reached the deserted road and saw Vivek standing there. She stepped out of her car and went and stood in front of him and was about to speak something when a car stopped behind hers and turning around she was shocked to see Armaan standing there.

Sunday, 24 September 2017

part 17 : KhamOshiyaan

DHruv: Bh....
Dia: Armaan Bhai.....
(Dono Ky Lafz Waheen Reh Jaate hain...Jab Armaan GUN Dhruv Ki Taraf Point karta Hai)

part 2 : All for your love (AR ff)

“dr. arman,is seminar me interns ko jane ki koi jarurat nahi hai.”dr. shshank’s deep voice echoed in the room.

arman ,who was standing in front of dr. shshank ,while bending head,looked once at him and uttered slowly : “I know sir,actually mai chala jaunga to wo akeli ghar me,means maine kabhi sapna ko akela choda nahi hai,isliye sath lena chahta tha and you know sir, humare parents wahin rahte hain,delhi me.”saying he bent head again.

Part 9 & 10 :Ek Villain

Part 9:

Previously: "Well, actually, about you and Armaan..." Riddhima started off.


Riddhima paused when she saw Abhay sighing. She was perplexed as she did not know whether Abhay would take her query in a wrong way, would he avoid them or would he answer all her answered questions?