Saturday, 14 October 2017

PART 35:Ehsaas

The alarm buzzer kept going off  in the morning. Neither Armaan nor Riddhima were in a mood to get out of bed. After pressing the snooze button for the umpteenth time, Riddhima finally whispered, "aaj kaam par nahin jaana Armaan?"

"Mmmm…..nahin aaj ghar par hi kaam karne ka mann hai!" he groaned and pulled Riddhima on top of him; he looked into her eyes and said, "I am going to call in sick today….all surgeries cancelled…aaj poora din sirf tumhare saath hi rahoonga."

Part 13: Mere Paas raho

Armaan just came out of the airport. And the view he saw in front of him, just destroyed everything in him. He saw non other than Riddhima, standing in the arms of Omkara Singh Oberoi. His lips on her forehead. And above all she was smiling. It felt like his heart was ripped into thousand pieces. It felt like his feets were rooted on the floor. He couldn’t looke away. Finally Omkara and Riddhima turned around and saw Armaan.

last part : Truly Madly Deeply

RM returned to the hospital and Armaan find pictures of Riddhima and Sid


It has been a week since Rahul and Muskaan had returned and they have got to know all the things happened after them and even Armaan and Riddhima's life somewhere they were shocked and somewhere they felt bad seeing their both friends in pain they didn't know who to blame but they couldn't be angry with Riddhima as they know now that Riddhima is trying to win Armaan back without saying sorry because she want to win his love by loving him not by sympathy, So everybody is supporting her except some people which came hard shock for Riddhima

Friday, 13 October 2017



ri - arey aap samajh kyun nahi rahe
I am sorry na
aagey se nahi karungi kuch bhi
please na mujje maaf kardijiye

she turned around n saw herself in the mirror n hits her head n said angrily

ri - agar aise maafi mangungi toh armaan toh bore hi hojayenge

PART 34: Ehsaas

Riddhima was extremely distraught when she got home. She ran to her bedroom and sobbed on her pillow for hours. She finally got up and wiped her swollen, red eyes. She washed her face, took a few deep breaths, and composed herself. She had half a mind to take the first train back to Ramgarh, but she was not escapist. She knew, if she went back, it would end up hurting a lot of people, including herself. She remembered Padma's advise, "beti yaad rakhna, ghar-grehsti mein utaar chadaav tho hote rehte hain, par us se darr ke kabhie bhaagna mat, unka saamna karna, aur yaad rakhna ki shaadi ke baad pati ka ghar hi sab kuch hai tere liye…."

part 22 : ArSh FF ~ SIRF TUM ~ (SEASON 2),


"Mom.. Main hun naa.. Main sambhalunga..." he spoke coolly making everyone giggle "What...?? Sachme yaar main sambhal lunga..." he spoke annoyingly

"Tumhaare hawale ghar chod kar main nai jaa sakti... Tum to apne Hospital k cases mein busy rahoge... Ghar ko to pura bhul jaaoge... To no chance main ghar tumhaare hawale chod kar jaaun.. " she spoke normally making him shook his head

part -26 :The Painful Side Of Love

2 days later
"Its time to celebrate." Armaan and Cam hi-fived each other.
"We got all three of them."Cam said in a cheerful voice. They were standing outside the court where one of the guys was given the verdict of life-imprisonment and one of the guy's company was destroyed by Cam's company while the last one was also imprisoned for various charges.

Thursday, 12 October 2017

part 5 : The second

            "No way!" Ridhima yelled at Armaan outside his bedroom door. They had been screaming at each other for five minutes on their wedding day.
            "There's no way I'm going to be living in the same room with you!" Ridhima screamed at Armaan, she was being stubborn about it. She just could not live in the same room with Armaan without being fearful that he would either kill her or she would kill him.

AR os : The Ideal Guy

They both were sitting on the roof top sharing a packet of chips. It was just another Sunday afternoon!

She did'nt want to get caught by her parents who were against junk food, a bit weight conscious actually.

" Armaan main bore ho rahi hai..kuch karte hai..", she said.

" hmm main tumse kuch poochu?", he asked.

" haan..formality ki kya zaroorat hai", she said curious.

" kyonki baat hi aisi hai", he said making her get even more curious.

" Ab batao bhi!" , she screamed.

Chapter 21 : I'll Love You Longer Than Forever - AR FF

The next morning, Riddhima woke up surrounded by warmth.
Armaan's arms were wrapped snuggly around her, his face buried in her neck and their legs tangled together. Her own arms were around his waist and her head was resting on his chest, listening to the steady beating of his heart.
She smiled and snuggled closer. The movement caused Armaan to stir, his arms tightening around her as if he was afraid that she would go away.
Riddhima shook her head at that thought. As she was capable of staying away from him, she snorted at the thought.

Part 12 :Truly Madly Deeply

All looked at Atul as if he was gone mad
Yuvi ' kya matlab hai ki thi
Atul - simple kyuki yeh Riddhima shashank gupta hai urff Basket
Naina- Basket
Atul ' aur kya yeh wahi Riddhima hai jo hamari intership ke waqat hoya karti thi
Jp ' par mujhe kuch samaj nahi ayya ki app kya khena chate hai

Wednesday, 11 October 2017


After coming from the early morning jog ridhima n bua were heading towards the house but a small Lil boy. of 7 yrs old stopped ridhima

boy - hi ridhima didi

ridhima n bua looked at the boy n ridhima smiled widely n said

ri - hi bunty

An AR OS (Continue...): Our Little Paradise 3


'Di, say cheese...' A handsome guy who was 27 years said as he hold a camera focusing it to the girl who was putting mehendi on her both hands as her legs were already cover with beautiful bridal mehendi... Girls were sitting around her as two were putting mehendi on her hand while others putting mehendi on their hands too...

The house was packed with ladies and girls, very few guys were around as the place was decorated for the mehendi function as marriage functions were being held... Girls were wearing different color of cloths for the function with less jewelry as every single person was trying to get a second to filled their hands with mehendi...

As the guy was covering the function, he stop his camera on the bride... It been a while that he hasn't tease her so he went forward to capture some moment of the bride... While she was busy watching the girls put mehendi on her both hands, the guy ask her to pose for the camera...
'Rian, are you sure you are here to take my picture of your fiance picture...???' Girl ask as she very well know why he kept coming towards them every than and now...
'Common Di, its your day... Why would I take her picture when I had a dozen of them save in my heart...' Rian said winking at the girl who was sitting next to the bride as her hands were already cover with mehendi...

Part 12: Mere Paas raho

In Sydney
Riddhima was sitting in her room and getting ready for her engagement. She did not know if she was ready for this or not. Taj Dadaji wanted to make it as private as possible. He did not want the world to know anything about this. So Omkara and Riddhima agreed to this idea. Riddhima could never pay them off. They have helped her so much in the past 6 years. Now Riddhima is the secretary of Omkara and she handles the business with him. The Oberoi business was worldwide famous, and everyone wanted to get in contract with them.

PART 33:Ehsaas

Over the next few days, Riddhima gave a lot of thought to Abhimanyu's proposal. She even spoke to Muskaan, Keerti and Padma about her dilemma.

They were all her well wishers, and also aware how busy Armaan was. Muskaan even suggested that she work with her at her clinic.

Tuesday, 10 October 2017

An AR OS (Continue...) : Our Little Paradise 3

Armaan and Riddhima was surprise with this, they look towards their parents as they smile seeing their shocked expression... Nandini nodded her head asking them to go ahead, while Padma also care Riddhima hair as if asking they should do it for their kids happiness...

Armaan and Riddhima look at each other, they were having happy tears in their eyes as they got a chance to get married for the second time that too present of their kids who will be a part of this marriage... When neither of them move, Riddhan came up on the stage as he knows his mother wouldn't deny anything he request her to do for them...

Others smile knowing what Riddhan was going to do, they let him make Armaan and Riddhima agree as they just stood thinking if they should do it or not.. It's not that they are going to separate but they were going to make their relation stronger by taking those vows once again with each other...
'Daddy, Mamma... Chalo na, mujhe bhi aap dono ke shaadi hote huve dekhna hai...' Riddhan said holding their hands...
'Itna kiya soch rahe ho...' Nandini asked...
'Mom, suddenly yeh sab...' Armaan asked...
'Yeh toh bacchon ne kabse plan kar raha hai, aur mujhe toh ismein koi galati nazar nehi aaya..' Nandini said...
'Lekin mom..' Riddhima was cut by Riddhan...

PART 11 : Truly Madly Deeply

Morning at Gupta house only Riddhima was home as other were out of the town Dr Shashank still hasn't come back and Padma and nani was at lonawalla for the check up
Riddhima was sleeping when she felt the raise from the sun were disturbing her and she got up and looked around and saw Armaan's photo on her side table of the bed she remembered she took all the photos out from her closet yesterday before she went to sleep she picked up the photo and caress it with all the love

part 21 : ArSh FF ~ SIRF TUM ~ (SEASON 2),




part 25 : The Painful Side Of Love

"Relax Cam everything will be fine and we can't back out now. We have to do this for Riddhima." Armaan said in a heavy tone. Cam simply nodded and they both sat in the car and left for the international airport. They boarded the flight to USA……….both nervous and tensed about the mission they were on.

Monday, 9 October 2017


Every person present in the mallik mansion is impatient n confused at the same time ...
All the maids looks at eachother n they slowly peep inside the kitchen

but next moment door got shut right on their face n they all.sighed n started pacing from here n there

another maid tried to peep through the window but all is in vain
the window was already closed...

the head maid Maria couldn't control anymore so she decided to talk...

she knock on the door

Our Little Paradise 3: An AR OS

20 years old boy was working on his laptop sitting near the studies table which was kept in one corner of the room... Not only one but, everything was double in the room from bed to studies tables... Bean bags and shelves which has books and trophies... One wall was decorated with photo frames of the family, room was a mess at this hour of the day as it was going to be dinner time soon...

While the boy was busy with his laptop, suddenly the door jerk open making him startled and close the screen as he turn around on his chair to look who has bang in without his permission... To see another boy of same age, who has a dimple on his cheeks closing the door behind him as he kick off his sneakers and jump on one of the bed as he smirk looking at the boy who was sitting near the studies table...

Seeing it was only him, he just roll his eyes and went back to his work as he open his laptop and continue with his work... The boy frown seeing how he was ignoring him as if he didn't exists, he move to check what the boy was doing as he peeped above his head to see the screen...
'Done...???' The boy with dimple asked the other one...
'Don't disturb bhai, help toh kar nehi sakte aap... Kyun pareshan karne aajaate ho, kitni baar kaha hai jab tayyar hojaenge toh sabko ek saath dikha dunga...' Boy said getting irritate as it wasn't the first time he was asking if he has finished the work...

part 79 : Life Style

Next Day
(armaan office ke liye tayar horaha hota hai ke riddhima room mein aati hai aur bilkul khamosh chup chaap beth jaati hai)
(armaan uske paas akar bethta hai aur usko back se hug karta hai)
armaan: kya hua..

Chapter 20 : I'll Love You Longer Than Forever - AR FF

Riddhima was disoriented when she woke up. What had happened? Why was she in the hospital?
She remembered her argument with Rahul. And she remembered his harsh words. She had then run, not knowing what else to do. There was a car and she didn't remember what happened next.
Had she been in an accident? That seemed to be the only logical explanation.
She was just contemplating what to do next, when the door to her room opened. She looked up and saw Armaan standing there.

PART 32:Ehsaas


Armaan got back around 3 in the morning after attending to various 'emergencies' at the center. He was surprised that none of the cases he was asked to see that night were not true 'emergencies.' They could have easily been attended to the next morning.

"Pata nahin Dr Modi ko itni urgency kyat hi aaj raat?" He thought as he walked back home, "well, who am I to question him? I have to do my duty."

Sunday, 8 October 2017


RECAP - in last part we saw a new entry inshort aafat ki pudiya bua ji entered in Gupta mansion
Ridhima n bua ji 's cute nok jhok n inbetween some AR moments...
ridhima wants to say something to armaan but someone interrupts them

ab aagey

anjali - guys jaldi neechey aao bua ji is waiting for u both

armaan n ridhima looked at eachother n armaan said

ar - umm anjali tum jao hum loag abhi aaye

part 4 : All for your love (AR ff)

all turned to arman and uttered surprisingly : “hein!!
anjali asked : “tu isey kab se janta hai?
rahul complained : “aur humey bataya bhi nahi?”
muskan smacked arman and pouted making antics : “mere sahjahan!mere huzur! mere aaka!! aapne dusri begam kar li aur mumtaz ko pata bhi nahi?”

AR os : ~*~*~*~MY UNIQUE LOVE STORY~*~*~*~

It was a very beautyful night where there was full moon, stares in the sky n there was this young beautyfull girl in her early 20's was sitting by the window n trying to rememeber her past yes she has lost her partial memory she remember who she is, she remeber her family n frends but she cant remember her superman. she was trying very hard to remembr it but she just cudnot do it. her family members were keep on telling her about him but she just dont recognize him. but she was only 8 year old girl wehn this happend. she was going with her mother to shope for her supperman but in between her car meet with an accedent where she lost her partial memory n her mother. when she came back from hospital she saw a lots of picters of her with a lil boy whome she did not recognise. they told her that he promished her to marry her n take her away to her happyness. but she cant remember him. they said he was her supperman n that what she called him. they said his name is ARMAAN MALIK but she cant remeber him. she did not know if it was gud or bed that he was not here he was in USA. they said he went there coz he had to coz his grand father was dieing. but they also said that now he had to stay there coz his grandfather left his father inchar of their company. its been well over 15 year of her accedent but she still dont remeber him n he was coming tomarow to mmet her. her thought was broken by her father's call
"RIDHIMA  where r u??" came the voice from an old man

PART 10 : Truly Madly Deeply

Nikki and Abhi's entry in sanjeevani and Armaan cries his heart put and Sid is afraid that truth might come out and Riddhima can't wait when she sees Armaan's Plan fail. And Armaan getting little better


All were heading to the conference room and Atul enter and Nikki entered and As Armaan was about to enter but he crashed into: Riddhima who was coming from other side and as Armaan was about to hold her from falling but before Armaan could do that Nikki who had witnessed the scene pulled