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ARSH os : Te Amo



The little things you do for me and nobody else make me feel good!

She smiled reading the text Armaan had sent. He was such a darling! She liked him, a lot. Ah actually, like is a huge understatement. She loved him! She was willing to go to any lengths just to be with him, but only if he understood?

Armaan Mallik was every girl's dream. Hot? Check. Dazzling smile? Check. Ability to make anyone go weak in the knees? Check! Great personality? Check. But above all, he was her best friend, her confidant, and the only person she trusted.

Part 80 : Dard ka Rishta

5 years khushi was of 8 years and ansh was around 5 years.anjali-atul had a son of 3 years ,named Ansul and nikki –abhi had a girl named Niya ,around 4 years and they were planning for another child where rahul-muski had twins,2 baby boys of age 2 years named Maan and Shan .in anjali’s home,atul took care of baby and their boy is very shy and mature like atul. nikki and abhi both took care of their girl,niya who was the best friend of khushi. Maan and Shan were too much naughty and muski gave rahul the responsibility to handle them.sometimes rahul use to say angrily : “tujhe toh bachche ka bada shouk tha,ab kya hua?ghar me cooking mai karun,bachchon ki dekhbhal karun aur hospital ka job bhi..mai insaan hun ya gadha?”

part 9 : The Second

            "Oh my god you're sleeping with her!" Armaan opened his eyes to see the unthinkable sight. His girlfriend Lizzy in his room! He saw Ridhims starting to wake up also.
            "Wait, it's not what you think!" Armaan said trying to explain. It was a good think Lizzy did not find him naked with Ridhima in bed.
            "So the rumors are true, you are a two timing jerk!" Lizzy slapped Armaan across the face "We've been going out for a year and a half and never once did you invite be to bed and here the maids say she's living her with you!" Lizzy was about to slap Armaan again but he ducked his head before she could.

PART 38: Ehsaas


Over the next few months, Armaan and Riddhima became busier with their professional lives.

They now belonged to the selected group of couples called 'DINKS- Double Income No Kids'category. They purchased another car, had a full time maid and cook. They often talked to each other through 'post it' notes on the refrigerator. They spent very few hours together, but their passion and love for each other was still intact. They still managed to go out for romantic dinners, go for long drives, and have a passionate time in bed with each other.

Friday, 20 October 2017

Part 8 : The Second

            Armaan was scared; more than scared he was terrified. He was just going to spend the night in his car but stupid Falak said it would be a great time to patch things up. What did she know about relationships any way? Armaan walked through the dark house as quietly as he could.
            Falak was to be spending the night with a friend and all the butlers' and maids usually left the house by ten. It was nearly eleven. If Ridhima tired killing him, who would come to save him?
            As he tipped toed through the dark of the living room towards one of the empty rooms, the lights came on. Armaan closed his eyes took a deep breath and opened his eyes again.
            "Ridhima, look it's not what you think" Armaan tried to explain but she was glaring at him. She was glaring at him to kill him.

part 81 : Life style

(kuch din yuhi guzar jaate hai riddhima apni studies mein itni busy hogayi hoti hai ke uske paas armaan ko dene ke liye bilkul time nahi hota hai jab woh ghar aata hai toh uske aane se pahele hi woh sochuki hoti hai subha uthta hai toh preparations karahi hoti hai jaane ki aur duphair ko akar sojati hai aur baaki time pe kuch bachon ko tution derahi hoti hai khud bhi parhti hai aur bachon ko bhi parhati hai armaan ko yeh baat nagawar guzar rahi hoti hai han ussi ne riddhima ko apni studies complete karne ke liye khud se insist kiya tha par usse nahi laga tha ke riddhima itni busy hojaegi ke armaan ko dene ko uske paas time hi nahi hoga)

part 16 : Mere Paas Raho

Omkara looked over at Riddhima’s shocked face and looked back then at Armaan.

O: Hone wali Biwi? Yeh sab kaise hua?

All the time Riddhima didn’t say anything, she was just looking at Armaan, her eyes filled with tears. Even Armaan did not answer his question. He just went back to his room. Omkara moved to Riddhima and put his hand on her shoulder. She looked up to him and wipped her tears.

Thursday, 19 October 2017

PART 37:Ehsaas

The next day, Armaan and Riddhima left for their respective jobs, maintaining the cold silence between them

Armaan, as usual had a horrible day at work. He was cranky, screamed at the nurses, the OT staff, his assistant-no one was spared!

part 24 : ArSh FF ~ SIRF TUM ~ (SEASON 2),


"Ye to vohi Club hai... Jahan inka Break up huaa tha..." Shilpa thought as she closely observed the dance floor that same Club when he knowingly hurted her which resulted their confession an unknown smile reached her lips remembering that day she was walking slowly slowly cherishing

part 28 : The Painful Side Of Love

Armaan was shocked out of his wits and so was Riddhima while Cam and Atul stood there totally confused………….they knew that something was wrong from the expression Armaan and Riddhima had but what the matter was they had no idea…….
Finally Atul asked them "What is it Armaan?"

Wednesday, 18 October 2017

AR os : ~~My Savior~~

I am Armaan Malik. I never knew who my father was till its was too late. I mate my wife maya during university. We dated till we were in university then i got a very nice job in New York city. I have done my MBA from the local university. after few months of our marrige maya told me that she is pragnenet it was not the gr8 time but it is our child and i will do anything to provid for them. thuse came Rayan in our lifes. the day after his 4th birthday i got fierd from my job saying that i am very irregular at my work. this not true it was just that they did not wanted to layme of  so they dont have ot pay for any compansation. Maya friked out. she started to fight with me. everynight she would tell me that its not working and all then after few months she came to me and told me that we are done armaan i am leaving and i m taking rayan with me. that was like a death sentence for me. I try ot explain it to him but it did not work and she left but i did not leate her take rayan with her.

part 7 : The Second

            Armaan returned home at midnight. Never in his life had he been so tired. At the moment he did not care if Ridhima would he in his room sleeping or not, he just wanted to get some sleep. He had only four hours till he had to wake up again for work.
            As he walked up the stairs he took his suite off along with his tie. He opened his bedroom door to see Ridhima already asleep. She was sleeping at the very edge of the bed and dressed. She must have dozed off without realizing it.

Chapter 23 : I'll Love You Longer Than Forever - AR FF

"Muski..." Armaan whispered, unable to determine what to do next.
Muskaan turned at the sound of his voice. She looked as if she couldn't believe that it was in fact, Armaan standing in front of her. Anjy had told her about his return, but she still couldn't believe it.
"Hi," he whispered finally, after many moments of silence.
Muskaan's only answer was a curt nod.
"Kaisi hai?" He asked her softly.

part 15 : Mere Paas Raho

All three of them were standing in the hall. Riddhima hugging Omkara and Armaan looking at both of them with hurt in his eyes. Omkara obviously hugged her back and kissed her back.

R: Mujhe phir kabhi chod ke mat jana Omkara.
O: me ab kahi nahi jaunga, me wapis aa gaya hu Riddhima.

Tuesday, 17 October 2017


bunty - ridhima Di
ridhima Di

ridhima came hearing bunty voice to the balcony n asked

ri - Kya hua bunty aise kyun chilla rahe Ho

bunty - ridhima Di jaldi neechey aao na please emergency hai

ri - emergency??

part 80 : Life Style

some days passed
(kuch din yuhi guzar jaate hai aj kal armaan riddhima ko zyada waqt nahi deparaha hota hai kabhi kabhi aisa bhi hota hai ke 2 2 din tak armaan kaam ki waja se ghar nahi aata aur uski riddhima se baat tak nahi hoti)

PART 36:Ehsaas

Next morning, Riddhima was ready and raring to go back to the music studio.

"Subah subah kahan jaa rahi ho?" Armaan asked as he put on his shoes to go to work

"Mandir jaa rahi hoon…aaj se main kaam shuru kar rahi hoon na….maa Saraswati ka aashirwaad lene jaa rahi hoon," Riddhima picked her bag and keys.

Monday, 16 October 2017

part 5 : All for your love

thanks a lot to my friends who liked and commented on last part..hope you will like this part too...

when arman finished his presentation,the hall echoed with clapping sound. arman smiled and looked at the side where his ‘dream girl’ was sitting ,but she was not there. arman sighed thinking that...”sapna jaisi hi bachchi hai,usey abhi yeh sab achcha nahi lagta.”

Part 14: Mere Paas raho

Riddhima couldn’t believe what just happened. Armaan kissed her, and above all, she enjoyed it. She did not regret their intimate moment. She even kissed him back. Why was he doing this. Why is he back to destroy her life. Why is her past in front of her when she was ready to forget it and take a new step in her life.

part 23 : ArSh FF ~ SIRF TUM ~ (SEASON 2),


"Ye kiska number hai...?" she frowned seeing the unknown number "Hello...!" as she received the call Armaan's anger increased "Hello... Koi kuch bolega" she asked confusedly making him to calm down

"Jii.. Hello.. Kya ye Chandigarh ka number hai??" Armaan asked calmly staring at her whose eyes became big hearing his voice

"Ye to Armaan ki voice hai..." she mumbled scarily looking at the phone and she started looking here and there searching Armaan who was watching her face from corner side calmly "Ji.. Kisse baat karni hai aapko" she asked slowly but fear which made Armaan to stare her

part 27 : The Painful Side Of Love

She glared at Armaan and Cam and walked towards them and just like a school headmistress held their ear making them yell in pain and then she spoke in a haughty voice "What the hell were you two thinking? You both didn't even bother to speak to me about this. Do you even realize how dangerous it could have proved?" Riddhima looked at them as if she would kill them any moment but suddenly let go of their ears and turning her back towards them spoke in a low voice "I have suffered enough in this city and now I don't want anyone of you getting into any kind of trouble because of me."

Sunday, 15 October 2017

part 6 : The Second

            "Come on Ridhima, he is not that bad of a guy" Falak said. After Armaan had felt, Ridhima had gone back to sleep for a few hours and was now having breakfast with Falak. Ridhima was not used to waking up so early in the morning; she was the girl that woke up around 12 on the weekends and six the earliest on weekdays if and only if she had school.
            "Not that bad of a guy! He tied me up to his bed!" Ridhima said she was holding her hands in fists trying hard to control her anger.

One shot : Made for you

She woke up with a twinkle in her eye. She was tired, definately but a good night's sleep did wonders to her! Since it was a Sunday she need'nt get up this early but she was an early riser  Wink. So she got up n checked her cell for the time but she found a SMS. She clicked on the 'Open' button to display it.

"I love u! Meet my at 8 at The Empire"

'Wow' she thought, who could be sending this to her. She thought of ingoring it because maybe it had to go to someone else n it came to her. But she did a feel a bit happy on the inside what if it was for her. Embarrassed

She thought that maybe she will go as anway its a Sunday n did'nt have much to do.

She waited desperately for the evening. but she herself did'nt know why she was getting this separate! She picked up the most beautiful dress she could find in her wardrobe. She knew that whatever she wears it cant impress Ouch but still since she had got that SMS she had decided she will try to her look her best.

Chapter 22 : I'll Love You Longer Than Forever - AR FF

It turned out that Rahul was very much awake and really worried about Riddhima. So, when Armaan went to see him, asking if she could come meet hom, he just about jumped from the bed in excitement.
There had been words between the two of them last night and he was very ashamed of what he had said to her. Just because she had lied to him about one thing did not mean that their entire friendship was based on a lie.

EPILOGUE: Truly Madly Deeply

After they were done packing all were relaxing in the living room. Armaan held Riddhima's hand and asked her to come with him.
"We'll be back soon" said Armaan while pulling the blushing Riddhima toward his bedroom with him...where as the Nikki stood up and asked them to come with her.