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It is early in the morning. All the dates of Armaan and Riddhima's engagement and wedding are fixed the day before. Therefore everyone is busy with the arrangements. There is only 3 days to go for the engagement. Anjali came to Gupta's house from their house (Atul's house). In order to help in the arrangements, she stays there. The house is very busy. There is a lot of work going on in the Gupta's house as the engagement will take place there. There were many close relatives of the Gupta's, who came to help in the wedding arrangements.

part 84 : Life Style

2 days later
(riddhima tv launch mein nani ko godh mein sar rakhar leiti hoti hai ke ek dum se armaan bohat gusse mein aata hai aur seedha upar chala jaata hai aur uske peeche rahul bhi aata hai)
rahul: armaan.. Armaan yar sun toh...

Part 27 : ArSh FF ~ SIRF TUM ~ (SEASON 2)


"Thank u..." he smiled parting from the hug

"Aree abhi kaha... Abhi to Bhabhijaan ko wish karna hai" looking at Shilpa, Ayaan spoke teasingly to which she just pass a smile at him "Aree ye to kamaal ho gaya... Aaj aap cheekhi nai mujhpe... Bhabhijaan bulaane k liye... Lagta hai... Aapka mood kaafi acha hai aaj" he teased to which she passed a small smile to him where as Armaan looked at her quietly while standing beside her but a little behind her "Par jo b ho... Mrs Jahapanaah ye tohfa... Qubool kijiye" bending like a gentlemen he forwarded a gift infront of her who smiled lightly while Armaan stared her face

"Thank u..." she thanked as she took the gift from Ayaan

"Kholiye na Bhabhijaan..." Ayaan insisted

"Nai Ayaan abhi mood nai hai" She said slowly looking at him who frowned where as Armaan thought She is still upset coz of their closeness so he thought to stop Ayaan

part 31 :The Painful Side Of Love

Armaan took Riddhima to a mall where they shopped for a while or to be precise where Riddhima shopped while Armaan was having a hard time keeping a check on his desires and anger…………desire that erupted in him every time he looked at Riddhima's gorgeous face and anger when he realized that he was not the only one checking her out in fact half the men in the mall were drooling over her………

Friday, 27 October 2017

part 6 : All for your love

7 months passed. during those days arman and his friends were very busy for their P.G. final year exam. They got 4 months study leave and arman concentrated himself fully in study. Sometimes when their friends came to his home to group study,muskan tried to drag ridhzi’s matter but arman use to stare her angrily so she left this matter. Arman’s parents came there for short time as they were also very busy in their work. Sapna completed her internship and joined sanjivani as junior doctor and other side,she was preparing for P.G. entrance exam too. arman and his friends also continuing their junior doctor and waiting for their result.

part 1 : #Unwanted_Marraige ๐Ÿ’”

Note- Yeh puri story london ya new york mae hi revolve kara gi.... So apko sayaad India ka koi scene nhi milla ga!!

Part 1
Setting- London

Shanvi  window ka bahar chand ko dekh rahi hoti hai..... Uska lap pae ek thriller story book rakhi thi jo ki vo library se lai thi

Library hi uska lia ek jagh thi jaha vo apni bhen aur maa ka gussa se dur reh sakti thi.... Class 4 ka baad shanvi ka  Papa na usse ka lia home tutor laga dia tha..... Kyuki school mae uska sath bullying ki gai thi

Shanvi bhala hi 16years ki grown up teen thi par vo duniya dari se bhut hi anjan thi.... London jaise bada city mae reh kar bhi usne aaj tak duniya ka baare mae kuch nhi pata tha....... Lust, Romance, Love Making, jealously, hater etc yeh sab emotions se vo anjan thi.... Baggy clothes phenti aur apni sundarta ko chupa lati

one shot : Love You Forever

Ridhima listen..Ridhima... He pulled her back in the fire escape and pinned her against the wall.
Armaan..what are you doing?
"What I am doing? What are you doing Ridhima why are you ignoring me?" he questioned her saw her looking down the floor "Ridhima" he called her name softly but when she didn't look up he used his fingers and put it under her delicate chin and lifted her face up. She stared in his blue dreamy eyes and got lost in them. After a while she came back to reality and looked away. She reminded herself "no this is not right" she moved her green eyes away from his blues. "Armaan..please..let me go" She whispered.

part 11 : The Second

            "Well Ridhima, looks like you managed to make every head line in the German papers today" Falak said as she took as seat beside Ridhima at the breakfast table. Like every morning Falak and Ridhima would have lunch at eight in the morning while Armaan would be long gone to work.
            Ridhima took the news paper in her hand the title read. 'Die neue Frau von Armaan' or 'Armaan Malik's new woman.'

part 20 (last part) : Mere Paas Raho

Finally Armaan and Riddhima were back. Armaan did not inform anyone of their return, he wanted to surprise everyone. All the while Riddima was super duper nervous. Armaan held her very tightly and close to himself.

R: Armaan, agar Rahul bhai ne mujhe maaf nahi kiya to?
A: Wo tumhara bhai hai Riddhima, wo tumhe zaroor maaf kar dega. He loves you a lot.
R: pata nahi Armaan, lekin mujhe unko face karne ki himmat nahi ho rahi.

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part 83 : Life Style

Next Day
(armaan kamre mein aata hai toh riddhima neche zameen pe bed ki side par rote rote sou chuki hoti hai)
(armaan yeh nazar andaaz kardeta hai aur tayar hojata hai aur neeche chala aata hai)
armaan: nani main jaraha hun..

part 19 : Mere Paas Raho

Omkara entered the room and saw Gauri sitting on his bed. He did not know how to react, the least what to say. He wasn’t expecting that at all. He was all set to marry Riddhima, but Allah had his own plan. The only thing which was left for him was to accept Gauri in his life. He wasn’t sure if he would ever accept her as his wife or give her the place of Riddhima which he has in his heart, but he will surely accept her as his friend. He moved forward and sat on the bed, infront of Gauri. He put up her veil and made her look into his face.

Wednesday, 25 October 2017

AR OS : Why?

" Armaan, do you think it's the right decision?" Rahul asked him out of the operation theatre.

" Yes Rahul I know how much this baby means to Riddhima!" Armaan shrieked.

" par Armaan.." Rahul started.

Nikki touched him on the shoulder to tell him 'its no use arguing with him'. Rahul wore his surgical mask and got back to the OT.

Armaan sat back on the bench. Riddhima had gone to deliver the baby, and there were complications! That sure was'nt a good sight. Rahul had told that he if he tried saving the baby Riddhima could die. But the baby was really important to her, and to him. There was no use of them living without it.

PART 40: Ehsaas

Armaan got back from the hospital after resuscitating the Finance Minister back to life. Armaan was exhausted from the sleepless nights; he collapsed into his bed as soon as he reached home. He had flashbacks of his evening with Anjali. He was disgusted with himself and thanked the Finance minister from saving him from committing a sin- a sin even he would not have forgiven himself for.

Part 26 : ArSh FF ~ SIRF TUM ~ (SEASON 2)



Tere liye hi

Jiya main.

Khudko jo yun

De diya hai.

Part-30 : The Painful Side Of Love

Armaan was shocked at Riddhima's outburst but then he realized that maybe she was right and it was he who was being a jerk by mentioning Vivek again and again. He moved towards her but she brushed past him walking to the cupboard and taking out a robe she wore it over her towel and left the room.

Tuesday, 24 October 2017


Gupta Mansion...

Asusual its a nice n bright day for gupta's
Shashank is busy in reading his morning newspaper
whereas padma n anjali gets busy in preparing breakfast
nani n ridhima got busy in playing ludo on ridhima's ipad...

everybody are engrossed in their respective works...

part 10 : The Second

            Armaan had to admit, it wasn't so bad spending time with Ridhima at the mall. They had not bought anything much, just looked around and had lunch there. It was getting close to dinner time and Armaan had offered to take Ridhima to his favorite restaurant.
            He liked talking to her. They did not talk about any important subject, but just simple ones, such as favorite movie or best books to read. The restaurant had a valet. Ridhima noticed all the cars driving to or from the restaurant were just as expensive as Armaan's five million euro car.
            Before even taking a good look at the restaurant from the outside, Ridhima knew the place was probably to expensive for even the higher middle class to afford. They got out of the car. And Armaan took Ridhima by the waist and led her in.

part 18 : Mere Paas Raho

Today was the big day. Today was the day, where Riddhima and Armaan will pe appart for ever. They ways will be divided. They will get other partner. But in their heart, they will still love each other. For ever and always.

The wedding will be held in Masjid. And after their Nikaah, they will drive to a hall, where a reception will be held. Reception of both Omkara and Armaan, with their wives.

Monday, 23 October 2017

Epilogue B: “Dard Ka Rishta”

Arman peeped khushi’s room and saw she was busy to draw something. Hearing footsteps she looked at arman and asked : “hi naan..kab aaye aap?”

Arman came to her and replied smilingly : “bas kuch time are you? Kya chal raha hai?”

Khushi uttered nodding : “I am fine naan.kal drawing competition hai so I am busy with practicing.”

Arman’s eyes went on the paper and he saw khushi made a family picture. Khushi picked the paper and asked showing it to theme is ‘my family’ ,maine apni family ko draw kiya hai,yeh meri mumma-aap,meri dadi,meri badi dadi,mera sahil mamu,yeh mera golu,meri princess..sab hain yahan aur mai bhi,kitni pyari family hai na meri?”

part 82 : Life Style

Same Day
rano(riddhima's friend): kya ridzi aaj dehan kaha tha tera poore din.. Mam ke ek sawal ka bhi tune sahi jawab nahi diya..
(riddhima poore din khoyi khoyi si hoti hai bass armaan ke baarein mein hi soche jarahi hoti hai riddhima ki aankhon mein aansuh ajate hai ke rano kaheti hai)

Chapter 24 : I'll Love You Longer Than Forever - AR FF

At the end of the day, everyone was gathered in the locker room, assembling all their stuff, getting ready to go home. Muskaan and Anjali were making plans of an outing, wanting all of them to spend time together.
"Okay. Toh aaj Out Of The Blue, done," Anjy announced.
"Haan. Kitna mazaa aayega na, hum sab saath mein!" Muskaan said.
Atul walked in then, singing as usual. Seeing Muskaan, he started singing -

PART 39: Ehsaas


The Bollywood extravaganza was held at the Taj convention center. A lot of celebrities were invited to mingle with the world-renowned Plastic surgeons. The bollywood stars performed a variety of song and dance sequences as a part of the entertainment. Armaan was grateful to Anjali for organizing the whole event. The presence of the celebrity stars added to the glamour and color of the festive evening.

Sunday, 22 October 2017

Epilogue (part A): Dard ka Rishta

1 and half year passed and arman-riddhima’s life changed a little and its became more beautiful as after arman taking riddhima switzerland in last anniversery, riddhima gifted him a beautiful baby girl in reward. the baby girl had mix complextion of arman riddhima,her eyes were big like riddhima,colour is very fair like arman,pinky soft lips and silky hairs like riddhima where she had dimples like arman. khushi was very happy getting this cute doll and named her princess where ansh was very shocked seeing her and then discovered it was a doll but he had no permission to touch her. but slowly he understood it was a talking doll and when she started at ansh,he felt proud and informed everyone that he is this doll’s babu...and he also started calling her babu.khushi called her princess,where annaya and dadi called her angel but arman riddhima called her “Arya” (inspired from Game of thornes)

part 17 : Mere Paas Raho

Armaan went to his room, not realising that Gauri was following him too. Inside the room Armaan messed the room totally up and at the very end he sat down on his knees and let the tears flow. Garui saw him in this condition and went over to him. She put her hand on his shoulder and Armaan looked up at her.

Part 25 : ArSh FF ~ SIRF TUM ~ (SEASON 2)


Three days later...

ArSh's 4rth Anniversary
12:00 clock @ Night

"Hello...!!" Armaan picks the call while sitting on car's front hood 

part 29 : The Painful Side Of Love

Armaan didn't hear what the lady said after that as he felt his head spinning…….Riddhima saw Armaan's expression…..she gripped his hand tightly and getting up hastily she told the woman that they had some urgent work to attend to and needed to go but she promised Mrs.Luther that they'll come again to see her.