Saturday, 4 November 2017


Armaan places the phone back and looks at riddhima. She is sleeping peacefully. She had an innocent face and is sleeping like baby. He goes near to her, kisses her forehead and starts caressing her hair.

Armaan: I love u Riddhima!!! I love u a lot.... I can't live without you!!!

He starts caressing her forehead with lots of love in his eyes when suddenly she wakes up. She sees armaan looking at her lovingly and caressing her.

Armaan: good morning jaanu. (Kissing her forehead)

PART 43: Ehsaas

The early rays of the sun filtered through the blinds in the hotel room. Riddhima was still lying with her face buried in her pillow; her eyes swollen and red, the pillow was soaking wet. She forced herself to get up. She walked to the window and looked outside. She thought, "sab kuch waisa hi hai jaise roz hota hai….wo hi suraj ki kiraney, wo hi sadakon par bheed, wo hi log idhar se udhar bhaagte

part 14 : The Second

                Ridhima walked out to the pool in her swim suit. She saw Armaan already in the pool doing laps back and forward, but stopped when he saw her at the edge of the pool. "You gonna come in darling" He said as he swam towards the side at which Ridhima stood. He let out a hand for her to take. She grabbed it allowing Armaan to pull her into the water.

part 88 : Life Style

next day
(riddhima neeche aati hai toh armaan guest room mein employs ke saath kaam karaha hota hai riddhima wahan aati hai)
tamana: hello mam..
riddhima smiles..

Friday, 3 November 2017

part 8 : Chahat

Next Day

Malhotra house
(riddhima bilkul chaap chaap bethi kuch soch rahi hoti hai ke muskan aati hai)
muskan: bhabi mujhe yeh accounts samajha dije kuch pale nahi paraha hai..

Chapter 26 : I'll Love You Longer Than Forever - AR FF

Riddhima hurried towards Rahul's room. Finally, after a lot of pleading and pouting and guilt - tripping, she was allowed to come visit him. And Armaan. Of course. She really wanted to see Armaan.
Riddhima had never thought that she would be one of those girls. You know, the ones you classify as clingy? Those who couldn't go without seeing their boyfriends for a few hours? Who completely obsessed over them? Thought about their men all the time?
But, then, she hadn't ever thought she'd have a boyfriend!

part 87 : Life Style

Some days passed..
(kuch din aisehi guzar jaate hai armaan riddhima ka pehele se bhi zyada khayal rakh raha hota hai aur apna sara kaam ghar se karaha hota hai)
(riddhima neeche aati hai)
(armaan usse dekhta hai aur uske paas aata hai)

Part 29 : ArSh FF ~ SIRF TUM ~ (SEASON 2)


Main duniya bhar ki taarifein
Tere sajde mein laaya hoon...

"Kitni ajeeb hoti hai Zindagi... jeetna hum apni khwaahishen puri kar le... Ek aur to usme add ho hi jaata hai... Aur us ek aur ek aur ki chah mein puri zindagi daudna padta hai..." Armaan thought while concentrating on road still driving "Armaan Malik... Jisse jab jo chahiyee tha usne paaya... Yaa fir kehdo china... Achieve kiya... Yaa fir mila... Usne apni puri zindagi apne har ek khwaahish ko puri karne mein

Thursday, 2 November 2017

Part 1 :Dard Na Jaane Koi (An AR FF)

G: yes, yes, yes. Finally meri Shadi ho rahi hai, aur wo bhi meri pasand se. Ab to inetaar bhi nahi ho raha. Bas kuch hi der me wo Baraat leke aayega, aur mujhe apni Biwi banake like jayega. Ab uski ho jaungi, hamesha hamesha ke liye. Thank you so much Allah. Aisa lagta hai ke saari duae qubool ho gayi hai.

The girl was dressed as a bride, jumping around in her own room. Waiting for her family come and take her. Soon they her baraat will come to her door, and then she will finally get married to the person she loves more than her own life. At this moment the door opened and another girl entered the room.


Riddhima sits on the sofa beside and starts reading a magazine waiting for Armaan to come. Armaan comes out of the bathroom and riddhima doesn't notice this. He is wearing his shorts with wet hair and is without his shirt. He observes riddhima who is engrossed in reading the magazine. He slowly comes to the back of her and hugs her tightly from the back.

Riddhima: Aaaaah............ aahhhhhhhhh.......

Riddhima starts shouting due to fear. He closes her mouth !!!

part 9 : All for you love

other side when ananya ,billy and sapna reached home,got that arman was shut himself in his room. they got tensed about him.ananya wanted to talk to him so said sapna to call arman for dinner but arman refused to dinner and didn’t open the door. sapna uttered worriedly : “mumma,ab kya hoga? bhai kuch kar na baithe. wo us riddhima se bahut pyar..i mean usey bahut pasand karte hain.”
billy asked worriedly : “mere bete ka dill bahut dukha hai par sapna tu toh wahin thi,hua kya tha?”
sapna uttered with a crying face : “don’t know papa.mai toh mobile lene ke bahane neeche aayi ki wo baat kare,phir jab upar gayi toh bhai bahut gusse me the.”

Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Part 85 :From The Time I Saw You - An AR FF -

Everyone was running here and there while Anjali just stood watching them getting panic more than her, Armaan and Riddhima also move down to see what happening as they sees Anjali being cool... When Muskaan saw Riddhima, who ask through eyes what happen...
'Anjali's water break...' Muskaan said as Sapna was in a call...

PART 42:Ehsaas


Riddhima waited patiently in Armaan's office.

"sorry madam….Dr Malik ek major surgery mein busy hain….kuch complication ho gayi hai….nurse ne kaha hai ki 1-2 ghante lag jaayenge," his assistant informed Riddhima.

part 13 : The Second

                        The paradise island is what it should be called. As soon as Ridhima stepped out of the plane she was captured by the beauty of the island. The water around it was crystal clear blue, the weather of the Mediterranean just perfect, and all around her was green, green, and greener. The house of the island was build on the East side never the ocean.

part 86 : Life Style

next Day
(riddhima tv launch pe bethi hoti hai ke ghar ki bell bajti hai riddhima darwaza kholti hai toh muskan hoti hai aur uski godh mein sana hoti hai)
riddhima smilingly: aaj toh mera baby bhi aya hai
(muskan andar aati hai riddhima sana ko bohat pyaar karti hai nani yeh dekhar bohat khush hoti hai)
(ke armaan bhi ajata hai)

Tuesday, 31 October 2017

part 8 : All for your love

when arman’s family reached in riddhima’s house,dr. shshank and dadi welcomed their warmly and took them in drawing room. there ananya started talking with dr. shshank and billy with dadi.sapna and arman sat quietly while looking here and there .after a while sapna whispered to arman : “bhai,ghar toh bahut khubsurat hai,kafi ameer hain yeh log.”

Chapter 25 : I'll Love You Longer Than Forever - AR FF

Armaan sighed as he stepped outside the ward to take a breather. There was too much of work to be done. Anjali and Atul had called him sometime back, asking him to check on their patients as well, since he was already at the hospital.
Since he was looking after Riddhima's patients as well (for those few cases where they weren't working together), adding on Anjali and Atul's patients had taken a toll on him.
Finally, after 4 long hours, he was done. He made his way to the coffee machine and made himself a cup of espresso. He sat down and relished his coffee, before going to check in on Rahul.

Part 28 : ArSh FF ~ SIRF TUM ~ (SEASON 2)


"Zyada pain ho raha hai...?" she asked wd fear cupping his face who nodded in YES innocently making her to hug him tightly whose heart ran its fullest speed "Armaan agar aap kuch khaaynge peeynge nai... To sar aapka aise hi dukhega..." she said softly wd moist eyes while caressing his back of hairs still hugging him who slowly slowly hugged her back closing his eyes as if feeling her he pulled her more closer as if fearing to loose her he knew he is being selfish right now but he cant do anything coz he cant loose her who can feel his thudding heartbeat where as Armaan hide his face in her crook of neck taking her fragrance which is making him more attracted towards her who didn't felt his both hands on her back that it was pulling her more into him "Armaan... chaliyee neeche... Aaram kijiyee..." saying this slowly she parted from hug which made him disappointed and she stood to pick the plates where as his eyes were only watching her

LAST PART : The Painful Side Of Love

They all ran to the doctor who smiled at them and spoke "Luckily the bullet missed his heart. It had hit right above the heart area and so he survived. He is fine but he is unconscious but you can see him." The doctor left followed by Cam who had to fill all the formalities left with the doctor and Riddhima, Atul and Ben stepped inside to see Armaan.

Monday, 30 October 2017


Armaan: Riddhima, I think that we can catch for afternoon show. Koi problem nahi hai na?

Riddhima: No problem.

Armaan: Yes sweety? (Kissing her on her cheek)
They both go to the PVR's and will buy two tickets for Rock On!!

Armaan : Riddhima!! Got the tickets. Let's go inside!!
They get inside. They will get the two seats in the corner.

Armaan makes Riddhima sit in the corner seat.

part 85 : Life Style

some days passed..
(nani aur riddhima bethi hue tv dekh rahe hote hain ke ghar ki bell bajti hai)
(riddhima darwaza kholti hai toh rahul muskan atul anji hote hain)
riddhima: kya baat hai aj poori sena saath ayi hai..

Sunday, 29 October 2017

part 2 : AR TS: PRANK CALL( kismat connect ho jaye...)

hey guys.. im turning this OS to TS (three Shots)

part 2

Next morning

Sukhna lake

Armaan was jogging n his mind was bsy thinking about miss miss call .. he was feeling guilty for shouting at her...
He was bsy debating with himself..
A : should I apologize..
Nahi yaar glti uski thi use sbak toh sikhna hi tha...
Pr jaise usne sorry kaha I think she was genuinely sorry..
Kya krun...Use dubara cal krun kya.? Nahi yaar fltu main koi pnga na ho jaye ?? Soch armaan soch...

Ek kam krta hn sorry msg krdeta hn.. mera kam bhi hojayega or use baat bbi nahi krni pdege.

Takes out his phone n write the sms...
" hey miss miss call.. I'm sorry for yesterday mujhe tumhe se itna rudly baat nahi krna chahie tha.."


part 1 : angel's touch

hello peolpe please dont kill me for this... these days in trying to write saton janam tre sang.. bt this thought keeps on coming in my head from past one month n finally thought to pen it down..

Ps - aayyuu thanks for the title.. u are always my savior wen it come to title of my works...


a car comes n stops on front of the house.. its a decent sized single storey house neither a big mansion nor a small one.. 3 bedroom with a living room dining and kitchen.

A man almost 26-27 yrs got down the the driver side and ran towards the passenger side to open the gate..
Man : araam se..
Lady in almost same age as the man got down holding his hand...
Lady : kya shishank ap bhi aise behave kr rahe ho jaise main bimar hn..
shishank : padma tum bahut bolti hoo.. it's time to take proper rest.. tum koi kam nahi krogi no stress n hospital se bhi chuti..
padma : sabhi instructions yahin khade khade doge lets go in...
shishank : sorry.. chalo..

PART 41:Ehsaas

The next morning, Riddhima felt unusually calm and peaceful, like one would after an almost spiritual experience. She touched her tummy and remembered that since her mamaji's demise, she had forgotten to take her birth control pills. At this point, she did not care if Armaan was ready to become a dad or not, she knew that becoming a mother was a gift of God, and she was ready to accept the gift with open arms. Perhaps a child would help Armaan realize that running after fame, glory and money was not the most important thing in life. A child would not only help them get

part 7 : All For Your Love

dr. shshank noticed arman was smiling.he asked : “aap meri beti ko jaante hain?”
reply slipped from arman’s lips in a while : ji...
shshank asked surprisingly : “kaise?”
arman replied hurriedly : “no sir,actually i saw her in delhi,last conference me.”
shshank smiled hearing it and asked : “ she had atteneded the conference? I doubt.”
arman uttered lovingly : “she is very innocent sir.
shshank looked at arman surprisingly. arman realised his mistake and uttered : “no sir..actually i want to say ..sapna ke umra ki hi hai na,bachpana hota hai aise umar me.”

part 12 : The Second

            "Armaan, I don't have time for this" Falak said as she looked for her cal three book.
            For the past two hours Armaan had been in Falak's room ramming on and on about his personal life with Ridhima. Falak was quite touched that Armaan cared so much to make his granted to fail marriage work that he was asking the worst person on earth for advice, but Falak really was running late for school and the last thing she need was Armaan sitting on her bed blabbing on and on about how he wanted to love Ridhima but didn't want to love her and on and on and on.
            "…I mean its not like I don't want to love Ridhima, but how would you feel if you loved some one and that person only loved you with half a heart" And on and on and on.