Saturday, 11 November 2017

Part 6 : Shikayat 2 - An AR SS -

Armaan was waiting for Riddhima to come with Nikki as the guest has started to pour in the hall making it crowded... Gupta's and Karan were in the entrance to welcome the guests who has come for Armaan and Riddhima marriage... Every single person was impress by the decoration and as they expected, everything was looking perfect for the groom and bride...

The hall was decorated with royal blue and red color curtains, flowers and light's as the color code was those colors so everything would look perfect as they capture it from the beginning of the function till end... Armaan was talking to some of his clients but his eyes kept moving to the entrance as it was taking time for Riddhima to come...

Finally, his wait came to an end when suddenly the place got silent as if they had seen the 8th wonder in the world... Armaan move his gaze to the door to see Riddhima entering with Nikki who was helping her with her dress... Armaan knows, it must be little heavy for her so he move towards them without any control as he was under Riddhima's charm...

Riddhima was welcome by her parents who hugs her followed by Karan who hugs her, kissing her temple... Riddhima gave her best smile to them as her eyes also move around the hall to get a glimpse of her husband who she knows wouldn't be looking less than a Greek god...


Armaan: Ok then! I will order some coffee and breakfast for us and we will go outside.
Riddhima: Where are we going today?
Armaan: Hmm... Water Park...
Riddhima: Ok then. I will be back within 10 minutes.
She gives a smile and leaves.
Armaan meanwhile orders some breakfast for them.

Chapter 28 : I'll Love You Longer Than Forever - AR FF

The next few days passed in the same fashion. Riddhima would show up at the hospital for sometime, muck around with Armaan and then go home.
She spent a lot of time with Rahul. They connected again, and it was like the whole How - could - you - hide - the - truth - about - your - adoption' argument never happened.
Rahul had his cast removed and was able to walk without too much pain now. The fracture was relatively minor and with constant physical therapy, he was able to get rid of the cast in a week. He had been advised some rest, still, but now he was done and him and Riddhima were joining Sanjeevani from the next day.

part 91 : Life style

some days passed...
(kuch din aisehi guzarjaate hai par armaan aur riddhima ke rishte mein koi badlav nahi aata balke dono ka pyaar har guzarte din ke saath aur gehra horaha hota hai)
(jab se bache hue hote hai armaan riddhima ko aur bachon ki tarah treat karaha hota hai riddhima ka bachpana abhi nahi jaata aur naahi armaan ka pyaar usse kam hota hai bachon ko zyada armaan hi samhalta hota hai)

Friday, 10 November 2017

part 10 : All for your love

sashank was now fine and went home but dr. bhonsle advised him to take rest for some days. ananya and billy also went hospital to see him and when dr. shshank apolozised for that day ,they showed like nothing had happened.
annaya : “ hum toh kab us baat ko bhul gaye shshank.mai toh isi me khush hun ki mere bachpan ka dost mujhe mila hai aur kitni yaden bhi taza ho gayi hai par tune is baat ko dill par kyon liya? arey,teri beti abhi bachchi hi toh hai,apne paas 2-4 saal abhi rakh phir shadi ki sochna.”
billy uttered : “yes dr. shshank.she is like my sappu aur hum toh abhi uski shadi ki baat soch hi nahi sakte.”
shshank smiled only.

part 10 : Chahat

Next Day
Joshi house...
--------""TING TONG""----------
(atul darwaza kholta hai toh riddhima ko dekhar shocked hojata hai aur phir uski nazar neeche chahat pe parhti hai)
riddhima lightly smile: hi atul..

Part 4: Dard Na Jaane Koi ( An AR FF)

Armaan closed the door and looked at Riddhima, with an evil glint in his eyes.
A: aao me tumhe introduce karwau tumhare new ghar se.
Armaan took Riddhima by her hand and dragged her to a room. In front of the room, he lets her bag fall down. Then he nods with his head towards the door. He signed Riddhima to open the room.
A: Apne new room ke kholo Riddhima, aur batau mujhe ke tumhe yeh kaisa laga.

PART 46:Ehsaas

After another sleepless night, Armaan went back to work the next day. Dr Modi summoned him to his office, "Armaan! I am very disappointed in you….I did not expect you to be so irresponsible.....jaante ho kal Malaysia ki top film actress ki surgery thi? You stood up on her? Wo tho shukr hai ki Dr Banarjee and Yuvraaj came to the rescue…how can you do that? If you have any personal problems, leave them at home! You should be grateful to us that we promoted you at such a young age; your position is guaranteed as long as you do your job and bring business to our center… are not the only surgeon in town…bahut mil jaayenge….now you may leave and consider this your last warning!"

Thursday, 9 November 2017

OS : Love Blossoms

Its been four years of armaan and ridhima's marriage but there love was still growing. This month has been the busiest month of their lives but yet they never forgot their love dose every night. Every morning they wake up together in each other's arms and make love for few hours then they have shower together where they make out and then they get dressed rather Ridhima gets dressed and does armaan's hair makes him wear his clothes after a lot of struggle then she ties a tie around his neck

part 90 :Life Style

armaan bahar betha betha sogaya hota hai ke sapna uske paas aati hai)
(sapna armaan ke kande pe haath rakhti hai ke armaan ki aankh khul jaati hai)
(armaan dekhta hai toh sapna ke haath mein ek chhota sa bacha hota hai)

Part 31 : ArSh FF ~ SIRF TUM ~ (SEASON 2)


"Tum pehle meri shirt dhundh k do..." Ignoring that he said calmly rubbing his forehead tiredly to which she nodded in YES and moved towards the Wardrobe
"Vaise Shilpa tujhe to ab tak aadat ho jaani chahiyee... Attacks lene ki... Kyun ki inko thodi seedha raasta dikhta hai ghar mein aane ka..." she cursed him under her breath while looking for his shirt when she felt a hand sneaked on her waist "Huh!!" she got startled as she felt him hugging her from behind "Armaan..." she whispered softly as she felt his face nuzzled in her neck

Wednesday, 8 November 2017

AR os : Love knows No limites!!

             There are many love story to talk about some are real some are just imagination but the one that I am going to tell you I my self cant say if it was a true or anyone's imagination. There was a boy named Armaan Malik. He was were handsome boy and at the same time he was very well mannered and cultured boy. He is about 23 year old and he loves his mom and dad don't have any other family but do have 2 very very best friends which are Rahul Garewal and Atul Joshi. He just finish his graduat study and is planning to go to London to get his MBA. His father is very well known businessman but he is down to earth. The story bigens when armaan and his 2 friends goes to London there he was doing absolutely fine until one day his eye fell on this beautiful cretur made personally by god to whome he called "ANGLE" his ANGEL he never said a word to her but all he did was to star at her he himself did not know why but staring at her was way more amusing then reading his bookes. Then one day he got caught red handed by the girl herself on to staring at her. She strait waent to him asked him
"what's your problem? why are you staring at me?didn't you ever saw a girl?" [girl was standing with her handes on her hipes.]

part 9 : Chahat

Next Day..
(riddhima hospital se jaldi ghar ajati hai aur chahat ke liye lunch banane lagti hai ke chahat aati hai)
chahat softly: mumma
(riddhima peeche murti hai)
riddhima: han beta

Part 3: Dard Na Jaane Koi ( An AR FF)

Armaan was looking at the side as Billy stare at him with anger burning in his eyes.
An: Billy.
B: Samjhao isko Ananya. Ek ne toh bina soche samjhe tamasha bana diya hai. Ab dusra bhi humhara tamasha bane ka soch raha hai.A: Baba.B: Not another word Armaan. Siddhant ki tarha agar tum bhi yeh nikaah nahi karna chahte the, to tum bhi bhaag sakte the. Lekin ab tum maano ya na maano, Riddhima tumhara biwi hai aur rahegi.

part 16 (last part) : The Second

            Armaan walked back and forward outside his bedroom door. Of all the stupid crazy things Ridhima had talked him into the seven years they had been married, this by far had to be the stupidest.
            "Armaan, will you quite pacing back and forward and just chill, every things gonna be fine" Falak said as she sat on the floor against the wall across Armaan and Ridhim's bedroom door.
            "how could I have been so stupid to agree. I mean come on, this is her first time and…" and blah blah blah, on and on he went.

Tuesday, 7 November 2017

PART 45:Ehsaas

"Arre Riddhima? Itni subah subah…..bina koi khabar kiye kaise aa gayi? Aur kya halat banaa rakhi hai apni? Sab theek tho hai na?" Padma was worried to see Riddhima at her doorstep early in the morning, "Armaan kahan hai? Beta kya hua? Kuch bol tho sahi," Padma shook Riddhima. Riddhima just looked at her mom with a blank expression. Padma read the sadness in her daughter's expressive eyes. "Kahin Armaan ko kuch…kahin usey kuch ho tho nahin gaya?"

Chapter 27 : I'll Love You Longer Than Forever - AR FF

Riddhima pulled Muskaan aside when she was on her lunch break. Thankfully, for Riddhima, she was alone and not accompanied by anyone from their gang or the interns. This wasn't a conversation that Riddhima wanted to happen in front of an audience.
"Mujhe tujhse baat karni hai," she told Muskaan.

part 89 : Life Style

(armaan jab se office se aya hota hai bohat pareshan idhar se udhar ghoom raha hota hai riddhima aur nani yeh notice karahe hote hain ke aakhir kaar riddhima armaan ke paas aati hai tabhi armaan ki call ajati hai)
armaan angrily: yar rahul tuh bhi ajeeb hai tuh janta hai riddhima pregnant hai usse meri zarurat hai main usse kaise chorke jasakta hun.. Tuh..
(riddhima aur nani yeh sab sunlete hain aur unhe majra samajh ajata hai)

Monday, 6 November 2017

Part 2: Dard Na Jaane Koi ( An AR FF)

Two people were in a crowd, every single person around them were laughing pointing to the person who was sitting on knee. The person was sitting, bending head as the laughter echo around. Suddenly the laughter stop as the person who stood in front of the person who was sitting on knee rise hand.
G: Tumne socha bhi kaise main haan karungi tumhe.
Girl said as she cross her hands on chest with her eyes fixed on the person who was sitting in front of her. Boy look towards the girl as pain and hurt clearly visible in his attractive orbs.
B: You are my girlfriend.

part 15 : The Second

            They laid in bed. It was late at night and all Armaan could do was hold Ridhima in his arms as speak sweet words to her. He loved her. And tonight he had made love to her. As the night got deeper they asked each other more and more personal questions. All night they talked to each other from what their favorite color was to their most embarrassing moment.

Part 30 : ArSh FF ~ SIRF TUM ~ (SEASON 2)




Tere bina guzara
Ae dil hai mushkil...

"Shilpa... Meri coffee laana..." Armaan spoke normally while picking the remote and sat on sofa for IPL match he switched on the TV where a match was going on b/w Chennai & Mumbai "Shilpa mujhe aaj hi coffee chahiyee..." he taunted loudly to which she shook her head while stirring his coffee
"Bas do minute..." she shouted making him shook his head and he concentrated on TV smilingly when Meethi came wd coffee making him frown
"Shilpa kahan hai...??" he asked frowningly taking the coffee
"Bhabhi to Surbhi Didi se phone pe baat kar rahi hai... To isilye unhone mujhe bola dene k liye" Meethi replied slowly knowing well his nature

Sunday, 5 November 2017

PART 44:Ehsaas

Anjali had a concerned look on her face, "Armaan, aisa kaise ho sakta hai? Riddhima tumhey chhod kar kaise chali gayi? Tum tho us par jaan dete ho, aur wo tumhey chhod kar chali gayi?"

Armaan kept quiet; he was both outraged and sad, "pata nahin Anjali, shayad mujhey us par shak nahin karma chaahiye tha…..wo naaraz ho kar gayi hai."