Saturday, 18 November 2017

PART - 2 : I want you to hate me

Armaan zoomed his bike in d parking area nd took off his helmet... "Finally!!" a cute dimpled smile adorned his face... he reached Sanjeevani hospital... 2day ws his 1st day of internship... he was running late due to d morning encounter bt thnx 2 his speed he reached on time... he parked his bike nd entered sanjeevani... every young nurse was checking him out... he was wearing white short sleeved shirt nd blue denim... casual but hot... he was aware of d effect he had on gals bt he really dint pay attention to them... he dint like flirting.. he believed in love only... he asked a ward boy d way nd soon reached d locker room... all other interns were already dere nd their chit-chat disclosed dat they already finished d official introduction... so to catch their attention, he said...


Armaan and riddhima have a spleep for some time....

Riddhima wakes up first and finds out that armaan is on curled into her and is sleeping like a baby (Imagine a month's baby sleeping close to his mother for security)

Now.... Afternoon 1:30

PART 50: Ehsaas

Armaan knelt down beside Riddhima and turned her to her side. He checked her breathing and pulse, and called Muskaan in a panic. Muskaan was busy with a surgery. Armaan yelled at Muskaan's nurse in panic, "Dr Muskaan se kehna main Riddhima ko lekar Sanjeevani hospital pahunch raha hoon….it is an EMERGENCY!"

Friday, 17 November 2017

PART - 1 : I want you to hate me by sargam

It ws a sunny morning... A young girl ws jogging njoyng loud rock music on her i-pod... she ws wearing a sleeveless shrt top nd sweet shorts... her hair ws tied in a top-knot... she ws going to her usual destination... the BB court... every morning she practiced dere alone to burn her callory (although she has a perfect figure which mkes gals jealous nd drives boys crazy)... sooth her mind... set her mind 4 rest of d day... 2day ws no diff... she ws heading 2wrds BB court... but wen she reached dere didn't like d view in 4nt of her eyes at all...
"Wat The Hell !!!!!"
a young man had occupied her BB court... he was playing where kids were cheering 4 him... she was furious!!!! she removed d head set nd shouted...
"Who d hell r u???"


part 13 : Chahat

Next Day...
(riddhima office ke liye tayar hokar neeche aati hai toh dekhti hai chahat breakfast karahi hoti hai par riddhima ke aate hi khari hojati hai)

part 94 : Life style

next Day...
(riddhima nani aur armaan bachon ko lekar gupta house aajate hai)
(riddhima ek black colour ki jeans aur tishirt paheni hoti hai)
armaan: pool mein nahi jaogi..

Thursday, 16 November 2017

Part 2 : Remember this (Arsh ff)

Armaan jumped into action as he called the nurse: crash cart!
As they set up the crash cart armaan started to do the CPR himself. He breathed in to her mouth and then placed his hands on her chest and pushed, the nurse rushed forward with the electric paddles. Armaan got the paddles as the nurse placed a oxygen mask on her nose and mouth and applied the paddles to her chest.
The girls body jerked in response to the shock applied to her but the line remained straight on the monitor. He applied the paddles again but the line remained stubbornly straight armaan took a hypothermic needle and injected adrenaline by stabbing it directly into the heart, there was a slight blip. Armaan then again applied the paddles as her body jerked in reaction the line on the monitor also jumped and continued to jump and hold steady.


As Armaan comes inside, he finds riddhima sleeping and he also lies down beside her by resting his head on her shoulder and lying his hand on her waist...

Riddhima, who is not fast asleep, hugs armaan back tightly and both of the go to sleep...

MORNING : 10:00 AM :

PART 49:Ehsaas

 Armaan was relieved that Riddhima was safe and well, but upset with himself for making her sad again, "mujhey dekh kar uski aankhon ka dard aur badh gaya jaise….God, please don't let this ruin anything for her." He had overheard her conversation with Atul, and felt ashamed that Atul still had such a low opinion of his sister's husband at this point.

Wednesday, 15 November 2017

part 12 : Chahat

same Day....
(riddhima rote hue ghar aati hai chahat usse dekhleti hai aur uske peeche aati hai)
chahat: mumma.. Mumma kya hua..
(chahat riddhima ke peeche aati hai riddhima darwaza band karne wali hoti hai ke chahat ajati hai)
chahat: Mumma kya hua mumma...

Chapter 29 : I'll Love You Longer Than Forever - AR FF

Showered and changed, Armaan and Riddhima set outside to get food for everyone. Getting in everyone's order was a task in itself, but then, what do you expect when you're bringing food for 15 people? After a lot of shouting, arguing and confusion, they had everyone's food choices in a list.
Armaan held the door open for Riddhima, settling her in the passenger seat. After she was seated, he sat in the car and drove to their destination. Armaan drove single handedly with one hand in Riddhima's.

part 93 : Life style

2 days passed...
(riddhima nani ki godh mein sar rakhar leiti hui hoti hai aur bache dono pram mein sorahe hote hai)
(ke ghar ki bell jajti hai lovely darwaza kholti hai toh armaan hota hai armaan andar aajata hai aur jaisehi upar jaane wala hota hai uski nazar riddhima pe parhti hai jo nani ki godh mein sar rakhar khamosh leiiti hui hoti hai)

Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Part 1: Remember this (Arsh ff)

Her pulse sounded in her ears like a jungle drum as her breath came out into short shallow pants. Her legs were cramping but she pushed herself forward willing her legs to run faster. She collapsed against the side of the building her eyes searching wildly for a place to hide. She could hear the footsteps coming nearer to where she was, she pushed herself away from the wall and made her way around the other side of the building and hid in the shadows of a shed. Her heart was beating so


Armaan makes riddhima sleep on the bed and goes outside to get his cell phone. As he comes inside, he notices that riddhima has already slept. He soon changes and comes out of the bathroom. He is wearing his regular night dress (Imagine the one he wore on the karvachauth day during riddhima's first karvachauth. Black and yellow)

PART 48:Ehsaas

After getting rid of Anjali, Armaan took a sigh of relief and thought, "kaash mainey pehle hi Riddhima ki baat maani hoti, tho aaj yeh sab nahin hota….Riddhima tum kitni theek thi….aur main kitna pagal hoon ki tumhi par shak kar baitha……ab mera zindagi mein ek hi maqsad hai, aur wo hai hamare pyaar ko wapas ek karna…..pataa nahin tum mujhey kabhie maaf kar paaogi ya nahin, par main issi umeed par apni zindagi kaat loonga, ki shayad tum phir se meri ho jao." He picked up their framed wedding photograph from the shelf and kissed her face, "I love you Riddhima….and always will," his eyes felt a little moist as he brushed his lips against the glass.

Monday, 13 November 2017


Armaan will get the tickets for the water ride. Riddhima is still tensed and will hold armaan's hand tightly. Armaan ensures her that he is there and he will never let anything to happen to her.

Both of them go to the top of the slide and sit in the life boat like thing which will go down the slide. A life boat can accommodate only two people. So armaan and riddhima are in the same boat. Riddhima is completely tensed after sitting in it and it swetting. Armaan slowly removes the sweat on her forehead, moves her closer and makes her sit on his lap. He envelops her in his arms so that she will not get tensed. So the countdown starts...


part 11 : Chahat

Some days passed..
(kuch din bass yuhi guzar jaate hai ek taraf anjali hoti hai jo har guzarte din ke saath chahat ke dimag mein riddhima ke liye zeher ghol rahi hoti hai par har baar chahat un baaton ko nazar andaz zarut kardeti hai par uske masoom zehen mein un baaton ka bura asar hou zarur raha hota hai dusri taraf riddhima apni hi nafraton mein jal rahi hoti hai)

part 92 : Life Style

Next Day..
(riddhima zoya ko lekar idhar se udhar ghoom rahi hoti hai ayan jhoole mein soraha hota hai ke armaan ka call aata hai)
riddhima: aahan..

Sunday, 12 November 2017

Part 5: Dard Na Jaane Koi ( An AR FF)

Following day when Riddhima woke up, she saw Armaan sitting in the same chair where he has been the following night. Riddhima kept looking at his face for sometimes, not believe herself that if it was the same guy who had been treating her so badly from last few days.

PART 47:Ehsaas

Armaan shut his door and went back to the closet. He picked Riddhima's clothes one by one and folded them neatly. He hung her suits and saris carefully, making sure their creases were intact. He felt his eyes well up, as he touched and caressed her clothes. He could almost feel her presence around him. Her famous red sari was still hanging in the closet. He took it out and held it in his hands for a while. He sat down on the bed and buried his face in the sari. Her sweet fragrance reminded him of what he had lost in his life. He started sobbing silently and thought, "jhoothi khushi ki chaahat mein mainey apni zindagi ki sab se badhi khushi kho di…..apni zindagi se hi door ho gaya…."

Part 32 : ArSh FF ~ SIRF TUM ~ (SEASON 2)


Next Evening"Kyun sab kuch aur complicated hota jaa raha hai... Jitna main unse dur jaana chahti hun utna hi unke karib aa jaati hun..." a stressed Shilpa thought staring at the fountain "Kal jo huaa vo nai hona chahiyee tha... Mujhse unse dur jaana hai... Fir kyun main unke karib chali jaati hun... Mujhe inhe push karna chahiyee tha... Unhe ehsaas dilaana chahiyee tha ki mere dil mein unke liye kuch nai hai... Fir kyun maine unhe apni taraf khicha..." her heart was reviving last night's events "Par Shilpa kitne mahino baad tu unke itne karib