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Part 38 : ArSh FF ~ SIRF TUM ~ (SEASON 2)


"Aap aisa kyun keh rahe hai Armaan... Aapko lagta hai main drama kar rahi hun... Armaan main itni confuse thi iswaqt ki mujhe samajh nai aa raha tha main kya karun... Kisse share karun kisse puchun" she somehow gripped his hand
"Aur tumne apne us so called best friend ko chuna share karne k liye right...??" he directly taunted making her stunned "Kya naam tha uska yaa Ansh... Haina tumhara best friend jiske saath tum sab kuch share kar sakti ho... Apni problems apne confusions sab kuch... Bas ek mujhse hi tumhe problem hai haina" he stared at her wd hurt look while she became stunned thinking he is doubting on her??
"Armaan aap aisa kyun keh rahe hai... Maine aisa kuch nai liya vo sirf mera dost hai... Aap aise kaise shaq kar sakte hai" she asked hurtfully to which he jerked her towards him angrily
"Maine aisa kuch kaha b nai tumhe... Mera directly matlab hai ki tumne usse choose kiya share karne k liye... Aur mujhe khudse durr kiya kyun?? Tum uske saath hass sakti ho... But mere saath tum smile b nai kar sakti... Tum uske karib ho sakti ho but mere saath do minute baith b nai sakti.. Kyun?? Usko sab bata sakti ho.. Aur mujhse sirf jhut kehti ho" his words were like a knife to her heart How can he think like this??


All of them retire to their rooms...
Armaan - Riddhima Room:
As they enter the room, Armaan takes his clothes and goes to the bathroom...
He does not even speak to Riddhima...

Friday, 1 December 2017

Part 8 : Remember this (Arsh ff)

Shilpa sat in the front seat of the car with armaan and twisted her fingers to ease the tension that built inside her. Armaan glanced at her as he drove and could see her wringing her hand he stretched his hand and clasping her fingers. Her cold fingers latched on to his warm hand, armaan squeezed her fingers reassuringly while he continued to drive: shilpa relax! There is nothing to be nervous about, I'm going to be there with you.
Shilpa looked at his profile and tried to calm the butterflies in her stomach: I'm ok! (she gave a small smile) just a little nervous but I'll be alright once we get there.

part 14 : All For ur love

arman’s sleep broke hearing dadi’s voice : “arey arman beta,aap yahan kyon so rahe hao?”
arman got up hurriedly and looked at dadi.he started searching some excuse.actually he had thought to woke up early morning and to go down but he didn’t know dadi would come in the terrace. he saw dadi’s surprising expression and replied immediately : “actually dadi,mujhe jaldi uthne ki aadat hai aur new place hai toh need nahi aa rahi thi,so i came in the terrace. yahan itna achcha lag raha tha ki kab baithe baithe so gaya ,pata hi nahi chala.”

PART - 7 : I want you to hate me

"Thank u dr. shaheeba... aap nhi hoti to mere bete ka kya hota!! bahot bahot sukriya aapka..." patient's parents were continuously thanking muskaan wen she informed them about the successful surgery.. Muski was happy.. 1st the surgery ws successful nd 2nd dr. keerti praised her... Although 1st she felt uneasy 2 tke sum1 other's credit bt after seeing Riddhima's arrogant attitude... She was com4tble nd hppily accpting all praises.

part 20 : Chahat

Next Day...
(riddhima raat ko sanjeevani se ghar aati hai toh rahul muskan tamana yuvi naina sab log aye hue hote hain riddhima sab ko dekhar hairan hojati hai aur armaan ko dekhti hai)

Thursday, 30 November 2017

PART 3 LAST : AR TS PRANK CALL( kismat connect ho jaye...)

A note before u read the part..  wats app conversation of armaan ridhima is give in “Quotation mark”

A month later..
Armaan ridhima used to chat often.. n that was more of fighting, bickering n irritating each other, both didn’t leave a single chance to irritate each other by sending various vedios, funny pics, meme’s on wats app… 
DAV collage canteen..
Armaan was sitting there with his friends n having lunch…where others were bsy pulling each others legs.. armaan was bsy with his phone.. n trying to find another way for irritating MMC as he loved calling her…. Something caught his eye…

Chapter 6 : Love or Earth

At first, people were excited about this new technology and wanted to buy it as another asset in their collection. Even governments of all the countries had installed these devices to compensate for the trees. The land, which was earlier the home of trees, was now covered by high buildings and houses.
But all this happiness was short lived. Nothing comes without a price. Without trees, there was scarcity of rains. Due to the shortage of rains, scientists are working on artificial rain. Pollution was at its peak. The vehicles which were fuel operated three years back are now battery operated. So, there was no pollution due to vehicles but due to the industries (old and new which were installed to make the parts of “O2”). There was a whole misbalance in the environment.
People developed heart and breathing problems. Without food, people were relying on capsules which can’t give them sufficient nutrients because of which their health was further deteriorating. Their efficiency at work was decreasing.
 On one hand, all this chaos was going on and on other hand, the businessmen were looking at this situation as a money making time. Market was at its highest peak.
Armaan had become the richest business after introducing “O2” in the market. He had decided to open his own research lab to make more of such inventions.

Part 37 : ArSh FF ~ SIRF TUM ~ (SEASON 2)


"What?? Kitna yaad aaya??" he asked happily
"Zyada nai yaad... But but... I saw my self running inside a Mall... All around in a Fair" he said thoughtfully making Dev smiled "Par dono jagah ek chiz common thi... Main Shilpa ka naam chilla raha tha..." he said doubtfully making Dev narrow his bows "To kya main kabhi kisi Mall mein aise jaise Dange mein fasa tha... Vaise fasa hun.. Yaa fir kisi Fair mein??" he asked normally


Riddhima takes the clothes for the laundary and comes back after 5 minutes...

Meanwhile, Armaan is engrossed looking at all his certificates...

Riddhima: Armaan...

Armaan: .....

Riddhima: (Waving her hands infront of is eyes) ARMAAANNNN.....

Chapter 33 : I'll Love You Longer Than Forever - AR FF

The next few days passed by quickly. Slowly, Armaan was coming to realize that Riddhima really was fine with him not wanting to get married right away. He couldn't have been more grateful for the fact.
Riddhima had been absolutely amazing to him the past few weeks. After he had explained to her just why he wanted to wait before they got married, he was sure she was going to laugh in his face at his pathetic excuses. But, she had held him and loved him and reassured him. It made him love her even more.

Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Part 7 : Remember this (Arsh ff)

Muskaan smiled at shilpa: it seems things have improved since last time we met. You're getting along with armaan?
Shilpa thought back to the last couple of weeks and smiled. They had come a long way both armaan and shilpa, they had forged a friendship of sort. Since their conversation things had started to change, they had started to talk and spend time together. Armaan had taken shilpa to visit different sights of the city, most of the sights looked familiar but no memory popped up. Even without no change in her memory status the experience had been fun.

Chapter 5 : Love or Earth

As the days passed by, Armaan and Ridhima’s life was taking turns. Now Armaan used to spend almost whole day in his office. They could not get time for their daily chit chats. Armaan was becoming over ambitious, always wanting to grab any opportunity for making more money. He was becoming money and power hungry. In this hunger, many times he had neglected Ridhima. It was not that his love for Ridhima had decreased. It is just that his priorities had changed.
It has been three years since Armaan and Ridhima’s marriage. Armaan has got one new project about which he has been very excited. Armaan called Ridhima from his office and asked her to get ready as he is taking her out for dinner.
At dinner, “Happy marriage anniversary, wify” Armaan said and gave her a diamond pendant as gift to Ridhima.
“Happy marriage anniversary, Armaan.” Ridhima wished him and added “But I have not brought any gift for you. I am sorry”
Armaan smiled and said “Ridhima, It’s okay. Well, on this occasion I have a great news. Our company has got a new project from a research lab based in China. And I know you will also be interested in it.”

PART - 5 & 6 : I want you to hate me

~ Locker Room ~

Every1 was busy taking their stuff when finally Riddhima came after talking 2 Dr. Keerti 2 take her belongings...

Muskan elbowed Anji as soon as Riddhima came,, "yaar.. aab jab sath mein hi kaam karna hain to baat karna to banta hain.. Nahi??" Muski asked nd all nodded...

part 19 : Chahat

same night...
(armaan raat ko kamre mein aata hai toh riddhima files parh rahi hoti hai aur poore kamre mein chakar kaat rahi hoti hai aur galti se bina dekhe armaan se takra jaati hai aur pisal jaati hai ke arman usko waist se pakarleta hai aur dono ek dusre ki aankhon mein khou jaate hain)

Episode 100 : (last part) : Life style

(armaan jaga jaga riddhima ko dhoond raha hota hai usko awaazein laga raha hota hai armaan bohat ghabraya hua hota hai rishi bhi darjata hai aur riddhima ko fone karta hai)
(armaan ke paas bhagta hua aata hai)
Rishi worried: nahi armaan fone karta hun.. Riddhima ko

Tuesday, 28 November 2017


2 days passed smoothly as armaan had planned.. ridhima was eagerly waiting for armaan to pick her up from sanjeevani but instead of armaan their family driver was standing in the parking lot…
Driver : ridhima baby..armaan baba ka cal aya tha vo late hojayenge islie mujhe bheja…
ridhima’s smile vanished n was replaced with a frown.. : chalie kaka… saying so she sat I the car..
Ridhima murmuring to herself.. : bilkul baat nahi krungi use.. huh. Sadial kahin ka.. promise breaker.. jitna mrzi mane ki koshish kre main nahi mne wali.. window pr bda sa lock lgake uski keys ko faink dungi…

Chapter 3& 4 : Love or Earth

Chapter 3

Wedding day
Ridhima’s P.O.V.
Today is my marriage with my prince charming, Armaan. I am so much happy yet nervous. Don’t know where Nikita is. I mean today is my marriage and I have got ready within 2 hrs only. And this girl is not ready even after 3hrs.
“Hey Ridhima, missed me? ;)”
“Where were you idiot?”
“Come on. I have to look pretty. After all I am bridesmaid. May be I will also find my prince charming” Nikita said while floating in her dreams of a prince.
“You talk so much Ridhima. We have to go to the church. Armaan must be waiting.”
“Yeah.. I am sorry for taking so long in getting ready.” I said with sarcasm.
  I and Armaan wanted a simple marriage not much pomp and show. That's why only Nikita as bridesmaid and Atul (Armaan's friend) as groomsmen were invited.

part 13 : All for your love

next day when arman woke up,saw riddhima was not in bed. He remembered her Last night’s behavior but jerked this thought from his mind and went to washroom to freshen. After freshened up ,he dressed himself with a white safari suit and came in front of mirror to comb hairs,but he got surprised to see the ‘mangal-sutr’ which he had put in riddhima’s neck, kept there. his mind said that riddhima did it knowingly but heart assured him that she forgot about it. He took it and came down and saw mumma was in the kitchen but riddhima was not there. he came in the kitchen and asked slowly : “mumma,riddhima kahan hai?”

Part 36 : ArSh FF ~ SIRF TUM ~ (SEASON 2)



"Suno.. Police aa gayi hai... Chalo jaldi bahar" she turned at her who smiled hearing this while the kids ran towards her happily
"Matlab hum bach gaye.." they said in unionism making their mother smile


Armaan and Riddhima have their dinner and retire to their room....

Armaan lies on the bed where as riddhima changes and comes and sits beside him...

Armaan puts his head on her lap and she caresses his hair...

Riddhima: Armaan, its the time when rajveer bhaiyya comes to home... hum ab phone kar sakte hain... bhaiyya will be free... shall we call him ?

Monday, 27 November 2017

hi friends,today is the happy birthday of a sweet blog member and awesome writer Humaira Grover. lets wish her....

A Very Very Happy Birthday Humaira.Many Many Happy Returns Of The Day.I hope you have a wonderful day and that the year ahead is filled with much love, many wonderful surprises and gives you lasting memories that you will cherish in all the days ahead. 

Chapter 1 & 2 : Love or Earth

Chapter 1

Ridhima’s P.O.V.
“Ridhima, wake up. You have to go for your date. Remember.”
“Nikita, Let me sleep. My Date is in four hours.”
 “Yes, just four hours are remaining. You have to get ready. Get up right now.”
Hello readers, I am Ridhima. 24 years old living in Mumbai and working in Sanjeevani Hospital as a resident doctor. Besides the hospital, I also help a NGO namely “Nature” which works for saving our environment and creating much more beautiful place to live in.
Let me introduce you all with my boyfriend Armaan Mallik, CEO of an IT company. We are having our relationship since school time (yes, we were classmates in school). Earlier, Armaan was a heartthrob and funny guy.  Since he has started his business, he has become extremely busy with his work. He does not have time for even a cup of coffee with me. But still I love him
I think I have talked a lot about myself. I should get ready before Nikita kills me.
4 hrs Later

Part-24: Fateful Love In An Arranged Marriage

She started thinking abt him over n over again but still couldn't find the answer her heart needs to know
resting her head  back on the bedpost she took her mobile n started reading their conversation n a small smile appeared on her cheeks

she was in two minds whether to text him or not
after a lot of struggle she decided to not text him

she placed her mobile back on the bed side table n again got engrossed in her own chain of thoughts...

part 18 : Chahat

some days passed...
(kuch din yuhi guzarjaate hai armaan aur riddhima ke beech koi rishta banta naahi pyaar ka aur naahi dosti ka riddhima armaan se door raheti hoti hai aur arman bhi riddhima ko ab aur takleef nahi dena chahta hota hai isiliye usse door rahena hi behtar samjhta hai)

Chapter 32 : I'll Love You Longer Than Forever - AR FF

Riddhima spent the entire day with Armaan, never leaving his side. She tried to tell him again and again that it was fine, that she understood and that she wasn't going anywhere. By some twisted notion that he had in his head, he had formed a warped theory that now she was going to leave him for good because he didn't want to get married right away.
As if she could ever go away, she scoffed.

Episode 99 : Life Style

Malik mansion...
(riddhima ko hosh aata hai toh woh apne kamre mein hoti hai aur uske saamne rishi khara hota hai riddhima jhata pata kar uthi hai aur rishi ki tarah aati hai)

Sunday, 26 November 2017

part 12 : All For Your Love

Arman didn’t meet with dr. shshank but sent his parents to talk to him and they back finalizing the day of AR’s married. Arman was happy in heart but asked mumma : “itni kya jaldi thi mumma?”
Billy chukcled: “is saal nahi beta,next year shadi hai tera us date me.”
Ananya glared billy and replied to arman : “beta,humne kuch nahi kaha,shshank ko jaldi hai ,usne kaha toh hum mana nahi kar paye.”

Part 35 : ArSh FF ~ SIRF TUM ~ (SEASON 2)



Evening in Church

"One by one, drops fell from her eyes like they were on an assembly line - gather, fall, slide...gather, fall, slide...each one commemorating something she had lost. Hope. Faith. Confidence. Pride. Security. Trust. Independence. Joy. Beauty. Freedom. Innocence." 

Part 6 : Remember this (Arsh ff)

Muskaan pulled armaan back: relax armaan! You got to her in time. She's fine now.
Armaan looked up at her: no thanks to me! I pushed her to this state.
Muskaan: armaan!
Armaan: no! I'm no better than the guys who tried to kill her in the first place. What sort of person am I ? I'm a doctor I save lives but I handed her the knife to slit her wrist.
Muskaan heard his pain: why did you then? You took her home yourself then what changed?
Armaan stared ahead: I don't know! I just wanted to help her make her smile, see her reclaim her life and then that day when rahul reacted to shilpa moving in with me I panicked and I messed up everything.



All of them enter the house and head towards the hall area...

Armaan and riddhima sit beside each other in a couch and all the other people also settle there....

Riddhima: So, friends, missed you all a lot...