Saturday, 9 December 2017

installment 1 : sohneya ar os

Heloo guys its my new OS. it is inspired from one of the latest trending Punjabi song my current fav .. named “Sohneya” which is also the name of this OS.. Song is sung by “Guri”, lyrics by “Yaad Purewal” , music by “Sukh-E Muzical Doctorz” , the beautiful vedio by “Parmish Verma” (one of my fav ;-) )

Youtube link of song video...

I have quoted a few lines from song.. since its in Punjabi I have tried my best to give its translations along with the quoted lyrics. (ps : agar smj na aye u can ask me ill try to modify my translation)


"Teri Hidimba ne photo upload kiya hai" Shilpa was munching on her chocolates keeping her tab in her lap. Armaan was on the last page of his mystery book so all his senses had drowned into the book.
"Oye" Shilpa hit him with his leg...
"Don't disturb" he scowled
"OK" Shilpa said with a mischievous smile.

"Good night bandar" Shilpa kissed his cheek tight just to disturb him ...but looked like Mr Malik perfectly knew how to concentrate .
"Ghus ja usi me ghus ja" she taunted and covered herself with the blanket. In a few minutes she drifted off to sleep.


PART - 11 : I want you to hate me

Soon atul came back to his friends with the certificate nd bouquet smiling widely. All hugged him nd decide to do a small party in the canteen. But before that muski wanna teach that super model a good lesson. All went near riddhima who was on the verge of leaving the auditorium.. when she heard muskaan's voice..
"so miss super model.. har kar kaisa lag raha hain, haan?? Upset orrr (she intentionally stretched the word nd said).. or super upset??"

promo : Chahat _

After 15 years later....
Ashnoor kaur: as Natasha garewal 14 years old daughter of muskan and rahul....

Friday, 8 December 2017


Everyone will talk about many memories like these and finally retire to their rooms :)

Now, Armaan and riddhima are alone in the room...

Riddhima shifts to Armaan's lap...

Armaan: Hmm... Toh tum bohot shaitani karti thi...

Part 41 : ArSh FF ~ SIRF TUM ~ (SEASON 2)



"Where there is love there is life."


Tu hi bharosa
Zindagi ka
Tu hai
Mera hausla...

"Tch! Kahan rakh diya" she muttered angrily while searching everywhere "Shayad dresser pe" she spoke confusedly and moved towards there "Yahan pe b nai hai" she spoke confusedly "Pata nai ye sab chize sirf ladkiyo ko hi kyun pehna padta hai" she cursed while taking a breath "Yaad aaya vo to bathroom mein rakha tha.. Haa" she thought and moved towards bathroom She slowly opened the door which by mistakenly closed making the door locked she walk towards bathroom mirror where a

Part 12 : Remember this (Arsh ff)

Shilpa forgot how to breathe with the first touch of armaan's body pressed to her, after days of craving for his company and touch, finally to have him in such close proximity was bliss and pain both. Armaan breathed in her scent and felt himself losing his bearings, he leaned in closer and nuzzled her below her ear. Shilpa moaned as his hot breath touched her sensitive skin, she tilted her

Thursday, 7 December 2017

PART 51:Ehsaas

As the effects of the anesthesia wore off, Riddhima woke up and looked around. She was startled and frightened to see herself entangled amongst tubes and catheters.

Her movements set the monitor alarms off.

"Oh…Oh…relax relax Ms Riddhima…..aapko hosh aa gaya……congratulations aap maa ban chuki hain!" Sister Molly turned the pause button on the monitor.

AR one shot : Love Knows No Boundry

Armaan woke up and went to get fresh. he came down to have brakfast with his parents. the TV was on and as soon as he steps down there was a braking news on the TV
riporter: We are very sorry to inturupt ur program but we just rishived this braking news from taliban that some of the Al Kiyda operater had just blasted a bome at the fron of the hotel where the press meeting was going ot took place and we also have receved a word that one of the reporter to be pricies the BBC world news reporter RIDHIMA GUPTA was kidnaped and it had been almost 4 hourse ot her kidnaping. ................................

PART - 10 : I want you to hate me


Mu : jaldi chal yaar.. late ho gaye toh hitler mar dalegi..

Ni : right.. let's go fast..

Ra : chill girls.. abhi bhi 10minutes baki hain ceremony start hone main..

Ar: champ yaar.. relax.. tu hi jitega .. don't worry..

part 23 : Chahat

days passed...
(din guzar jaate hai aur rahul aur muskan ki shaadi ka din ajata hai jahan armaan ko lag raha hota hai ke ab riddhima uske beech ke faasle mit rahe hai wahi dusri taraf riddhima ne bhi apne apko tayar karlia hota hai ke rahul aur muskan ki shaadi ke baad woh armaan ke saath ek naye sire se zindagi shuruh karegi)

Wednesday, 6 December 2017

Part 40 : ArSh FF ~ SIRF TUM ~ (SEASON 2)

Synopsis of Part 39

"Tell me you truly love me before I give you my heart to hold. I don't want you to turn me around and stab me in the heart I once had."

Part 11 : Remember this (Arsh ff)

Armaan walked into his house in a foul mood it had been 4 days since his talk with muskaan but he had yet to talk to shilpa. To make matters worse rahul had cornered him in the hospital and asked what had he done to shilpa that she was looking for a place to live. This piece of news so unexpected had made him feel as if his head was going to blow off.



All of them pack their bags and are go to goa...


Mansi: Oh wow... Really so sweet... Visiting this place after a long time...

Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Part 2 (last) : When You Can't Fake It Just Make It (os)

Armaan was all broken read what all happened with ridhima in the last few months in his absence. The girl he has left behind was so innocent and away from all the major suffering that life through in once life as she had her father and him in her life to protect her. Now after reading everything Armaan thought that this ridhima have suffered everything that he wanted to protect her from, but he couldn't.

All day Armaan kept himself locked in his room not wanting to face ridhima before he set his mind clear about what was right then or now to do. It's about three lives that are to talk about. He was mad at everyone and that not just others he was mad at himself too.

He was mad at Ridhima for not telling him the reality before dragging him into that mess making her own life more messier than ever.

PART - 9 : I want you to hate me

~ One and Half Month Later at Nurse Station ~

All were gathered for briefing session.. But all were busy consoling Atul except Riddhima of course.. She was standing lill away from this with i-m-not-so-interested-in-ur-stupid-drama look on her face.. She was standing supporting the receptionist's table, flipping pages of some random medical magazine showing not to care about Atul but in reality she was juz flipping the pages but all her concentration was in the conversation.

part 22 : Chahat

Next Day..
riddhima: chale..
muskan confused: kahan bhabi..

Monday, 4 December 2017

part 1 : When You Can't Fake It Just Make It (os)

     "  Aaj Is Pal ko mein yahin ked kar lun. Kabhi beet na jaye is tarah saja lun.
      Bhale hi galat hain ye ehsas mera par kya karun dil ke haaton majbur hun."
                               (My Lines)


"It was my dream since the time I got to know what the real LOVE feels like. It was all I saw day and night, waking or sleeping. We have been separated number of times due one or other reasons most of the time the reason was nothing but my own misunderstanding but this time I don't want to let him go. I know the separation is on cards again but I want to be with him for someday before that

Part 39 : ArSh FF ~ SIRF TUM ~ (SEASON 2)


4 hours later...

"Pata nai main is duniya mein aayi hi kyun...?? Na koi manzil hai mere paas aur na hi koi choice... Kisi ne kuch nai kaha infact vo sahi hai... Meri hi kismat kharab hai... Aur kahin vohi kismat Armaan ko takleef na de" a vulnarable Shilpa looked at the space blankly "Kyun meri kismat aisi hai... Kyun??" she asked herself while crying "Vo to nai pata Shilpa par... Kisi k aane se pehle tu ghar chod de... Varna jaa nai paaygi tu" her mind suggested her who nodding in YES stood up from bed while clearing her tears... Wdout saying anything she went inside the Wardrobe and started taking out her clothes, bag was already lying on bed opened "Shilpa ye sab chize to Armaan k diye hue hai... Kuch b mat le... Varna log tujhe chor b keh sakte hai" as her mind said this she became helpless which made her slumped on floor while crying... Actually the thing is after getting ready Armaan came downstairs only to find her in some deep thoughts standing on the entrance so wdout letting her know he directly held her wrist who got startled and took her towards the Car... In whole way he was trying to irritate her who was cursing Surbhi mentally

Part 10 : Remember this (Arsh ff)

Rahul sat on the beach and looked at his best friend and thought that he was toast. Armaan lay on the blanket that was spread across the sand with his eyes closed and head propped on his hands. Shilpa sat nearby with muskaan chatting about something that he couldn't be bothered about. Rahul's gaze stopped at shilpa and he had to smile, the girl had some serious looks but there was more. She was smart and even though she had it rough at the start she was coping well with the hand she'd been dealt. His gaze of its own violation went to muskaan who sat on the beach with her wild mane


Riddhima: Ok armaan... I will go and have my shower... Mujhe breakfast bhi arrange karni hai...

Armaan: Ok... You go and meanwhile I will do all the packing...

Riddhima: Aur ek baat bhul gayi...

Armaan makes her sit again on his lap...

Riddhima puts her hands round his neck...

Riddhima: Wo kya hain na armaan... Say yes only if you like it... I dont have any force in this issue... Whether it is yes or no... i am happy...

Sunday, 3 December 2017

Part 9 : Remember this (Arsh ff)

Shilpa sat in the library of the hospital reading a medical journal as there was an interesting article relating to amnesia. As she read on she was a bit dejected as the article did not tell her how to regain her memory. She closed the journal and sat back with a huff thinking what to do next she had already talked to muskaan who was satisfied with her recovery. Shilpa had asked her about her continuing loss of memory to which muskaan had responded by telling her to relax and let her mind recover.
Shilpa breathed in deeply and exhaled hoping to let the frustration she felt out of her system. She dropped her head on the table and rapped her forehead on the table.

PART - 8 : I want you to hate me

~ Same Day ~

It was 10 past 7 in d evening.. Duty was over 4 every1.. Riddhima sneaked in2 sanjeevani.. Juz then she heard:

"Riddhima bitiya.."

Riddhima bit her tounge as she was caught... She closed her eyes nd turned...

"Riddhima bitiya..."

part 21 : Chahat

Same night...
(armaan change karke aata hai toh muskan ne riddhima ki saree change kardi hoti hai armaan usse dekhta hai aur kamra lock karleta hai aur uske barabar mein aakar betha hai aur uska maatha choomta hai)

Chapter 34 : I'll Love You Longer Than Forever - AR FF

"Paris?" Armaan echoed.
Dr. Shashank nodded.
"Hum dono ko?" Riddhima asked.
He nodded again.
"Kyu?" They asked in unison.
Dr. Shashank laughed at their shell shocked expressions before replying. "Wahaan par ek bohot badi medical conference hai, aur hum sabne milke decide kiya hai, ki hum chaahte hai tum dono wahaan Sanjeevani, India ko represent karo."
They both looked even more shocked, if that was possible, on hearing this.
"Hum... hum dono?" Armaan asked.