Saturday, 16 December 2017

Chapter 38 : I'll Love You Longer Than Forever - AR FF

Previously on...
AR are to go to Paris for a conference.
Riddhima and Rahul's friends - Cole and Tessa to get married there. Everyone was invited to the wedding.
Muskaan engaged to RK who is in love with Madhu. AR & RK team up to bring RaMusk back together. Riddhima decides to reunite RK & Madhu.

Armaan and Riddhima spent some much needed time together that evening. Armaan took Riddhima out to one of their favourite restaurants for dinner. They sat in a secluded booth and talked in hush whispers, stealing kisses every now and then. They went to Udaan for a while and spent some time with everybody, finally winding up on the beach for a leisurely stroll, still wrapped up in each other.
Armaan dropped Riddhima home with a long, deep kiss that rendered them both breathless and a whispered I love you.'

PART 55:Ehsaas

This is my favorite part of this whole story. Hope you all like it too...

After the party, Armaan stayed behind to help clear up all the mess. They all sat down to open the presents. Riddhima avoided eye contact with Armaan; she purposely sat far away from him. Even though, she was sitting far, she knew Armaan's gaze was fixated on her. His piercing and soulful gaze was weakening her resolve; he had always been good at reading her body language, although he could never read what her heart really wanted. She could not deny the fact that there was still a mutual attraction for each other. She had sensed his heart beat and rapid breathing, whenever she was near him; and she was sure Armaan sensed the same about her.

Part 16 : Remember this (Arsh ff)

Armaan, shilpa and rahul were having an early dinner with muskaan at her place. They sat in the living room eating pizza with coke while armaan, rahul and muskaan were reminiscing about their college days. They paused to eat or drink when shilpa spoke up: whats wrong with me?
Three sets of eyes swung in her direction taking in her frowning face, they looked back at one another at sea as to what made her ask such a question.
Rahul: hey beautiful! Whats wrong? You're not feeling well!
Shilpa shook her head then looked at muskaan: can't you do something!
Muskaan: tell me what's wrong and we'll try and work things out together.
Armaan held shilpa's hand: tell me! what happened today? Did someone say something to you at work.

Friday, 15 December 2017

Arsh One Shot :It's Never Too Late

"I love her, man."


"I love her, Rahul."

"Armaan, you idiot! You know she's leaving today  right?!"

"Yea..." He sighed, "That's what made me realize it."

"Why are you sitting here?! Go after her! Don't just sit there and get comfortable!"

Part 6 : Dard Na Jaane Koi (An AR FF)

Following night, Armaan couldn't sleep whole night as he was thinking about Riddhimas new behaviour towards him. He never thought Riddhima would stood in front of him and answer him back for whatever he had been doing and saying to her.

PART - 14 : I want you to hate me

"armaan.. sab thik hoga na??" muski asked hopefully as well as meekly..
"hope so.." he assured her forcing a smile..

They all r outside conference room's 10:55AM.. 5minutes more nd d meeting will strt.. god knows wat they will do.. god knws wat B.O.D s will do?? Will dey give dem a chnce?? Will dey

Thursday, 14 December 2017

Part 87:From The Time I Saw You - An AR FF -


Anjali was welcoming the guest as Anjul was with Riddhima who was making him ready as he took another nap before the party start... As Anjali wouldn't be able to put him to sleep earlier that night with the guests and noises, Anjali has put Anjul to sleep before the party start...

Chapter 37: I'll Love You Longer Than Forever - AR FF

Previously on...
RK ropes in AR to bring RM back together.

The next few days found Armaan & Riddhima planning to get Rahul and Muskaan together, alongwith working on a plan for RK & Madhu on top of all the preparations for their upcoming trip to Paris and their hospital duties.
Not to mention all the Skyping that Riddhima was doing with soon - to - be bride Tessa.
So, suffice to say Armaan was missing his Basket, badly. Sure, they spent most of their time together for work and planning, but it wasn't the same. They didn't have any us' time for them to just be and forget about everything else apart from the two of them.

PART 54:Ehsaas

After speaking with some of the local people, Armaan went up to Sid, "thanks yaar….your song was very touching. Ab kya plan hai tera? Wapas London jaayega ya Mumbai mein hi rahega?"

"Main Mumbai mein ek music company ke liye kaam karoonga….as a matter of fact, they need a female voice for their next album….do you think Riddhima would be interested? Her last album was such a hit." Sid asked innocently, unaware of the dynamics between the estranged couple.

Part 15 : Remember this (Arsh ff)

Shilpa couldn't help but think about what rahul had said. It was her day off both from the hospital and the caf, she was holed up in her apartment. Her mind kept going over her conversation with rahul and the scene with armaan. There were no two ways about it she had been in the wrong she knew that but what hurt was that armaan had stopped talking to her.
She closed her eyes and remembered the last time armaan had been here, each word he had spoken was imprinted on her brain. In her minds eye she still recalled the scene when she had opened the door for muskaan and seen the apartment door shut behind armaan. He had left without saying anything. She opened her night stand and got the picture of armaan out and ran a loving finger over his image. He was smiling into the camera with his eyes sparkling with humor and intelligence and knew she didn't have a chance. She was just kidding herself if she thought that she could live without him, she looked out the window and realized that it was raining.

Wednesday, 13 December 2017

AR OS : Close To Heart

A 5 years old girl was playing in garden with her ball. Few kids came playing football there, she got scared by them and left hurriedly towards her home. Those kids laugh on her.
She was sitting in her room with teddy beside her, sadly looking towards the road, suddenly a car came infront of her house and a guy of her age jump out of the car followed by his mom dad and went inside the house just opposite to her own’s.
Guy turn towards her before entering inside and wave his hand while she hide herself, she was not a type of girl who easily befriend with others.
“aa gai meri princess, come lets have snacks” Padma said as soon as she saw Riddhima.
“Mom, I don’t want to eat” she said sitting on chair.
“Why my princess don’t want to eat” Shashank enter inside and hugs Riddhima.
“Dad, I’ll eat with you” Riddhima become happy.
“Oh! Means princess don’t love me” Padma pout.
“I love you too mom” she happily hugged her.

PART - 13 : I want you to hate me

Intercom : "Dr. Rahul Grewal.. report to dr. keerti immediately.."

Ra : "chal beta rahul… marney ke liye taiyaar ho ja.."

He got up nd ran towards dr. keerti's office.. all other also followed him n waited outside dr. keerti's office..

Last part : Chahat

days passed...
(kuch din yuhi guzarjaate hai naahi chahat riddhima se armaan ke barein mein koi baat karti hai naahi riddhima usse kuch kaheti hai armaan bhi riddhima se doori banaye rakhta hai aur aisehi chahat ki shaadi ka din ajata hai)
(chahat ko anjali tayar karahi hoti hai)

Tuesday, 12 December 2017

An AR OS (Continue...) :Love Found It's Way

Thinking about their first meeting to till date, Armaan and Riddhima slept having nothing else to do... Their sleep were disturb with Riddhima mobile as it keeps ringing breaking the silent around the room... When it got disconnect, both try to go back to sleep but again it started to ring...

Chapter 36 : I'll Love You Longer Than Forever - AR FF

Previously on...

Gang meets RK for the first time
The truth behind Muskaan's engagement
RK announces that he wants to break up with Muskaan.

"Tum, tum Muskaan ke saath aisa kaise kar sakte ho?" Atul asked, bereft.
"Usse apni sabse achchi dost bula rahe ho, aur phir yeh keh rahe ho?" Anjali added.
"Abhi abhi tumne humse waada kiya, ki tum Muskaan ko kabhi hurt nahi karoge, aur abhi tum aisa keh rahe ho? Sharam nahi aati?" Riddhima asked, going to stand beside a stunned Muskaan. She pulled Muskaan into a hug.

PART 53: Ehsaas

The 'Dr Shashank Misra Memorial Hospital' was almost built as Arnav turned 9 months old.

Armaan met with the local MLA of Ramgarh, "sir….humara project ab khatam hone waala hai, we would like you to attend the open house for this hospital and address the local people."

"Yeh tho bahut badhaa maan hoga mere liye…..hamare sheher ke log bahut khush hain ki aap sab doctor log milkar yeh hospital khol rahe hain, par yeh batao hamare yahan ke sab log wahan ilaaj afford kar paayenge?" the minister asked.

Part 14 : Remember this (Arsh ff)

Shilpa realized she had been staring at the page for the last ten minutes of the book she was supposedly reading. She shut book and rubbed her eyes with her fingers and thought how she had made a mess of things. It had been a month since she started her new job but the last day at the club had blighted what she had expected this new beginning to mean.

Monday, 11 December 2017

An AR OS : Love Found It's Way

Girl of mid 20's were laying on the bed on her stomach, laptop was kept in front of her as she was staring at the screen with a beautiful smile on her lips, a blush on her cheeks and sparkles in her expressive gorgeous green orbs as she scroll down the page which has dozen's of pictures of a couple who were in so much love...

PART - 12 : I want you to hate me

Ra : "really bro?? cool then.."
Rahul thought a bit… then scrutinizing the canteen he said wickedly..
"there are so many gals in the canteen ri8 now.. propose the one u dislike most"
All shouted in joy.. while armaan juz passed him THE look…
"sorry.. dude.. it's a dare after all.."
Rahul winked nd armaan frowned nd started examining the canteen..

part 24 : Chahat

15 Years Later....
(pandra saal guzar jaate hai par riddhima ki nafrat armaan ke liye kam nahi hoti aaj bhi utni hi nafrat aur utni hi hikarat hoti hai jitni pandra saal pahele thi)
(itne saalon mein arjun aur chahat best friend ban jaate hai aur dono ek dusre se pyaar karte hote hai)

Sunday, 10 December 2017

AR one shot : ~*~PREM MILAP~*~

It was a very beautiful summer morning. There were two teenager about the same age looked liked a twines were siting at the table n watching TV n muching on their breakfast'. Just then one beautiful lady in her mid thirtyies came in the room n greet them
Lady: gud morning
Boy: morning beautiful
Girl: morning masi
The lady came to them n give them both kiss on their chick''
Lady: whats the plan for today want to go out for shopping or just want to stay home and'
Her talk was ineterpted by the new reporter

Chapter 35: I'll Love You Longer Than Forever - AR FF

Previously on...
AR talk about the impending trip to Paris & the Colessa nuptials.
Muskaan announces her engagement.

"What?" Armaan whispered. "Engagement?"
Muskaan nodded wordlessly.
"Kuch mahino pehle. Actually, main isliye hi Mumbai waapas aayi hu. Mera fianc Mumbai mein rehta hai. Toh shaadi ke baad main bhi..." She trailed off.

PART 52:Ehsaas

After about a month or so, Arnav was discharged from the hospital. He was bigger and stronger now, and not dependant on any medical support any longer. Riddhima had recuperated from her surgery well.

Muskaan also tried to talk to Riddhima about Armaan, but Riddhima was adamant about her decision.

"Riddhima….tumhey tho ab sab pataa hai ki yeh sab Anjali aur Abhimanyu ki chaal thi, ab tho Armaan ko maaf kar do," Muskaan pleaded.

Part 13 : Remember this (Arsh ff)

Armaan walked down the corridor feeling more alive than he had felt in a long time. He had a smile on his face and a bounce in his step, every one walking past him turned and looked at him.
Ho ho ho..
Tu hi ehsason mein, (as armaan made his way to the nurse station shilpa walked up to the reception to take her place at the desk. Armaan stopped in mid motion and stared at her, shilpa as if sensing his gaze looked up and smiled a bit self consciously)
Tu hi jazbaton mein,
Tu hi lamhaton mein,
Tu hi din raaton mein..