Monday, 31 December 2018

Part 43 : ArSh FF ~ SIRF TUM ~ (SEASON 2)


"We accept the love we think we deserve."

Mai jo b hun
Jaisa hun
Tujhme rehta
Khota hun...

"Aaj mera mood nai hai ghar jaane ka... Aur bhul gayi maine kaha tha sab kuch sort out karne k baad hi hum ghar jaaynge" replying calmly he removed his shoes making her stared him confusedly
"Ab kya reh gaya hai Armaan??" she asked annoyingly as he kept his shoes beside his other side calmly
"Tumhe jaana hai..??" he asked calmly staring at her who looked at him confusedly But somewhere he is right they need to talk they need to solve everything so she kept quiet "Chalo... Vahan walk karte hai..." when he didn't got any answer he pointed at the sea while standing up "Chalogi..." extending his hand infront of her he asked calmly to which she shook her head keeping her hand on his and stood quietly
"Aur sandals mere..." she looked down on her sandals making him smile
"Bhaag nai jaayga tumhari tarah... Chalo..." taunting her smilingly he dragged her near the sea who looked at him wd a smile

part 53 : Haatho Ki Lakeeron mein

Next day, Armaan gets up and have flashbacks of yesterday night, he didn’t remember all as he was in sleep but still he wants to know.

He called Riddhima, she was sleeping and gets up with Armaan’s call.

“Hello” she received the call.

“Good Morning Riddhima, mujhe ek baat puchni hai” he said instantly.

“Kya hua Armaan?” Riddhima asked getting up properly.

“Kal kya hua tha?” Armaan asked.

Part 35 : college life

Anjali and atul engagement.
Ridhima :arman baat to suno kyu naraj ho.
Arman: main kab naraj hua apse .
Ridhima: kyu muh fulaya hua hai .
Arman: or kya karon tumhare pass sabke liye time hai mere liye hi nyi hai ek dance bhi nyi kiya mere sath .
Ridhima: mera sara time apka hi hai .
Arman: han dikh rha hai vo mujhe .
Ridhima : acha dance karna mere sath chalo

Sunday, 30 December 2018

Part 34 : college life

Arman: kya hua .
Ridhima: nothing.
Arman: ohh plz don’t lie to me I can sense something is bothering you so tell me.
Ridhima: are nyi baba am fine and then smile .
Arman: ye fake smile kisi or ko dikhana so just tell me and if you don’t wana then its ok main force nyi karonga .
Arman turn to left but ridhima hold his hand .
Ridhima: arman stop aisa nyi hai ok you want to talk not here lets go inside.
Arman: ok come with me .
Ananya: arman ridhima khan ja rhe ho.

Last part : Kismet (AR ss)

after got dischared from hospital armaan took riddhima along with him to his house' he was very happy but do not know why??????

" riddhima aayo ye tumhara room hai'.tum yahaan raho aaram se koi problem nahi hai..'"

" armaan tumhare gher mein koi aur nahi hai'" asked riddhima hestitatly'

" nahi actually I m bechalor toh koi nahi hai aur hai waise bhi main delhi mein rehta hooon toh rent par hai'"

Armaan understand her hesitation'

" do not worry riddhima trust me...... I will not cross my lines'"

" its okay armaan I completely trust you'" said riddhima with a assurance'

" okay riddhima tayyar ho jaao' we have to go to a party'"

Saturday, 29 December 2018

part 52 : Haatho Ki Lakeeron mein

Armaan was getting bored being in room so he decided to roam around in garden but maid ask him to be in room as instructed by others.
“Listen, I’m just going to walk in garden ok” Armaan tried to resist his anger.
“Sorry Sir wo Ananya M’am,,,,,” she don’t know what to say.
Armaan called her Mom to ask what was all these.
“Hello, Ammy kya hua? U ok na?” Ananya asked as soon as she received his call.
“Mom, what’s all these? Kaha hain aap? Aur ye maid mujhe garden me v nhi jane de rahi hai, I’m ok now why you guys are taking it upto your head, infact I wanna go office from tomorrow” Armaan was hell angry.

Part 33 : college life

All are enjoying , and dancing . Everyone is busy in the celebration. Arman pull ridhima aside .
Ridhima: kya kar rhe ho arman.
Arman: chup chap chalo mere sath .
Ridhima: arman koi dekh lega samjha karo.
Arman and ridhima come on terrace .
Arman: congratulations.
Ridhima: apko bhi .
Arman: so would be mrs arman malik hows you feel.
Ridhima blush on mrs arman malik .
Ridhima: let me show you how i feel .
Ridhima softly peck arman lips and pull back but before ridhima can move back arman lock her with his arms .
Arman: ahaaan not before proper kiss.

part 5: Kismet (AR ss)

Riddhima was very scared on seeing that gundas…and hid behind the the armaan…

" dekho main yahaan tum se laarane nahi aaya hoon… mujhe sirf ye ladaki chhayiye…"

" ye ladaki teri property nahi hai hai… hum ne is ko paise de kar kharida hai is ki maa se…"

Listening this riddhima got shock of her life…she had never thought that her step mother can do it…

" nahi aisa nahi ho saakta meri  maa mujhe nahi bach saakti…" said riddhima..

" ye sach hai teri maa ne poore 20,000 liye hai tere liye…"

Armaan also feel sorry for ridhima…

Then a man come forward and start taking of riddhima from their…

" armaan …armaan…"

Friday, 28 December 2018

Part 9- A : Kash SS Saathiyaa


In Hospital

"Zindagi bhi kitni ajib hai kisi ke jaane ke baad uski kami ka ehsaans hota hai jaise Papa ka coma me jaana" standing on corner a sad Shilpa thought staring at her husband whom she somehow handled "Aur jab mujhe itni taklif ho rahi hai toh Karan ka kya haal hoga" call it sympathy Love care or anything but Shilpa was only thinking about Karan whom Arun & Aahil were trying to make understand that he should inform about Raj's condition to Haider Rishubh & Vikrant but being admant he clearly refused

Part 42 : ArSh FF ~ SIRF TUM ~ (SEASON 2)

part 1-41


9 'o'clock @ Night

Ab rooh meri

Karne lagi hai

Teri nigehbaaniyaan...

"Tumne mera phone kyun nai uthaya tha kal raat??" a straight stern question from Armaan who looked at the passanger seat where his angry wife is sitting wd grumpy look still crossing her arms while looking outside the window "Shilpa main tumse bol raha hun" he said calmly while concentrating on road "Shilpa seriously kya bachpana hai ye..." looking at her he again asked making her angry

"Bachpana...?? Sachmein Armaan... Vo to aapko bolna chahiyee... Kya zarurat thi aapko mujhe lene aane ki" she backfired his question

Part 32 : college life

Abhi moved his face closer to hers n looking passionately in her eyes he moved his lips closed to hers and putting his lips on hers...and start kissing her passionately..... his hand moved on her waist pulling her close .
He wasn't able to control himself anymore while as soon as she felt his lips on hers,she was lost.
Niki hands soon went into his hairs...soon the kiss turned in to more passionate..... both kissed each other passionately taking out all their pant up emotions...abhi nibbled her upper lip while she chewed his lower lip...both then changed their positions as he chewed her lower lip on she nibbled his upper lip....while doing so he moved forward on pinned her to the wall nearby.... while kissing each other his hands moved up n down on her back which was almost bare....due. to her back less blouse while hers moves randomly on his hairs ruffeling them...both were lost in the kiss for how long they didn't know....

part 4: Kismet (AR ss)

Riddhima got shock on listen armaan truth and thanked god for helping her… if there would be any one else armaan then what would happen… she got scared on just think of it… then armaan asked her why she is here….

Then riddhima told him about every thing happen to her….. armaan conculed that she is from a good family and he must help her to come out from this dirty place…

" dekho riddhima tum meri maadad karo main vaada karta hoon main tumhe is dal dal se nikkalo gaaya…"

" maadad par main kaise kar saakti hoon tumhari maadad…"

" its very simple… tum bus sub par nazar rakho… aur yahaan job hi baatein hoti hai… aur koi bhi naayi ladaki naayi aati hai purani ladakiyon se pooch…unn se kuch pooch…aur sub patta karo… ur mujhe batao… "

Thursday, 27 December 2018

part 51 : Haatho Ki Lakeeron mein

“Vansh, kya ho gaya beta?” Prerna asked being worried.
“Mom, please Riddhima bhabhi ko wapas mat bhejna, ham waha pe the to Armaan bhaiya theek the, fir jab yaha aaye to unhe kuch ho gaya aur jab Riddhima bhabhi aa gai to wo fir theek ho gaye, ab agar wo fir se chali jayengi to fir Bhaiya,,,,” Vansh was so scared at that moment.
He don’t wanna Riddhima to leave for Armaan, his little mind was so stressed that he can’t even think being a kid.
“Vansh, bachha aisa nhi hai aur Riddhima to aa jayegi yaha pe” Ananya said holding him and he hugged her.
“To aap unhe mat bhejo please” Vansh said and tears were visible in his eyes.
Everyone was so stressed these days that they didn’t even noticed the phase in which Vansh was being scared of losing Armaan.

Part 31 : college life

Ridhima sleep get disturb because ridhima feels arman hot breath on her neck . 
Ridhima move and turn in arman arms and touch his face with her palm.
Ridhima is lost in arman. Ridhima arman ko pata nyi kab se lovingly dekh rhi hoti hai.
Arman: jaan kab tak aise dekhti rahogi .
Ridhima look amused.
Ridhima: tum uthe hue the .
Arman: nyi but apki najron ne utha diya jo kab se mujhe nihar rhi hai.
Ridhima blush and lower her eye lashes.

part 3: Kismet (AR ss)

" waah kya ladaki hai…laagata hai naayi aayi hai yahaan …" said armaan while looking towards riddhima…

He was sitting on the bar counter and speaking loudly…so that bar tender can hear him…

" sach mein baap kya le ladaki apun ko mill jaaye naa ek raat ke liye toh bus maaza hi aa jaaye… is ke liye toh apun kuch bhi kimeet deene ko tayyar hai…" said armaan to his friend mehra… using whole tappori language..

 Bar tender listen this and get excited to listen this and tell about this to his man…

" kya sahib laagata hai ki aap ko who ladaki bahut  pasand hai…" pointing towards riddhima…

" hai khubsoorat toh bahut hai…" said with a smile while watching riddhima…

Wednesday, 26 December 2018

Part 50 : Haatho Ki Lakeeron mein

“Sun,,,,, Rahul and Dad were trying to bring Jiju home, but Rahul dumbo asked me to keep Riddhima away from home till then, ab bata mai kaise roku use, wo to hospital jane k chakkar me jaldi jaldi kar rahi hai” she told her everything.
“Woww, bhai aaj aa jayenge” Nikki become excited.
“Shushhhh, they are trying” Muskaan said.
“Wowww, Bhabhi, that’s so awesome, aap tension na lo, late to ab mai karaungi” Nikki said being excited.
“Hmm, chal ab” Muskaan said.
“Kitna time lagate ho tumlog, dekho Vansh kab se wait kar raha hai” Riddhima said.
“Bhabhi, ye Nikki Di to aise hi karti hai, always” Vansh said pouting.

Part 30: college life

Everyone is ready for the wedding. Nikita is with beauticians they are helping her to get ready for her best day of life . Malik’s are already reach venue to welcome the barat and guest On the other hand gupta’s go to mandir and take blessings and from there they make abhi sit on ghodi and other family members,relatives and friends dance in front of ghodi .
Anjali and ridhima come in front of ghodi
Both girls are looking stunning.
Anjali wear white colour lehanga ,bengals in wrist and her hair are curl and open with heavy jewellery.
Ridhima is wearing pink and golden colour lehenga her choli is off shoulder .her hairs are tie in side bun heavy jewellery and Bengals in hands .
Abhimanyu is wearing lavender and golden colour shervani .

Song start 

part 2: Kismet (AR ss)

"Riddhima oh- riddhima kahaan ho tum… pata nahi kahaan marr gaayi subha subha… itna ghar ka kaam para hai aur naa jaane kahaan chali gaayi…riddhima…." Said riddhima's step mother…who was screaming because riddhima was not any where in the house…

" maa mein main pass ho gaayi…. " said riddhima while coming in the house…

" toh… toh main kya karo… parah likh kar kya kare gaayi….. sambhalana toh ghar baar hi hai.. chal jaa kar khaana banna le…" said in a strict tone…

But riddhima went inside the room where his father is lying on the bed… who was ill…

" baba main pass ho gaayi.. " said riddhima in a excited tone…

" sach beta…"

" hai baba…"

Tuesday, 25 December 2018

part 29 : college life

Arman is kissing ridhima Armaan pulled her towards him and smacked his hard Lips on her and and pulled her closer by putting his hands on her bare waist and looking once into her eyes he moved his face closer to hers n looking passionately in her eyes he moved his lips closed to hers and putting his lips on hers and start kissing her passionately his hand moved on her waist pulling her close .
He wasn't able to control himself anymore while as soon as she felt his lips on hers,she was lost.
Her hands soon went into his hairs soon the kiss turned in to more passionate both kissed each other passionately taking out all their pant up emotions armaan nibbled her upper lip while she chewed his lower lip both then changed their positions as he chewed her lower lip on she nibbled his upper lip while doing so he moved forward on pinned her to the wall again while kissing each other his hands moved up n down on her back while hers moves randomly on his hairs ruffeling them both were lost in the kiss for how long they didn't know.

part 1: Kismet (AR ss)

" well done armaan you have done  great work once again…. Humein tum par naaz hai…. You are the best c.b.i officer in the the whole police team… we r proud of you…." Said c.b.i chief.. while giving him a medal…

" thank you sir… mera yehi sapna hai ki main apne desh ki sewa karo…"

After that there was a great party for armaan's success… every one was enjoying  instead of armaan… he is a c.b.i officer but alone in this whole world his family left when he was 18 years old… he did not join his father's business as it always made him remind of his father… party lasts for very late…

Next day …

In early morning… armaan's cell start ringing… " hello…" aid armaan in a sleepe tone…

" sir main ritu bol rahi hoon chief ke office se… who aap se milna chhate hai … aap pls aa kar unn se mil le..theek 10 baaje …

" okay.. ritu…"

Last part : Ought to happen (AR ff)

"Ar-man" she unplugged his hand and tried to go and change'. When he turned her round and pulled her night suit up to her chest ' and moved his hand on her  back sensuously  "arman..!" she gasped louder'. Feeling his hand.'

 "NO'." she pushed him away and looked at him ' scarily'

 "Don't u want me?" he make a step towards her'

"NO" she whispered, walking back'

 "then why did u wait for me whole day!" he pointed while walking closer to her

 "I didn't!" she replied

 "yes u did!" he sighed and made a step closer to her' while she banged right at the back' wall

Monday, 24 December 2018

Part 8-B : Kash SS Saathiyaa


"Aap toh completely mujhe own karne lagi hain Dr Shilpa, Its getting impossible for me to stop" a dazed Karan thought still staring her trembling figure drapped in that annoying red towel, her closed eyes and nervous face was telling him she still needs time so controlling his hormones he thought to tease her "I don't know about you.. Par mujhe toh bahoot bhuk lagi hai, So jaldi se ready hokar aap bahar aaiye main dinner banata hun" whispering this on her ear wd a grin he stepped back making her eye lids up gradually in surprise but yes somewhere she was feeling disappointed and before she could look back he was out from the room while buttoning back his shirt giving some breath to her heart who sighed standing against the wardrobe door 

part 13 : Ought to happen (AR ff)

"why not Riddima?" he kissed her nap'

"I need time" Riddima walked up to dressing'

"Ok..!" Arman ' went to his cupboard and took out a black vest and black shots that landed a bit below his knee

 ' let see'. If today Mrs. Riddima Arman Malik'can stop her feelings??' he thought' 'I will seduce u' tease u' and will wait till u ask me ' to love u' he thought with a smile and walked to the washroom

'strange' he didn't did anything'. And I thought' he will come to me..' riddima thought 'I know I m not ready' but he could have atleast kiss me' she frowned with pouted lips' 'what do he expect from me' to jump over him'. Is he forgotten I m new here..? and m scared a bit..' she huffed and broke a bangle '.

Sunday, 23 December 2018

part 12 : Ought to happen (AR ff)

"Bas karroo Arman" she cried out'

He hugged her back.. Sobbing slightly ' not making it obvious that he felt help less

"Maff KArdo Riddima'!" he said with pain.. tears fell ' he fell half dead' his breath were stuck in his throat'

"Kardiya Arman!" moving her hands on his back' "kardiya'!" she said

Clearing her face' she clear his face' settled his hair properly'

"ab ghar jaoo.." she said passing a flattery smile ' while pushing him away'

Saturday, 22 December 2018

Part 8-A : Kash SS Saathiyaa


"Main thik toh kar rahin hun naa?? Haan bilkul kya galat kar rahi hai tu.. Bas apne first night ki raat bhaag hi toh rahi hai vo bhi darkar" as her mind taunted; her legs stopped in corridors where the lights were off except the dim lights, it was the same floor where their room was in fact she was not so far from their room "Yeh main kya kar rahin hun sirf isliye bhaag rahin hun kyunki Karan ne mujhse kaha vo mujhse pyaar karta hai? Lekin kyun karta hai ek toh bahoot mushkil se khudko manaya tha is rishte ki shuruaat karne ke liye uper se ab yeh, Kya zarurat thi us idiot ko propose

part 11 : Ought to happen (AR ff)

"U still like stuff toys?" he asked looking up to her ' while she nodded lightly

 "I love you'." He said

 She looked up shocked'


 "yes I do!" he again said bending over her' and she leans back'


 "yes' I really do" he said with pure love in his eyes'

"A'." she was tensed' he could tell'. Her body was breathing' heavily

Friday, 21 December 2018

chapter 15 (last): SHALL WE DANCE?

The moment had come and gone; now he would have to wait till after the show. She was gone. "Kahan chali gayi wo?" He wondered. Suddenly, he felt a tap on his shoulder.

Hoping it would be Riddhima, he turned around with a smile, but was shell shocked to see the tall, svelte, glamorous woman with a cigarette in her hand.

"NIKITA?" He was elated and shocked at the same time.

"HELLO ARMAAN!" She smiled sardonically, "CAN WE TALK?"

"Sure!" He smiled hesitantly, perplexed at a very healthy and alluring Nikita in front of him. He had imagined her to be a terminal cancer patient, perhaps pale, dark circles and even balding. But here she stood in front of him, healthier looking than she was even nine years ago.

part 10 : Ought to happen (AR ff)

"why r u soo nice?" not getting response "u were always mean, rude, arrogant'."

"have u written my name or not?" he looked up a bit angry

 "tell me Arman' whats going on ? r u playing with my feelings'?" she was damn serious'. After tomorrow everything will be changed'

 Her house ' her family member ' her name!

 "No I m not" he sighed and looked in her hand trying to find his name "where is it?" he was irritated now

 "Then?" her eyes were locked on him' trying to read his mind

Thursday, 20 December 2018

Part 7 (B) : Kash SS Saathiyaa


Next morning 6:00 Am

"See jaisa ki tumne kaha ki uske parents ka murder huaa tha to mujhe lagta hai tumhe usse protect karna chaahiye kyunki vo bhi khatre me hain, i know tum bhi ho par tumhe yahaan nehi hona chaahiye, kyunki jitna tum daroge utna hi tum usse yeh proove karoge ki 

Waqai me tum kisi ki responsibility nehi le sakte" walking wd that same Stranger in nearest beach of that hill she suggested thoughtfully (hidding from everyone's eyes she came here to meet him) "And come on khudke liye khade ho jaao aur zara smartly handle karo is situation ko, agar tum usse saccha pyaar karte ho toh uska saath do, marne toh tum aise bhi jaa rahe the isse accha usse yakeen dilaao ki tum uska saath har musibat me de sakte ho kyunki vo ek officer hai toh aise hi kisi kamzor insaan ko nehi choose karegi apni puri zindagi ke liye

part 9 : Ought to happen (AR ff)

"Why the hell is she not reporting me?" Arman shouted at his sectary'

 "Sir' actually Riddima ma'am is really busy in designing the new out look' so she send me with the reports'"

"Simran '. U r saying this bloody line from a week.!" Pause "I want Riddima NOW" he threw file back at her which landed on her feets

 "Yes' sir" the sectary walked away a bit scared


 "Sir U called me'?" Riddima came in after a knock

"Yes!" arman tried hard to control his temperature' "Don't u know' that its YOUR duty to inform me about the work u be doing'"

Wednesday, 19 December 2018

chapter 14 : SHALL WE DANCE?

RECAP: "GOOD GIRL!" Nikita rolled her tongue, "remember… have to win the dance competition first…..let him feel good …..let him feel he is on top of the mountain….just like I felt when he trapped me in his love…..seduced me….and then dump him like he dumped me! I'll make sure Abhimanyu, Anjali, Naina, Sid, Rosie and Rhea play their parts as we have planned."

"Yes Nikita…..I'll perform like I have never performed before." Riddhima took a deep breath, shut her eyes and gave a parting glance at the gift box in the corner before exiting the room behind Nikita.

Nikita disappeared behind the stage while Riddhima settled nervously beside the other performers on the table next to the stage. Armaan, sitting across from her, smiled and nodded his head in appreciation, once again acknowledging how stunning she looked that evening. She reciprocated with a faint smile, avoiding any prolonged eye contact with him, and kept her gaze fixated at the stage. Armaan, used to being in the limelight, was familiar with pressures of performing. He could relate to Riddhima's plight at that moment. A little jittery himself, he sat back, anxiously waiting for the moment when Riddhima would be in his arms on and off the dance floor.

part 8 : ought to happen (AR ff)

"Come On Riddima … why trying to be … nice girl and all… I know… u girls want one thing… so lets make it easy…" he flipped her duppatta away… and hold her by waist "Money…!" he said in a husky voice… "Popularity…" he rubbing his hand on her waist…

"U will get what u want…" he added moving his hands under her top

"Just Stay away… u jerk" she slapped him hard… he looked at her with anger flashing up… and pushed him away… "I M Shahank Gupta's Daughter… why would I need ur **** popularity or money..." she shouted and went to take her duppatta from floor…

"U r adopted… u bitch…" he pushed her couch… and fell on top of her

Tuesday, 18 December 2018

chapter 13 : SHALL WE DANCE?


Armaan Malik, Vice captain of the Indian cricket team, an arrogant, self-absorbed Casanova is stumped one day when Rhea, an eight year old adorable girl lands at his doorstep with her sharp tongued dance teacher, Riddhima Gupta. Riddhima Gupta, an independent minded woman, who loathes men like Armaan takes him by surprise.

Riddhima Gupta is a self proclaimed man hater. Very few men have impressed her in her life.  Armaan's reputation and the fact that Armaan dumped Nikita when she was pregnant with his child made her dislike men even more.

Riddhima accuses Armaan of being Rhea's dad from his once upon a time girlfriend, Nikita, who had helped him advance in his cricketing career nine years ago. Nikita, now a cancer victim is in Mumbai for treatment and needs someone to take care of her daughter while she is away. Riddhima's personal problems prevent her from taking care of Rhea, and so Armaan is thrust with Rhea's responsibility for the next two weeks. Riddhima threatens to expose Armaan's lie and deception in front of the world if he declined to take Rhea's responsibility. Muskaan, his agent cum personal assistant is thrust the impossible job of proving his paternity and finding Riddhima and Nikita's real motive behind Rhea's sudden appearance.

Part 7 (A) : Kash SS Saathiyaa


Engagement Night in Goa

"Main kaisi lag rahi hun?" Anusha's british antcient tone took Aahil & Karan's attention who just got ready but as they both saw her in Saree burst out wd laughter "Hey what's wrong?" she looked at them confusedly who were laughing
"Gosh! What are you doing in saree come on Anusha its not your style okay" controlling his laugh Karan suggested (ready in black suit wd white shirt & black tie he was looking killer)
"Yaah don't give us shock.. Agar Rishubh hota toh behosh hi hojaata" Aahil joked only to get a smack in return from Anusha who have wore a gray net saree wd pink off shoulder blouse while her golden brown hairs were opened

part 7 : ought to happen (AR ff)

"U made this design'?" she just nodded'  "Hmm I like them' I want u to design a summer collection for this year'" her eyes popped out'

Atul sat up with a huge smile'

"ME?" she at last spoke

"Off course u' and now u can just get out ' with ur file'" Arman whooped the file towards her'.

Soon Riddima's smile vanished and a frown appeared'

Monday, 17 December 2018

chapter 12 : SHALL WE DANCE?

RECAP: Panting, they locked themselves in his car and drove off towards the city, fingers still intertwined, hearts fluttering as they felt like young teenagers in love absconding from their afternoon dance class.

 They returned back after their romantic interlude, Riddhima ahead of him by a few minutes, to avoid any prying onlookers.

 "Rhea? Kya baat hai?" Riddhima was surprised to find a sobbing girl, instead of the happy one they had just left. She knelt beside her and looked at her worriedly. Rhea was not one to shed tears easily. In fact, Rhea's strength and stoic nature reminded Riddhima of her own childhood many times. Seeing her upset made Riddhima a bit apprehensive of what might have transpired while she and Armaan were away.

"Auntie!"Rhea hugged Riddhima and sat on her lap, "ma-ma….ma-ma….se baat huyi thi….I miss her auntie….unki tabiyat theek nahin hai….wo ab Singapore mein hain….main bhi jaaoongi Singapore."

part 6 : ought to happen (AR ff)

There was a young actor in the production, who was paired up with Tina' in her forth movie'

Yes' U heard right after having an affair with Mr. Arman Malik' Tina Rai's career has reached to the top list and she had been nominated in the category of Best actress of her first two movies'

Read page four for detail'

Naturally doing her coming movie with a young actor, she had felt an immediate urge to put him at his ease ' even though he was living in relation with his best friend

Sunday, 16 December 2018

Part 6 (B) : Kash SS Saathiyaa


Yeh lamha jo tehra hai
Mera hai yeh tera hai
Yeh lamha main jee loon zara

"You know Dr Shilpa Seoul me jab bhi baarish hoti thi Dad mujhe bahar bhejte hi nehi the" she was rubbing her arms when she heard his soft voice who was only staring the rains smilingly "In fact agar main office, school yaah college me bhi hota tha toh bhi vo phone karke mujhe ek jagah khade hone ke liye kehte.. So issi wajah se kabhi rains ko main is tarah nehi dekh paaya jaise abhi dekh raha hoon.. You know its beautiful" he shared his feelings about the rain smilingly still not removing his eyes from rains making Shilpa smiled, Its been 1 hour since they are sitting outside the garrage on a bench while mechanic was repairing their car inside

Last part : Lucky...Who? Me...?

"armaan baba…you are awake..see I bought your favorite food just how you like…." A middle aged woman entered the room with the food tray in her hand. She entered the room quietly without causing any disturbance and kept the food on the side table. She made me turn my face and look at her as she bought the morsel near my mouth…making me eat the food which I hated, somehow finished it just for my love. The lady who is sitting in front of me is my governess cum nurse who is taking care of me since the past 11 months. From the time riddhima left me alone my whole world changed and I was left alone…armaan malik the once party animal, the independent guy who was always surrounded by people was left alone all by himself. His life was now dependent on other's for even small thing… he is living for her, her happiness coz this is what she wanted him to do. After wiping and face and giving me the medicines she left the room and I turned back into my dream world.

part 5 : ought to happen (AR ff)

"God where the hell has she kept it'" Riddima muttered, while emptying the whole shelf'

"Hmm can I help?" he repeated, settled on his seat and drinking hot coffee'

"No thank You SIR!!" she said while taking another pile of Files and walking to the couch'that was placed on left side of Arman's Cabin

"Okay..!" he replied

Urghh I hate him I hate him '. He is sooo irritating '. GOD!! Why me' it's all my fault' Sir I will find it for u!! Why me?? Why? And I hate This ARMan .!! pata nai kya samjta hai' idiot moron' kutaa'

Hmm she must be cursing me'. Heheee' but she looks pretty cute'. Uhmm.. what? No ..!! Control man ' she can't be yours' she's not ur type' Ok that's nonsense' I saw her at party she was an angel 'true angel'

His thoughts were interrupted'

Saturday, 15 December 2018

chapter 11 : SHALL WE DANCE?

RECAP: Panting, they locked themselves in his car and drove off towards the city, fingers still intertwined, hearts fluttering as they felt like young teenagers in love absconding from their afternoon dance class.

 They returned back after their romantic interlude, Riddhima ahead of him by a few minutes, to avoid any prying onlookers.

 "Rhea? Kya baat hai?" Riddhima was surprised to find a sobbing girl, instead of the happy one they had just left. She knelt beside her and looked at her worriedly. Rhea was not one to shed tears easily. In fact, Rhea's strength and stoic nature reminded Riddhima of her own childhood many times. Seeing her upset made Riddhima a bit apprehensive of what might have transpired while she and Armaan were away.

"Auntie!"Rhea hugged Riddhima and sat on her lap, "ma-ma….ma-ma….se baat huyi thi….I miss her auntie….unki tabiyat theek nahin hai….wo ab Singapore mein hain….main bhi jaaoongi Singapore."

part 15 : Lucky...Who? Me...?

From the time he I got to knew that he has to leave for the work I don't know myself as to why I wasn't feeling right'it's not like this is the first time he had gone out but this time it was something different..Something I can't express in words, something wasn't right ..this feeling was haunting me again and again and the way he talked to me over the phone' after that I tried so many times to talk to him but every time the response the same.. "the no. you are trying to call is switched off.."'  I had no other option but to wait for his call  i was getting restless looking at my phone..i was roaming here and there , tried my best to divert my mind to something else but no use..the more I tried the more I thought about him..when I couldn't take it any longer I asked mom to let me go..initially she was a bit apprehensive considering I was close to my fifth month but I had to see him at any after much persuading she finally agreed to let me go but not before giving me all the instructions'she wanted to tell armaan but I stopped her as I wanted to surprise him but never in my wildest dream I thought that I'll be getting the shock of my life'

part 4 : ought to happen (AR ff)

"hushhh.... Thanks God no one came to see me in party....!" she came out of her room wearing a white Pajama suit which had small pandas all over it.... and tied her hair in a tie pony.... looking as if a 10 year old baby, who is ready to be tucked in...

Came and fell on the couch......where muskan was already seated in a baby pink satin pajama suit....with her all curly hairs opened and watching her favorite fiction show Heroes..

"Who told u that?"

Friday, 14 December 2018

Part 6 (A) : Kash SS Saathiyaa


"You know what.. You guys have gone mad i mean seriously aapko lagta hai main unse pyaar karunga.. Oh come on vo Indian hain so don't expect me to marry her coz i know, I don't feel anything for" but he himself stopped coz he realised its a lie and this made both the men grin "See its nothing like that okay.. Haan vo acchi hain but that doesn't mean ki main shaadi kar lun and mostly vo khud kabhi nehi ready hongi so oldies don't waste your time here" putting his hands inside his pockets he said to them calmly who stood up wd calm look
"Okay then proove me" Raj challenged wd relaxed look which made Karan quiet for seconds
"But why should i proove you?? I mean when there is nothing like that then why i need to proove you?" he argued which made Raj smiled

part 14 : Lucky...Who? Me...?

"RIDDHIMAAAAAAAA"…I shouted entering the room with the breakfast tray in my hand.. "what are you doing ?... is this the way to get up from the bed… I have told you so many times to get up by keeping your hand behind your back.. like this.. " I showed her how she has to get up… "but no..what's wrong with you " …I know sometimes I act a bit weird but I do this only for her… "armaan..just stop irritating me and give me my breakfast.." she said taking the tray from my hand… "no riddhima first you promise me that you are going to get up exactly the way I have told you and no more arguing over it.." I said and saw her smiling at me… but like always our moments were interrupted by the call…I took the call and by the time I ended the call I knew what she must be feeling right now… "armaan you should go..i know how much you have worked on this project.." …. "but riddhima I can't leave you like this especially now ..when you are close to 5 months ..and now you need me the most…" but she was adamant and I had no other option but to follow her order….     

part 3 : ought to happen (AR ff)

She trolled around her new apartment.

'I m over with u Mark '. and I m happy.' she thought

tring Tring

the door bell rang and she rushed to open it, clad in blue Capri suit.

Its was a delivery man, who had brought her pack cases in her apartment. "thats it, ma'am" he said will giving her a slip to sign. "all is present. I hope u r satisfied."

"yes" passing the slip and giving a thousand R.S. "buy drink for u and the guys"

placing the money in pocket, happily. And kept a deep stare on her from her toe to head. And appreciated her dressing

Thursday, 13 December 2018

chapter 10 : SHALL WE DANCE?

RECAP: Riddhima turned the lights off to the studio and followed them to the car with a knot of confused emotions inside her…it was a struggle between her heart and her mind, between right and wrong, between loyalty and betrayal…….despite all these internal struggles, she was sure that there was an invisible cord that drew her closer and closer to this man, whom she had pledged to despise, but was now having a hard time resisting…..

 After dinner, Armaan offered to drop Riddhima home once again. Even though she protested, Rhea and Armaan insisted on driving her back. The three of them had a blast listening to music, clapping, tapping their feet and swaying with the beats on their way to her place. Even in his wildest dreams, Armaan could have never imagined himself singing and dancing so fervently while driving, ignoring all the curious onlookers on stop signs and red lights.

Riddhima was surprised at herself too. A week ago, it would have been inconceivable for her to enjoy the company of this arrogant and self-centered man who had a track record of treating women like pieces of furniture he could use, sit or sleep on and discard them once they were of no use. And here she was, humming and jiving with him as if they had known each other for years.

part 13 : Lucky...Who? Me...?

OMG I still can't believe this'he fainted'he actually fainted'ever heard of a guy fainting on hearing that he is going to be daddy soon'if yes then it's okay'but if not'then meet my husband "the great armaan malik" that's how he always call himself.. ..appraising himself all the time and couldn't even handle this'when I got to know that I am pregnant I was so happy'I can't express'people say a women is complete when she becomes a mother..and same is with me'when doc  called and told me'the feeling'it was something expressionless '.i can't say it in words'.i wanted to just wake him up and tell him but then I waited for the right moment'I was waiting for him to kiss me ..hug me'take me in his arms instead nothing of that sort happened'if I knew that he'll faint I would have just wake him up and told him in the morning itself'but me being the complete idiot'no I am not he is a moron'I still can't believe he actually fainted'and why am i repeating the same thing?'I have no idea'ARGHHH'.right now I want to just grab his neck and..and kick him'kick him really hard'.how could he spoil my perfect moment'if he wasn't satisfied with the morning pranks'he fainted'you know when he fainted I thought its one of his pranks 'but after throwing mugs full of water ..he still didn't woke up..and then I realized that he is not joking'.and then I had to call mom'and she' instead of panicking 'was laughing'can you guys believe this..the whole  MALIK family is going insane'leaving me'of course'.

part 2 : ought to happen (AR ff)

"Rahul.... grow up!!"

"what did I do '.?" said with a jolt

"urghh.... why can't u just stop eating sugar from the jar...."

"mom.... its not like what u saw.... I was just looking at it ...if their were any ants in it..." he fumbled

"soniye jee... your break fast is ready...." Rahul's Mom shouted

Wednesday, 12 December 2018

Part 5 : Kash SS Saathiyaa


Main dekhoon jo tujhko toh pyaas badhe
Tu roz, tu roz, do ghunt chadhe

"You are freezing.. Let's go inside the car" she couldn't argued coz her body was really trembling at that time and as he felt that she is shivering he removed his jacket making her eyes wide "Aap se badi stupid maine sachme kahin nehi dekhi aise koi bina kisi stole or jacket ke bahar nikalta hai kya thand me pakadiye isse" scolding her he offered his jacket which only made her shocked coz she remembered the time when Armaan gave his jacket after that Gurudwara scene and now his offer only made her more confused so she refused saying 'Nehi mmain.. Tthik hun' she was shivering he can see this so ignoring her words he put his jacket around her carefuly who only stared him in surprise "See agar aap bimaar ho gayi toh Dad ko kaun handle karega.. So please accept it" saying this politely he put the jacket more closely to her front then stepped back only to notice her staring down on her foot where her one sandle have broke "Nikaal dijiye isse varna problem hogi" as he suggested this she slowly removed only to curled her toes coz of the cold making him to observe her every expressions and wdout saying further stood beside her only to put his hand on her back which made her to look at him shockingly at his guts when he did something very unexpected 

part 12 : Lucky...Who? Me...?

The last week was the longest week ever..Seconds passed like minutes and minutes looked like hours but it was worth it …atleast I got to know the reason behind it..I could never even imagined what all she has been gone through ..losing her mom at a very young age and  her father blaming her for her death.. how could someone go so low…and riddhima she didn't even uttered a single word never spoke against her dad..never tried telling him that she wasn't at fault …all this was meant to be.. I mean I had no idea riddhima had gone through so much..but not anymore and I'll make sure of that...that night when she started…actually she didn't I had to make her..she was very hesitant.. maybe coz she had never really spoken about her relationship with her dad with anyone…and this thing didn't even crossed my mind..  after marriage her dad never came to our house..I had never heard her talking to her dad or talking about him…I was and I am already surrounded with tons of problem and now I am feeling so guilty of myself I couldn't even take care of her….maybe if I had known earlier I could have helped her ….but now I am there with her and will always be…

part 1 : ought to happen (AR ff)

somewhere in India...

sometime in the twenties..

Arman Malik came out of his porches to his new office in Delhi... with a body guard following him with every ones eye on him. He had money, power, razor-sharp wit and fame, it all showed.

He was five foot and eight inch tall with great looks thick black here always messed up,penetrating green eyes, a pointed nose with a firm jaw and a hard body. He was going to be twenty five after two months and was a younger archiver in business industry.... he has not been inherited a penny from parents as they were nowhere to be seen.

Arman Malik is one the famous businessman, who worked really hard to achieve his goal. He had to fought with people to there where he is today

Tuesday, 11 December 2018

chapter 9 : SHALL WE DANCE?


"Rhea! Maloom hai aaj cricket practice nahin hai," Armaan informed her at the breakfast table.

"Kyun?" She asked.

"Kyunki hamari series cancel ho gayi hai''chalo aaj dance studio jaldi chalte hain'.thodi practice kar lenge'.what do you say?" He buttered a toast and to her surprise placed it on her plate. With each passing day, he had assumed more responsibilities and if one was unaware; their comfort level with each other would match any father-daughter combination.

"Good idea!" She applauded, "thanks for buttering my toast uncle."

"Oh!" He looked around, surprised at himself and then just shrugged his shoulders, "you are welcome."

part 11 : Lucky...Who? Me...?

Running through the hospital door I looked at her face to see tears rolling down her cheeks….i was about to tell her everything when we got the call that dad had a heart attack and is in the hospital…we reached his room and saw him lying on the bed surrounded by doctors…before I could react to say something riddhima entered the room .. "DAD…" she screamed as doc's turned and looked at her…they asked her to go outside but instead she started pushing them off… "DAD…DAD…." She yelled as I entered the room trying to get her out of the room… holding her by the shoulders I tried taking her out off the room..but she started pushing me off too…. "riddhima…listen…riddhima..come on let's go…let them do their work…"…."no armaan I want to see him…armaan…please…." I could see the desperation in her eyes and her voice ..the desperation of a daughter to see her dad…I had never seen her like this before… .but I had to take her outside no matter how coz her behavior was disturbing the doctors… "riddhima…look at me…riddhima….RIDDHIMA" I shouted as I looked at her face…she stopped pushing as she stood still looking at me…her face all turned pale…. "come with me"…grabbing her hand I took her outside the room and made her sit as I saw the doctors trying their best and doing everything that is possible…. Holding her trembling her hands I sat next to her and looked at her face to see the pain very clearly on her face… "riddhima…he'll be all right.." I tried assuring her and I knew that whatever I was doing was wrong…coz when I looked at the doc face I knew something wasn't right…but I just couldn't see her like this….

Intro : ought to happen (AR ff)

somewhere in India...

sometime in the nineties...

the Nightmare began when a 3 weeks child was thrown on the road by a BMW, it was taken up by a family... which

had a man who loved her and will put his heart out for an angel he found. Women had one son and always wanted a daughter but she could not have any more children so she was happy to pick her

it was a Head line of that century that

Monday, 10 December 2018

chapter 8: SHALL WE DANCE?


Frustrated, she threw her soggy towel at his direction but he caught it just in time as the other dancers laughed and applauded at the flirtatious session in front of their eyes. Their dance classes had never been so entertaining.

A tight lipped Riddhima, swallowed her pride and anger. "Come on guys! We don't have time to waste…..let's go ahead with the practices."

With a victorious grin on his face, Armaan confidently took his position in the center of the studio and stretched his hand towards Riddhima, "I am ready…..if you are."

Reluctantly, she gave him her hand with flared nostrils and clenched jaws, "let's go ahead and get it over with….Naina please turn the music on."

Part 4 : Kash SS Saathiyaa


Two Days later 
Ishq mubarak, rang mubarak (x2)
Ishq mubarak, rang mubarak (x2)

"Forgod sake koi in baccho ki awaaz kam kare" shuting his ears an annoyed Karan shouted inside from that roof terrace room coz the loud voices of kids were coming from backyard where they were playing cricket (Its been two days she is here and in these two days she only got closer to Raj coz Karan was busy on his work while Arun was taking his care.. In fact Shilpa is the only girl living wd 15 men in this house who are 2 cooks, 6 servants & 4 gaurds and these three, but she is living safely coz no man let her do any work of the house) "Yeh sab Dr Shilpa ki wajah se ho raha hai.. I mean how can she bring them here that too eight kids.. Goshh! Bache hote hi kyun hain" cursing them he sipped his coffee while working on his laptop, he was sitting on couch wd laptop put on a small table "Aur yeh Dad unko kya hogaya hai.. Jabse Dr Shilpa aayi hain mujhe toh bhul hi gayye hain" he thought in annoying mood while a servant came there wd breakfast "Nehi chaahiye.. And yaah Robert can you close this window" saying this politely he concentrated on his work while giving a nod in Yes Robert closed the window of terrace only to find Raj & Kids playing

part 10 : Lucky...Who? Me...?

"LEAVE ME ALONE RIDDHIMA.." I shouted as I turned and sat on the couch holding my head…I know I shouldn't have shouted on her…I mean…I know it's not completely her fault could she be… "armaan…I am.." I looked up to see her standing in front of me..her eyes filled with tears… "riddhima please I beg you just leave me alone ..please.." I begged her to see the hurt on her face…hurt that I caused her as I shouted on her… "but arma…"….. "riddhima please.." I cut her to see her leaving the room…

Pacing around I recalled what all happened since we came back from the trip…I was so happy..finally I felt that this is the first time I did something right.. I had even forgotten about the deal..but I suppose he didn't and as soon as we reached home I got a call from him asking me to meet me…since the deal started every time when even he calls me to meet him for something important… I could hear the fire alarm in my head…but this time even I was prepared..i had made up my mind that I will tell him about us…about me and riddhima that I love her and I won't leave her … as I entered the room I could feel the tension brewing up…I sat on the chair and looked at him…he was indeed tensed…and looking at him..even I felt a bit uneasy…. "armaan what is this.." he said as he kept the divorce

Sunday, 9 December 2018

chapter 7 : SHALL WE DANCE?

RECAP: He stepped away and turned his head, "Ok….I will see you tomorrow……sorry if I hurt you," he added softly and walked away.

Riddhima stood frozen at her door, unable to reconcile with her feelings and what had just transpired between her and Armaan. Whatever it was….it was intense, powerful and very passionate. This was not how it was supposed to be- she would have to make sure not to lose her self control in front of him ever again- he had no right to see her tears, nor her weaknesses…….

 Armaan stepped out with a smirk on his face. Even though, he had been humiliated by that peanut sized woman, he had caught her by surprise by his anger and determination. The tough girl was not as unyielding as he had thought- she did have a pliable spot inside her and he was proud to have seen a glimpse of it today. Familiar with women's reactions to his touch, he knew she was not as invincible as she appeared. He was confident that one day, like all other women, she would give in and run into his arms.

part 9 : Lucky...Who? Me...?

The trip was something I had never imagined..finally we both confessed to each other'I can't tell you'I can't express what I am feeling since that day'.that day when he confessed ..I felt I am in a dream land dreaming all this..but when he kissed me'I felt like the luckiest person in the world'and since that day I am having the same feeling of being the luckiest '.i know I am going way too fast..but it's just that after so many days'not days but years' I am feeling on top of this world'my life is like pieces of puzzles'till now all pieces were scattered here and there but now I think that slowly the puzzle is about to be complete..coz now everything is falling into places'..and now I don't want anything bad to happen'and armaan I can never imagine that he could do something of this sort'even after confessing to each other..i was still mad at him coz he lied to me about the party..what all I did and what all actually happened..but he is always ready with his tricks and I don't know why..even though I don't want to but I always forgive him' and  now it's like armaan ..armaan..armaan'he now irritates me so much' I don't know from where he got this name "dhima"'that now his day starts with "dhima" and ends with "dhima"'..i have told him so many times not to call me "dhima.."'but everytime his answer

Saturday, 8 December 2018

chapter 6 : SHALL WE DANCE?

RECAP: "Sure," he grinned wickedly, "anything for you Anji!" He winked at her and strode nonchalantly towards the dance studio where the anxious dancers and teacher waited for him……

 Armaan walked into the studio authoritatively, hoping to be welcomed like a king by all the performers. Before the other dancers could show their excitement at seeing a celebrity amongst themselves, Riddhima gave him a sharp look, "excuse me! I think you are in the wrong room… can wait in the lobby if you want."

"Well……as far as I know I am in the right place," he grinned at all the other dancers who stood agape with eyes wide open, gasping simultaneously, "wow!"

"Yeh cricket ka maidaan nahin hai Mr Malik!" Riddhima snapped.

TEASER : Kash SS Saathiyaa

"For god sake koi in baccho ki awaaz kam kare" shutting his ears an annoyed Karan shouted inside from that roof terrace room coz the loud voices of kids were coming from backyard where they were playing cricket "Yeh sab Dr Shilpa ki wajah se ho raha hai.. I mean how can she bring them here that too eight kids.. Goshh! Bache hote hi kyun hain" cursing them he sipped his coffee while working on his laptop, he was sitting on couch wd laptop put on a small table


"See koi intention nehi tha.. Main toh bas khel rahi thi.. Aur boll hit hokar lag gayi window par phir tumhaare papers par.. Isiliye Sorryy" still bowed head she apologised hurriedly making him smile who wanted to see her face but coz of that cap he was not able
"You mean jis boll ne window todi mera coffee mug toda aur papers kharaab kiye vo aapne hit ki thi?" bending his head a little he asked amusingly on which she gave a nod making him a little surprise "Pehle toh yeh cap hataaiye" removing the cap he forwarded to her who slowly took while glancing up at him