Sunday, 14 January 2018


He hugged her tightly and kissed her on her forehead and waved her a goodbye telling that, he will call her as soon as he reaches his destination. He left the hall making her feel helpless. She was unable to come onto a conclusion and realise which decision is she supposed to make. She always loved him but the question is, is their love mutual, or it is only her, who is head over heels in love with him...

She was very confused at his action of leaving her alone. They were best friends since childhood, and both of them used to be together, inspite of what the time is. In short, people used to call them as feviquick since they are inseparable. She realised her love at an early age. But not him. His family is now shifting to London, since his father is starting some business there. He is ofcourse shattered and sad after listening to that news from his father but he never had an other choice to make. He got transferred to the Medical University, there in London.

She always, since when they were in Grade 10, waited for him to confess his love, and never lost the hope that, he does not love her.

It finally striked in her mind that, if he had really loved her, he would have proposed and confessed his love for her, even before leaving, but he did not. Instead, he added  ---    "I will always be there for you, as your best friend. We will always be there in contact. You know na.. We are the feviquick friends"

She finally realised that, he always considered her as his best friend and nothing more. At once, she felt like hugging her mother and crying her heart out. She thought of moving on but was unable to. Since many years, she has imagined her future life partner and her better half as Armaan, her childhood friend and today, she realised about his feelings and is getting more helpless.

She moved towards her house and directly went to her room. She decided that, she will never reveal her feelings to anyone and not even him. She even decided that, she will be his best friend, just like he assumes and will only concentrate on her studies. Exams are rushing near and she thought, they required more attention of her's as compared to her attention on her personal life and her so called unfortuitous love story. She was not lucky and fortunate.

On the other side, after reaching his house in London, he felt his heart heavy and he missed Riddhima, his best and his only friend a lot. He dailed her number, and as usual, they kept talking for 6 long hours without a break.
She started telling him about her lesson and revision plans,
while he started suggesting her..


Five years passed by. In all these 5 years, Armaan and Riddhima's friendship was the same. They used to talk on the phone everyday, chat with eachother, but there was something in between, which Riddhima is partially hiding from him since 3 days. She told that, she will reveal it to him, when he comes to India, for which he revealed that, he is coming to India, the coming week.

Armaan and Riddhima, both of them were waiting to have a glimpse of eachother. Even though they were always engaged in a Video Conference call, yet they longed to see eachother, meet eachother and talk to eachother.

Armaan's flight landed and as he met Riddhima, he felt complete. He even knew what the reason was. Yes he loved her a lot and realised it, when he left her 5 years ago. Both of them headed towards their home, with general and the most excited talks of their life, and with Armaan, who is super excited to know, what Riddhima has been hiding from him since the past one and half weeks. They reached Riddhima's home and he received a warm welcome.

Then came, Padma Gupta, Riddhima's mom... She started the conversation..

" Waise Armaan beta.. Mein ek baat batana bhul gayi. Tum aaj se, yahan par hi rehne waale ho. Tumhare transfer sab kuch ho gayi na beta ?"

Armaan replies, "Ji aunty. Aap ke marzi."

Riddhima, "What ? You are going to stay in India forever ?"

Armaan replies, "Why ? you dont want me to ? This is just a small surprise Riddhu. More is coming up..."

She was more than excited to know that, he has come back to India forever and is going to stay with them forever and is also wroking in the same hospital in which she works, Sanjeevani....

Riddhima pouts, then gives a naughty smile and says, "You know something, I also have a surprise, which is going to leave you in a shock"

Armaan finds the seriousness in her voice and gets impatient, "What ?"

Riddhima enjoys his imaptientness and speaks, "Ask mumma. She is going to tell you what exactly the surprise is"

Padma, "Riddu. Tang mat karo na armaan ko. Kuch nahi Armaan. Riddhima ke liye ek rishta aayi hai. Uss ladke ka naam Rahul Garewal hai. Unho ne hamare Riddu ko, kahi dekha hai. Aur unke poore parivaar riddhu ko passand karte hai, aur chahte hai ki, riddhu unke bahu bane... Aur jab woh log aaye the, Riddhu ne kaha, usko thoda sa waqt chahiye, aur jab hum ne Riddhu se poocha, uske sawaal ke baare mein, riddhu ne kahan, woh tumhare bina, koi bhi decision nahi legi. bass utna. achcha hua tum aa gaye ho.. Tum jaa ke refresh ho jao. Mein uss ladke ka photo aur bhi details dikhati hoon. Chalo"

Armaan was really shocked at this.. By the time he realised his love for her, she is not his. He never knew about Riddhima's feelings. He even didn't knew that Riddhima has once loved him a lot...

He knew one fact very well that, she writes her daily journal and her point of view each and every day and decided to read it secretly. He sneaked into her room and got her 10 year's journal's and started reading them.

He felt happy to have something about himself in each and every page.

Then he came to a very special journal, which gave the real heart attack to him. Yes, it is the page in which Riddhima confessed her love for him,
for the first time in her life. He was left spellbounded.

Dear Candy (The name of her Journal)

today, i am not up to write some crap about something happening. i am actually serious with my feelings today. you know what ? i fell in love. yes. me. its me who fell in love..  today, when muskaan and anjali were talking about love, and how to  realise, whether we are in love with someone, i thought a lot about it..

then, i went to the internet and checked from a love quiz, asking  whether i am in love with someone or not ?

and for my surprise, i got
" you are 100 % head over heels in love "

and you know, whom am i in love with..

i am in love with Armaan candy. Yes. I love him. Now, all I want to know is about his feelings towards me.
What does he think of me...

Good night for now candy. See you tomorrow..

Having some hope and feeling that, he is still FORTUITOUS, he started reading each and every page.. After flipping many pages, at once, he felt like slapping himself, and he did not fing himself worthy enough for her...

aww candy.. how i wished armaan would be confessing his love for me today.. but he did not. today in the valentines day. the day, which gives a chance for each and every lover to confess his/her feelings. but my armaan did not confess me. i can confess to him. not a big deal. but. hmm. i dont want to loose his friendship, which i can not live with out. or MAY BE.. he is also thinking just like me ? may be he does not want to loose my friendship ?

who knows ? but i know. my armaan loves me.
and cares a lot for me.

He wished for the very same day to come back. He wished he had a chance to propose to her.. As he flipped many pages, he was left shocked to read each and every view of hers. He read about how much she loves him.
He felt super lucky and extremely excited for having that place in her heart.

But the main question is, is he having the same olace now even ?

He read the page in which she wrote, she will not be able to move on, but she wants to focus on her career and continue her friendship with Armaan.

He seriously wished he would go back into the past and propose to her..

dear candy,

today, a boy came to my house along with his family, telling that, he loves me a lot and wants to marry me. he is a good and a friendly person, has a decent family and the sweetest parents ever. his family is also just like namri aunty, jai uncle and armaan's family. cute and friendly and kind hearted. mumma also likes the boy's family. but i took an escape telling that, i wanted some time, and they acted very understanding. and to keep the topic away, i told that, i want armaan to help me in the decision making. but the fact is, i seriously want armaan to be by my side now. i dont know what all is happening in my life. and coming to my personal feeling,

i dont know why. dont tag me as a un loyal lover. i was always the person, who used to make the people i love feel special. i was always the one to share my love with everyone. never a person made me feel special in my life.

i agree. they so give me surprises and make me feel special in one way. but my point is, i always keep thinking about my life with armaan, what armaan likes, and my life is revolving around him ONLY.

but for armaan, it is not that way. he equally loves his mom and dad... but today, this stranger rahul, loves me more than everything in his life. his mind and heart, always revolve around me. and for the first time in my life, i am feeling special and unique.

what decision should i make ? i love armaan. and my love for him will be there for ever.. but i also remember my last promise made to papa, that, i will marry a good guy and will listen to mom's suggestions. i will have to fulfill his wish even... hmm.. looks like, i seriously require more time. i will come back soon..

good night.. sweet dreams.. bye candy. cya tomorrow.

A smile crept on Armaan's face, with the thought of Riddhima, still loving him, and accepting him. If there was a yes from his side, all the confusion battle going in Riddhima's mind will come to a halt.

He did not wish to waste time, and walked up to her room
and found her sleeping like an angel.

Armaan: Riddhima... Riddhima utho. Jaldi...

Riddhima: What Armaan !!

Armaan: Riddhima, I have gotta tell something really important..

Riddhima: Kya ?

Armaan: Come with me...

Riddhima and Armaan head towards his room. Armaan closes the door, takes a box from his pocket, and bends on his knees as if he was proposing.

Riddhima: Armaan, tumhe kya hua hai ? Aisa kyun baite ho, jaise tum mere ko propose kar rahe ho ? Pagal ho gaye ho kya ?

she did not expect him to propose to her, because, she was fed up with her dreams. she always thought that, he is going to propose to her, but he never did and today, she thought, it was only a piece of fun.

Armaan: Yeah Riddhima.. I am proposing.. I am mad.. Mein pagal hogaya hoon.. Haan Riddhima.. Mein pagal ho gaya hoon.. Tumhare pyaar mein..

Riddhima, you can hit me hard for my tubelight brain.. For not realising my love towards you. I realised that, I love you, when I went faraway from you.

Today, I perminantly shifted to India, just for you. And for nothing else.

Riddu, will you marry me ? please riddhu, i will die without you. please.

Tears started coming out of his eyes, and Riddhima, not even giving a second thought, hugs him as tight as possible..

Riddhima: I love you too Armaan.. You are my life.. I was in love with you since a long time.. May be I was in love with you at the first sight itself.

Armaan: I know...

Riddhima: You WHAT ?

Armaan: I know.. (He starts giving a mischevious smile and runs to the bed and takes the diary from the side and starts reading a paragraph...

Armaan: "Dear Candy, you dont know, such a pig armaan is. he did not even keep a seat for me in the canteen today. and i am just hating the way he is eyeing natasha, that stupid idiot foolish and selfish girl. i am really jealous now. she is such a pig even. urghh.. i hate her and i feel like punccchhhh..."

Riddhima snatches the book away from him and runs behind him as if chasing him.. Both of them run behind eachother, and accidentally,
fall on eachother, and adjust the awkwardness.

The whone night, they keep reading all of the Riddhima's journals, some of the incidents making Riddhima blush and some making Armaan feel happy for being a vital and a special part of her life...

The next day, they tell to Padma about their love, and she also becomes happy. Namrata and Jai also come from London and bless the couple.

Inbetween, Riddhima and Armaan talk to Rahul and he tells that, he is happy for Riddhima and will try to move on in his life.


After 2 years, Riddhima and Armaan will have a baby girl, who is as naughty as Armaan, and will make Riddhima run around the house with her naughty and silly antics. She would be calm only when Armaan is around and as she notices his car leaving, she would irritate her mother and grandmother.

Riddhima, always used to complain about her naughtiness to Armaan but he always let her down telling that, she is his pari (angel) and she is an Armaan Mallik copyright and will be having such kind of qualities and
Riddhima should get adjusted with her...

One fine day, near the breakfast table...

Arima: Maaammmaaa Aap bhooooliiii...

Riddhima: Kya beta ? Mein kya bhool gayi ?

Arima: Papa ki gul molning kishhhhh.. papa ghusshaaa hoooneee..
Kallll bhi niii dii haiiii na.... papa ke gul nite kissshiiii be do....

(Papa ke good morning kiss. Papa ghussa honge..
Kal bhi nahi diya na. Papa ke good night kiss bhi do)

Armaan gets cought offguard, shocked and emberrassed, as his parents are also there and the same is with Riddhima.
 She excuses herself as she was unable to stop blushing...

Later in their room...

Armaan: Kya yaar Riddhima.. Yeh Arima kya bol rahi hai ?

Riddhima: Armaan Mallik ki copyright hai (immitating him)

Armaan: Jaan, mere dialogue, mujhse hi bolne lag gayi ?
Mujhe isse theek kar ne ke liye koi remedy toh batao na ?

Riddhima: I dont know Armaan.. She is papa's princess na... You only correct her.. Waise.. I got used to all this naughtyness.. Tumhe bhi adat bad jaayegi..
Dancing she gets super happy thinking, armaan from now, is also going to be a victim of his daughters naughty antics...

She leaves telling this in a dramatic way, leaving
Armaan with the biggest shock ever...


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