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Chapter 46 : I'll Love You Longer Than Forever - AR FF

Previously on...
The date. Seriously, how can you forget what happened lat time, you buffoons!
AR <3
Chapter 46

The next morning, they drove Emma to the airport early in the morning.
"You look after yourself," she ordered Armaan. He nodded as he moved in to pull her into a tigh hug. "And look after your girl. She's really special." Armaan grinned and nodded.

Next, she was pulled into a hug by Riddhima, who Emma was sure was crying.
"Stop crying, you buffoon," she reprimanded softly, swatting Riddhima's back.
"I'm going to miss you," Riddhima replied, her voice blubbery and hoarse from cryng.
"You're talking as if I'm never going to see you again! We'll see each other as often as possible. And we have scheduled Skype dates every weekend, remember?" Emma asked, wiping the tears that were threatening to fall out of her eyes as well.
"It's not the same."
"Oh, hush you! You're making me cry! You are absolutely not allowed to do that!" Emma scolded.
"I'm sorry," Riddhima replied. "I'm just really going to miss you."
"I'm going to miss you, too. But, I'll talk to you on the weekend and I'll introduce you to Ron and Rose," Emma promised.
Riddhima managed a small smile as she nodded.
More hugs were exchanged as they bid Emma goodbye. Armaan pulled Riddhima close to him and wiped her tears as they waved at Emma before she disappeared inside.
"I'm going to miss her," Armaan sighed into Riddhima's hair.
"Me too," she replied.
Armaan dropped a kiss to Riddhima's head. "I think we should head back, relax a little before the others get here."
Nate nodded and they headed to the villa, where as promised by Cole, a caretaker was waiting for them.
They all occupied the rooms they liked best, perks for being the first ones to reach and settled in.
"Where are you, you lazy bones?" A voice shouted at the top of their lungs waking Armaan and Riddhima.
Riddhima laughed, knowing who it was while Armaan whined and pulled Riddhima in closer, trying to grab a few more moments of sleep.
"Armaan, utho!" Riddhima said, shaking him.
"Bas 5 minutes," he mumbled into her neck.
"Armaan, chalo. Neeche sab aa rahe hai. Main nahi chahti ki woh humaara mazaak udaye."
Armaan pouted, but agreed nonetheless.
They made their way downstairs, hand in hand, and the first thing they saw was Nate trying to kiss the life out of a girl, who Armaan assumed must have been his wife, Lavender.
"Ridzy!" A voice called. Riddhima turned and saw Cole standing there. She smiled widely and took off, launching herself in his arms.
"Hey, you!"
"Unhand my man right now, RG!" Tessa said, standing beside them.
Riddhima let go off Cole immediately and hugged Tessa.
"I missed you!"
"I missed you, too!" Tessa replied, hugging her back. "How are you?"
"I'm good. Great in fact."
"That boy of yours keeping you happy?" She asked.
Riddhima nodded fervently. "You wanna meet him?"
"Of course I do!"
Riddhima pulled back and hurried back to Armaan. She took his hand in hers and tugged him forward. Armaan followed reluctantly. He knew Riddhima had forgiven him. And so had Rahul, for the most part. They were well on their way to their previous bromance, but it did feel that there was some lingering doubt in the back of Rahul's mind from time to time. Armaan was ready to give him all the time in the world to accept everything that had happened and move forward. Rahul had been grateful for Armaan's graciousness and had even told him so. He had also apologized for not being able to let it all go. Rahul had understood.
But, would these new friends of Riddhima understand him? His reasons for leaving? They all seemed very protective of Riddhima. Even Nate, who had otherwise welcomed him with open arms. On the first opportunity he'd gotten, Nate had threatened Armaan with bodily harm if he didn't look after Riddhima or if he broke her heart. But, he hadn't said anything after that.
However, per Riddhima's own admission, it was Tessa, and most importantly, Cole who were the most protective and that it might be difficult for them to forgive him. Armaan had accepted that fact and told Riddhima that he understood. But, he was still really nervous. He hoped everything would go smoothly.
If anything, he didn't want to be the reason for a rift on Cole and Tessa's wedding.
"Hey, I'm Armaan, Riddhima's boyfriend," he greeted Tessa when they stood in front of her, trying to sound confident when he was anything but.
Tessa looked him and down as if she was sizing him up and nodded. She held her hand out and greeted coolly, "I'm Tessa."
Armaan took her hand and nodded. "Pleasure to meet you."
"We'll see about that."
"Tessa!" Riddhima exclaimed.
"What? I'm just saying. He might change his mind about us." She replied, looking at Armaan challengingly.
Armaan looked appropriately chastised. So, things weren't off to that good a start. Didn't matter. He would try to show them that he wasn't going anywhere in the coming days.
"Hi, I'm Cole," Cole interjected, saving Armaan from Tessa's wrath.
"Hey, Armaan," Armaan greeted.
Cole nodded and even gave Armaan a small smile. That made Armaan feel a little better. Maybe, Cole had forgiven him. Just a little.
More introductions were made after that. There was Lavender, Nate's wife, Alex and his fiance Megan, who were Cole and Tessa's friends, Travis, Tessa's brother and his girlfriend, Beth, who was also Tessa's friend. There was Cami, Tessa's college room mate and her boyfriend, Parker, who was Cole's team mate during his stint as a college ball player. They were all a happy bunch of people, all excited to be there for their friends' big day, just like Riddhima. Everybody knew Riddhima and they did seem to know about Armaan because they all greeted him with polite smiles and handshakes apart from Beth, who threatened to kill him and hide his body where no one would be able to find him.
Armaan had been really worried about that one, until Travis assured him that that was a regular thing for Beth to say and that she still threatened Cole and Alex, even after almost 11 years into their relationships with her friends.
That did placate Armaan's fears a little. He also cornered Beth and told her how much he appreciated her looking out for Riddhima and that he thought that all the people in her life were lucky to have her because she was so loving and protective. She'd given him a small smile and muttered a "You'll do." This, Armaan understood, was the biggest compliment she could give him and that it meant she approved of him.
He liked that.
Since the others had just gotten in, Armaan and Riddhima volunteered to whip something up in the kitchen.
There were hearty agreements, especially from the boys who seemed to be starving.
Riddhima pulled Armaan into the kitchen who was more than happy to get away from the prying eyes.
They got to work, finding all the ingredients easily in one of the many cupboards and shelves in the kitchen. Armaan helped Riddhima for a while, though he was soon more interested in romancing and cuddling with her than in making food.
He wrapped his arms around her from behind as Riddhima stood at the counter.
"Armaan!" She gasped. "Tumhaari badmaashi phir se shuru ho gayi na?"
"Mhm," Armaan nodded against her neck.
"Tum kabhi nahi sudhroge na?"
He shook his head and Riddhima giggled as his her hair tickled her neck.
"Armaan! Chodo mujhe. Dekho mujhe kaam karne do."
"Uh huh," Armaan replied, shaking his head again.
"Armaan!" Riddhima pleaded. "Please!"
"Nahi matlab nahi."
"Arre, maine tumhe kahaan pareshaan kiya? Bas chup chap yahaan khada hu. Tum karo na apna kaam. Main apna kaam kar raha hu."
"Achcha. Kya hai tumhaara kaam?"
"Tumhaare saath romance karna," he replied, his tone duh.'
"Armaan! Please," she said again.
"Kya yaar Riddhima! Tum hamesha aisa hi karti ho!" He replied, pulling back. "Maine kaha tha na, jaise hi sab honge, tum mujhe kuch bhaav hi nahi dogi."
He turned and stood at the other side of the kitchen, making coffee for everybody.
Riddhima sighed. Armaan was right. He hadn't done anything. He was just standing there, hugging her close. He wasn't distracting her, he wasn't talking to her. He was just standing there, content with her being in his arms. But, that was the crux of the matter, wasn't it? She couldn't concentrate on anything else when he was so close to her. When his arms were wrapped snuggly around her and his breath fanned her neck, his hair tickling her. All she wanted was to drown in Armaan and forget of the world that existed outside the two of them.
Which is why she needed him to stand afar. So that she could concentrate and make food for everybody. And also, because she didn't want anyone to see them that way. Not that she was embarrassed by it, it was more to do with the fact that if anyone saw them in a sort of compromising position, they would b the butt of all jokes for ages to come. Nobody would leave any opportunity to call them out on it and make fun of them, just like she had for so long. They'd all said that payback would be a bitch. She didn't want to experience that, she thought, shuddering.
Well, let them make fun of me, she thought as she spied on Armaan's fallen face. Making Armaan feel better was more important than her fear of ebing the laughing stock of the group.
She knew Armaan was nervous about meeting all of them for the first time. To top it all, the girls had been a little too rude with him. It was to be expected, but still, she didn't like it one bit. And then, when Armaan was trying to draw comfort from being with her, she'd pushed him away.
Idiot, she muttered to himself.
She pushed away from the counter and stood behind Armaan, wrapping her arms around his chest.
"I'm sorry," she muttered into his back.
Armaan shrugged her apology. "It's okay," he replied.
She sighed.
Pulling back, she made Armaan turn around to face her.
"I'm sorry," she repeated.
Armaan smiled. "It's okay," he repeated.
To show him she really was sorry, Riddhima pushed on her toes and pressed her mouth to his. Armaan grinned and kissed Riddhima back. Soon, the kiss got heated and Armaan turned Riddhima around, pressing her against the counter with no room to escape. Riddhima hummed in agreement and pressed herself tighter to Armaan asht ey continued to kiss.
"Oh my eyes!" Travis cried out, covering his eyes, causing Armaan and Riddhima to pull back.
They quickly fixed their disheveled clothes as best as they could. "We're decent now, Trav," Riddhima announced.
Travis peeked from under his hand before removing his hand completely.
"What is it with kitchens and couples?" He asked rhetorically.
Armaan grinned and shrugged.
"How much longer till we get the food?" Travis asked impatiently. "My stomach has been grumbling a lot in the past few minutes."
Riddhima laughed.
"Just a few more minutes, Trav. Can you hold out for sometime?"
"I guess," he muttered.
"I'll be right out with coffee. That good?" Armaan asked.
Travis nodded. "That makes me forgive you for corrupting my eyes."
Armaan chuckled. "Thank you."
"You're welcome."
"And, Armaan?" Travis called as he moved to leave.
"Don't worry, they'll like you. I got you back, buddy."
"Thanks, man."


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