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Chapter 48 : I'll Love You Longer Than Forever - AR FF

Previously on...
Armaan woos the gang. AR scenes!

Chapter 48

The conversation with Armaan had left Rahul in high spirits and he had immediately gotten down to set forward a plan to win Muskaan back. Armaan and Atul, who were absolutely delighted at the prospect of having their friends back together agreed to help in anyway they could. The other boys were all there for Rahul as well, because they knew that Rahul really loved Muskaan and wanted to get her back.

They were all too aware of the unsuccessful attempts he'd made to win her back in the previous year at Ridzy's coaxing. But, 112 phone calls, 372 emails, 79 handwritten letters and 2 visits to India later, he had still been unable to even speak to Muskaan, let alone convince her to take him back.
Though everyone understood Muskaan's reasons to avoid him and knew her behavior was justified, they couldn't help but feel bad for their friend and curse Muskaan a little for not even listening to Rahul.
Now that Rahul had a chance of winning her back, everybody wanted in.
They decided it was better to let the girls know about it because they didn't want an angry girlfriend in their wake. But, mostly, they realized that they needed all the help they could get in tricking Muskaan to spend time with Rahul. And who better for that than Muskaan's girlfriends?
Yeah, Armaan needed to talk to Riddhima and soon. But that was difficult considering the fact that girls had been too wrapped up in themselves to actually notice that the guys were even there. And when Armaan had gone to see Riddhima like the lovesick puppy that he was, he had been shooed away saying that it was a Girls Only' day and no boys were allowed. Now, they'd all gone into town to pick up their dresses for the wedding. The dresses had all been choosen already, thanks to the gracious owner of the boutique L'Amour' who let the girls discuss and choose dresses via Skype calls. They only needed to do a fitting for any changes that may be needed before getting the dresses home.
Armaan knew all this because Riddhima had cancelled on him umpteen times for such Skype calls with Tessa. They'd literally planned the entire wedding on Skype.
Just like he always did, once Armaan started to think about Riddhima, nothing made him stop thinking about her. So, he lost himself in thoughts of Riddhima as the boys played on the Wii, trash talking each other and nursing beers.
His phone vibrating in his pocket bought him out of BasketLand. He was really pissed at whoever had interrupted his thoughts about Riddhima. He had been reliving their hot make out session from the day they'd gone to Moulin Rouge. The day Riddhima had declared to be ready for everything with him. The thought made him smile.
But, then he remembered about his phone and frowned again. The frown quickly turned into a huge grin as he saw that it was a text from Riddhima.
Dress fittings are LOOONNNGGG. I'm bored.' She'd texted.
Armaan chuckled.
A - Shouldn't you be trying your dress on?
R - Already did. Fits like a glove. Now I'm waiting on the others.
A - That sounds boring.
R - It is. I'd rather be with you.
A - Now that, I'd like ;)
R - You would too, wouldn't you?
A - You know I love every moment I spend with you x
R - That's good. Cause I sort of love you.
A - Do you love me enough to give me sneak preview of that dress? ;)
Armaan knew it was a long shot, but it didn't hurt to try. Riddhima had been adamant that he wasn't seeing the dress before she wore it on the wedding day. It was also the reason why she'd declined his offer to cart the girls around earlier in the day. Tessa had been pleasantly surprised when Armaan had eagerly offered himself upto play chauffeur, waiter, bell boy and anything else the girls needed and had agreed to him coming along because she thought it was an extremely sweet thing to do. Cole had gotten an earful after that. Apparently, he needed to learn to be like Armaan.
Armaan had been like a kid in a candy store when his plan had been set in motion. Sadly, all his planning went out the window, when Riddhima refused to let him come, seeing through his faade of trying to be the gentleman. She knew he wanted a peek at the dress like he'd been whining for ages and that was the only reason he was offering to come.
Armaan's phone buzzed again signaling a reply from Riddhima.
R - No way, loverboy :p
A - Come on, baby! Just one little sneak. *pouts*
R - *kisses pout away* NO!
A - And I thought you loved me. Hmph.
R - I do.
A - Then let me look!
R - Not happening, Mister.
A - Why do you torture me so?
R - Because what's life without that?
A - You're not even the bride. It's okay for me to look at your dress before the wedding.
R - Yes, but I don't want to miss the look on your face when I wear it ;)
A - So that's what this is about?
R - Uh huh.
A - Must be some dress then.
R - You have no idea, Babyboy. No idea at all. ;)
A - Who knew? My Basket is a minx.
R - Are you saying you don't like this? :O
A - I never said I didn't like it ;)
R - So you do, then.
A - You have no idea, Jaan ;)
R - I love you.
A - I love you, too. XXX
R - Thanks for the kisses. But I want the real ones.
A - Get back here and they're all yours. XXX
R - I love the sound of that! XXX
A - Me too.
R - Okay, then. Let me get this done with so I can come to you and your kisses. XXX
And, that was that. The entire conversation left Armaan with huge ass grin on his face.
Rahul, who had been the only one to see Armaan text, smiled. The others had been too busy shouting profanities to the television to even notice what was happening around them.
"Your turn, Armaan!" Travis called out as he vacated the spot next to Alex.
Armaan grinned and took the remote from him. And so, it began.
The girls found them playing when they returned almost four hours later. Yeah, give a guy a video game, a beer and some sandwiches, and he's in heaven.
"I want in!" Riddhima shouted as soon as she saw them.
Armaan and Rahul looked up from their game on hearing her.
"Basket, tumhe khelna aata bhi hai?" Armaan asked, smirking at her.
Rahul guffawed on hearing this and immediately cleared his seat.
"All yours," he motioned to Riddhima with a wink.
Riddhima laughed and thanked him.
"Seriously, are you sure?" Armaan asked.
Riddhima raised an eyebrow at him in challenge.
"Fine then, don't come crying when you lose."
"A little cocky, are we?" Riddhima asked.
Armaan shrugged.
"Tell me, Mr. Mallik, how do you feel about a wager?" She asked.
"I'd say, I don't want you to lose your money, sweetheart."
Riddhima shook her head. "It's on, then! Don't forget, you're already at my beck and call from the Basketball game."
"A bet you didn't collect on, by the way. I was ready, offering myself up to you, and you never asked me to do a thing," he replied, feeling smug about somehow evading the whole thing.
"You think so?" She asked.
Armaan nodded.
"Armaan, baby, I hate to break it to you, but you've been slaving away since we got to Paris. All the shopping trips, breakfasts in bed, dinners and outings you didn't really want to go to, but went anyway? Ring a bell?" Riddhima asked.
Armaan thought back to what Riddhima had said in surprise. It was true, he'd been doing all that since they got to Paris. He'd given into all of Riddhima's whims and fancies, gone places he didn't want to, eaten things he didn't want to and taken her out on dates every single day.
Apart from the dating, that's what being slaves entailed in their books, didn't it? Doing anything and everything the other asked of you. And Armaan had done just that. And not only for a week either, the way it had been discussed. It had been a good two weeks since they got here. Even longer.
He shook his head, smiling. He realized that even though he had essentially been tricked, he loved doing what he did. There was nothing he wouldn't do for Riddhima, anyway. Slave or no slave, bet or no bet, this woman owned him, mind, body and soul, and he would do anything, be anything she needed her to be for the rest of their lives.
Riddhima snapping her fingers in his face brought Armaan out of his musings.
"So, care to bet?" She asked.
Armaan shrugged. He was always up for a bet. And Riddhima knew that.
"You know me," he replied.
"Okay then. Who's in?" She turned to look at everybody who was in the room. It was mostly the guys as the girls had all retired to their rooms to get some rest, apart from Muskaan and Anjali who were loitering around in hopes of snagging a sandwich.
A chorus of "I'm in"s and "Let's do this"s rang through the room.
Armaan smirked. He'd been playing all day. The guys knew how good he was. It was abvious they were going to root for him.
"Okay. So, 15 for 10 for Riddhima and 25 for 10 for Armaan. Savvy?" Cole asked.
The boys murmured in agreement.
"Wait, what?" Armaan asked. "25 for 10 for me? Why more for me than for Riddhima. You think I'm going to lose?"
"I don't think so, little boy. I know so," Cole replied.
Armaan sighed. "Come on, man! You've seen me play all day. And still?"
"I've seen you play, that's why I'm betting low on you."
"Low?" Armaan squeaked, his voice an octave higher.
"Clearly, you've never seen Riddhima play. Shame, really. It's the best thing there is," Cole replied.
"What are you on about?"
"How about we talk after the game?" Rahul asked. "You won't be so confused then.
Armaan sighed but nodded.
He looked at Riddhima who pursed her lips in a kiss for him. Armaan smiled. He really did love her a lot.
Bets were placed, and to Armaan's horror, everybody pitched their money on Riddhima, apart from Muskaan and Atul.
"Armaan, mere bhai, tu tension mat le. Main hu tere saath. Yeh sab Ridz ke dost hain. Isliye teri side nahi le rahe," Atul pep talked him before the game.
"Haan, Hero. Yeh Atul na, bilkul sahi baat kar raha hai. Anjy teri kitni bhi achchi dost ho, woh Ridzy ki behen hai na. Aur Rahul toh saala hai kameena. Tu rehne de. Humein pata hai, tu hi jeetega."
Armaan smiled meekly at his friends. They were trying their best, but he knew, today he was going to unearth yet another layer from the mystery that was Riddhima Gupta. Apparently, she was also a Wiz - Gamer. Who knew?
The game started and so did the hollering. Everubody who was sitting behind them, audience to the game were shouting instructions and yelling at the screen.
Riddhima was handling it like a pro. She was maneuvering and kicking off like nobody's business. Five minutes into the game and Armaan realized he didn't stand a chance. Riddhima was too good. Damn it!
He'd been so sure he would win, but Riddhima was better at this than him. Actually, if he thought about it, she was better than him at almost everything. Not that he minded. He loved that his girl was so good at everything she got her hands into. He was proud of her. And because he was proud of her, he couldn't care less if he lost. If he won, he would kiss Riddhima in celebration. If he lost, he would kiss her anyway, because she won and he was proud of her.
And, hadn't she been asking for his kisses a few hours back? Armaan smiled at the thought.
Obviously, Riddhima asking about his kisses led to him thinking about kissing her which led to him visualizing it, which led him to lose focus. And, in the end, he lost way worse than he would have, because he had been too busy admiring Riddhima as she played and fantasizing about kissing her.
The scrunch of her nose, the tweaking of her eyes, the way her tongue darted out of her mouth as she concentrated and the way her entire body swayed as she took a shot had been too cute to ignore. Who cared about the damn game when he could look at her anyway?
"Hero! Tu haar gaya!" Muskaan shouted scandalized when the game was over. Armaan shrugged good naturedly, trying to say Ho gaya, ab kya karun?'
Rahul laughed. "Tera Hero hai hi Zero. Tu rehne de," he said.
"Oyye, Kaankhajure. Tu apan mooh band hi rakh. Samjha? Tujhse kisne baat ki? Waise bhi, teri toh aadat hi hai na, doosron ke beech mein bolne ki."
"Abbe, jaa. Tere mooh lagna bhi kaun chaahta hai? Jab bhi bolti hai anaab - shanaab hi bolti hai."
"Teri bakwaas se toh better hi bolti hu," she replied.
Armaan took the opportunity to slip away with Riddhima once he saw that everyone's attention was on Rahul and Muskaan. It would do them some good, he thought. After all, that was how they started. How all of them started. Maybe, going back to the start was the best course of action for them.
"Armaan! Kahaan le jaa rahe ho?" Riddhima asked him. Armaan smiled and pulled her into their room.
Once inside, he locked the door and pushed Riddhima against it, holding her prisoner with his body.
"You missed me, huh?" he asked.
Riddhima nodded.
"What about my kisses? You miss them too?" He asked, his breath fanning on her face as moved in closer.
"Um hmm," she said, not really trusting her voice with him so close.
"What? I didn't understand. Did you miss my kisses?" Armaan asked, talking against her lips.
"Yes," she mumbled into his mouth.
"You want the real ones, huh?" He asked as his lips skimmed across her face, peppering little kisses on her eyes, nose, ears and the corner of her mouth.
"Y - y - yes," Riddhima managed to stutter.
"That so?" He asked, pulling back and smirking.
"Armaan!" Riddhima whined.
"Bolo na Armaan ki Jaan," he asked, looking so cute and adorable that Riddhima couldn't help herself.
She pushed lerself up on her toes and pressed her lips to Armaan's rather forcefully.
Armaan stumbled with the force of the kiss, but regained composure soon enough, kissing her back just as forcefully. He moaned in the back of his throat and wrapped his arms tightly around Riddhima. They stumbled till they were on the edge of the bed when Armaan tunred around and pushed Riddhima on the bed, climbing in after her, not once breaking the kiss. He pushed Riddhima into the mattress as they continued to kiss passionately.
Soon, their hands began to wander and Armaan slipped his inside Riddhima's tee, running them on her bare waist and stomach, upto her ribs and then down again. Riddhima hissed in pleasure.
Riddhima took the opportunity to unbutton Armaan's shirt and delved right onto his abs, as she tore the shirt apart. Armaan moaned deeply at the sensation. Riddhima's hands on his body felt too good.
When it became necessary to breathe, Armaan pulled back to pepper kisses along any part of Riddhima he could find. He kissed the spot behind her ear, travelling lower to her neck and her collar bone, biting and sucking along the way. Then, he ventured further down and kissed Riddhima's sternum. Riddhima clawed at his back when he did that and started raining kisses along his neck. In the mean time, Armaan started tugging at Riddhima's tee shirt and pulled it up.
He pulled back and looked at Riddhima's eyes for confirmation. When he didn't see any doubt flicker, Armaan pulled the tee shirt all the way up her body and threw it across the room.
Armaan took sometime to revel in the beauty of Riddhima's body. He couldn't believe that this was happening. Riddhima had been so forward in these past few days and it had been really great to see her let go off her physical inhibitions. That being said, they had never gotten this far before, but Armaan wanted to ease into the whole experience as this was uncharted territory for both of them.
"God, you're gorgeous," he whispered.
Riddhima smiled shyly and looked away. But, Armaan was having none of that.
"Hey," he held her chin and made her look him in the eye. "You're gorgeous. You're the most gorgeous woman in the entire world. I love you."
"I love you, too," Riddhima replied.
Armaan smiled and bent down to kiss her. He started out slow and sweet like he always did, and kissing her with more pressure as Riddhima started responding.
Soon, they were making out again and this time, when Armaan kissed her sternum, Riddhima didn't panic like last time, but moaned in pleasure as she returned Armaan's kisses along his neck and chest, sucking and licking, leaving a line of hickeys in her wake. Armaan wouldn't able to leave his room without a shirt on for days. Not that he minded, because seeing Riddhima so passionate was a gift.
They kissed and touched for ages, slowly, their touch turning less desperate and more loving as they learnt each others' bodies. Armaan pulled back with a peck on her lips and nose and tried to move, but Riddhima stopped him.
"Nooo," she whined.
"I'll crush you," Armaan replied.
"Please," she pouted. Armaan shook his head, kissing her pout.
He rolled over anyway, but didn't pull back. Now, Riddhima lay on top of him.
"Good?" He asked her.
"The best," she replied, snuggling into his neck.
Armaan smiled and kissed her hair.
"So, are my real kisses better than the virtual ones?" He asked.
"All your kisses are amazing," Riddhima replied, already drifting off as the tiresome day caught upto her.
"I love you," was the last thing she heard Armaan say before she drifted off to sleep.


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